Session 7: Part 1

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, November 21, 2016

Part 1: Charlie and the Commandant

What’s the first thing you notice?

There’s a massive black cylinder and some sort of boring instrument. Massive silvery and like jaggedly cut mechanism like a giant toothbrush, shoved on the end of this boring machine into the side of this cliff or rock of some kind. I’m standing there, with a hard hat on. With a white hard hat on and black trousers, completely black trousers. And really, really, really clean shoes (laughter), considering how dusty this place is.

What’s the mechanism for?
We’re boring into the rock, I guess we’re testing a whole new boring mechanism to – ok, we have different types of boring machines to find different metals and some of them are more efficient at finding the specific metal before ruining it or collapsing the entire rock on itself or collapsing the mine. So we like to experiment in this lab as well with those different instruments or those different ways of shaping the boring mechanism itself. You know, the rate at which it bores into rock and what types of rock it’s boring through. If it’s rock at all, it could be metalloid.

And so, the end result, what do you assume it might be?

It’s to maximize our, you know, econometrics. It’s pretty mundane but it’s maximizing our econometrics in terms of siphoning like gold or silver versus platinum or silicon. Anything that is precious in the rock that you’re trying to bore for deposits of. We’re trying to attune the different instruments that we can design to more effectively help those that are in those specific industries.

And are you on M1 doing this?


Ok, hi Charlie! How are you?

I’m doing well (laughter) how are you?

We’re doing great! We’re happy to step into your consciousness again.

Yeah! It’s been a really long time!

It has! (laughter) Do you mind us coming through?

No! No, I’m really happy to have you guys and to speak again!

And again, tell us what it’s like for you as we connect with you?

Well, this is really awkward cause I’m wearing like really big safety glasses; so smiling is awkward for me right now (laughter). But I’m happy, and it’s really loud in the room where I am right now so I’m surprised. And it’s weird, half of me feels like it’s not even in the room, you know, in the laboratory. Because I can hear the machines in my left ear really loud and in my right ear I can hear you guys fine. I feel like I’m also in a darker space. The laboratory is really bright, so this is very interesting. I hope I can stick to my job, right! (laughter)

Well, if you need to concentrate you let us know.


So we’re just curious, how have things been for you since we talked last? And any new updates that you have in your world and in relation to Earth?

Yeah, a lot has happened. A lot has happened on Kylox, a lot has happened in terms of developing infrastructure, I guess. And then the other big thing, the bigger thing that I can speak to or speak about right now is our foes, or our enemies rather. We’ve been dealing with a particularly difficult race of extraterrestrials. And they’re, to you guys they might look like insects, kind of, but they’re hardly. They have an exo-skeleton but their heads are almost like hats that you guys might know. They’re like helmets, almost, like very flat helmets, their skulls. And their eyes are really, really, really, like slim and wide. And they have bits of exo-skeleton around their hands their elbows, their shoulders, and it builds into an exo-skeleton on their body. But their necks are ribbed, like blacked ribbed, their necks has got coils almost. These things are not very tall but they’re voracious. And they’re very fast and they have a black slit for a mouth. But their eyes glow they’re like an off yellow or lime colored, like a very light green maybe, I don’t know. Having a hard time with the colors and explaining it.

So, what’s their motive, what’s going on with them?

Conquest, domination, they want to eradicate our kind completely. Like just kill us all and they want to take all of our resources that are on Kylox. They really are very, very violent. And they’re of the violent type where they, you know, it’s scorched Earth, they don’t care. They don’t have plans to stay on Kylox, as far as I know, as far as I understand. They’re right now waging conflict or battle with our forces on these remote ancillary objects that I spoke of in the past. So they’re not on Kylox, they’re not confronting our home planet yet. But they’re close enough where we’ve been shown video or what you guys would call video. I mean it’s telepathically sent to our heads as video reel so we were able to see. Voluntarily we were able to all say whether we wanted to see what this looks like, our enemies, and if you didn’t want to see them you didn’t have to.

Ok, so, does that affect any of the experiments that you guys are doing on M1?

Yeah, yeah we’re . . . I can’t express to you how much more, like how many more people are on M1 and at the same time once, it seems like once, very dormant facilities have now been reopened or revitalized for more people from Kylox to come and just keep researching everything they possible can. Because they’re lots and lots of orders coming in from the top, you could say. And they want to figure out a lot more because this threat is becoming bigger and bigger to Kylox. At the same time they’re really worried about the city of Mechrisnek, the city is so vast and so big it couldn’t be rebuilt. And so they keep talking about the structures. And one of the structures is this huge dome, it’s like a public gathering space in Mechrisnek. And then there is this huge tower in particular we have that dots the skyline. And then we have a few others, like two others that dot the skyline that are sort of as tall as that one. And then you’ve got like skyline everywhere else, kind of thing, for a vast scape. I guess similar to some of your cities but not really. It’s so much taller. It might be similar, along the lines of some of your science fiction works, I don’t know.

E: Is this group that you’re fighting the same group that you’ve been fighting for a while?

No. No, they’re different. They came in and completely wiped out who we were dealing with. And these ones are, (sigh) they haven’t conquered as much in the universe because they keep moving on from the places that they destroy. So entities will go back to places they destroyed after awhile because they don’t really turn back at any point to come back around, as far as we know. But they’re from some location that’s not super far away but much farther away than we expected, ourselves.

So who gives them their power or who do they answer to?

It’s a hive mind. There’s like this queen and they all can revolve around her, they all think through her, she thinks through them. She can delegate whatever the hell she wants in terms of this group goes here and does this. There’s like, I’m seeing like a warrior type; they’ve got these black threads that are kind of spiky but they’re like draping off the back of their exo-skeleton (Phil describes them as dreadlocks). Almost like a, I don’t know, almost like feathers I guess to you guys but like thicker, much thicker. And those are the warrior ones. They’ve actually got markings, blue and yellow markings, on their exo-skeleton. It’s like war paint, I guess, as you might know it. But those are separate from the workers, they have a worker type, which are just kind of the generic ones, generically light brown exo-skeleton. And like I described before, with the black, coiled or ribbed neck, arms, and legs, and stuff like that.

And is the Commandant still around?

Yes. Yes, but he’s dealing with a lot more orders as he’s the one that has to talk to the people that are coming and explaining the details to him. They’re saying we need this because of this, we need this done in this way, and we need you to focus on these things with this particular study. I mean he’s been, I can see him right now and you might as well see him talking to three people while he’s seemingly only talking to two. He’s fielding many questions and giving many answers. And his arms are waving in the air, I see him in the distance. And he’s down the walkway, there’s a walkway off the office, ok, and there’s a door off the office that leads out the back. And there’s this metal walkway and he’s standing. It’s an enclosed walkway, somehow. It’s not enclosed like you would know, like physically, like there’s a wall. But nothing can permeate that space. So you can see out into space but it’s a controlled environment of some kind.

And have you had conversations with him lately?

Yeah, yeah, specifically about boring instruments into rock that is in the oceans. So we designed a special boring module, a different type of boring head that was specific and it bent at 4 angles downward, like your fishhooks might. But this thing was massive and it was very specific to a particular cove/reef or ridge in the ocean that we were boring into, on Kylox. So I was working with him to finalize the designs and the production of that particular boring mechanism, so we could extract . . . I don’t know what we were extracting, something important out of bedrock in the reef and the ridge along the ocean wall.

Ok, would it be possible to talk to him and ask him a few questions?

(pause) Yeah, we could try for a few minutes.

Ok, let me know when you’ve got him.

(pause, laugh) He’s really not happy. He says he happy to answer a few questions but he’s really busy.

Ok, well, we appreciate that very much and we won’t take up much of his time. We’re just in this very interesting opportunity to-

He does want to know who you are first of all. Or whom you are representing.

Ok, well, Suzanne and Ella and we are just representing humanity on Earth. Just for understanding consciousness and our connection, no exterior motives whatsoever. Just kind and generous curiosity.

Hmm, I didn’t know that this was occurring. (there was a change in cadence and tone, more stern/commanding)

Well, we’ve been connecting in here via a soul here on Earth and just trying to share friendship and knowledge. We’re on planet Earth. The year here is 2016. And we’re just very curious about any information you could give us both from where your point of view is and where we are at.

(laugh) Well, it must be a true across the universe; a universal truth that time is something because here it’s the year 2177.

Ok (laughter).

So, interesting time difference there with your calendars. And I guess how we measure time as well.

Right! Tell us more about you.

About me? What is it that you would like to know?

Well, we’re just curious about what your purpose is and where you get your information?

My purpose is a vast one. I was delegated this role many, many, many years ago by elders on Kylox. And they believed that I had the footing and that I had the right mindset, the right brain to see what they saw. And so they thought it appropriate that I was the right person to put in charge.

And so what are you in charge of specifically?

I’m in charge of, not just one set of laboratories; I’m in charge of pretty much all of the Research and Development that you could think of with regard to the civilization of Kylox. So anything that has to do with Research and Development in terms of instruments, modules, equipment, technology that would act or work on its own off the planet of Kylox is something that I specialized in. It’s not that my instruments and that my work don’t have any applications on Kylox, they do. It’s that my mandate is focused on developing things that are simply outside our terrestrial, the Kylox terrestrial realm.

Is your structure, your physical structure similar to Charlie’s or is it different?

It’s similar but I have much, much, much more responsibility than Charlie. Charlie is a worker in one of the laboratories that oversee. I manage at least 22 facilities of the major kind, on my own. And so people are handing me reports about their progress, their conclusions, and I’m constantly running around to these different modules. They’re in a circle; they’re all facing the same direction. So they’re all set up in a concentric manner and it’s not that hard to get, I mean, there’s a train that I use beneath.

Who do you report to or who do you get your direction from?

I get directions from the authorities on Kylox. And they often take the form of, you know, guys in black glasses with comb-overs. And very handsome young men, you would say.

Charlie has mentioned them, so what is their role?

They are mediators, you could say. They don’t mediate in the sense that I think you might mean. They’re go-betweens, literally, between our central administration on Kylox and anybody on the outer rim. The outer, peripheral territories, so M1 they come, they talk. They’re the messengers of our central administrative authorities, that’s the best way to put it.

So, what are some of the most current messages that you’ve received from them?

Well, they told us we need to accelerate all of our progress, our work we need to accelerate. The timelines on our projects we need to move them up and if that means calling more people from Kylox to come into work, then yeah that’s what we’re doing. I’m getting briefed on the defense of our civilization and what directional attitude we need to take. So I kind of set the tone for all the research and the pace at which R and D proceeds.

And Charlie has discussed these glasses that you wear, these goggles. Tell us more about that.

Well, that allows me to see, not just down to the sub-atomic structure but also to breakdown at the organic chemistry level with my own eyes, the reactions and happenings of these particles and these chemicals. So they’re extremely advanced binoculars; mobile but more advanced microscopes of a sort.

E: Did you create them?

No. No, I didn’t create them. No, one of our industries was a part of that effort and that was before my time as central laboratorian.

Is that your title?

Ummm, it’s actually really hard for me to use your language. So I’m trying my very best. The words that I’m coming up with are words that don’t seem to want to come out properly, if that makes sense to you.

Sure. And I’m not sure if you’re aware, here on Earth, we’re talking through a member of Charlie’s soul group. Not really too aware of each other than when we’re doing this.

So I’m talking through Charlie?

Yes, through another human being.

Hmmm. And we don’t have to worry about jeopardization of secrets here or comprising things?

No, no, not at all. This is just kind exploration of consciousness.


So what is your understanding about consciousness?

Well, I have a quick question still. Your entities that share your home planet, they don’t have any intentions of sharing what I’ve shared with you with our enemies, do you? Or do they?

No. Our planet is way behind yours. We have no knowledge of your enemies or even you (laugh). We’re talking into our future.

Ok, I see.

Have you ever experienced something like this before?

Yeah, I have. When I was younger and that was kind of one of the things that everybody does on Kylox. Especially when I was a kid, everybody did this. Everybody was brought as a kid, like, when you’re twelve, eleven; I was twelve when I went through it. You’re brought to this, you could call it portal. It would look like a portal to you, maybe. But it’s anchored by two pieces of rock, ok, and it’s a perfect circle. And it’s out in the forest and it’s standing. The two rocks are anchoring this concentric circle. When I say portal it’s literally an hourglass or like a wishing well that you can look into and peer into the universe when the administrator or the educator is there and he or she is attuning the glass, we’ll call it. Cause it shimmering when you walk up to it and you just sit in front of it. So you’re brought to it and it’s always in a forest, one of these things. And they’re not turned on with a switch, they’re turned on naturally, ok. So they just become available to view and to utilize at certain times in our year. And so at a certain time in the summer when you’re a kid and your parents believe you’re ready and you believe that you’re ready for the, The Opening is what we call it. Cause what you’re doing is you’re opening your mind. You’re opening your mind completely to the realities that are well beyond Kylox and well beyond the terrestrial objects. And so it’s really important that you’re brought to this location. And you can’t see them anywhere else. They’re in the forest. The educators are of a particular schism in education in our society, so they follow a really, I don’t know, the most ancient path of our ancestors they follow to this day. And they cut their hair differently than we do. Like they have, um, ok this word is really weird to me, this word Mohawk. They have really tall Mohawks, especially in the front and then it gets shorter as it descends down the back of their head. And sometimes, it’s to them what they want to adorn themselves in and it’s different depending on where you live. But this person is revered. This person is always a very happy person. For some reason I’m getting the impression that whoever the vessel is that I’m speaking through, that not all of your educators are trusted or not all of your educators are looked at in the same way. But these educators are through and through trusted, heart to heart, by everybody. Everybody knows deep down that they’re not going to do anything bad. And that’s something that I think that is probably different than you might be aware of because they’re specifically selected first for their happiness. They’re not selected for their level of intelligence. They’re selected because they can be trusted to cultivate the young minds that we want to grow and prosper.

And so that looking glass, does it have a name?

Umm, yeah, but not in your language.

Can you share it in your language?

It’s really close to Glasnok (glass-knock). Like, I’m just going to sound out the letters cause I don’t know your letters, ok. Guh – Luh – Ah – Suh – Nuh – Oo – Kuh.

And all together again?


So when you had your experience at 12 years old looking in through that, what was your experience like?

I was shown beautiful lands that didn’t exist on Kylox. I was shown mountains, for example, that had forests climbing right up to the mountains, but the mountains were so big and so monumental that they rivaled downtown Mechrisnek in size. I was also shown there was snow on the mountains too. We don’t really have snow on Kylox. There’s some snow on some peaks far away but there’s only three peaks that have snow on them, cause their really tall. And two of them are volcanoes. One of them is an ancient volcano that were positive is asleep. But the two others could be active again sometime. But they’re really far away from where I grew up, for example.

So you viewed that?

Well, they showed us that. They showed us, I mean, it started out with Kylox and they started showing us nearby planets and what it looked like on the surface at some of these places. So we saw windy, dust storms of blue or red or orange or gray mixed in as well. We saw, I’m talking nearly pitch black, blue storms. And then we we’re also shown this one place with pitch black, blue storms with the winds howling and snow, so much snow. But there’s this one guy, I don’t what we were to call him but he was a bigger guy. Very hairy and stuff and he lived in a hut on his own on this scape. And there was no one near him and we’re not sure what he did exactly in his civilization but a very snowy place. Pretty small cabin we all thought, for such a big individual. He was prepared though and that was his home. And we had been told that he had built that himself and he was happy. And he had the warmth of the fireplace. We were shown him writing and reading. And we saw deserts too, like dunes we were shown. So lots of different geographical scapes. And then we were introduced to a lot of different races, like ET races around the universe that we had documented and stuff. They started to appear on the screen and they were like stereotypical images and they’d show us 2D photos and then they’d have a model that would spin so we could see. And then we’d see stats of the ETs and their typical heights, weights, their visual capacities, are they nocturnal, can they see, how fast are they, and then other qualities like are they jumpers, are they capable of influencing your mind, are they influencing your nerves, are they influencing your muscles or anything in your physiology. Just any hallmarks that could be noted about these ET races we were taught and we were shown examples of them.

So, are you currently aware of the planet Earth?

No I’m not.

Interesting. Ok.

E: These teachers that you studied with, did you study with them for a long time?

Yeah, it was a period of years, like five years. Some spent eight. But the earliest or lowest amount you could spend was five and you could move on from there. And I spent five but I had friends who spent eight in the programs.

So by the end of your education-

And it’s, by the way, not a big thing, sorry to interrupt you. It’s not a bad thing that you spend eight versus five and it doesn’t mean that you’re super smart if you’re out in five. It just means that you fulfilled your neural and cognitive requirements. And there’s a test that they did. They’re able to hook this thing up to your wrist afterwards and it’s this longer, rectangular grey thing. And it situates on the bottom of your arm and they strap it to your arm. And it punctures your skin, so you would think it might hurt but it doesn’t. It’s like two little things; they’re really, really tiny, fine needles. They puncture it and they take analysis of all of the hormones that are prevalent at that time or are prevalent in your blood. And then the reason why it’s rectangular is because then that sample of that material is utilized in trying to- (loud fire truck went by outside) Did you guys make that noise?

It’s in our atmosphere but it’s gone now.

Ok. I thought it was here. It’s hard to tell because I’m still standing between worlds, it seems. So for me this is very interesting. But no, I’m not familiar with your planet.

So, at the end of your education what did you know that you didn’t know at the beginning of it? What had you accomplished?

Well I had obviously, number one, a much greater capacity for realizing. So realizing what was out there, what could be, what couldn’t be, what existed, what land forms were out there, what geographical forms were out there, and then I also had a great idea of beyond our planet. The trials and tribulations we were going to have to confront as we got older and not just because we lived on Kylox but because we lived in the Universe. And because of who we were aware of we wanted to make it apparent to everybody, I guess our authorities decided that it was a more important thing to make it apparent to everybody and to teach everybody about these realities that lurked and could possibly affect us at any time, if they were explained in that way. So at that time as a kid it was a really eye opening thing for me because that helped shape a lot of my longer-term goals then. I came to realize that yeah, there were races that were very interested in coming to conquer all of Kylox and kill everyone of my peoples off. There’s also the opportunity though, to go beyond Kylox and to establish environments, like on M1 that we’ve done with the laboratories that enable us to basically act as if we were on Kylox. But we have the unique ability to do other things because of those properties that are unique to the terrestrial object and because of what we’ve done as a government. Our civilization choosing to turn M1 into a terrestrial object instead of keeping it the solid, orbital object that you could call before.

So what would you say are some of the most significant discoveries or experiments that have happened in those 22 laboratories that you oversee, over your time there?

Wow, I have never been asked that question. (sigh) There are so many. I mean, I have 289 major projects, you could say, the word patent is coming my mind, under me. That amounts to thousands of hours of time so to say what particular ones I think, obviously, I think that the free energy systems that we established for Mechrisnek. To finally get that up completely going in my younger days, we could say. It was in my 20s, late 20s, like 29 is when we were finishing up that project. Or I was a part of the project. So I wasn’t the central laboratorian that I called myself a while ago, when I was 29. I was just a lowly worker like Charlie. But over the years, I mean, I think that the walkway, the area in which you can stand and talk and breath and you can see out into space. But we’ve created a closed environment; it’s completely a controlled climate inside. It’s just that the glass, the physical material that we’ve used is malleable, you could say. You can change it opaqueness from completely clear, so that you can see like an observatory out. Or you can make it as smoky and cloudy as you want. You can’t make it a solid shade, let’s put it that way. But with this material and the way it’s synthesized, cause it really is synthesized. We etch into the glass with a laser first and then we lay, meaning pouring, this liquid metal into the glass and those two together, the symbiosis between those two allows for properties that let us manipulate them. Similar to some of the gaseous elements. The word neon is coming to my mind, so maybe you’re more familiar with that and the properties of neon.

And the purpose for making the glass go more opaque would be for what?

Well, we can walk out and we can observe in real time without having to dawn a suit. And to worry about breathing faculties and extra gear that would become uncomfortable or would hold us up in dictating notes or dictating observations. Or just enjoying that space. That’s the other thing, it’s actually a space where a lot of people in the laboratory just walk out and think. So a lot of times on Kylox they’ve been used as thinking areas where people will gather and they’ll try and come up with an idea together. It sort of has to do with the giant domed, the HUGE domed structure in Mechrisnek. The whole point of that being, the more that you can gather and the more like-minds that you can gather in one space, the more power that you’re going to have and the more energy that you’re going to able to devote toward an outcome. It’s not guaranteed but it’ll help

So that area is domed to help contain like-minded people trying to solve a problem?

They’re a place that you can meet. And it’s just kind of become a fun place. People on Kylox, originally it had scientific applications only. But people were so excited and enthralled about the symbiosis between the particular glass we were using and the particular metalloids that we were using and pouring into the etchings. That and the ability to change the opaqueness, people on Kylox decided to create dwellings. Little buildings that were made of the same material where they would gather and they would think or they would talk about a situation that they’re all interested in or all curious about or trying to figure it out or solve for. We all believe that it puts you closer to spiritual honesty or how do I put this in your language (pause) it’s an honorable place, so we think that the most honorable thoughts are produced in that setting.

And do your thoughts affect the glass or the structure in any way?

They can, they can yeah.

In what way?

Sometimes, (laugh) and this is rare, cause one thing we’re taught from super early age is control over our thoughts and our mind. And obiviating, is that one of your words? Or obliviating the thoughts that you don’t want in your head. And making sure that you continue to, not censure, but hone and refine your brain. And those concepts are taught starting from 5 or 6 on usually.

E: Do you have a name for the metalloid that’s used in the glass?

(pause) Hmmm, yeah, but it’s really hard to pronounce through this vessel.

Just try your best.

Psilials. (Puh-sill-eee-aahh-ss)

Say it slow.

Psilias. I’ll just sound it out for you again if that’s good. Puh – suh – ih – uh, – ih – ah – ih – suh. 

And say it again. 


Ok and my name is Suzanne. What is your name?



Yeah, my name is Ted.

Would you call that a first name or a last name or do you have those?

Ummm, it’s my first name.

Ok and Ted, Charlie calls you the Commandant, would that be an accurate title?

Yeah. Yeah, it’s not an official thing but people over the years have come to call people in my position that term or that title.

Ok, very good. Well, we won’t keep you any longer.


Thank you! We’d love to maybe touch base with you again!

Yeah! This was interesting! (laughter)

How is it for you that you’re receiving this transmission?

I literally feel like I’m half somewhere and half on M1 right now. So I feel like I’m out in space. I feel like my right hand is just gravitating loosely and my right leg too. And my left leg is steadfastly on the ground. I’m wearing black trousers and I have a nice, you know, my normal shoes on that are, like, our shoes are really shiny (laughter). So that’s just something we do. One thing we really demand. Well and like the folds too, with the clothing. It’s a very big thing in our culture that you fold without creasing and if the creases are there then they better purposefully be there.

Do they have a purpose? Or is it just more look?

It’s not just a look. We believe that if you’re focused that much on your daily look, that you’re going to be paying attention, your brain will be attuned in that manner then. So you’re going to be paying attention to the finer details when you’re looking at a project too. And we also think it’s an honorable thing to look your role. So in my role it’s important that I look like a leader and that I look like I can handle problems as well as actually handling the damn problems.

In our culture we call it dress for success.

Sure yeah! (laughter) And to us, you dress for your role in society, that’s how we see it. Cause you’re appropriated a role, not through the government. You’re appropriated a role through your destiny, through your fate, and you decide ultimately. And our civilization is there to help you, most of all, find your role. That’s one of the biggest things, or one of the biggest goals or hopes, with younger minds and those wishing glasses that I spoke of, the Glasnoks.

Ok, very good, thank you so much. We appreciate your time today. And we’ll go back to Charlie now. And let us know when we have Charlie.

(pause) Hm.

So what did you thin of that? You got to know you commandant a little better I think.

(laugh) I think he probably, uh, I think he’s probably going to go a little bit easier on me (laughter). He was impressed. He’s never experienced anything like that before. And he doesn’t show a lot of emotions to us but he was, I could tell, he was impressed.

Wow, nice!

He was walking away, it was weird, he was walking towards me and he lifted his eyebrows and gave me a grin and said under his breath “Wow!” He had to get somewhere very quickly to meet with others but he pointed at me too and shook his finger like “You got me there.” (laughter) 

So this may be a continued conversation that you have with him?

I think so, yeah! I think, given his propensities, he’s the kind of guy that, you know, and we kind of all are, but he’s more wary. You might have gotten that, I don’t know. He’s very wary because his role is so huge.

Right! And he made sure that we had good intention before he talked with us.

Yeah, that seems like him.

He shared! He was very generous in the information he shared.

That’s good!

So thank you for being the one to do that. How was that for you?

(laugh) It was interesting because I basically froze in place. I mean, I came to myself and I was standing- he was standing at the end of the walkway. And the walkway has got this termination point and it opens up so you can kind of stand there. It’s an observation deck. And I was just watching him down there from where I was standing at the door opening. And I was just watching him (laugh) and half of him disappeared! I could only see half his body for a while, so I figured he’s in and he’s talking and he’s interacting. But I figured he’s going to have fun cause he’s the Commandant. This is his kind of thing.

Well obviously he didn’t know of us.

Oh he didn’t! (laugh)

Do you share with you friends that you have conversations with people on Earth?

Umm, I’ve talked to one of my friends and I’ve talked to my wife. But I’ve not talked to others about you guys. It just doesn’t really come up. We don’t really, I mean, we’ve got so many neighbors that are active in our part of the universe already. And they’re very active right now, as I said earlier. So most people really don’t concern themselves with “Oh well what’s way, way out there?” Because it’s not an immediate concern and we’ve already mapped a lot so we’re trying to- cause out population is not big in total. So we really have to delegate appropriately.

Well for us it’s very special because where we’re at, in our area of the universe, our government doesn’t share with us that we’ve had connections outside of our species, our planet. Although many believe and know that we have and have had those experiences, but it’s not official.

They don’t admit?

No. No, we’re hoping soon but I mean, we know it; we don’t need them to admit it, but it’d be nice to open up our-

Well, I guess one thing that I could offer to the people that do believe in and are in opposition to your authorities that are hiding the truth from you, is to simply act like your authorities don’t even exist when that topic comes up. Don’t even acknowledge their explanations or summaries or conclusions. Cause they’re beyond nonsensical, the explanations, and they’re beyond lies. I mean, I don’t know what stories exactly have been spun on Earth, but I know of the religions that were founded in your Fertile Crescent area, as you guys called it. And I know that those over time have limited their scripture to disclude certain elements that precede even them.

So Charlie, you seem to have more knowledge about earth than the Commandant does?

Yeah! Yeah, there are books for sure, if you want to go find this stuff, or outlets of information. There’s even people that know about these different planets. If you go find the right person. So I, at some point when I was really young, like before I could remember my age, I was introduced to somebody that was older than me, I have no idea. But they told me about Earth and ever since then I’ve just kind of run into books that have material on it. So I’ve made it a habit of mine to learn more about this place. Because to me, to me on M1 and a younger individual on M1 compared to the Commandant and his generation, we think that we’ll beat this current situation, our current enemies. And that we’ll be able to continue moving onward and exploring the universe and mapping it. And so, to me it’s imperative that every stone goes flipped over, sort of thing. Is that anything at all comprehensible?

Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, absolutely, very nice, that was a beautiful exchange and I appreciate being a part of that, to facilitate.

Yeah, for sure! Happy to do it! And I’m really glad that he was actually willing to take time out of his day cause it didn’t really seem like, to me, he was going to. So he must have shown you a different temperament than I usually receive (laughter). But that’s ok (laugh).

Well, when you exchange with him next time, again tell him how deep our gratitude is, we are friends.

Yeah, I will definitely!

Ok, well, do you have anything else or should we go ahead and ask for The Collective to come through?

I don’t think there’s anything. I mean I did tell my wife and my kid about you guys and Earth. I kind of sat down one night and told everybody what was going on with me. And they are extremely excited to meet you someday, if at all possible.

Oh, yeah!

That’s the best way to put it.

Why don’t we plan on that!

Cause I’ve told them so much about you they can basically paint a picture in their head of you (laughter). So they know you guys and they, all I can see is smiles, so.

Oh nice! So do you think if we visited again next time, can we kind of work through you like we did with the Commandant to speak with your wife?

Yeah, we could try! We could definitely try and see if it works.

Ok, well, we’ll plan on it.

I’ll have to talk to her (laughter) and see if she would be interested or too freaked out or something. But I’m sure she’s open-minded.

What is her name?

Umm, my gosh, English is very difficult today. It’s like Amanda.

Ok, very good. Well, we will plan on a visit then maybe on the next time. Do you have a nickname that you call her?

Manda, I like to call her Manda.

Ok, ok, very good. All right, we appreciate visiting with you; we wish you the best of luck on the boring and on the conflict.

(laugh) Thank you, I’m sure it will go fine (laughter).

We know you’ve got it handled, we’re not worried. And we’ll meet again soon!

Yeah, definitely! I look forward to it.

So we’d like Charlie to step back and we’re bringing in The Collective Voice. Let us know when you’re ready to begin.

To be continued . . .

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