Session 2: Part 3

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, October 2015.

Part 3: The Collective Continues

So let me ask this, many on Earth have the belief that Earth is ascending right now and that the energies are coming in and are helping to produce such an event. So would that push back the Reptilian situation so that it’s no longer there? Or what’s going on?

It’s going to keep pushing them back. And there’s going to be individuals exposed. And one of those individuals is going to be- there’s actually a few that are going to be, that are pretty high profile. One of them is in your country right now and she will be revealed as a problematic individual in the future. Down the road there are plenty more that will be revealed.

Would this be maybe the wife of a former president?

Possibly, yes. Because this woman that I’m thinking of is very powerful in the people’s eyes. And it’s really hard to say these days who that might be in your society because there’s a lot of flux in your society right now, in terms of everybody. But one thing that you do need to know in terms of directly answering your question is there’s progress being made with exactly the way you phrased it and the ascension process of Earth itself is taking place. But what I mentioned earlier, the Reptilians are erecting antennas, EMF structures, modernism at an unprecedented rate. They’re urbanizing this planet. And that’s just another way of saying toxifying and poisoning and drowning this planet in their control, their electronic, energetic control systems. And they are very, very, very capable, like, they’re very well endowed in terms of money, resources, man-power, and labor to build more obstructions.

So those people that you mentioned, like this female and others, are they consciously aware they are doing this as that?

Some of them are! I don’t know that the individual that I spoke of is always consciously aware that she’s doing what she’s doing. Because with this fog weapon system what takes place is inside the human brain, there are acute organs that are looked over and they become desensitized over time if you don’t cultivate them. Just like a flower, if you don’t show it love beyond the water and beyond the nutrients it’s not going to flourish. And so what steadily has happened to individuals, like the one that I’ve spoken about, is they were bombarded enough and then they came to accept things as reality. And so it wasn’t a matter of they just got sucked into it. They consciously walked into, they opened that door and walked through it. And they had the capacity to stop. And I’m thinking of this woman in particular, they had the capacity to stop but they didn’t. They opened the door still and walked through. And so because that took place, they can’t turn around because the way we understand it, the Reptilians don’t let you go back or they’ll kill you off. I mean if you try to reverse things, they know that you know too much. And so that’s also why these days, not just in your society but around the world, you’re seeing divisions between groups of individuals that used to work together. That were like partners or comrades, or brothers or allies, like fellows in the same sort of pursuit of a common goal. They’re now splitting off from each other and diverging because the Reptilians basically sent like, what we understand is, they basically sent out a memo. And they were like “Ok be, seriously, like be on the watch out. We’re very concerned about this time and we need to close these gaps. We need to figure out the entire fog weapons system and deploy it”. The bathing in EMF stuff, that is a temporary fix for them to belay humans from accessing the deepest, most important actually, most important parts of their body.

What are the most important parts of the body?

The pineal gland and the third eye and that literally has rods and cones which connects to the pineal gland. And the pineal gland is so much more than the governing organ in your bodies with regard to releasing hormones that regulate growth of the height of a human. They regulate how much fat is in the brain, they regulate what kind of fats are going to be welcomed into the brain, they regulate the blood brain barrier, they regulate whether or not the brain can become quote unquote “open”, I think humans use the word leaky.

pineal gland

And in terms of the Reptilians there’s- it’s not a matter of, it’s not evil to them. They don’t think of anything they do as evil, they don’t have a concept of evil. They just don’t like being attacked themselves so they’re super selfish in that sense

So what can we do to protect pineal and the third eye?

Well, in the end minimizing contact with EMF devices and modernist devices is the best way. Now, that doesn’t apply to everybody and I already kind of touched on this. In terms of your pineal gland (sigh) it does become calcified or solidified or inoperable if you ignore it. If you ignore the warnings, if you indulge in toxins, if you indulge in poisons of the mind and psyche and emotion and then soul, then you’re definitely bound to it.

Does Phil do what he needs to do to be protected? And Ella?

So with Ella, the brilliant thing about Ella is that she’s been listening to herself and listening to her intuition. And that makes her intuition stronger, her intuition and her conscious mind, the connection between those two. So because she keeps listening to her intuition and her conscious mind is the one behind it and she’s accepting these things, then therefore she’s going to avoid physical problems in the way that Phil is going to experience for a little bit longer still. And we believe that Phil can get past this because he keeps going back to Earth and we don’t even want really to have anything to do with Earth at the point of certain things. So it’s exciting for this Collective to have a soul that is so tenacious and is really, really willing to just take on the next lesson and see if he can master it.

And what can Ella do to help Phil?

She’s doing exactly what she needs to do, in every way. She’s supporting him, she’s being patient, she’s showing love and trust for the things that Phil comes up with, says, explains, believes, acts out. And the best thing about Ella is that she is so open minded that she’s going to propel herself farther ahead than she realizes now, before, or can even right now, ahead, like into the future. She cannot possibly imagine the depth of things that she’s going to envelope herself in, in a cool way, in like an interesting, learning way, a studious way. But the challenge for her is finding her truest passions and really, not ignoring the other passions because that’s what makes her, it’s the multitude of everything that makes Ella, but she’s unfocused in her energies. And her energies are great, her capacity is great. She is still technically an energy worker and she still can do, she still has within her the power to do many things that she did in previous lifetimes on Earth. Because once you learn how to do something on Earth as we understand it, then it’s in your knowledge base. But that fog weapon system is just something in the way. So for somebody like Ella, who’s a healer and an energy worker and fits in the rose quartz group, she doesn’t have to do too much here to avoid the disruptions and then to redirect herself into the focused manner. She just needs to follow her heart in terms of, and her gut, what feels the truest. And English sucks for this (laughter). I really wish I could speak German because Real is the appropriate word here. Real meaning like the realest or the truest of the truth. And in English the word truth and real have been lost in a void of everything. And so it’s the concept of Real.

And so she’s thinking about learning how to do this work of QHHT, from your perspective what do you think of that?

I think that she should pursue that! And in full force! She should, you know, I think the saying is grab the rungs and just really hang on for the ride. Just know that that’s what you want to do, know that that’s what you are here to do. That’s like the closest thing in aggregate you’re ever going to get to with regard to like your past lives and in doing serious energy work again where you’re propelled into an opportunity or multiplicity of opportunities, because those exist. And the fact that I’m invited here to speak with you both today is a testament to that. I’m not even of this planet and here I am speaking with two humans and they’re very interested in this voice and this Collective and what our perspective is or our purview on Earth and Earth’s happenings and even the minute happenings of your lives.

And how do you perceive us? Is it just a voice or do you see an image?

I see you as individual souls, just like Phil, because we helped to incarnate that. And I see individual vessels very clearly, or we do. The way it- it becomes one, as Phil is part of us and Phil sees full figured humans, walking your streets, your ground, whatever, on the Earth. But the way we see it is actually like an overlap on his vision. So like, you’ll take a human but you see this ethereal orb of photons just migrating and oscillating in a spot. Sometimes it will like move around like wisps and whirls or spins. And that is seated like right within the center of the human. And so that is how we know you’re a human and we know you’re alive and we know you’re a soul. And then we know you’re not like a, we know that you’re not fake, like a Reptilian in disguise. Cause the Reptilians, they just simply put on human skin, it’s really creepy to you guys. To us it’s just a mask or costume.

Dolores talked about backdrop people, would this be similar?

Yes but the backdrop people serve the Reptilians unknowingly. The backdrop people have no cognizance of their actions. So the problem with backdrop people is- and that term is almost perfect in our opinion because we understand (laugh) . . . the Reptilians have even convinced the authorities on Earth to continue using the term Reptilian brain (laughter) as a description with regard to part of the human brain. And what that means to us is ok, that’s the most simplistic, banal governing construct within the human brain. Which means they’re going to try to reduce the human brain to that. And they’ve done that, in our opinion, with the back drop people. That’s exactly what the backdrop people are, they’re human vessels that can labor on behalf of the Reptilians or any human. You could convince them of pretty much anything but they’re (pause), I’m going to use this word and I hope that it’s interpreted in the correct way, they’re stupidly loyal. They throw their hand out or their card out almost instantaneously, they have now sense of guarding themselves. They have no sense of themselves, that’s a better . . .

Ok, no, I totally get that, I understand that. They were curious about why was the connection with Charlie made and not another being of The Collective?

Charlie represents a particular group or set of knowledge that Phil is not native, it’s not his vocation on Earth. So what Phil has been trying to do for, eh, 7 or 8 Earth years is to try to understand more about energy and energetic realm, the physical energetic realm, the bio-energetic realm, the properties of energy itself on Earth and how it manifests, provokes, interacts and such. The reason why Charlie is a great individual or soul to have tapped into here was because A, he was willing and that came from his heart. And we use heart, not in the sense that you might, it’s not an organ to us. It would be considered a human construct but it’s like the soul. It’s in you and it’s a part of you, if it is you. If you are a loving being, than you are open. Or if you’re open then, you know, that sort of thing. And so Charlie was already unknowingly open.

Right, ok.

And he also had that awesome set of knowledge that could help propel Phil in a more coherent direction for him.

And can you tell us about other beings that are part of The Collective?

Yes, I could tell you about a female. Ummm (pause), she has chosen, she lives on a rugged planet, a rock planet. She incarnated there and the planet, she’s like basically by herself. There’s a couple other nomad humanoids walking the planet. But the way she sees herself is like a cosmic shaman. And so she walks this planet and there’s beasts roaming the planet, everywhere. But it’s mostly desert and mountains everywhere, definitely mountainous, but it’s mostly dry and kind of like barren, the whole landscape. But these beasts are everywhere, like different kinds of beasts. And she is always dressed in, she’s always carrying a staff, its got some bones on it and some other like feathers tied to it and some other collectible items that mean something to her at an energetic level. And then she’s always wearing, she’s got dark brown hair, long hair. And she’s got darker skin, like tannish, brownish skin. But here hair is split down the middle. And she’s almost always wearing what is like a wolf’s sort of head over her, like a hat sort of and it like drapes over her shoulders. And her goal there, as we understand it, is to try and understand beasts and animals. And as a humanoid try to work with them at an energetic level. So to try and heal them, to try to communicate with them, to try to just coexist with them even. And so, it’s really interesting to us because it’s like the opposite in some ways of Phil on Earth and Charlie on Mechrisnek. It’s just, it’s seemingly impossible for us to be this diverse but at the same time we love it because that’s what enables us to do what we seek.

So all members of The Collective can split of an go to other places and do some jobs but there’s an essence of them that’s always there in The Collective or that they come back to The Collective?

There’s always an essence. We like to leave a sense of home in every soul that we help incarnate on a planet. And that is really important because without a sense of home you are absolutely capable of becoming part of the back drop people. Becoming one of those people that serves, unknowingly, humanities worst interests or the antithesis of our interests.

And so are the beings of The Collective only humanoid?

No and that’s where it gets a little bit tricky. Umm, can you help me understand what you mean by humanoid a little bit more so I can answer your question better?

Like with a physical body, with arms and legs and . . .

Ah! So just having a physical body alone and legs and arms and stuff, then yes. But! So yes to the question that there are many humanoids but they don’t walk on, they’re not bipedal, they’re not two legged anthropoids only. They are sometimes, like, there’s one soul that looks very similar to a mix between like your wolf and raccoon. But this soul walks on four legs and has a different tail. It’s like really, really hard for this voice to describe now because I was just talking about Earth and this, the wolf’s tail, this wolf-raccoon tail, is literally not physical. Not like physically real but it wisps in the wind and it moves in the wind like it is there. So there’s elements, like I would compare it to your Rorschach pattern, it changes; and that’s the double-sided pattern of the inkblot. And the way that this soul works is he’s, and it is a male essence, this wolf  raccoon like thing, soul, he’s like a chameleon. And he’s capable of convincing other beasts and beings and entities that he’s much larger than he actually physically is or he can convince people or whatever, whoever he is facing, that he’s much smaller or that he’s something else. So he’s trying to, I think we understand what he’s trying to do, we think that he’s trying to master the skills of a chameleon in a place. Cause he lives on a forest dominated planet, lots of trees, very thick. And very damp and wet and dark and cold. And so if you saw his face you’d say “Oh my gosh! What a tired looking beast!”, you know, “What a tired looking animal!”. This one is just, it’s like Phil, it’s a certain tenaciousness. And I’ll speak for this Collective and all the souls, there seems to be something about the general souls that we help incarnate. It’s a certain intensity to them and so that’s why we only send one to each planetary object as well because we think they can make a big difference as just an individual soul. We don’t think that we need to send a colony or whatever to try and come to dominate a part of a planet or something.

And what can you tell us about Phil and Ella’s new home? It feels like a special or different area.

It is in a valley, like, it’s in a metaphorical valley between the chaos of the city, like the actual city, and the chaos of the suburbs. And it is literally a, I mean, their space, their home is literally a space that is outside of time and Earthly space as they know it and others know it. Because there is great wisdom embodied in that neighborhood, and I don’t mean by the people. There’s plenty of smart people in the neighborhood that live around them, very intelligent peoples. But it’s the energy that dwells and lives and has always existed and persists in that area. And especially with the amount of trees, their voice prevails and their energy prevails. And so as a result, it’s not just the big ones and it’s not just the tall ones for them, it’s even the smallest ones or the derelict looking ones. Those are ones that are taking it, you know, taking one for the team. And the team is Ella and Phil, sort of thing (laughter).

So they were guided to the exact place that they needed to be.

Yup. Because in a way trees are guardians of both Phil and Ella.


Just going back to last time we talked about helpful chemicals, can you explain any more about those helpful chemicals?

Yes, the important thing about Mechrisnek is they’re not trying to isolate things from their natural origins. So on Earth, as this Collective understands it, isolation, dividing, constantly separating something from its source is the way of logic. And that just is simply the opposite of logic in our understanding of the definition of what is logic (laughter). Because in terms of separating something from it’s source, that is only done if- it’s never done in the organic sense. Never are we separated from source, our source in the cosmos. So why would it make sense to separate something completely from it’s original source. In terms of helpful chemicals we, as a Collective Voice, are talking about plants. And we’re talking about why is it that Earthlings think that the logic makes sense to separate specific chemicals from plants and say this is the best for this, this is the best for this. The problem is there’s a million other side effects and then your also not, there’s things unforeseen. And then you’re also adding to the problem by isolating because then you’re saying “Oh wait”. It’s like the buffet and the way that Earthlings are looking at the climate change events. They’re seeing them as individual events, not the waters are rising together as one. They’re seeing the benefits of one chemical versus another. And they say “Oh, but this chemical’s got side effects and unforeseen consequences” and “This one doesn’t and it’s sort of helpful”. The problem is that right there. So instead of trying to separate something we should go look at, we as Earthlings or we as cosmic beings in general, should go at look at the source of things and then ask ourselves “Does it make sense to separate something from this? Or to mitigate this aspect of it?” Because most of the time the Source has already provided all that is needed in every way. And that’s the best part about plants. On this Earth, Phil understands that there are many plants, plants that authorities say no and authorities say yes. And authorities have also said yes to many plants that are mistreated and I do mean the plants are mistreated. They’re sprayed with other chemicals that defeat their purpose, defeat their desire, and these plants do have a desire, that’s the thing. They have a desire to serve, to serve humanity, to serve us, to serve their end. They have an essence and they seek to fulfill that because that’s exactly, that’s what they are, so why wouldn’t they be who they are (laugh). And so in terms of, you know, many plants and herbs, the ones that the authorities have said no to, I think that humanity needs to rethink twice about most of them. And ask themselves “OK, should we re investigate this? Do we need to re investigate this for this purpose? And then reevaluate what the authorities have actually said”. And then challenge the authorities and say “Why’d you do it this way? Why? Why did you say no, we can’t have this?” And then really get the answers because then we’ll know the truth as humans. Humans will know the truth behind why and then they’ll see. They’ll see the mistake in the quote unquote “logic” behind separating something from its original source. And that is just um (pause), it is to retard something. To do something like that is to hold something back. And the authorities, by doing that, are holding back humanity itself.

You’ve done such great, great work and we’re always so grateful. I’m curious though, how, moving forward, is it best, because we were very enthralled with this information coming through. We’d love to tap in more often if it’s optimal for Phil and for The Collective. What do you see as the best-case scenario?

Best-case scenario I see an avenue opening here between this Collective Voice and this Collective Voice being able to channel via this vessel, this human vessel, other souls that are a part of this Collective. If this Collective Voice is requested upon to do so, in this context. And in terms of approaching the road ahead, my suggestion is that, or my belief is that, we as a Collective will be able to continue to serve those who seek answers for things that need answering on Earth. Or wherever in this universe. And so we’re more than happy to participate in anything that is going to help others better their way of life.

And we as a Collective have already kind of touched on this, we’re really interested in not colonizing and not having a whole huge population on every planet and stuff like that. We’re not interested in domination. We’re interested in coexisting and making things better so that they can be better for others.

Should we not mention the fog weapons system at this point, if we were to write a story?

Ummm, I think it should be mentioned. We believe it should be mentioned precisely because we talked about how the Reptilians don’t understand toroidal physics. So that’s one major flaw in their deployment. And so nothing, that we understand- cause they’re already aware that toroidal physics exists but they can’t get past their own ego, their own collective ego. Which is “We can put a sphere, an entire fog weapon system around the Earth”. And so, I don’t think they are capable of stepping down from their egotistical priority.

In terms of sharing this, it, to us it seems very pressing that the message about the bathing in EMFs versus the energy healing, love, light work as a counter balance or counterweight successfully dismantling it. It’s almost such a pressing thing to us that we want that to be shared, so it’s ok.


Because printed word on paper has so much more impact than people realize, like even on screens, people. And this voice has played down modernism but the thing is, is that that’s part of the reason so many people are so sad these days is they read so much online. And reading’s not the problem, but it’s what they’re reading about and whether it’s printed in a book or it’s printed online or it’s printed visually in images. And images, you know, modernism is great. The whole world, humanity can see each other with the videos and the films. And they can understand concepts quicker, some of them, because we people learn different ways, as we understand it on Earth. But with regard to all that, it’s really tricky, so, it’s definitely something complicated. I can expand on it but . . .

Ok, very good. Any other information you want to get through before we count up?

(pause) No.

So if we were to meet again as a group, would that be favorable?


And his meditation the other night with the eclipse with Dolores and myself, can you give us just a little insight on that?

Yeah, totally. So, Dolores is still, like barely on the other side. She’s always ready to come back here. And the way that I understand is she didn’t think that she was gonna leave so soon, like when she did. She thought she was going to be around a little bit longer. And so it’s super interesting because if you try to talk to her and if you try to communicate with her and if you try to meet up with her, you will. If you really have true intentions of extrapolating the human mind, like the human experience itself, she will definitely converse with you. And she’s really encouraging Phil to do his thing. She was really encouraging Phil and your essence was really encouraging Phil to be who he is. And to not let anyone, not just put him down for being who is but to ever even challenge. Or to just build that wall of light around him so that he encompasses others in light. And that encouragement about just bringing even positivity where there’s negativity. Just that basic dichotomy or binary is simple enough for Phil to hear Dolores and Phil to hear your essence as well. It’s very important that Phil continues to listen to Dolores when she does come to speak with him because for whatever reason she’s willing to talk to Phil. And Phil is aware of that deep down, he’s not going to admit that to you (laughter).

Well, I don’t think that would floor me too much but (laugh).

That’s funny (laughter).

Ok, well, I cannot exude enough appreciation for this session today.

Oh, of course! We’ve been more than happy to help and we’re really, really excited to be back again. We’re so excited that there is an audience that is interested in having a conversation with this multiplicity of entities or souls (laugh).

We are interested, yes (laughter)!  And it was fun today because we have Ella here so she got to witness this amazing session.

Right on.

E: Thank you for letting me be here!

We thank you for being here (laughter).

And we send great love to The Collective and to Charlie. To the shaman lady, to the half wolf-half raccoon, and to all members of The Collective. And we greatly look forward to another connection again.

Of course, we look forward to it as well.

Alright, thank you , thank you, thank you.

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