Session 3: Part 2

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, November 2015.

Part 2: The Collective

Good, well, we really, really want to talk to you as well (laugh).

And we’re sorry if we interrupted Charlie but we really want to tell you some things.

Ok, you know what, we have questions but we want you to just go and we’ll ask questions later.

So we’ve been really concerned with you guys about this individual Phil on Earth. And we talked last time about helping him. Well we have been trying to help and we’ve been getting through to him. We’ve been trying a rather crazy approach. We talked about how last time we were maybe going to try and do an incarnation of a soul on Earth, a second one, that could maybe help communicate with Phil better. But we’re not going to do that, we decided against that. For reasons of security and stability, we just want to protect ourselves. We trust you but we want to make sure. So instead we’ve been just bombarding messages through Earth’s atmosphere to get them to Phil as much as possible and just to see if they’ll reach him. And some of them have reached him and some of him has been able to pick up on that. And it’s really random at times but that’s ok because the messages are getting through. And we know that now because Phil has got like this signal that he’s transmuting at this point and we can see it, like we can literally see this thing on the face of the Earth and if you had the right vision you’d see too. It’s like this little broadcast tower that’s pictured on the Earth and we know that antenna is him. And so for now things are really great because we’re going to be able to keep this communication going because he like grabbed our hand, so to say, in the midst of one of these sessions where we tried to come through and we tried to convey messages. And at times we spoke with one of you, at times we spoke with the other one of you we believe. And either way we’re just trying to communicate with him as quickly as possible and as much as possible.

Because there are some serious things that are changing in your atmosphere and that has to do with the fog weapons system especially. We get the sense that it’s falling apart. And every single time you think it’s a good time, that’s the opposite time that you should be thinking that you should try and communicate with those on the other side. Because that’s now when they think everybody else believes- so on the windiest, stormiest days, so to say, you should be trying to communicate. On the most confusing days, those are days where you should try and push through, sweat it out if you have to. And Phil needs to do this because we know that he’s got serious physical problems still and we feel that even. And we try not to because we don’t want to take on physical stuff from a planet. But the problem with Earth is it’s so freaking dense that it’s almost like once you start to interact with – and this why we said we really, really hope that this is Phil’s last time on Earth (laughter) and that he’s figured out whatever it is that he wants to figure out. But we’re a little bit perturbed this time and our tone can be heard probably because we’re worried that Phil is enjoying himself on Earth and he wants to, we think, maybe stay again and continue doing whatever he’s doing. And we’re not sure what that is still, so . . .

I bet he’d be up to negotiations when he is done with the current life.

We really hope so (laughter); Earth is so difficult to deal with.

Well, things are changing here though, right?

Things are changing. And your atmosphere, so with the fog weapons system, it’s changing so quickly that they’re getting desperate. And what do we mean by they. They is many, many, many people. Not the backdrop people, there’s plenty of those and they do the bidding of many people that are doing a great disservice, and also obstructing, the vast majority of humanity with their projects. Their projects are destroying their own initiatives. They’re undermining themselves at this point, they’re tying their own nooses around their own necks. And so in terms of the fog weapons system it’s a desperate attempt at this point because they can’t repair it, they don’t know how to. And things are changing at your North and South Poles.

Ok, tell us a lot about that please.

So, Phil knows that your South Pole, and the North Pole, there’s a lot of lies going around. And we’re aware that Phil’s aware that some of it is lies but some of it’s not and Phil needs to realize that it’s more complex than global warming is a lie or climate changes is a lie. Climate change is happening on Earth. The Earth is getting colder in certain areas, that’s part of the whole process. The equatorial regions of Earth are behaving differently. So we can expect the North and South Poles to develop more and more activity. Not just in terms of sustaining actual snow levels and rebuilding ice levels but ultimately it’s going to be (sigh, pause) ultimately there’s going to be volcanic activity at your South Pole. And that will confound people cause they’ll think this is conformation that climate change is still going on in the trajectory that we thought it was. That warming is still taking place. The sea levels are still rising and that’s because there’s enough glaciers that are still melting and humanity is still having enough of an impact where water levels are rising. And moreover it’s actually the land that’s starting to sink in certain areas.

So a lot of storms keep hitting your area of the Earth in the last, since we last spoke even. And what people are saying is that they need to be prepared in these areas but what they don’t realize is that that land is actually sinking into an unstable foundation, it’s just sinking into it. So some of these massive cities that have been built are being struck by tropical storms or hurricanes and what in reality is happening is yeah, there’s a lot of water and it’s building up in certain areas. But it’s not like there’s a flood from the ocean. What’s really happening is there’s these openings in the bellows of the Earth and this has to do partially with the Hollow Earth. The Hollow Earth is not happy with the surface Earth and the majority of surface Earth activities. They’re completely at odds. They may have once been together but the way we see Earth is we can very clearly see the hollow Earth humanoids or humans or Earthlings and they’re affecting seismic activity. And they’re specifically targeting certain areas so that some of these areas can stop doing what they’re doing. So they can reverse some of their activities and rethink some of their options and their behavior and their lifestyle choices. And their projects in terms of infrastructure and more buildings and more concrete. And Phil’s specifically thinking of Houston, New Orleans, and South Carolina, those areas of your country.


And what do you see about those areas?

They’re literally crumbling into themselves and it doesn’t matter how strong the concrete or the steel or the metal looks, it’s all going to fall into itself eventually. And people are going to say “Oh, what the heck? There’s no seismic activity in those areas.” They’re gonna point to the ground and it withering away and that’ll make sense in certain areas but it won’t in other areas. And other people will say, “Well, this is the Earth splitting up.” No, it’s not the Earth splitting up. It’s the Hollow Earth and it also has to do with the fact that the Earthlings, at this point, are convinced that they’ve produced the best equipment, materials, like the best concrete for example. This is what’s coming to our vision. We see your concrete falling apart. Earthlings think that concrete is very strong but it’s as capable of eroding as any other rock. And so when your foundations, your entire civilization is built upon this element it doesn’t serve your civilization any good to continue expanding upon that footprint because all it does is it creates an unstable situation for all. Especially as the future progresses and where we’ve got a great confluence of events. So proximity to the equatorial regions and the more complex areas of the Earth that weren’t built to sustain or anticipate weather events or seismic activity, or solar activity even, affecting Earth. And so we see Houston in particular. We see the sidewalks and the streets crumbling inward and lots of perplexion, lots of confusion in your society about why that city. And people are going to say it was terrorists.

Is it going to be like sinkholes in the streets?

Yeah, you’ll think of them as that, yup. But it’s literally going to tear apart cities. And Houston will be the main city in your society that’ll go first, where everybody will say “Why that one?” Cause you’ll look to the other ones and you’ll already have some presuppositions in place. And the authorities have kind of placed them there. But you’ve also seen weather events that have made you think otherwise and you might be saying to yourself “Louisiana, South Carolina.”



Ok, so what other information is important for you to get out today to us?

There’s definitely volcanic activity that’s going to take place at your South Pole and it’s going to take place on the Western side. Ice has reaffirmed itself on that continent, despite the trends. And the reality is, is that continent is more alive than ever. And (long pause) there’s definitely one species, at least one species of aliens or extraterrestrials that is working with humans on your planet to prevent the exposure of extraterrestrial life on your planet and in this universe.

So there’s ETs working to not expose the existence of extraterrestrials?

To prevent the exposure.

Ok. And why are they working with humans to prevent that?

They benefit from having bases down there. They have massive complexes down there. They don’t have the best interests out for all of humanity. They’re working with . . . and see this is a little bit confusing for us to explain because if we explain who the humans are then you’ll say to yourselves “Oh, ok.” But it’s ultimately, they have the control, this species has the control with regard to the humans they’re working with. And the humans they’re working with you would know.

Who are they?

The climate change advocates. The ones that are trying to explain to everybody that global warming is a reality and that it’s pure global warming. Key emphasis on last word, warming. The planet is misunderstanding what’s going on, the humans, the Earthlings are misunderstanding what’s going on. It’s not a simple process of warming. And especially since there is a great effort by a faction, clan, a faction in your civilization, your society in particular, that’s trying to very much continue the narrative for their own benefit. They’re making money off of this narrative, ok, but they don’t have any stake in the truth, they don’t care. These, the extraterrestrial species that I’m thinking of, they’re very tall. They’re very, very tall. They don’t have any interest in helping humanity solve short-term goals. They’re really interested in protecting they’re own assets and interests on this planet because they’re competing with other interests an assets on this planet and other species.

Ok, what do we do with that information? How do we help benefit at all with it?

There is a way to turn the other main faction of humans against these, this particular faction I already spoke of that’s trying to prevent the exposure of extraterrestrial life in this universe. And the way that you do that is you get them to focus on what they’ve always wanted which is the incentive, which is the monetary reward. And this faction is even more simple minded than the other faction. And once it’s proven to them that they can make a gain off of non-fossil fuel based mechanisms, they will embrace these machines because they make profit for them. In the meantime, they are the side that is experienced in dealing with the military assets of multiple species, multiple ET species. And so they will be aware and in essence this Collective is trying to tell you that it’s far more simple than we are explaining it. This other faction can be simply turned on their head and they’ll still walk like a duck and quack like a duck but they will fly differently. Or at times they might change their, we’ll put it this way, they’ll change their coat completely from that bright white where it’s seen visibly to a dark brown where they blend in finally. And in that terrain the opportunity to rightly expose something is going to present itself to humanity and to the better half of that faction that cannot do anything but admit truth. So your military and your intelligence and your ex-military and ex-intelligence officials, these are the ones that we speak of, they can’t do anything but speak the truth. It’s those that are higher above them in your civil administrations that are telling them otherwise and telling them to do otherwise. They only have interest in preventing loss of life and preserving security and stability. And so as long as they’re not corrupted by gains in material luxury or profit, then there’s nothing that’s going to obstruct their goal as souls on your planet. It’s just a matter of turning the ones that have the resources into tools for humanity’s betterment.

So, what’s the time frame on all of this in Earth time?

Hmmm, well, unfortunately they’ve invested heavily, so divesting from their given place or their chosen place, the place they’ve literally chosen to pursue, those routes, will have to be severed. The only way that happens is if those resources become worthless and those resources can become worthless overnight but only if there are souls on your planet that are willing to try to implement the alternatives that will bring them great profits too, once they realize they can invest in them. That is obviously more complex than we’re making it out to be but the reality is that there are so many people on your planet right now that you guys are not even aware of, that are trying to build machines, to implement them across humanity and Earth on the surface, that will change the direction of fuel resources or energy resources and the use of those and derivation of them and thus the side effects on Earth and Earthlings.

Ok, thank you for that. What else is important to share with us today?

This, what we just spoke of, is one major way in which humanity will be exposed to the fragility and the, not just the viscosity, but the potential for complete dissipation of any value whatsoever with regard to material goods or like material objects.

In the form of resources?

It’s going to help them in their psyches and in their minds think about and it’s going to revolutionize the way that the consider resources and how they are spent and used.

So I’m just curious, this event or series of events that your talking about, does that have anything that ties in with that propulsions system that Charlie was talking about earlier?

Yes, it does, it totally does.

Ok, so tie those in together for us.        

So, basically, you guys are going to be familiar hopefully with the term free energy as a concept, very soon these machines are going to be sold by these individuals that now sell you the fuels that you hate and despise and you want to see gone. Unfortunately the entire better part of humanity has been swindled by another part of humanity that has convinced them that they need to give up a lot of things that they don’t actually have to give up, in order to live a lifestyle that they don’t want to live. And it’s not going to do anything except for serve those people that told them that they were doing things the wrong way and living things the wrong way, well they mixed some truth with many lies. Fossil fuels, oil, burning energy is not the best way to attain energy or to attain propulsion systems or to attain (sigh) acceleration or movement. But in doing so they accepted one reality, which was we can’t do any better than burning energy thus we will, in the process – well, we’ll take a few steps back. A long time ago humanity realized, a part of humanity realized that burning energy wasn’t the best option so there were a great many pioneers. Many of them were very, very innocent in their intentions. Those intentions were taken and put into place and into action and into business and commerce. And now, those are self-actuating and self-sustaining enterprises. They don’t seek to actually help humanity understand humanity and Earth, they only want to do the same thing that they originally sought to destroy or sought to better upon or sought to reform. Which was the fuel, the burning of the fuel energy systems. And so in doing this, in flipping the cards- because the simpler faction that cares about burning fuels right now as an energy source for your civilization only cares about one thing, material objects. They can’t be swindled out of that possession that they have and that desire for those. But that’s fine, you can turn that against them. And you can turn, not against them but toward your advantage, your campaign or advantage, whatever vision it is that you’re seeking. So in this case, when they acquire the free energy systems, yeah they’re gonna see the profit margins and then eventually the divestment by individual humans voluntarily, which will decrease demand and thus then, ultimately, they’ll meet that and they’ll have to immediately start investing in R and D. But what matters most is when individuals come out with these machines and start marketing them and start offering them to individuals’ homes and families, that’s what will change everything. And you might think right now “This is gonna be so slow! This is gonna take forever, one by one, no way!” No, the thing about this is humans are connected, they don’t realize it, it’s this one gland, one particular gland in the center of the brain and it connects all of you. And so you can feel electrical pulses and those will tell you to feel a certain way. But the problem is there’s soooo much that’s blanketing you, all of you, even you two in this room right now. And so you guys are not capable, you’re not reaching the fullest potential because you’re also interacting with a lot of people that have no concept of this. So what we say is it’s gonna spread like wildfire and when it spreads like wildfire that’s all that matters because then you know every home is literally changing their minds, every person is literally changing their minds. It’s not this national program or transnational program or world program that claims that it’s got this many resources and it claims that it’s helping this many Earthlings. Instead you’ll have tangible proof because your friends and your neighbors will be speaking about how they do this instead of that and how you might be standing there saying “Well, I’m still burning fuels and yet my neighbor is paying a lot less. Why would I continue to do that? I’m going to invest in this.” This is where the opportunity comes because that faction that we spoke of, the second one has only cared about the material objects, well, once they see the profit in that, they will realize that they’ll make their profits and it’s going to help everybody revolutionize humanity in such a way with energy that, specifically energy systems, that it’s going to then make us rethink, as humans, money. And how commerce takes place.

And so how will they think about it after this takes place?

Well, they’re going to first think it’s a joke because they won’t believe that they were swindled by people that they thought were trying to actually help Earth and humans. And all of their words said, you know, suggested that all of their projections were interested in helping purely Earth and humans without any other extraneous motives. But when in reality when they realize both sides are part of the, they’re just two sides of the same coin, then they’ll realize finally that it’s not just your political systems, your social systems, it’s your economic system that is harnessed by the negative, the malevolent in your society. And once people realize the cords, the lengths, the routes they can take to enabling themselves with material wealth, then people will realize that it’s A, it doesn’t have as much value as everyone thought it did and B, it can be used by the people as a tool against those that are obstructing what the people want, not just those with the actual money.

So, where, if at all, does Phil fit into this picture?

Well, Phil continues to spread information. That’s his primary role on planet Earth, which is that catalyzer, we used that the first time we met, that term. And he’s really, really, that’s his main thing and what he needs to realize and just recognize and just accept eventually is that his sheer presence in a community or neighborhood area, it affects people who can’t even see him, people who can’t even see that he is in a particular building but he is affecting their thought patterns. Now he’s not doing in the same that you guys do. You guys are such a calming presence that you don’t even have to worry about the fear that is on your screens and that the backdrop people worry about everyday happening to them.

Ok, interesting, and is there other things that you want to share with us?

Well, with regard to Phil, he needs to keep speaking up and he’s doing a really great job and he needs to know this. He could benefit from the knowledge of the fact that just his presence in a room, not even looking at people in the eyes or making direct contact verbally or non-verbally. It’s just the presence of him and his body and his electrical signaling that perturbs certain individuals, but he can shake those people off without problem. And so when he stands up for himself these days, these are moments where he’s speaking up for himself finally, he’s finding that completion. It’s a complete circuiting of his body and he’s finally suturing his brain to his vessel. He’s finally becoming an Earthling in some ways and that’s really weird for him because one concept he’s having a really hard time with is fun. What is fun? And to us, we can’t answer that question, so we don’t have a good answer for him. But he keeps asking us that and that’s something that he could benefit from even studying the elementary aspects of, like look up the word even. You’re not letting go of stuff that you can’t control. And it’s not headlines anymore, he’s not letting go of everyday things that he need not worry about. His street is anchored by archons and ascended masters. And when his girlfriend, Ella, speaks about the cars and the plates and the numbers, 333, literally, the top of their street and the bottom. That should be a reassurance to him that he’s secured, at the end and at the beginning of his street. And it should be symbol to him that everything is perfectly at peace and he’s going to be able to become more of himself the more he consciously reaches out to people or people reach out to him, like Ella or his parents or other friends that do care about him moving along and bypassing his physical calamities.

Remember their fog weapons system is closing and two-way broadcasts are really hard, so they’re really good at trying to pinpoint them. Last time we talked about how they’re messing with the ionospheric systems and they keep building more and more of those and opening more and more of those. And that’s an attempt to try and mitigate for the openings or the disillusion and the erosion of their fog weapons system. So they’re trying to blanket as many areas as possible. And now with more people moving to the cities you can guess that there’s a smaller footprint that they have to cover.


And so they think that they can do that. And so they’re pushing, pushing, pushing people move to cities, you know, move to the urban areas, move to semi-urban areas. You’ll have access to better food, you’ll have access to jobs, access to all this stuff. Well, the reality is, is that you’re bombarded, you’re bathing in the EMFs, the electrical signaling that’s messing with that gland that we spoke of, that all humans have and share.



So when he had one of those experiences where they thought The Collective was coming through, it felt very much like one of these experiences where he didn’t remember anything afterwards. So is that a litmus test for him to use?

Yes. Because Phil, we know, is really, really intelligent and we know that he’s capable of deducing things. So we don’t want him to try and end up filling in the gaps, we want him to forget everything. We want him to be the vessel because we know that he can handle communications. He’s very good at communicating but he’s also really good at picking up on things. So that’s why we try to try to get out this information in a way that isn’t very interesting to him because that will modify his way of thinking and perhaps communicating and we don’t want to change that because we think that we’re getting- this is our third time now back her with both of you and we’re so happy to be back here again! I mean, we took over for Charlie basically (laughter) we just want don’t want individual egos to be influenced by something on their planet that might affect their answers.

So, from your perspective, what are we to be doing with this information?

Well, sharing it with good people, which you’re doing and that’s great. But we gotta get it to more people but we gotta get it in a safe way. So because the authorities are swamped, and we spoke of multiple factions today and this is becoming quicker and quicker and quicker, this rate at which factions are becoming new factions because their dividing. It’s cellular division almost. It’s happening at the human societal level. So in terms of sharing everything, we really want the information to get out there because we think that the quicker it gets out there, the quicker it will overwhelm and the quicker it will eradicate the source of the information. So they won’t ever be able to target Phil then. And the way they think is based on a statistical breakdown, so they don’t take the risk if the they don’t even think that there’s a reward in the gambling or in the future. If the risk is greater they have other targets, because there’s plenty of people trying to change their ways and reverse their ways.

I’m thinking from your perspective and energetically charged as well, do you have a name for what that website might be to be most beneficial to humanity?

Angles’ Perspective.

Say that again?

Angles’ Perspective.

Can you spell that?

So last time we told you that your pronunciation of angel is angle in our pronunciation or our understanding. And that corresponds to your understanding of mathematics so we think spelling it that way will make a great amount of sense to a large amount of people.

Like angle.  Angles Perspective

To be continued . . .

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