Session 3: Part 3

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, November 2015.

Part 3: The Collective Continues

And so he is asking is the person Corey Goode, is his story accurate?

Corey Goode. This Collective doesn’t know the name Corey Goode. So if you can bring up any specific events . . .

Well, he seems to have very detailed information about working with other factions along with Earthlings being taken at a young age –

Do you mean Charles Hall?

Nope, Corey Goode.

We’re familiar with the name Charles Hall and his stories are completely accurate. And he worked with factions and components of the military but not everything.


Unfortunately we’re not familiar with Corey Goode.

Ok, so that doesn’t necessarily mean what he’s saying isn’t true, it’s just that you’re not aware of it?

No, we’re just not familiar with him.

And we’re wondering does the year 2026 have any significance that you’re aware of?

Yes. Right away we saw a nuclear weapon. But then we saw it being stopped, like midair and frozen almost in time and space. And all of your species is perplexed because they think it’s going to detonate and fall and detonate like it’s supposed to. But at that point you’ll know definitively that those aren’t to be used and humanity will begin then to destroy and reverse course on nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction.

Who do you see setting that weapon off?

The United States.

Against whom?

Well, it’s a US rocket, I don’t know if it’s the United States. It’s an ICBM, it’s definitely painted with the star and the white and the black hoods on the different modules and it definitely says USA.

And he asks about the tall whites, he wants to know if they are service to self-entities or service to others?

(pause) They are, they’ve helped humanity in some ways, they’ve given humanity a lot of technology. A lot of it has to do with the military and aircraft and rockets. And they’re the ones (pause) . . .

Is their motivation beneficial to humanity?

In the end yes, but not always. They’re not always out working for the interests of humanity. In fact, right now most of the interests that they’re working with are trying to preserve their secrecy. Cause there’s not that many of them. They have the ability to build really, really impressive machinery and technology, way beyond the size, but they use biophysical humanoid-like things. You might know them as little grays. And there’s other little grays too so don’t be confused. They use them as like little robots and that’s why you might have heard them described as A-human or fairly scary or fear instilling with humans. So what they’re doing, there’s just not that many of them, that’s the point.

OK and they’re both, it sounds like, kind of service to self and service to others?

Yup, the Tall Whites are definitely helping humanity in some respects but they are primarily interested, number one, in protecting their identity. They don’t want anyone to know that they are here.

Ok. And the last question is if the Tall Whites are service to others then are they part of The Confederation?

Hmmm, well, the Confederation is interesting because The Confederation of Earth has got so many species and so many more trying to join all the time. And the way that we see it is that they get, there’s like this giant, flat, metal-like object in space, right outside, right off your planet, closer to your moon maybe. And this metal object is flat and it has panels. And it accepts but it also rejects and I, this Collective, literally sees the individual souls or species bouncing off of the panel, when they are trying to incarnate and the Confederation doesn’t want them to. Because The Confederation has a very, very complex extenuating system, where you can come to Earth and how long you can stay, sort of thing. As longs as youre ‘behaving’.

Ok, is ok to continue with some questions or is there more you’d like to share with us? Where do you want to take it?

There’s . . .

We want you to get out everything you want to get through him today.

There’s (pause) a race that little of you realize for a part of your planet that is concerning us. And this is all man-induced. Some man-made enterprises have failed there, but we’re speaking about the Arctic Circle in the North.  Half of the Arctic Circle is dominated by primarily one country or one nation.

frakking rig

Which is who?

Russia and they don’t have the best intentions in terms of preserving the ecology. And quite frankly, neither does Denmark or Canada or Norway or The United States. And those are the countries that are in the Arctic Circle, the far North Pole area, the actual Arctic Circle. So in that there’s a lot of concern from this Collective that all these man-made enterprises are continuing up there and nobody is saying a word in the media or in your screens about how much human activity is going on to try to extract resources in that region. But at the same time it’s melting massive glaciers that are hundreds of thousands of years old, in a matter of years. And at the same time it is definitely disrupting the ecology up there. And we don’t mean necessarily the ecology that you can see on top of ice, like bears or birds. It’s what’s down below cause everything else on top is feeding on the aquatic life and ecosystems below and beneath. Humans understand the least about arctic aquatic life systems and ecology. It would be very, very, very detrimental for the Northern hemisphere to disrupt all the ice and snow that has been condensed and has been solidified in so many ways for so long. If they were to liquefy that, which is what, in essence, all their activity and explorations and their adventures are doing.

artic ice loss

They’ve stopped doing that with the South Pole because the entire world said no. The whole world hasn’t said no to the North and so the whole Northern hemisphere continues to do what they were doing before and, as far as this Collective understands, that’s the reason why the council took away their opportunity and gave it to the South to try and make sense of the maladies that face human-kind today.

So, those ones that are in control in the North doing all of that damage, are they aware that the collective has made that shift? Are they aware in a conscious awake level?

Yes. The authorities are but they don’t want to admit it because they’re allied with factions that can A, destroy them in the blink of an eye and would not hesitate to. So one of them is the Reptilians and at the same time it’s a little bit difficult to discern, this Collective is having difficulty discerning what the Tall Whites would do if humans directly disobeyed their requests. Because they’ve shared so much technology with humankind that it outstrips anything that we could have absolutely hoped for. And the worst part is, is that the two main factions that dominate your society and the authorities that control it, they’re at odds with one another such that technology could come out quicker but it’s not. And it’s not because of a profit motive, there’s some of that and the ones that actually have the red button in their hand, sort of thing, those are the ones that are saying, “Don’t do it. Not because we’re gonna make a lot more money. We’re going to prevent these projects so that we’ll prevent our exposure, we’ll prevent the evolution of humankind for the betterment of that which we speak of.”

Ok, thank you for that. Can you explain more about the Matra?

She’s the mother. She’s the source of all, she’s like the mother of all souls, like all female energy I guess, in the entire multi-verse. And the Matra is to be respected and to be, not glorified and not placed on pedestal, they are not a godlike thing. But they’re simply the cosmic source of all female energy in the multi-verse.

Phil has drawn a picture of the multi-verse, is there anything else you’d like to add to that?

Yeah, there’s something inside. So he described to you the corridors and those corridors as individual universes except for he didn’t tell you that, and he didn’t know this, cause what we’re able to see is the drawing and the multi-verse. And the actual source he describes that is a gateway. It’s a gateway to, well I mean, when you look at it you’ll see golden, white light. It’s a milky, golden, white light. And it’s not always obvious because it’s all moving so fast it looks gray to the human eye. It looks like gray or light gray to Phil. That’s why he drew it the way he did. But to us we can see what looks like a pocket, almost, or a little hole in the coloring. And we can see the actual coloring of it. And so we want you to know that that is a source or an opening, a portal, to the other side.

So how can we access it?

Ummm, well, sometimes when you die you go there. And that’s where you go, we think, to rest. Because we know that we’re familiar with white light and the white light that you help Phil utilize and we’ve helped with the capsules as well, that we’ve been sending.

So, is there a reason why he’s colorblind? Or could we go ahead and correct that for him today?

We can’t correct it. It’s part of who he is and it’s important that he’s colorblind because it allows him to see things and focus on other things that other people wouldn’t focus on because they’ve seen maybe the whole picture. They saw the whole picture, they saw the whole scenery and they were just wowed by the color. Well instead Phil’s wowed by the form or shape because he sees something as off and so he’s more inclined to notice that something is off because you’ve removed, almost, a sense, like a variable from the equation. He doesn’t have to assess color as much as everyone else does. And so it doesn’t become a distraction.

Ok, understood, thank you for that. Last time you talked about major perspective shifts resulting in transversing universes. Can you explain in more detail what you mean by major perspective shift?

Humans age over time in their vessels or bodies but they also age in their cognition over a single lifetime. A lot of times this takes the form of a conversation like “Oh honey! I realized this today!” and the spouse saying “You are different person.” When that takes place, when that first individual has come to the latter and has said their piece and has actually come to the realization of something new, and the other person then says “Oh, you must be a new person” or “You must be somebody else, I can’t believe I’m hearing these words from you.” That is perspective shift and that right there is a major perspective shift. When your fellow peers, fellow humans, that you’re around and the electrical signaling that you’re used to, it changes such that they now will turn to you and utter the words that make you think that they’re actually questioning your existence as a human now or as the same human that you were. So that’s what we mean. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is and there’s many, many perspective shifts that one can go through. When we offered Phil the image of the multi-verse an the corridors, we wanted him to understand it as each one of those as an angle itself and each one of those corridors, each one of those universes is sort of governed by two entities or two Angles. And in your universe there’s dark and there’s light. And there’s God and the antithesis of God, in your society. But it’s sometimes, it’s different than that because when you go to a new perspective you’ll see that it’s not, the dichotomy is not light and dark, it’s more esoteric subjects versus a rougher, grittier, physical life. So, you might go to one part of the planet on Earth and you might find humans living in what seems like a completely different part of the universe because it’s so peaceful. And only a thousand miles away they are fighting and there’s war and there’s bloodshed and there’s great hatred and fear mongering and it’s just the opposite way of life. And so that right there, is two societies coexisting on the same planet, for example, we imagine some sort of village in central Asia versus some village in what you guys would call the Middle East. And those two coexist, those two communities, on the same planet but in alternate universes or different universes because they’re governed by separate entities. And so when we say in this universe we really mean, with the light and dark, we mean the bloodshed one. So in terms of what Phil was used to studying, what Phil studied in college and school. When he studied the globe and politics and economics and war and warfare, military affairs, etc. That’s different and that is a world which is governed by good and evil, right and wrong. But every single time there’s a perspective shift, there’s two new, there’s a new binary. And that’s why you can go to another country not far away, like India or China, and you’ll find people who’ll explain that the entirety of existence itself is explained by this binary and these words which are far less abrasive and rigid and stark and problematic as right and wrong, light and dark.

Ok, thank you for that! That was great! Thank you. Phil is wondering what is going on with our star, the Sun, and how it is affecting Earth?

Your star is surging for some of the last times before it’s going to start to wane. There are a lot of prophecies on you planet about your star darkening out at some point. And at some point we can see that happening. It’s not gonna be for like 5 to 10 years at least, if not more, like maybe even 25.


So how does that affect things?

In terms of the surges, the way we see your star is we just saw a massive surge, like an explosion almost. And we see it flickering like you would see a light bulb that’s about to go out. So you get these surges, those are waves of energy that the star sends out. And the star is going to become less and less specific in how it directs energy waves outward. There’s been a lot of talk about the Earth quiet or the Earth facing quiet area and how Earth is being essentially saved and protected by those in the universe that want us to succeed and want us to better and to evolve into the next species or the next realm of our species. But the thing about Earth is that (sigh, long pause), the thing about Earth is (long pause) hmm (long pause) the star that you speak of, is changing rapidly. (pause) Hmmmm, this Collective is having a hard time getting this information out, we don’t know why. We can speak to you about other things but for some reason, it’s like they’re trying to tie Phil’s tongue, literally. Ummmm, Phil’s body keeps getting really, really, really hot, internally. The way we understand it is your star is going to keep surging and pulsing. It’s going to be stronger and stronger waves at times and it’s not going to become predictable all the time, like some of the Earthlings have figured out. It’s behind a lot of events on Earth at this point, earthquakes and the development of tropical storms, hurricanes and other weather systems on land. It’s going to continue to impact those and it’s definitely going to increase winds across the planet. The way we see this is bigger and bigger tropical storms and your species is going to need a new scale, a new unit of measurement or a new way to measure the size of these storms because they are going to be much bigger. Because of their dynamics but also how quickly they form and how quickly they dissipate, but also how quickly they reform again. Cause the winds on the land are going to pick up.

solar flare

So we recently, just a few days ago, had a very big windstorm over the central part of the United States. Is that in relation to any of this?

Yes, that’s part of it, it’s picking up and the other day that was when the sun was – on Earth they call it a Coronal Mass Ejection, that’s when it reached Earth. So the wind speed, the solar wind speed had gone up such to a rate that when it hit Earth it obviously preempted things with the weather systems and then it had the low-pressure systems in the center part of the United States. And it just blew up into a massive weather system spanning the entirety of the country. So as you guys witnessed that emerged from the West and then expand across the entire country and become more severe; it’s going to continue to happen, things like that.


solar wind

But it’s also going to be interesting because some of your peers are going to be able to start figuring out how to predict a lot of earthquakes. Now the big ones aren’t going to be able to be predictable and that’s a shame because those are the ones that you want to predict but this collective sees a lot more earthquakes in places that aren’t prepared at a level of infrastructure. But it’s not going to matter all that much because they’re going to be able to start changing their infrastructure, improving it and then anticipating the smaller earthquakes. But they won’t be able to predict anything higher than an 8 on your Richter scale.

And why is that exactly?

Because a lot of times those are not even influenced by one single event. It’s not just the sun, it’s also the hollow earth, it’s also sometimes some human activity, like drilling and stuff like that. Deep, deep in the ocean floors and that is main issue right now in the largest ocean of yours in the Southwest area, the Pacific. I’m sorry in the Southeast area, from your country looking southwest across that ocean. The main reason why there’s so many earthquakes over there is because they’ve decided to go to the biggest deepest part of that ocean and drill there and that is a problem. Cause that’s really close to the plates and that’s really close to the actual depth at which you can create a big enough situation, like the conditions, where a big enough earthquake can take place then.


Cause big earthquakes, they take place deep down, so.

Ok, let me go back just a little bit about the star. You said in as many as 25 years from now there’s going to be a big shift there, how does that affect life on Earth when that happens?

The way we see it is it is going to gradually start to darken out. So, there’s going to be a gradual reduction in the ability to grow crops like you did. The ability to – and we’re not sure how permanent this is going to be. Because we’ve heard of and we know of other star systems, sorry, solar systems, there we go. Solar systems in which the star has reignited itself or other species have been able to do that. So, it’s difficult to say how long it will last but it’s definitely going to be a period in which your species is going to have to adjust to more darkness. So less crops, more predators at night, bigger predators, different predators at night. In particular there’s going to be really, like, we see big cats but they’re all black and they have, they’re really similar to your now extinct saber tooth tigers. But they have like geothermal imaging, their eyes, so their eyes are completely red. They can see really well in the dark.

black cat

So, I don’t know if we’ve talked about this before in the other two sessions but Dolores liked to talk a lot about the New Earth and the increased vibration of that place and the older staying in the 3D type of realm. Do you see a shift in that regard?

Yes. We see, what we see is two Saturns right now with the exact same rings but it’s the same Saturn, ok. But they’re negatives, like one is a negative image of the other, like on your photographs. So, the way that we understand it is you won’t experience it this way but space will be literally folded in half. So if you were to take the image of Saturn cause it’s really iconic and the rings are gonna be helpful for this visual exercise. So keep that image in your mind and split it in half and put it on a piece of paper but bend that paper opposite direction of one another, the parts of Saturn. And then try and re-bend it back together, like try and match the images back up together and they’re gonna be polar opposites. Right?


So, in terms of that, there’s going to be – you guys wont experience an actual fold in space but you’ll experience, well physically you’re going to experience something. I don’t know how to describe it.

Just do your best.

Tingling and a vibration, there’ll be like a light and things will become very airy. I see humans levitating and they are surrounded by this fission of white light or yellow light around them but they’re in the air and some of them are just rising up towards the clouds and beyond. And some of them are just like in the sky and some of them are a little bit closer to Earth. And the rest of them that are on Earth, you can’t even see but they’re there and they’re living their lives and driving cars and doing everything that they were.


And so, what’s the time frame that you see this happening in?

30-36 years. 36 came to my mind.

36 what?

36 years.

And do you have any advice for Phil and Ella?

They need to minimize electronic signaling and disruptions, not just with them in general but more specifically when they are talking about something that’s a dense subject or a very detailed or difficult topic. Minimizing electronic signaling because that’s confounding communications between the two of them. At times one of them gets angry at the other for a little more reason and the other one doesn’t understand why and the other doesn’t understand why they got a little bit more angry. And it’s all to do with minor disruptions in their electromagnetic field and because the electronic signaling around them is so low frequency, in terms of the analogy low frequency we’ve been using. It’s so uninteresting compared to the higher frequency subjects that Ella and Phil are engaging at times, that the topics are literally at odds with the electronics. So their neurochemicals and their neurochemistry is literally disrupting and it’s being disrupted and vice versa. And it’s a battle almost. Well, for them, to make it easier just close the laptop screens, turn them off if they need to, and just focus on one another instead of having a third venue or a third medium in the way, that is not only a distraction potentially for the eyes but is also a major distraction for the electro-physiological components of those two.

Ok, very good, thank you very much for that. Anything else you want to talk about that we didn’t ask about today?

(Long pause) No, not at the moment.

Ok, very good, and so is it beneficial to keep doing these sessions?

Yes. Absolutely. There’s no question about that.

Ok and we can use the material from these session for a future website to help get the word out?

Oh yes!

And that’s all good?


Well, as always it is just such an honor to facilitate this session and having Ella here with us.

Yeah! We’re really happy to be back again! So thank you for having us (laughter).

Anytime! (laughter) And it was great talking to Charlie again! So thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


And I will look forward to conversing with you again very soon and perhaps even meeting up before that, in dreams and other states.

That sounds great (laughter).

Ok, very good, we’ll see you again!

Ok, we’ll see you soon.

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