Session 2: Part 2

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, October 2015.

Part 2: The Collective 

Since our last visit have you or you and the council had discussions about what happened with that first visit?

In terms of Phil’s relationship with The Collective?

Or about awareness amongst or information shared between all? Because we sent out information here on Earth about this.

In terms of sending information to Earth it’s particularly difficult, and we spoke about this last time. That we’re trying to perfect ourselves, these windows of opportunity to send bursts of information. And so one thing that we are trying to actually talk about in this Collective is whether or not we’re going to allow the incarnation of another being on Earth so that we can try to coordinate with Phil better. Because right now we do only have one entity or one incarnation on Earth, right now.

And that is Phil?

And that is Phil. And the reason why we do only one usually around each planetary object, or whatever you prefer to call it, is we never know what kind of investment we’re going to have to make. And so with Earth its become a pretty major investment for us as a Collective, a cosmic Collective. Because it’s usually not this difficult. But we’re here to support Phil because he’s from us, like he’s a part of us. So if he wants to incarnate there then we have to help him incarnate. We act as that thoroughfare, that corridor through which you, you know, that depot that Charlie described us as. There’s so many other’s out there and in fact I can give you a specific number of how many spirits there are out there that we have incarnated elsewhere and it’s 355.

Say that again.


So, this is The Collective talking now.


Ok, very good. If we could just swing back just to clarify some things that happened in that first session so we understand best. Can you tell us more about the men in black?

Hmmm, they are cosmic agents. They are from the Source but they are not just from this Source, the Source of this universe, this particular one. They’re from the Source that governs, not governs but like helps manage and oversee the entire multi-verse that we all exist within and we transit through. And even you yourself have transited from this Earth to other universes. You don’t realize it and your authorities tell you otherwise and other egos tell you otherwise but you absolutely are transiting. Every single time you have a major perspective shift.

Ok, so would they be on the level of like the Elohim?

I’m not familiar with that term.

Ok, a very high-ranking angel?

That term I am familiar with but we don’t call it angel. It’s very interesting that you pronounce it ‘gel’. We say angle (pronounced on-gull).

Oh, ok. Explain that please then.

So the way I am understanding that you spell it is something like A-N-G-E-L but we understand it as A-N-G-L-E. And that’s the same word for these, what you consider to be these glowing sprites or glowing paramours.

And you pronounced it again as angle?


Angle, ok. And so those men in black are like angles?


And so they get their directives from whom?

From Source.

From Source, ok. So I think we are talking about the same thing,  just a different pronunciation (laugh).

Ok (laughter).

Ok, very good. So in that first session so much information was coming through from Charlie and from The Collective, what was most important at that time to come through? And how has it been accepted by Phil and by Ella and myself and those that know the story now? From your perspective how is going with the relay of that information?

Phil is doing his best, that’s all we can say at this moment about him. He’s dealing with a lot. In terms of you and Ella and a few others, but especially you and Ella, you guys are doing a magnificent, beautiful, like you should be seeing triple ones everywhere, zeroes and ones. Because you are amongst a vanguard in human society right now. Not many people are taking seriously what we said about the warnings regarding your most Southern continent and the dwellings along the coasts and the activity that is approaching Earth at a macro level. That message was taken seriously by the ones that have already taken it seriously. And so again, I reiterate, what we understand and what we see coming is the waters are going to wash away every major city and coastal area of Earth.

And from your perspective can you see a time frame on Earth when this occurs?

Yeah, it’s coming really soon.

Like what is that? A year, a month, 10 years, 100 years?

The problem is that nobody is going to say, like your authorities are not going to say that it’s all one event. They are going to say “Oh look, this is a tsunami or hurricane over here and here’s flooding” or “Look over here, this is weird this is an earthquake over here and here’s some damage”. But they’re not going to talk about it as one event, they’re going to keep talking about it as like separate events. It’s happening all as one. And the problem is, is that your world is split up and separate and divided still. So if all of your scientists were to get together they would say “Oh yeah, the measurements here, here, and here, they reflect that water levels are rising”. And there is no single paradigm at which your authorities look at the issue with seriousness or concern. So because there is still even a debate that it’s happening, it’s obstructing your species ability to- well, I’m sorry, it’s obstructing the individuals that haven’t listened to what we warned of and spoke of last time. And that is, that’s their own choice and that is for their reckoning.

Well, as you know we put that information out on the Web. Was that, from your point of view-

What is the Web?

Wide form of information transfer.


So people from all over the world, all over Earth could read about Phil’s session and the information that you gave. 


.Right, well ok, we enjoy it! We were excited for today’s gathering (laugh).

Well great! We’re always happy to be in the cosmos. And I know that’s a little bit tautological but that’s who we are (laugh).

Ok, well that’s great, we’re happy to be togetherI want you to be able to expand on any information that you would like to get through to us at this time. Would you just like to be able to do that right now? What would work best for you?

I’d be happy to expand on some more information, if there are any specific things that you do have questions about, with regard to Earth.

Well, we’d like to know more specifically about the fog weapons system.

Yes. So . . .

Does fog stand for anything or is it just because it is like a fog?

It’s just because it’s like a fog. There might be something to the Reptilian language and their use of the word fog. Cause we’re pretty sure that’s who came up with the word fog. We’re pretty sure the concept comes out of a place that you know as England or Europe. But it’s not the mainland part, it’s definitely from London or this concept comes out of England.


It’s a secret.So, what we’re telling you is not supposed to be shared.

Ok, I understand that.

And it’s definitely not supposed to be known to humans. But in terms of what we can tell you, it’s not a mistake that the way the British society or English society is going today and trending. You look at it and they contradict themselves, they say they’re free but then they have the most comprehensive surveillance system in the world. So that’s just a little taste of what exists, in terms of the fog weapons system. It’s really, really, really advanced and it’s very, very tricky, as I said last time. Because not even The Council that governs Earth knows when these windows open, so when they turn it off in other words. On the bluest of days, the suns out and stuff, they’ll have it deployed. But then sometimes they won’t and you won’t know when, what day.

And they are the Reptilians?

Yes. And they infiltrated our government, your government, our society, ummm, Phil’s society. This is becoming really weird for Phil to speak like this because he’s transitioning between first person language and third person for him. And some of it Phil’s experiencing so Phil speaks up in those moments and then in other moments he’s not aware of it so we take over and we speak up for him. So it sounds like we’re contradicting ourselves right now but never forget that we are all one.

Yes, I get that and we just want Phil to be able to recede back, go back, to where he can just relax and not-

We’ll send him to the depot.

Yeah, there you go, that’s great. Now he’s there. So, what were you saying again about the fog weapons system?

It’s thick and in terms of undoing it or like replacing it with something better, or destroying it completely and dismantling it, there are major advances going on right now on this planet, on Earth, wherein the fog weapons system is being dismembered. And that has to do with the energetic work that you do and that Ella does and others like yourselves.

Explain that.

Because you choose to use the words that you do, in the moments that you do, with the people that you do, at the times that you do, you are setting yourselves up for not just eternal peace and comfort and calm and tranquility in your lives but you’re surrounding yourself. So as you participate in that all in all, more and more, that realm becomes bigger and bigger. So it becomes, it encompasses those that you interact with and come into contact and communicate with. And so, you’re not doing it intentionally but you are safe as a result. You’re free from any serious energetic attacks targeting you because of your resonant frequency and your resonant vibration.

And you’re saying that . . .

It’s like rose quartz, it can’t be touched and it can’t be harmed because of the light that does swarm through the entire entity that is rose quartz. Or anything else like that that’s completely healing to you, like a tea or something.

rose quartz

And so you’re saying as well that the work that the light workers do, for example, helps to dis-empower that fog weapons system and that’s increasing? Are we gaining on it?

Yes. So, you’re actually putting holes in it, is what you’re doing. You’re literally- it was talked about the ozone layer when you were a kid being dismantled or being disrupted. That’s what you guys are doing to this fog weapons system because you’re the antithesis of it. And because your resonant frequency is, for the lack of a better word, so positive and is so, so close to the light that we’ve been talking about and working with. This white light  from Source and everything. That is not something the Reptilians have decoded, nor can they. So that saying on Earth you might be familiar with it, killing somebody with kindness.

Yeah (laughter).

That is literally something that you can do. And you’re not going to put them in a grave. You’re not gonna put them in a cemetery in this homicidal manner. You’re gonna put that Reptilian part behind them. You’re gonna help them move beyond the Reptilian brain that (laugh) basically has carved out nothing for them as humans.

Ok, that has a lot of personal understanding to it. I used to teach my kids KWK, Kill them With Kindness, directed towards their grandparents (laughter).

That’s awesome! I’m glad you teach that because the opposite of that is what you guys are up against. And I want to give you guys a fair warning, the work that you are doing is progress, it’s progressive. But with every single step that you guys take, and I’m speaking to both of you in the room now. Both of you need to become aware of the fact that with every single attempt to dismantle their system of control, they erect more machines, antennas, broadcasts they send out on purpose, like microwave radio broadcasts. And what they’re doing is they are literally trying to bathe everybody and submerge everybody in a matrix, like a never-ending matrix of energetic disruption. So that you can’t even maintain focus on your visual aspects.

Ok. And so we can strengthen ourselves doing what?

In terms of you guys because you guys are, I’m going to use this analogy from here on out, because you guys are like rose quartz you guys can’t be touched. So stuff like phones or some of this other technology, modernism, I’ll just use that word. Because of who you are, modernism cannot touch you. So you guys are safe.

Oh! Oh sweet (laughter).

And that is one of the best parts of your position. It’s unsavory to hear that your work is being met head to head.


But it should be reassuring to know that you’re literally untouchable, they can’t get ya. They’re not gonna put you in prison, they’re not gonna shred your public personality, they’re not going to make you sick, they’re not going to poison you. They literally cannot do that because you guys, (pause) Source is watching out.

Ok, so Phil worries about the phones and being in all of that, does he need to worry about that? Can he be protected as well? Cause he’s doing great work.

He can, he’s not the same as you guys, so . . .

What’s the difference?

You guys have a degree of love that you guys have tapped and your soul. And the way that I see souls is like a donut, it’s like a tube (slowly moving hand in a circle around the chest to demonstrate). And your tube is flowing, it’s like a neon bulb,. The neon flows throughout the entire bulb and it lights up the entire bulb. But with Phil, he can’t keep that going constantly. And because of the fact that he’s not tapped that part of the pie, like he’s not cut that part of the pie yet and gone to serve it up to himself, he doesn’t understand the depths and the heights that love can bring you to and toward and everything.

Is that why he’s with Ella?

Yes. Ella is (laugh), this is our understanding as The Collective that we believe cause we have own thoughts as The Collective separate from incarnated souls. We believe that Phil is going to (laugh) and we hope, that he’s going to fulfill his objectives on Earth this time and then move on because we’re really troubled by having to invest so much in a place that doesn’t seem to want to listen. There’s many people that do but also many that don’t. And so we’re very interested in places where we can actually make change without exposing ourselves. Because in this universe, as I said, we have 355 incarnated souls, one per planetary object. But this is not our home universe. We’re from a different part of the multi-verse than you are. And so we somehow we got on your show Wheel of Fortune and we spun the wheel. And we were somehow one of those spikes and we ended up in this universe. And so we take that to mean that and the way that we understand it is we have a mission, even, as a Collective. But it’s more esoteric than egotistical. Because we come from the Source too.

Ok. And so last time you spoke quite a bit about some activity going on around Antarctica?


Can give you give us more clarity and understanding about that?

There’s going to be, like I said, a really big shift to Southwest of Chile but what we understand is going to happen is somewhere along the West coast of your Western Hemisphere there’s going to be a major earthquake. And we think it’s going to be in the North. Because the way we understand your planet is the Southern Hemisphere is being given that chance as we explained last time. And so we thought that or we believe that it’s going to happen on the Western side of the Hemisphere. And it’s going to be in the Northern Hemisphere. So it’s not going to hit the Chilean area and the part where Earthlings believe the Kundalini is shifting to and the potential for that. Like I said before, Earthlings are not going to see the happenings around them, the natural disasters, as one event but it is. So the waters rising around the world right now are all rising together, they’re not rising separately like a buffet somehow and being refilled. And very soon you’re going to see a major city, not one that you expected, wiped out by water from a tsunami. From an earthquake off the coast somewhere.

Somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere?

Yes. And it’s not going to be the one that’s talked about or that’s been prophesied and talked about. It’s going to be further North. And it’s unclear to us what city it’s going to hit but we have an idea. And we don’t want to say because we don’t think it’s our place to, we don’t believe it’s our place to.


Would this be in the North American region though?

Yes. Somewhere to the West though, so it’ll be in the ocean.

And do you see a time frame of that probably occurring?

1-2 years. Probably closer to 2. We’re having a hard time with time estimates still, cause it could even be 1-3, so . . .

Ok, do you see that more, can I ask, is it mostly in the US region or up in the Canadian region?

That’s the confusing part to us, we’re not really sure if it is Vancouver or Seattle. And that right there is it. And Portland.

Ok, thank you. Can anything happen to change that?


And why is that?

Because, a lot of reasons, um, number one the plates are shifting on their own and it’s a great time of change naturally for this planetary object. So a lot of the stuff that people are attributing to man, it isn’t necessarily man’s fault. But enough of it can be attributed to man that you might as well just say man can do better or humankind can do better. In terms of what we can offer advice to prepare yourself or to prevent it or to know what’s going on, I mean, it also has to do with the mining, the deep mining and drilling.


Yes, into the Earth that humans insist on doing and even in the oceans. And it’s a grave mistake to do that, especially in the oceans. Because the closer you do it to the actual- so with your planet, we talked about this last time and you are familiar with the hollow Earth concept, that’s all going on. And the plates are literally just shifting over this plasma surface on your planet. And the craziest thing is that some humans have decided that they’re going to go to the deepest parts of the ocean and try and drill through the surface there to get to whatever they’re getting to extract, the fuels or resources, whatever. The problem with that is it is far more closer to, um (pause) ok, it’s far more closer to actually disrupting the plate itself and so you’re disrupting like the foundation. It’d be like if you were in a skyscraper, a tower, and you were trying to shake the building from the top with a bunch of people. This doesn’t work, physics (sigh).

So how is it affecting the inner Earth when they do that drilling?

See they don’t like that, they can feel that if it gets deep enough. And that was another thing I was just about to touch on, which is they kind of cause earthquakes. Like some of the inner earth because they’ve got to protect their world, their reality. So sometimes they take it as a threat cause they don’t know exactly what we’re doing on the surface. So some of the drilling and stuff, you know, why is it taking place there? Sometimes they think it’s a threat because they feel that it’s a threat. They feel that the drilling is taking place in a key area on the inner Earth or something and so that’s somehow a problem. And it’s got to eventually become more co habitable between the two but the authorities on the surface have to allow the masses to understand that there is an inner Earth.

So they’re well aware and . . . ?

Yes, oh yeah! Oh yeah, the authorities on the surface are totally and they communicate with individuals on the inner Earth. And I know that they have lines of communication already established, sort of like cell phones but a step more advance. This is a little beyond our explanation.

Just do your best.

So, basically they encrypt the call. And the way they do it is they set up another antenna on the other side but it doesn’t look like an antenna. It is like a multi-longitudinal receptor device. Do it’s one of, it’s like from Tesla’s coil, it looks like Tesla’s ball of electricity. And so, with that multi-longitudinal receptor activity it receives messages or signals. And it’s a very specific part of the electro-magnetic wave spectrum that our authorities on the surface utilize their tools to communicate with those on the inner Earth. Because on the surface you’re using primarily radio waves or sometimes microwaves to send information but you’ve got to move a little bit further down the electromagnetic spectrum to traverse something as thick as a planetary object. Or to have it go around a planetary object.

So it’s not necessarily the souls that are in the inner Earth are coming out and having meetings or ours are going in and having meetings, they can transverse via this communication system?

Yes and I think there is travel to some degree. We understand that there are invisible, there is stealth aircraft that can. But it’s a really different, it’s a different level of radiation. So we were talking about this already with the electromagnetic spectrum, like they’re using a different part of the spectrum to talk to those on the inner Earth from the surface of the Earth. You can’t send in the surface Earthlings to the inner Earth because they’re exposed to a different degree of light and then therefore a different level of radiation. And so they can become really sick, really quick, if they spend too much time in the inner Earth. There are humans that have gone there and there are humans that do go there. And the humans that do go there in these stealth craft, the way we understand it, it again goes back to the genetics. And this is something that’s been suppressed on purpose in the public realm on the surface of the Earth, is genetics. But I think that the more that the tangible questions are answered, we believe at least, that the answers to the questions regarding what we just spoke on will come to.

So, during the recent eclipse I was meditating and found myself in an experience that felt like being in the inner Earth. Can we transverse that way, through meditations?

Yes. Yes, absolutely and that’s the easiest way. Because the individuals, we’ll call them humans, the inner Earth humans, they’re really receptive to telepathic communication and telepathic visualizations. So they’re very willing to welcome you but they don’t want you to get hurt physiologically. Now let me be really clear about something, I’ve got to back up a few steps. The humans from the surface that travel into the inner Earth are not sharing the technology and are in either separate governments or even like the military versus the civilian government or the financial institutions that are composed of some of the Reptilians. So in other words the Reptilians are not going to the inner Earth and they’re not sending craft. They’re trying to deploy the fog weapon system over the North and South Poles and the entryway to the inner earth. But what they don’t realize is that there is that toroidal field that governs Earth and that they’ve set up in such a way that- cause they understand the toroidal sciences. But for some reason they don’t understand that they can’t- like they think that they’re greater than the toroidal realities of physics. And so they think that they can create a sphere around a doughnut.

toroidal field earth

So let me ask this, many on Earth have the belief that Earth is ascending right now and that the energies are coming in and are helping to produce such an event. Would that push back the Reptilian situation so that it’s no longer there or what’s going on?
To be continued . . .

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