Session 2: Part 1

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, October 2015.

Part 1: Charlie

I’m on the observation deck, in the glass entry. There’s windows and a door. But I’m standing on like a metal floor jutting out of the wall. And to my right is a long corridor and it leads out of the research facility. The glass is actually tinted but you wouldn’t realize that it’s tinted. For some reason my eyes can switch, they can go from the dark and they can see like what tinted glass looks like. And they can just blur out everything like you so choose if you implement tinted glass or you can see through it and see what’s inside.

Very good. Now, does this feel like the same place that you were at last time we visited?


Ok, very good. And what activity is going on in that space this time?

I’m gonna go to the door. It’s locked.

Why is it locked?

There’s people in there. I’m not sure exactly who but I know the Commandant is definitely in there cause I can hear his voice. I don’t know what he is saying but he’s talking pretty robustly, fairly loudly.

Is he upset?

Ummm, I wouldn’t call it upset, I would call it frustrated. Or there’s a pressing urgence in his tone and the way he’s speaking. But like somehow I can see through the door and I see that he’s got those things on his head again. The black . . .

The goggles?

Yeah, like night vision goggles that you’d fold down, almost. But he doesn’t have like a helmet or anything. He’s got like just this little headband thing that’s kind of on his head and that’s what’s holding the black thing. They look like binoculars.

And do you have a better understanding of why he uses those or what they are?

Yeah, he can look really, really closely at stuff that’s like even subatomic. And he can zoom out and use it as regular binoculars but he can see way beyond the bacterial level. They act as a more advanced microscope.

Ok, very good.

He can literally see to like the subatomic particle level. So he can see what’s happening when he is trying to confirm the results of an experiment or the results of an operation or some tests. He can, if we take a sample for example, of some particles, he can then himself view it in a vacuum like space. And we have these little containers that you can create like a vacuum. It’s really, really bizarre to try to explain this right now, but you do hook up something to the bottom. It’s like a crate, ok, but it’s like black inside and you literally can create a vacuum that’s absent of like other bacteria, particles, photons of light, anything that would be problematic.

And so, what reasons would you create that vacuum? What are the reasons for those experiments?

Sometimes you want to study particles or elements outside the context of other pressures or variables that you might think that are confounding the results of what you’re getting or what you’re seeing or what you’re receiving in your experiments. So you want to confirm that these particles are going to behave in a way or disprove that they are behaving in a coherent and consistent manner. And so with a vacuum like space you can observe them, in that little container you can observe the particles as they are on their own, without interference. And you can see how they naturally take to one another or don’t. And how they, at what speed do they vibrate, at what speed do they rotate around one another. At what speed does the matrix of particles and elements themselves begin to dissipate and distance themselves from one another due to temperature change. So that’s something we obviously concern ourselves with, especially on M1, it’s so freaking cold here outside the laboratory.

The atmosphere?

Yes. And because it’s a terrestrial object it doesn’t really have- from what I understand, it’s very, very similar to the surface of your moon or a couple of other rocky planets that you Earthlings have come across in your area of this universe.

Ok, very good. So is he sharing information with you as to why he’s talking in such a forceful way, do you know what’s going on specifically?

He’s talking, I know, at least to one other individual

Describe what that other individual is like.

The other individual is sitting down at this multi- like at least four or five computer screen display. It’s like a control panel, that oversees and overlooks the facility and it’s facing the power generator source. Ummm, (sigh) it seems like he’s scolding him because of something he did not do which he should have known better to do.

And do you work directly with that one that’s being scolded?

We all work with one another but we all have such degrees of autonomy, like I said last time, that the Commandant comes around and kind of checks in. But we’re blessed with the opportunity and the freedoms to experiment because we’ve been vetted. Our intelligence and our genetics has been vetted by our own society and by our MOS, Ministry of Science. So it’s really just a title that they have to establish because there has to be some degree of vertical hierarchy in a formal discipline, wherever you go. Unless there’s like, and I’ve heard about this and that’s why I am going to speak about this. I’ve heard about this in other parts of the universe from our society. And we’ve studied these other cultures but we don’t grasp them. We don’t grasp how they come to a . . . like, we communicate telepathically, ok, we communicate mind to mind, without words, a lot of the time. But we don’t have the ability to completely give up on the empirical, so we need that vertical hierarchy still. So we still have a Commandant, like that leader. That’s the way our society sees it but when you’re actually in the laboratory it really is more like you’re kind of on your own or your gonna go pull this individual or that one. (sigh) Individual is not the right word . . .


And how does he come to be the Commandant of M1 or that laboratory or which one is it?

He is the Commandant of M1, the laboratory facilities that I work in on M1. How did he become that? He, as far as I understood, he was just chosen. Something to do with his genetics being preferred a little bit more than others but he also had an experience factor that definitely goes beyond ours.

Does he come from the planet that you come from?

Yeah, but he comes from a time that was before mine. And I don’t really know how to explain that because it’s not like our- (pause, sigh) he’s one of us, he’s just an older member of our society in age. And so he has the appearance of somebody that is older to me.

You said last time that he knew the ones that had developed the technology that you were experimenting with at that time?


So he must have been around for a long, long time.

Yeah, he, I know that he was in (pause) . . . what happened on our planet Kylox was some sort of transition that is something along the lines of what I’ve been hearing about Earth. The talk about something transitioning and people are really unsure and I’m not exactly sure even what happened on our planet in great detail. But I know that it was an energetic shift and people were, the older generation was still around, a lot of them. But a lot of them died off like suddenly, out of nowhere. And it was, this is going to come off really cold, it wasn’t really sad to the ones that were younger. Like, the loss of life was great and that took a toll economically and resource-wise and overnight we lost a lot of people and places but we weren’t unable to replace them. And what they were actually doing was holding back the planet, they were holding back our society and they were holding back, I mean, they were holding back a lot of our ways. So, they literally disappeared and a lot of them, they just died, I mean, it was mass graves.

So was it a group decision? Were they aware?

Uh, no, it was totally the source or something like that zapping them. I mean, like, they literally like melted and then just disappeared.

Are you aware that they just changed form and move on to another experience? Or what is your belief system on that?

Well in terms of the footage I saw it was so gruesome and grotesque a lot of us in the younger generation didn’t believe that they were moving on to anything better. But the more and more that I’ve thought about it, you know, with my colleagues on M1, the more and more that we have come to the decision that they’re probably somewhere else. Or they’re coexisting even on Kylox right now with us but they don’t have the ability to even talk to us in our minds like telepathically. That’s how far removed their existence is from ours now. Because the way that it worked was there was like an energy band that went around and traveled as a shockwave around the entire planet of our home planet, Kylox. And in that literal band, that energy band, it was able to discern if you were going to continue or if you were not going to continue. So instantaneously we saw people, like in the middle of things, just melt and disappear. And then the other ones that were left, it was obvious to us that they were ones to talk to, they were ones to listen to, ones to learn from. That they were going to be the future of our society.

And this happened during your younger days or before you?

Definitely my younger days because I remember the footage. I remember the footage really vividly of skeletons and like melted . . .

And your close family, were they involved?

Ummmm, not my nuclear family. Like my partner and my kids. I have a young boy and I have a younger boy as well. He’s like barely alive (laugh). So, he’s working on becoming more coherent.

Ok (laugh), so they stayed or they left?

They’re still there on Kylox living very peacefully.

Ok, very good. And so that shockwave scenario, are you aware, has that happened other places in the cosmos?

Ummmm, I’ve never seen anything like this one, the way that it traveled cause it was- the energy band was like fixated. It was like anchored to our North and South Poles and it just swung around the whole planet. And everybody could see it.

What did it look like?

It was like this golden, like fence I guess. It was like photons that you could travel through or, I’m sorry, that move around you. But it was like a hologram, you know, you just move through it. But it was this entire band of energy cause that’s what it was. It had these frequencies and vibrations and sounds and lots of information to deposit if you were open and genetically capable of accepting a new perspective, a wholly new perspective. And that meant the balance that I talked about last time, that degree of balance that we’ve reached on Kylox now, where we communicate telepathically but we also have this great empathic ability between one another. So on Kylox there is, as I mentioned before, there’s not that pressure to push one another because there’s almost perfect communication because we’re able to sense how much- like if you were to look at it in a human sense.

Which you’re not exactly right?

No. I guess what I could offer up is this, Earthlings might break it down in percentages and they might say so much of this is love and so much of this is fear and so much of this is panic or concern about past events. And so, you know, if you were able to discern that then you would know then you wouldn’t need to worry about the two thirds of it and that all that matters is the love part in the context of a particular conversation. But there’s so little, I mean I’m sorry, there’s so little incidences of people getting mad at each other and just flying off the lid, is that a, is that something you say?

Yup, yeah, I get it (laugh).

Ok, like flying off that, it just doesn’t happen as I talked about last time. There’s anger for sure, there’s totally that emotion. And there’s frustration and annoyance but it’s, there’s not violence, like physical, like we’re going to brutally-


Well, we . . .

You do do war right?

Yeah, we participate in war when we have to and right now we’re dealing with a particularly tough battle on, I talked about this 4th, I believe I spoke of a 4th planet to you that we’re finally colonizing. And we’re, I said last time we’re about halfway through, well we’ve lost a lot of battles and like campaigns even. A lot of time has elapsed since I spoke last, on our planet. A lot of time elapsed or a lot of events have happened, there we go, events have happened here. And so we’ve lost a lot of the war and a lot of concern exists right now on Kylox that we’re going to have to send over reinforcements or like do something that we don’t want to do. It’s really (sigh), like I have so little time to focus on the war stuff because I’m back and forth constantly on M1.. And when I go home I see my family and that’s just for a short time cause they really, really hound me. They really want me to be on M1. So I know that people are worried, people are frustrated but all in all I think it’s, the sense I’m getting is it’s gonna be fine. And the concern is definitely not to the level it is on your planet, I can tell you that. There’s not a mass mobilization of people like marching through the streets (laugh) or something like that. I’ve seen footage (laugh) of Earth and just nonstop like marching in the streets. I don’t know what that is and maybe . . .

Seems like maybe it must be like a comedy show for you guys watching.

Well, like the goose-stepping, is that what it’s called?

Goose-stepping (laugh).

Cause we’ve seen that in books, that phrase. And we don’t know what it is but the shiny things on the ends of, I think, weapons you know marching through the streets. It’s silly to us.

Like a parade.

But also because we don’t really understand what those streets are, like we don’t understand what the grey stuff, the dark stuff is.


Yeah, we don’t, we don’t understand why you would lay that on top of what is there. Cause we understand that you can’t replace, like you can’t go back, you can’t revert back to the ground the way it was before once you’ve laid a road or whatever it is.

Huh, well, I think we do it because our vehicles move on it better.

Oh, ok. Well, the way we see it then is because it’s creating massive heat for your planet.

Oh, gotcha! Ok.

And that isn’t being taken into account when temperatures are measured on your planet. So one reason we stopped coming to your planet was some of the stuff that you guys were doing was totally, not just backward, but unfathomable to us. We thought that it was, it was a derelict process, it was not only haphazard but it wasn’t even endowed with any forethought.

What events were happening at that time that you recall?

There was great, great change across the entire planet because the entire planet was being discovered by Earth, like Earthlings. So people were creating machines and we started to get very, very confused about some of the machines that we saw. Like in particular what I’m seeing is what is described as a train. We don’t understand why the Earthlings, specifically at that time, settled for the fuel source that was emitting the smoke. Why smoke? Why emit smoke? Because that’s just going to confound your ability to breathe, like your respiratory system, your cardiovascular and then everything else beyond that. So why not take some more time to think things through and choose or at least think enough and maybe come up with like a few trials of different fuels to try before you implement them across universally in your machines. Such that then they are all emitting smoke into your air. That was just something we didn’t understand. The steam engine was just beyond us because we saw that there were quicker ways to transport physical objects but instead humans settled for burning things and incinerating them and allowing that to propel. And not only just that but then stopping right there and saying that’s good enough for us, let’s go from there. And to us the idea of saying “Lets just settle right there, let’s settle for this technology”, that’s way beyond us. That’s beyond like, that is totally silly to us. Because you have momentum in that moment, that’s the time. If you don’t keep building constantly than you’re not going to build a better succession, you’re not going to build a better succeeding entity

Ok, got it, thank you. So when you’re talking about the trains and locomotives and things like that, that can be considered not very long ago in our time, you know, maybe 150 years back. But are you talking about that time or are you talking about time ancient to us, from there? Because you said when the Earthlings first started coming to Earth or being on Earth.


When the Earthlings first started making those machines. And what I’m seeing is that arm on the steam engine that was implemented and to us that was, that was the most ugly thing that we could very see. That arm twisting and turning and then the smoke. It was not only visually and emotionally grotesque for us but it was intellectually grotesque and gross to see such a banal system dominating. And all Earthlings saying that that was progress and that was the pinnacle of humanity. And some of the audacity of individuals, the arrogance of individual egos on that planet, I’m sorry on Earth, at that time was beyond our willingness to stay anymore. Because we don’t, I’ve already spoken about my feeling toward egos and especially on councils. And as I’ve explained we’ve heard a lot about your planet Earth. And we understand that egos are allowed to pervade individually and even on the council that governs Earth and to me that’s simply inappropriate.

Ok, understood, interesting, thank you. So that was about the time, with the locomotives, that your group decided to leave the planet. Ok, and the reason why you originally choose to visit Earth was what?

We thought we could work with the population here in coordination with each other. We thought we could learn from the humans, Earthlings, whatever, and that we could teach and imbue a lot of things here. The energy band wave had already passed around our entire planet so we had already gone through our transformation by the time that we had left your planet. And in fact, that transformation on our planet was so far ago that it precedes everyone, I think everyone on this planet in general. But I’m not totally positive on that because I don’t know exactly when my species started going to meet humans. I just know that the reason was help, to try and coordinate.

And what do you call your species?

Hmmmmmm (sigh, pause), it’s really, really hard for Phil to pronounce.

Just try your best.

Something like Sisupuss.


Yeah, like S-I-S, Sisupuss, like S-I-S-U-P-U-S-S.

Ok, and say it one more time.


Ok, very good, thank you very much. Now you’re aware that you’re speaking through Phil again?


Ok and how is that for you this time?

(laugh) It’s still really weird.  have been in contact with Phil a lot and he doesn’t realize how much I’ve been in contact with him. I don’t know if it’s not that he’s paying attention (laugh) or if that he’s not receiving my messages, but I know that he has been able to respond a few times. But I know very well at this point that I’m part of something bigger than even M1 or Kylox and I’m very excited that I get to be back here.

Ok. So how do you explain what’s happening right now speaking to me on Earth?

(sigh) So Phil, as you know it, is gone right now. The Collective that we’re from, it is like a giant train station or depot, so I was able to quickly hear the call that I was, and it’s a purplish color that come through. And The Collective is definitely like a purplish aura that you enter when you get there. And I’m using your color wheel.

Ok (laugh).

I did look at a color wheel from a textbook on our planet and it’s really, really old but I think I can make sense of your colors a little bit better. So The Collective literally calls and then I was here. And now I’m looking back on this cosmic train station, it’s purple, it’s ethereal in form.

Not like the MOT?

No, absolutely not. It’s not visible to the human eye. I don’t know that it’s visible at all.

Ok, so you heard the call and knew that it was time to have another conversation?

Yeah. I don’t know if it is visible even on our telescopes at home, so . . .


It’s really curious to me actually, as a scientist, because I am not familiar with anything of this type. Like, we don’t have anything like this on Kylox or M1 or in the works even in terms of projects.

Oh, interesting, so you’re kind of forging new ground it sounds like.

Well, I, I’m experiencing something new as a being. But I think that Phil is far more, like this is far more alien to Phil than it is to me because I already traverse between different- I traverse space between Kylox and M1 and stuff, so to me it’s not a big deal. I understand that Phil doesn’t do that at all and that Earthlings, they’re mostly stuck to the ground. And that’s part of the reason, I think, that he might be feeling that.

So where does Phil go when you are speaking?

He goes back to The Collective. And, I mean, he just is reabsorbed in the purple cloud. I mean he rejoins the information complex. So it’s, you know, it’s the energies of how can we get the knowledge and information to whom, where and what time. And you know I spoke about this with the fog weapons system on Earth. I have heard that it’s pretty crazy in terms of getting through to Earthlings because there’s something in place, that system. And so trying to communicate two way is really difficult outside of Earthling realm.

I want to talk to you in detail about that in just a minute but I want to just, I still want to understand a little but more about this experience that you’re having speaking through him to me. Since our last visit have you or you and the council had discussions about what happened with that first visit?

To be continued . . .


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