Session 6: Part 2

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, March 2016

Part 2: The Collective

We’re just waiting for The Collective to come through now.


Hello! How are you?

We’re good.

Good! Nice to have communication with you again!

We’re happy to be back! (laughter)

Charlie was quite chatty today!

Yeah, I think it’s the fact that we’re really happy to be back today!

That’s great!

We, like we said in the first session, we don’t get to come back as often as a Collective ego and get to talk like this, so, as if we are an individual.

Ok, very nice!

We’re happy to be back! (laughter)

Ok, well, it’s all mutual! We’re happy to be convened with you again! And so, how would you like to start out? Do you have some information you’d like to share?

Hmmm, there’s a lot of things but nothing in particular at this moment, I’m sure that we can get into it.

Ok, should we start with Phil’s questions then?

Yeah, I think so

Earth Predictions

He wonders if he and Ella are meant to be living in another location any time soon?

Well, definitely not the coasts. They’re right to stay away from the coasts because all we see is water. We see your maps right now, your land, and we see water pouring in on both sides like somehow the land was lowered. And the water was not raised but somehow the land was lowered, it dropped like a level and it’s just pouring in.

When do you see that happening?

Continuously from here on out. So what we talked about with regard to your South is already happening except for nobody in your country or civilization is talking about it as we spoke about it. Which is what we predicted. The events that have taken place over the last few weeks for example, with regard to your weather systems in the South of your country are a continuing example of what we spoke of with regard to sinkholes developing and just elements of certain states altogether in your country just being swallowed by water. Now whether it’s the ocean that reclaims it or it’s just drowned by the sky, it’s going to happen and it is happening and it’s all one event. It’s not isolated weather systems, it’s not bi-annual or annual or monthly or seasonal, it has nothing to do with that. That’s so shortsighted. At this point it’s getting ridiculous how short-sighted humans are, especially in the West of your Earth. Actually, the whole thing, just the amount of shortsighted focus. I get that there are shortsighted goals to be accomplished and we understand that but we don’t understand the over-emphasis on that. Why not also worry about long-term trends and look at long-term trends of the precedent. Because we understand that in the universe, precedent is the best indicator of what is to be or what is to become. And anything beyond that you don’t really know, anything beyond that, that is totally new and novel or a original or organic, you couldn’t have known that that was going to happen because that’s the future, you’re a human. So, it’s a shame to see this keep happening but it’s either a matter of time before everyone realizes that it’s one event or you start losing a lot more people and land to the water. And that is your choice.

So where do you see it best for him to live?

Well, the general area of where he is now is going to remain stable for the rest of his life. So, that doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be problems, there’s going to be a lot of people that are going to try and come to the general area, central area of your country at some point. It’s very similar to what you’ve got going on in Europe right now. And not just Europe, the whole of your other continents across the ocean.

And they’ll be coming there because?

Because of the lack of opportunity that exists on your coasts and the insecurity and instability that will have enveloped those areas. There’s going to be efforts very soon and we believe it will be out of Houston where they’re going to actually start trying to take policy actions or actions within the government down there to build a dome over the CBD (Central Business District) of that downtown.

For what purpose?

To protect investments and existing power structures and those who have made their investments.

Who’s building it?

The ones that we spoke about in the past that continue to feed your demands or to feed your use of energies that burn.

So, to them the building of the dome will accomplish what?

Well, number one Houston is really important to them.


Because of what’s there and it’s the type of people that are there.

What’s there?

Well, their institutions of power. A lot of them have congregated in that city, with regard to energy. And a lot of those minds have congregated together on purpose because they know that they’re facing a 360-degree attack in this so-called modern world that you live in. And we say so-called because it’s not very modern in our opinion when you compare it to what you say was just pre-modern sort of, in your understanding of history and the West. But anyways, its comical to us because it’s very obvious to us and it should be seemingly obvious to Earthlings that when all of these individuals and organizations are congregating in one location and they’re serving the same system, that which you all seemingly don’t want to be a part of anymore as far as we understand. Is that correct?


We understand that you guys don’t want to burn fuels, you don’t want to pay for energy anymore, you’d prefer not to right?


So the fact that they’re all congregated more or less in one city in one country should be evidence enough to the rest of your nation and the rest of the world that they are on the retreat and they are reshuffling the cards in their favor. And so they’re convened in one city for the most part. And don’t think for a second that just because they’re individual franchises seemingly competing against one another, that they aren’t sharing things behind closed doors. They are sharing things behind closed doors, secretly, in dark rooms, to make sure that the power structure of burning fuels and energy continues. So until that city is either knocked out of the infrastructure that exists with logistics and the power grids and what not. Until the rule of law can no longer be maintained, they are going to try and they are going to try and strengthen the defenses of the most important component of that city. And from what we know, they didn’t take the threats seriously, that’s why they invested and convened all of their organizations and people. And it’s really the people that are prevailing there; it’s a type of person that’s prevailing. They’re very, very well endowed, ok. So that’s one thing that they’ve already got going and they’ve all got the same mindset, which is the status quo must continue. And as long as that continues, in their heads, they’re the ones that control how you buy and consume energy, for the most part. Especially with regard to your transportation needs.

So until individuals start rising and countering, and they’re coming. And the products are coming much sooner than you think. But all of your peers need to make, I mean, consumerism and consuming we understand is a big priority in your civilization. It’s very important to have new things and it’s very important to have the new things because they’re better, supposedly. But what we’re trying to tell you is that’s fine, we don’t care, you can do whatever the hell you want. We’re trying to say start consuming more wisely and you will have less problems in your civilization. So when you put down an investment that detracts from a system all together that you don’t want to participate in all together anymore. You don’t want to pay for energy for example. When you go and invest in something and you take the time to say “Instead of this new thing that I wanted because I thought it was going to improve the convenience of my day-to-day life, I’m going to invest this money or this time or energy or work in implementing this component instead of this.” And all of you will see a domino effect, like you spoke of in the past. And over night, the saying right, you’ll take the rug out from under them. Their heads will be spinning. We’ve already emphasized that they’re convened in one city. They portray themselves as major competitors of one another. We’ve also told you that they share secrets with one another, secretly behind the public, so that they portray the idea that there is a finite amount of energy to go around and that’s why you do have to pay. But that’s not the truth. And the way that you look at your fellow biological beings on your planet, what you call animals or insects, look at how they operate when they’re under threat. They congregate and a lot of times they congregate in a circle. And that is, to us, very analogous to how you organize your cities. There’s often times a circular like dimension or form, so, this is what we’re seeing. And in human behavior the other thing that comes to mind, trail blazers in your continent in many years past, how did they defend themselves with their wagons? They circled them up, exact same way.

So, since we spoke last, the events that are coming to occur on Earth in what we would call the near future, what do you see happening?

We see, at first we saw some sort of star but it was dark. We saw 2 stars and they were straddling and it became illuminated and there was a dark circle in the middle and we presume that was a planet but it could be a star. So we assume that you’re going to be finding out more about, in the minute, maybe the nebulous starts that your scientists keep talking about. Or, we think more likely, it’s going to be the farthest-reaching object in your solar system that you’ve heard about. And these two suns to me represent the potential. So what we’re talking about here I think is the second sun, the second sun concept. 

What is that exactly?

That has to do with the fact that half of, well, number one your sun is going to sleep. Your star is entering a period that is going to be a time of solar minimums in the direction of Earth. So you can expect less intense summers and less intense, not just weather, but in terms of seismic activity, that’ll be determined almost exclusively by isolated CME events or really, really big porous coronal holes, the dark spots on your star facing Earth. And those spots are going to fluctuate but some are going to be bigger than ever and that’s why we see the potential for Richter scales shaking or breaking Earthquakes. We also see the concept of geo-engineering going further beyond your own planet and going into your solar system, we don’t know how far. But trying to potentially create some sort of artificial something or other to help. It’s all about commerce, it’s all about maintaining current power structures as is. Our guess is that is it has to do with maintaining logistics and maintaining time as you Earthlings move right now with the 24-hour clock and the rigidity of time. And then also how important time management or timeliness is becoming in your society because we know that you’re all being handed different devices and are encouraged to keep track of how much time you spend doing this and how much time you spend drinking water now and how much time you spend literally with your own family or children or how much time you spend, to the minute even, having fun. And that’s just the opposite of what you need to be doing. You need to be more organic, just like you are all doing in the West by consuming and endorsing these so-called organic foods that are propagating, the same thing is true of what we just spoke of.

Ok, let’s see here, an other information that you feel is very, very important to get out before I bring him back.

(long pause) We see a briefcase and it seems to be important. And it’s kind of big. We feel like it’s weaponized and it might go off in your world at some point soon. So just a heads up because of the understanding that we have is that it’s bigger than what you’ve been facing. So we’re not sure what that means, we have no idea even what it’s a reference to.

Can you see what part of the world it affects?

(sigh) Somewhere in the center.


If you’re looking at your world map, somewhere in the center of your world, on that map. We’re not sure. We’re really not sure.

Close to where he lives?

No, no, across the ocean.


No, it’s a place that’s already had problems, so what we know is it is going to be a bigger problem this time. We don’t know what’s preceded it; we don’t know how long things have preceded it. We just know something is going to be bigger this time, so. That’s as much as we know. We see a black handle on this briefcase and it’s all tan and it’s big. It’s a pretty big briefcase. So you would have to assume that somebody is carrying like a typewriter in it or, I don’t know, some sort of machine. Maybe you’re a private investigator or something and that’s your excuse. You might get away with it in other parts of the world that don’t use as fine of technology or flat screens that they might use in your country, so maybe that might be part of it, I’m not sure. But as far as we can tell that’s about it. We also see a break to your continent coming but not in the place that you guys might know. It’s in your South and again we keep reiterating, the South of your country,

We’re not talking Antarctica we’re talking about the US?

No, no the South of your country. There’s a weird break we see, like water and it has to do with storms but it also has to do with the oceans, I guess. But mostly storms, like rain. And the fact that the land is low or lower or marshy or swampy.

E: So like a divide between?

Yeah! Yeah, very, very similar to a divide. We see like almost mud and really impassable land almost. But it’s kind of like caved in, so it will kind of look like a continental divide, almost. Like it’s split from your continent or something but it’s not going to. Its just terrible destruction and water damage.

Space Travel

Ok, thank you for that. Phil would like to know more about how space travel works when humans leave earth and what will humans have to research in order to achieve space travel?

The first thing we saw when you’re asking that question is a chart and to us it looks like an EEG chart. So we’re going to guess that has something to do with your heart, the human heart, and making sure that true nerve tonics are developed. So we’ll give you a specific example, in terms of your natural sciences Phil knows they have figured out the circadian rhythm, melatonin and serotonin. And basically melatonin is a serotonin modulator. Well, there is going to be a bunch more modulators, beyond the enzymes, that are going to be discovered, essentially, in the coming years. One of those has to do with your opioid receptors. You have endogenous opioids, those are really important; they form the basis of every single decision you make. Every single person and every organic living thing has these organic, endogenous compounds and they are the driving force beyond all of that which you like, that which you desire, and that which you don’t like or that which you don’t desire. So in terms of understanding the obstacles, there are many, we’re not going to hesitate at all to tell you that. There are many obstacles that your species is going to have to make sense of and discover before they can travel further in space and that’s going to be fairly upsetting, I bet, to a lot of your populace. But, there’s no reason to despair because all of this is attainable very soon.

But it’s going to require more than just the obvious or seemingly obvious areas you want to research. Like we spoke of, keeping the heart calm at all times and why would you want to do that. Well, sometimes, even astronauts we imagine, they would get freaked out because they have not spent that much time in space and off Earth. They’ve spent time in modules on Earth but that’s not the same thing. So we know that it’s going to take some more development on the pharmacological understanding of aspects to truly understand how some of these mono-amine catecholamines, and other catecholamines really, or transmitters, that operate in the body and how they operate in relation to the circadian rhythm. Because if you have that foundation of time, then you can understand what actions take place with regard to that time and if that time is supposed to be a certain amount of sleep ratio to a certain amount awake time, ideally. Then you’re going to at that point be able to make more sense of at what point during the circadian rhythm, if the sun is not a part of your day to day life, is dopamine released or when is norepinephrine released. And how is that going to affect the well being of space travelers, or astronauts or whatever you want to call them, Earthlings in space for a long time, stuff like their heart or their brain or their circulation of their blood in their system. That’s really important in maintaining dexterity and that’s one thing you should know, a lot of these other extra-terrestrial species that can travel vast distances, they have either scrapped their nervous systems for the most part so that they don’t experience sensory overload and they’ve retracted organic stimuli in favor of mechanical measurements and mechanical indicators instead. Or they have extremely advanced nervous systems and they have been working for, in some cases, hundreds of years in order to develop a tolerance. Not even the technology, not even the science or concepts or tablets or liquids you might take or consume, just the tolerance on the body alone. It took some of them hundreds of years to develop tolerance to be able to actually send elements of their species on longer trips in space. This is not an easy endeavor, especially where humanity is at now.

The Website

Ok, well good! Alright, well we’re excited to present it and to watch the reactions come in.

We’re particularly curious if there’s going to be more reception in your country or if there’s going to be more reception beyond. Because we know it’s in English and perhaps you can translate it if you have some sort of program or whatever on your technology if you’re in another part of the world. But we’re really interested in this potentially reaching other cultures where some of these concepts that we’ve dispelled are already innate or are already hardened or even in its infancy and maybe we can help it mature conceptually.

Dolores Speaks

Do you have recognition of Dolores?


What can you tell us that you know?

She’s watching you right now. And she’s laughing (laughter). She’s so impressed. So, so impressed with you and Julia and your efforts. And she’s so proud of you both, she really, I mean, of course she wishes she could give you a hug but she’s so proud of you in like a project “look at what you’ve done with my little pet project thing”. But she’s so happy that you guys are bringing it to the whole world. She’s so, so happy. And the smile on her face is a smile of success. She feels like she handed off the rungs to the right people. So feel very good knowing that you are being watched out by someone- she’s got a pencil in her hand (laughter). She’s tapping her head like “I still think all the time and I’m watching”. And she’s pointing the eraser at us saying “Tell them”, you know, with a smile “we’re always watching”. She’s so happy.

What other projects does she work on now?

(laugh) Number one, she says, keeping you guys in check (laughter).

Well I hope we don’t wear her down too much (laughter).

No, no, no, she says she has more energy than ever and she’s not held back by anything. But she has to, I think, sometimes keep Julia in check and more keep Julia guided, like on the right track so that she doesn’t, you know- it’s full steam ahead she says.

Oh nice! Any advice for us as we head off to China and Taiwan, that part of the world?

Sow joy! Bring smiles everywhere you go. You are agents of a much larger project now and a much larger program. And you should be so excited because, yeah there’s an acronym to it, she says, you know, it’s an alternative healing modality, she says but you should be really proud of what you’ve been able to do for other people. And that alone should be more than enough she says to bring a smile to your face for the rest of the days that you live. 

Well it is always an honor, I hope she knows, to do this work on her behalf.

She knows. She’s nodding and she hears everything you’re saying. So she applauds your efforts again, even more than last time. Even more. I need to emphasize that, as Phil. Because that’s what I’m seeing, so. I feel like she’s here with me right now. Cause I’m not, I don’t know where I am (laughter) but I definitely see her clear as day.

Well give her a big kiss from us. Thank you thank you thank you.

Of course.

Alright, well, it’s always sad to end these sessions but I know its best probably for him. Thank you so much for coming through today and getting him here safely.

We love it! We love being back here, it’s really a great opportunity. It’s so fun for us cause we’re not an individual ego, we’re a soul group or we don’t really have words. Even the hooded ones are individual egos despite not taking physical form on your Earth. It’s interesting to us always, to come back. And we look very much forward to the next session.

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