Sessions 4/5

Sessions facilitated by Ella January and February 2016

(This information was gathered on two different dates, the content included is not in order)

Sessions 4/5

Do you have any advice or warnings to offer in regard to Earth?

We see a lot of images of water, in various forms. But a lot of them have to do with what you know as Arctic water or Arctic ice.

Like the ice melting?

We saw part of a glacier falling into the water but we mainly are seeing waters rising and affecting the people. Especially, as we’ve talked about in the past, along the coasts. We also see a volcano, a massive peak, billowing smoke. And we see people far below the forest line running away from it and in terror. Somewhere in what you know as Southeast Asia, maybe even Japan. It looks similar to something between Japan . . .

Stilt homes, like thatched roofs, so it could still be further south, like Indonesia or Thailand. Indonesia or Malaysia, or the Philippines, one of those. And this is a prominent volcano that hasn’t gone off in a while but it’s going to do a lot of damage. We see black soot layering, we’re not sure if that exactly has to do with the volcano.

Your continents will begin to take on new shapes. This is a time of change for your continent and your land on Earth. And so we see South America shifting in an amorphous way. And we will send Phil information regarding the images that we see so that he can depict them for you.

Some of it will be water eating away at continents that you guys have known. And there will be many areas where mountains, like the Alps remain prominent places because they’re so high and defined already, in altitude.

Ok, thank you. What do you see coming for our year 2016?

There will be collision. What we see immediately is two giant but simply white blocks that are very clearly divided, like your red sea was in the stories. But now they’re like your mountain goats or rams that eventually lunge at one another and strike their heads. That collision, to us, represents the beginning of the pinnacle of all that which your species has been rising toward or ascending toward. There is going to be a great clash in many sectors or realms of your society. And it’s going to begin to set the stage for what will become, um . . . what will replace the order that you have known.

What do you see for the election for president in our country?

I see a man with like golden hair that is very popular and people are listening and are going to listen to him because he is speaking, not only loudly and firmly so that he has there attention. But he also, in their minds, emblematizes contemporary leadership in your society. Or some of the finer elements of leadership in your society. And in this realm he comes from that of commerce and so many in your society have respect for those that work in commerce and they will lend an ear. And they will find favor in many words that he offers to them. And his intentions are to act on many of his words but what he and the people fail to realize is that there is . . . you can think of it and your society can think of it as an entity that is your capital city. And we see that as a morass of spirits and energy. It’s almost a storm it is so chaotic. It’s dark in color, it’s primarily blackish with specks of gray and we see the colors of metal. Stuff like that but it’s spinning in a circle like a doughnut. and that is not only a force, like it’s an entity that likes to use force and it’s willing to use force. But it also thinks of itself as a never ending machine that deserves to- it’s not even in its thought process that it couldn’t exist.

Ok, so do you see that changing in any way?

There will be a challenge. We see many challenges by people, like groups of individuals challenging your authorities and you managers of society outright, especially in 2016. And we see a lot of people who have very little and whereas we know that your society was led primarily in the last year or so, as you would say, by upheaval from different races in your society. The so called dominant race in your society is going to start standing and resisting in 2016, more fervently and more regularly. And it will be of surprising grouped and ages and people. It won’t necessarily just be young people or those that you would expect. It will literally be people that have nothing left. They . . . we’re not going to go into the details of what they do or don’t have but many will have nothing or next to nothing. We don’t see weapons but we see them very, very, very angry but also very willing to stand and remain standing where they are and speaking what they believe and resisting calls to disband.

Ok, understood. Can you give us a little insight as to what else you see coming to Earth?

Your ionosphere is being blasted with electronic pulses and waves on the surface and in the atmosphere itself by ground based objects or facilities. And what’s that doing is it’s eroding your protective elements on the outer parts of the ionosphere, ok. And what that’s doing is that’s disrupting Earth’s magnetosphere. And with that comes a whole host of new weather systems that are going to affect pretty much every part of your planet. And it’s not gonna make any sense to you. So Phil knows that the winter of this Earthy year on your planet so far in your country has been pretty much the opposite where it’s been really cold in the South and really hot in the North compared to normal.  That is just the beginning. Phil also knows of recent record-breaking winds in the middle of your country and that’s also just the beginning. But that’s similar to the peak of what you’re going to see, in terms of new, extreme and almost at times spontaneous . . . so the idea of meteorology is going to disintegrate. And we would advise, as The Collective, that you as humans disregard that completely and stop spending your time looking at your screens or papers or whatever. Or even entertaining conversations about the weather because none of you even have a clue because so many of you are doing things to your ionosphere that it is warping your atmosphere. And it will be warped for a long time. It will not return to what you knew as a kid, in your lifetime.

You’re going to see some crazy, new, almost inconceivable syndromes among your peers of residing and turning inward. And not against each other but they’re literally going to succumb to fear to the point where they will build inside. They will build dome cities and they will live in cities that are essentially a mountain, connected. At this point, so many people on your planet would rather live in a tunnel network of some citadel. And thus your cities are going to continue to grow and there’s soon going to be a serious shortage of protein on your planet. And your civilization is not prepared. No one in your hemisphere is, no nation, is prepared for the amount, the cacophony of demands that are going to be placed on your leaders and your authorities in your civilizations. With regard to specific protein needs for your peoples. It won’t even be other nutrients necessarily, that are a concern. You’ll probably still be able to source those. But your protein concerns are seriously jeopardizing the entire future of your civilizations.

Phil wanted to ask if you could tell us about other souls that are part of The Collective?

There are many souls that are eager to display and show themselves to you, from this Collective. But for Phil it’s really, really hard to explain some of these, especially what they’re trying to say and how they’re trying to say it. So we’re trying to pair one that can communicate more easily with Phil right now.

Are there any souls that are close to Earth?

There’s . . . nothing in your Solar System. So, it’s difficult to answer the question in regard to the term close.Because we don’t have a fixed location in space or time as a Collective Voice or a Collective group of souls. We can’t place, necessarily, how far things are. And we don’t believe it’s useful to learn units of measurement from any planet or species or race or whatever because we understand that everything is constantly changing and expanding or contracting. But either way everything is constantly evolving so it’s frivolous for us as a Collective group, Collective Voice, and it’s frivolous for us, in our view our perspective to inundate ourselves with the specifics of the units of measurement that are placated around the universe as tools.

Ok, understood. I’m going to ask some more of his questions. Can you clarify free will on Earth as a concept?

Hmmmmm (sigh), your concept of free will is warped. You’re told in your society that you have options but you have very, very limited options. You have options that could control as much as the smallest animals on your planet you think control things. So, in other words, you are ants because that’s what we know you think of ants, the actual animals or insects on your planet. So we understand that all of you, because of what you’ve done to the surface of your Earth and because of what you think you’ve done in terms of knowledge and technology and because of who you think you have become as a species. And the arrogance that’s displayed across your planet continuously in individual egos, there’s a duplicity here of things. (sigh, long pause)

Phil was also hoping you could elaborate on time and space from an Earthly perspective?

Phil has been told that Earth is an illusion and as far as we understand it, it is nothing but a point in a matrix, ok. So if you can take a cube, ok, and take this cube in your head and it’s translucent completely but you can see the edges. They’re not super rigid but they’re there, you can see it’s a cube. But everything is open to occupation inside; the volume inside is open to occupations. So, in terms of space and time, we say we come from a different universe. The way we explain that is there are multiple layers in a vertical fashion, this is the easiest way to explain it, a vertical fashion on that y-axis, descending from 360 degrees to the zero point. And now we’re talking about a circle I guess. But using those mathematical degree points, so from that straight North point to the straight South point. I’m just helping you as an Earthling, from the 3 dimensional to the 2 dimensional, paint this in your head. So from that, we come from the seventh highest universe, ok. In our understanding there are eleven universes in the multi-verse. But we don’t know for sure. Because there are unique things happening in each multi-verse. And because of what’s happening with Earth’s situation and because of the history of Earth and even the recent history of Earth, its affected things in this universe such that it’s affected other things in other universes that are lower in frequency. And in many ways it has even set those universes back because of some of the things that predominate in this universe, for example. And this universe isn’t to blame completely. And in terms of this cube, you can understand then that from the seventh, we’re descending down to this point that is ascending between universes right now. And that’s something that you need to take into account. Your planet is ascending between universes right now. So things are extremely chaotic. Not all of the planets in your own solar system, let only your own universe, are in the same evolutionary state as your own planet. So you’re beginning to understand now why it’s not just the level that we’re on that matters. Just because you’re on or in the seventh universe, it’s not like an elevator; it’s not like on your Earth you’re not at the penthouse (laugh). And so it’s interesting because you shift the cube 90 degrees and all of the sudden the Earth as an orb is in a different place, if you look down upon the cube. It’s in a different corner. The only thing that it has done has gone, you know, and I’m explaining this poorly but I think that you get the gist of it.

Thank you so much! We were wondering if anything unique was going on in the area (central US) that we’re living in, in terms of the atmosphere and energy?

Hmmm, there’s a dome, a sphere like structure. And I assume this is a thing West of you, cause I’m seeing something that’s like you, that’s like a gold thing. I presume that’s you. And this thing is away from the cities; I don’t know which direction it is exactly. But it’s a dome and they use it for radar, for weather, they say. But it’s affecting the immediate atmosphere, like the lower rungs of your atmosphere right around your city and the neighboring city. It’s mainly, everything that’s in its path as the weather moves. So whatever direction the weather’s moving it will affect the lower rungs of the atmosphere there. And it will distort particles. So it will also distort the way that you perceive light and how much light is even taken in. And it also, we’re not sure exactly how it does this or what it does exactly, but it enforces certain chemicals that are already in the air to accumulate and bunch up almost. So you’ll see like plumes of what looks like something, but it’s not a cloud. And that’s due to that machine.


About Phil and Ella

Everybody needs to understand here and now that he comes from us, he doesn’t come from anything else. We don’t come from this universe. And we have facilitated his incarnation on Earth and because he has built up a karmic cycle we’re going to have to keep facilitating him if he can’t move onward. And so we want to help him move onward because Earth is so particularly tough and we’ve talked about that in the past and we don’t really want to be associated with Earth until it ascends further. That’s what we’ve come to the conclusion of since we’ve spoken since last.

He has a strong relationship with water and aquatic life that is a symbiotic relationship. And so you could think of it as the recycling logo that you know on your planet. The never ending movement in a circular motion sort of, that is exactly the kind of relationship that Phil has to maritime life and not just eating seafood or anything like but also being around and with and experiencing reality together with maritime life.

I’ve been told that I have a strong connection with water. Is there a connection there between the two of us?

Yes but not in like a direct past life sense. You both have similar relationships in your past lives though, to water. So you never spent time in the same place but you spent lives in your past with similar relationships to maritime settings and life. And that is why you have more than a specific relationship with maritime life. Yours is much wider because, the way we see it, part of you is at the bottom of the ocean. Part of you sunk like an anchor and is a part of the water on Earth. We don’t know how you came back into your complete, human, land form but we see that part of you is a part of the waters, mainly the oceans on your planet. It has to do with your heritages. And it has to do with your Northernmost heritage. We don’t know the name.

It’s definitely a wet, a very wet coldish climate. And we see islands in the Northernmost area of that land or off that land more specifically. And we see a big bright light and we presume that that’s you and your orb of, we don’t know what to call it, we would call it an orb of being or your realm of being.

And so that is part of me?

It’s like this sphere that surrounds you and it expands and contracts. And it contracts if you’re focused, on your planet, on low frequency thoughts. Usually on most planet the same rule applies, if it’s low frequency the orb contracts and if it’s higher frequency topics or thoughts that you’re focused or inundated with your orb has the capacity to expand to many, many times your physical size.

Ok, very interesting! Thank you! So you’d mentioned mine and Phil’s past lives, can you tell us about any lives we lived together before this one?

You both were merchants together once. But it wasn’t on or in the world that you know today. It was long ago, like in a society that is long past. The way we see you is you used to wear this long dress with long arms and it was white and it had drapes of red fabric on your legs and your arms and it was also lined with gold trim here and there. And your hear is different than anything, like the way that you styled it is different than anything that exists on the planet that Phil know today or that we know of. It was a very peaceful time on Earth. It was a very, very peaceful time. It’s so, it was such a different time it’s almost hard to explain to you what it was like.

It’s not a time that you would know about specifically and it’s not a place that you would know specifically. But you lived in like an alpine region, like lots of trees that were pines trees or fir trees. And mountains but a little bit further out surrounding your village. And your village might remind you of something out of one of your holidays in the winter. And you did deal in gold, your society or village or merchant shop or store.

And what did we sell exactly?

You guys worked with plants and herbs. And you were medicine keepers of sorts for your neighbors or your community. There was no chemicals, synthetic chemicals as you would know from the 20th century from your Earth. There was no laboratory stuff, there’s no glass beakers or anything, except for to store herbs or flowers or seeds. I mean you guys had a very, very big collection. And you were able to keep a lot of things alive that weren’t necessarily native or even of Earth.


You were able to siphon things from the cosmos or the sun and like synthesize or manifest plant into existence. Or like different flora and fauna. You in particular. It’s harder for us to see what Phil did. But you also were very adept at the commerce side and dealing in the currencies and everyday shopkeeping.

That’s really interesting! So we were a couple that had the shop?


(laugh) Ok.


Advice on reshaping your reality

We offer him advice that might seem weird to you or him initially but reflect on this. Allow him to and encourage him to write and to explore in his mind the realm of the absurd. And also to set in stone with a similar question and answer, what do you know, what don’t you know with regard to your society. Because you guys have learned a lot and you’ve studied a lot. And what you have studied most recently has illuminated yourselves to the actual structure of things. And by reworking your thought processes and patterns; by going through and asking questions and answering those questions, you can reshape your perspectives on concepts and society and societal constructs that are troubling you. Or are dominating your society or are seemingly problematic and are obstructing yourselves and dissuade you and Phil and many others in this process, if you utilize it, to become masters of your own creation. Because what you are doing right now is spinning with your wheels in the mud. You are stuck in many ways and you’re not creating novel concepts of the organic and of that paradigm that you really, really seek and ascribe to . And we offer this method as an initial step you and Phil could take to begin reshaping your thought tracks or routes or patterns on concepts that you think you know. That you take for granted your understandings and your ability to reshape your understanding but what lays beyond that.

So, what is your advice specifically in order to stop spinning our wheels in mud, so to speak?

So take a concept that you guys think you understand and break it down into individual things. So ask yourselves what do you know now about this that you didn’t know before. And got from there and keep asking yourselves questions and placing stakes in the ground, so to say, with regard to things that you do or don’t know in regard to this or that or this individual or that individual, that you seek to understand better. Because everything that you occupy your time with, whether you want to experience it or not, is of your choosing in the end. You shape your life. So you choose what you want to take in and what you want to digest and metabolize.


Ok, thank you very much for all of this information and advice. It’s really great to try this on my own and get to communicate with you!

Of course! We are really happy to come through and talk.

Alright, thank you so much, and I really look forward to talking with you again soon! I know Phil is really going to appreciate all this information!

Of course!

The End


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