Session 3: Part 1

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, November 2015.

Part 1: Charlie

What is the very first thing that you notice?

Hmmm, the Commandant is beckoning me to come look at something.

Oh good! So why don’t you go see what he wants to show you.

Yes. Hmmm, it’s like, it’s on a screen but it’s as flat as paper. And he keeps flipping down his black binoculars. And it’s designs for something new.

Great, what is he explaining it as?

A new propulsion system. There’s some larger object that’s supposed to traverse between two rails that have like guide rods, like a guide rail, like a slit in the gears and the gears are housing this giant piece of metal on the two sides. And this big rectangular prism is supposed to move with the gears. This is just one component of the machine, the design

And so is this design new?

To me it is. I’m really weirded out by this design cause I don’t recognize the features

And so why is he showing it to you?

First he said “Come over here, I want you to look at something.” And I could tell by the look on his face that he was a little bit confused about making sense of this. Not in the sense of “Oh my gosh! I have not seen in this before!” But it was something that he was gonna have to wrap his mind around a little bit. And so he wanted to get another pair of eyes on it. I was immediately at the door, I was already at the door standing and I could see that he was at that particular display and he beckoned me over.

And so this propulsion system, when it’s up and running how will it change things?

Ummm (sigh), I’m not really sure.

Can you ask him what he thinks it’s gonna do?

(pause) It’s going to revolutionize our thought process.

Ok, good.

I’m not sure if he means also in the sense of telepathic communication and somehow we’re going to make that improved or better. I’m getting the sense this has to do with deflecting electrical signals somehow. The kinetic motion of this particular part of this machine that he showed me is the propulsion behind the machine, that I think will help make communications clearer and less prone to interception or to blockage or obstruction.

So when people use this system what will be different for them?

Communication will be clearer. So, even though you have telepathic communication on our planet, it’s not perfect. In terms of conveying feelings and emotions properly it’s sometimes really difficult to do that when there’s a confluence of variables and a confluence of events and different facets. So this is an improvement on our communication system as a whole, is what I understand.

And when you say planet do you mean M1?


Kylox, ok, very good. And if he would like to come through and talk directly to us, that’s perfectly fine as well.

(pause, laugh) He says he doesn’t have time (laughter). He waved his hand.

Ok, ok, very good. Is he aware that we’re talking with you?

Yes, he looked at me strangely too when I asked him if he wanted to go talk to these other beings from another planet.

Ok. Does anyone else know that you speak to us?

Ummmmm, well, I’ve told my wife on Kylox and I’ve told my kid like about this as like a story more, like as a legend being told. But my wife, she hears me but she doesn’t really understand and so she’s just trying to be loving and understanding and accepting.

How do you explain it to her? What would you say to her?

Ah, I’m talking to – I’m in communication with beings on another planet. I mean, I am talking to other life forms and other humanoids but they’re really far away and they’re on Earth. And I’ve told her a little bit about Earth and some of the features that define Earth that separate Kylox from Earth or some of the other places that we know of in our part of the universe.

So, the Commandant, let’s go back to him, can we get a little more background about who he is and why he does what he does?

He’s a very powerful person. He’s really, really intelligent. He can anticipate events up to one to two minutes before they are about to happen, if he dials in. Does that make sense?

Yeah, absolutely.

And, he can anticipate communications with people and interactions with people. So he’s very adept at anticipating things before they happen and so he’s got clarity, a vision that no one else quite has. And he’s also got the intelligence that enables him to be in charge of the M1 labs.

And where does he go to for his information?

He’s given that directly by our higher authorities on Kylox via MOS.

Ok, so he’s aware that you’re sharing information with us on Earth?

Ummmm, no.

(laugh) Are you keeping this from him Charlie?

(laughter) Ahh, I guess I don’t see the danger in sharing it with a civilization that I know can’t traverse, it doesn’t even know where we are in the universe (laughter). So I’m not too concerned.

Way to be the renegade Charlie (laughter).

You would be surprised because I think you guys don’t realize how much autonomy I have in this laboratory and the scientists that are here. There aren’t that many of us but we’re capable of doing things, we might as well have like eight appendages or hands or whatever. Because we can do so much so quickly and they entrust us with great resources and technologies that they request basically and we help to manifest.

So is there anything else about that propulsion system that’s important to share with us?

Yeah, the prism, the rectangular prism is a, it actually utilizes magnets but the genesis of that part of the machine is Kylox and our civilization. The gears are alien to our civilization. And from what I understand and what I’m recognizing them as, they remind of something that would have been seen on Earth when we left. So I’m seeing blue for the prism and that component and red for the gears on this display screen. And the red to me represents older or not part of our designs, our organic designs.

And so what is perplexing the Commandant specifically?

It’s just different. It’s a different setup than he’s used to, so it’s like a curve ball I guess, for him. Cause usually he knows what to do right away and he sets off but this one he had to take a few minutes I think and he wanted to double check. He likes to do that, he likes to double check and make sure that people are A, staying very astute and very observant but also he likes to challenge and he likes to throw out challenges and see if we will rise to them or if we will offer anything new or simply substantiate what he has to offer. Or we’ll reveal something about ourselves to him that he wanted to figure but without asking a question directly.

So is that exchange between you and he still happening?

No, he’s just off. He’s so quick in his movements, it’s like he can speed up time for him to move faster. Cause he accelerates like three to five steps ahead of what is normal walking space is, at times.

And so what did you share with about your observation of that system?

Well, right away I was very weirded out by the design, I didn’t recognize it and thought it was pretty alien looking compared to what we are used to. But then I realized it was only one part of it and I was trying to understand what the rest of the machine might look like then because this is such an oblong piece of the machine, or a machine. It will be interesting to see what the whole machine looks like when it’s fitted in place because I can’t configure a machine in my mind right now as to how this propulsion system will work. But I guess, no, I’m seeing it now; it’s simply kinetic energy. You just move that back and forth in those gears. The prism has magnets on it and the magnets keep it situated and you keep switching off the magnets so it just levitates about the gears but the prism is housed inside this like rail for the gears. It’s like if you put a (pause), I don’t know, if you put something on . . . your Maglev trains are very similar, your magnetic levitation properties. That’s what we’re utilizing in this design. And the reason why I didn’t recognize it is because of the gears, I don’t recognize the gears as something that helps with things, or help turning things. I don’t recognize it as a facet of any of our machines, really, in that sense, in these types of machines. And so with this prism it’s going to move back and forth, side-to-side, in the gears and it’s housed on this trapezoidal, it’s this big trapezoidal-like display slash generator where you can actually store the energy. And the way the prism moves back and forth, that create kinetic energy, which can be stored. But I still don’t understand the gears. Cause they are sitting, they are housing the prism. And the prism is elevated slightly but it’s still, to your eyes it looks like it’s within the gear

And so, help me understand how it will revolutionize our thought process?

(sigh, pause) It is a machine, it’s a prototype actually, for a whole set of, like a campaign of machines or a program of machines that are to be deployed if this works out, where they will reduce electrical interferences. I still don’t understand how exactly. I can’t see the display.

And where did these plans come from? How did the Commandant get them?

They get sent to him digitally on this paper-like screen. And the weird thing is it can become like paper, so you can pull it out of this hard enclosed shell that it’s in, you might think it’s an actual screen or something like that. But it can become like a piece of paper if you want it to.

Ok, now that you’ve been shown that does that change what you’ll be working on in the laboratory?

It’s not really any different than what I work on in the laboratory. I work on propulsion systems, energy systems, interweaving components of both technologies to make machines that will serve what our missions are. So in this case improving communications. I think this will also improve communications between the Metro-poles and Kylox. Cause we can’t communicate telepathically back to Kylox. Like I can’t communicate, I’m on M1 right now, I can’t communicate with my wife or my son. That’s not a possibility of ours. When we’re on Kylox then it’s a possibility.

Ok, interesting. We’re also curious, how long does your species like in Earth years?

(Big sigh) A long time. First number that comes to mind is 1,000. But I have no idea if –

The times different there I would assume.

Yeah, I mean the next number that comes to my head is 387, so something makes me think that somewhere between 387 and 1,000, 1,000 being the max. Is how many Earth years, is that the question?


Yeah, that’s it I believe.

And we are also curious, you had mentioned this before, who are you battling, what species, on the 4th terrestrial object?

They’re reptilian like but they’re a semi-aquatic species. They have webbed hands and feet and they have really tall faces. And the top of their heads, they’ve got like 3 horns, like two on the sides and one in the middle. But it’s kind of like part of this exoskeleton almost, that’s why we think of them as reptilians cause they’re kind of similar in that sense. But they have like small mouth, it’s just straight, like a little slit. And they’re got really bit jaw muscles, like they’re really protruding. And the cheeks indent pretty strongly and so they’re eyes are really intense looking and they’re surrounded by this black. They look like some of your reptilians, like your alligators, I’ve seen these animals in books cause they’ve been around a really long time on your planet so I remember the way that they’re shaped. You cans see the sphere bulging and so that’s why they look reptilian to some of us. Maybe Sam’s using that language, you know, we’re trying to come up with the best language for Sam to use and we’re using what Sam’s using so that’s what Sam is coming up with for me to picture. This is getting a little bit weird now. And there’s like an etheric presence now at this point, so, and now there’s like a . . . (long pause, sigh). I’m not sure if you want to talk to Charlie anymore but you’ll have to request him to come back.

Ok, who do we have now?

The Collective. Charlie started spiraling out and like seeing a winding spiral, like a cyclone that sort of dissipated into us.

How is that for you when that happens? Are you aware of the conversation with Charlie through Phil?

We must have been, that’s I think why we showed up. I think it has something to do with this, we really, really want to talk to you.

Good, well, we really, really want to talk to you as well (laugh).

And we’re sorry if we interrupted Charlie but we really want to tell you some things.

To be continued . . .

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