Session 7: Part 2

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, November 21, 2016

Part 2: The Collective

So we’d like Charlie to step back and we’re bringing in The Collective Voice. Let us know when you’re ready to begin.

(long pause) Hello.

Hello! Thank you for connecting in with us again today. And we’ve had a lovely visit with Charlie and with the Commandant.

Oh, wow! That’s beautiful!

Yeah, it is very beautiful! And of course you know we’re connecting through this vessel, through Phil.


So, it’s been awhile in Earth time.

It sure has been awhile.

There’s been a lot going on here on our planet.

(laugh) Yeah, no kidding! (laughter)

So, we wonder, is there anything that you want to start off with, or information you want to share now.

All right, well, we’ve got a lot for you guys. So, it might be best for you guys to direct us.

You know what, you start then we’ll start directing.

Well, let’s talk about your oceans, ok. Specifically the biggest ocean that right now is also lined with volcanoes and very, very, very mobile tectonic plates, at the moment. We talked about how your seismographs weren’t going to be able to handle the registries that were going to be coming your way and towards your planet soon. And you’re going to continue to see Earthquakes and seismic activity that is going to literally obliterate your models again. We saw what happened to Houston, and we saw what happened to South Carolina and to pretty much the entire Southern Part of your country for months and months and months in your times. We watched as people were, from our angle, running around and screaming. We said that those places, we forewarned. In terms of the Ring of Fire, as it’s called buy your peoples. This vessel is giving it to us, that name. It’s going to continue and it’s going to get a lot worse. And everybody on the Ring of Fire needs to rethink, right now, today, as we speak to you guys, where they live. And if they think that their places of worship are going to help them, it’s not going to, it’s too late. And those, we see in your continent, your hemisphere actually. There are people that are really mad right now. Especially along your whole West coast, like all the way from your most Northern parts all the way down to South America and the tip. But it’s the entire Western coast that’s mad, mad, mad.


So what do you see, from your perspective, about that?

We see a lot of destruction on those people’s lands. I mean, number one, they’re going to tear themselves apart. They’re going to tear at each other. They’re going to go after the good people in their societies their going to tear at the people who are not doing enough in their opinions. The problem is now the most recluse egos are going to rein, ok. So this is something we’ve seen in humanity before, we’ve watched humans do this in multiple places where you get a bunch of people who are upset and then a few come and rise to the top and that’s what happened from our purview. And we’re not even talking about people that were established in the past, necessarily. There are some. There’s an individual that’s infiltrating your nation still. He reminds Phil of a slug (potentially George Soros?) That’s what he reminds Phil of, this man that we’re speaking of. But beyond that, the individuals that are rising and in anger right now are new. They’re newly angered. And we assume it has something to do with your election probably, perhaps, or the direction of the entire world. We think it’s that and we think that people in your civilization are mistaking it as the former. But the entire world is in transition right now. And we do mean transition. But the Ring of Fire, what we see is people who are very arrogant. Demanding complacency and then also deriding, not just their fellow citizens, but fellow man. Deriding them and putting them down at whatever chance they can get because whoever we’re seeing doesn’t have any tangible goals except for what we can see as metaphor which is 3 dogs tearing at piece of meat, I mean literally they’re surrounded by meat and there’s one steak and there’s three of them that decided we should tear this one and we all deserve a piece. So while these people are screaming, we see them screaming over stuff in your civilization but then also physically screaming because they’re being hurt by bigger seismic activity that’s going to make your species rewrite what you thought you knew about seismology.

Ok, so explain that, are there going to be earthquakes along the West coast?

Yeah and they’ve already started. If you look down into your Southern Americas, they’ve already started there and we’re talking about Chile and really all of Southern South America. Cause it’s all going to be felt, no matter what.

For up to date info on earthquakes click here

So is it going to be several different ones at different times or is it going to be relatively close together?

There’s going to be a deluge of them. And they’re going to be close together, I guess. Can you define close together?

By weeks, months, years?

Oh! Days, less than days even, at times.

Days, ok. And when will those begin? Or when will see them the most serious of those?


And that affects the West coast of the United States?


Definitely the West coast of South America first. And then we see the West coast of Central America, Northern Central America being affected. And then your peninsula South of your biggest or most populated state, totally being affected. And that is affecting the cities of San Diego in particular. And Tucson.


Tucson is going to feel it. Maybe even as far away as Monterey. But Puerto Vallarta will be utterly sacrificed on the alter of the cosmos. I mean, we see the council and we see the council hating, literally hating what’s going on in Mexico.

What about what’s going on in Mexico?

Just everything. I mean, the way that it was when people used to go down there and conduct themselves when there was more peaceful years and ever since war has come to that land. The way that the people have conducted themselves is totally unacceptable to the Galactic Council.

So are they in charge of these earthquakes that are going to be happening? Or do they have influence over that to help cleanse that area?

They have the ability to suppress them to a degree, but they don’t want to. They want Earth to wake up. They want humans to deal with reality. And they’re not concocting these things, let’s put it that way. They don’t bring these things; they’re just not doing anything to stop them. They’re sitting back in their chairs and literally they’re putting their arms together folded saying, “Well, hell. Let it happen.” So from our angle it’s a little bit weird because we always thought that they were hands on “Let’s help, let’s help, let’s help.” But they’re really, really, really mad. I think mostly because they thought they’d given the South a chance and the South has squandered a lot of opportunities here, the global South. They said that over the years, and as we understood it, was over the years the North, the global North, has been given the chances and the global South was now being given the chance. In terms of population and economic opportunities. And political opportunities as well, on the stage of the international bodies that you behold. But people in your Northern communities keep making excuses for them and that’s part of the reason why they’re leaders stopped short of achieving their goals or trying as hard as some of these other leaders around your world try. It’s really, really weird because from our angle the countries with the least, try the hardest. So like Switzerland or Japan for example, we see them trying the hardest.

So, from the Council’s perspective, give us some insight on the recent US election?

Well, we see what was a cap stoned pyramid being lifted. Literally the capstone is lifted off the pyramid and light is bursting out from within. So, the capstone is literally being removed by this giant invisible hand. You could call it God. It might as well be God, the source.

And that’s occurring because of what specifically?

Of what is going on in your people’s minds. The people pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing back, has now enumerated individuals that- now and this is not specific to your nation, this is worldwide, especially in the more Northern parts of your world. Like I said, the global South from your perspective, is squandering and it looks really, really vitriolic and violent right now and it’s just not good, not what we thought for that. In terms of your election, that was the straw that broke the camels back.

So the one that’s coming into power now, Trump, tell us from your perspective what you know about his intentions? And what will come about because of him winning the election?


I see a huge, huge lion, massive mane, walking straight at us right now. And it’s just confidently looking me in the eye. Not angrily, just confident walking straight towards me or us. And we see the lion and it’s not what the lion is doing, it’s more what the lion embodies and what the lion is carrying in terms of a temperament. It’s this temperament of stultifying, I don’t know, from our perspective it’s going to be too harsh in your words but it’s the rigidity of compliance with the people. That lion represents compliance with the people’s demands and moreover foreseeing the people’s demands and will put forth and brought to. And this man, Trump, can literally be thought of as part of a lion, a giant lion, and everyone working with him is the lion. And the lion is marching forward, unimpeded and, I mean, we’re talking a very strong lion, doesn’t care, zero scratches on the face, huge mane, and it’s also at times a very calm presence. That’s what we mean by stultifyingly calm as well, it’s just sternly calm. Not to anyone’s detriment except people who are definitely doing wrong things, like breaking things, destroying properties that are not to be destroyed, obstructing people’s lives. This lion represents the end of, not just all of that behavior in humanity, but also the lies and the attempt by, oh my gosh (sigh) those in power to stomp out what the people can figure out.

So what do you think will be revealed to the people in his presidency that-?

Oh my gosh! Well, not everything is going to be revealed through the Trump presidency or the trump administration. But everything, I ‘m sorry, it won’t be through Trump specifically but it will come with him at times. So it might be of his staff or it might be just happening in the country at the same time. But what it’s not going to come from is the opposition to him. Those are part of the same group that we see that are tearing at that same piece of meat.

The old, former leadership?

Yeah, they’re tearing at this piece of meat. And there are three of them and they are all black dogs, like wolves. There’s meat all around them, literally mounds of steaks around them. But they’re tearing at this one piece of meat and they each demand their own piece. And to us the meat represents the substance that is life itself and they’re trying to sow chaos. I mean, they’re agents of Loki, that’s all they are. That’s all they serve. They have zero interest in any tangible goals or any tangible acts. Right now, everything that they’re acting upon is from their emotional centers. They’re emotional reactive to everything, that’s the best way we can put it. And they’re going to continue to be that way because switches have been flipped in people’s bodies.

Well, ok, I want to talk about two things then. Many people, unexpectedly even, said after the election that they felt a sense of relief, which just seems so contrary to what led up to the election. So I want to talk about that but I also want to talk about this other group of humanity, or Americans, that feel threatened or scared or fearful of the new president coming in and what he’s talking about.

Interesting you say that. We just saw tombstone with his name on it. And it’s in a graveyard and it says “Trump” on the tombstone. So, the way that we understand that is the second group of people that you were speaking of, they want him dead. They might even try and kill him. They might put him in the ground. There’s major, major egos within their movement that literally want him dead already. They want him dead today or yesterday and they don’t care how they’ll do it. The other part that, did you say spoke of hope?

Yes. Yeah, they had a sense of relief.

I mean, I think that’s what we’re seeing with the lifting of the capstone off the pyramid. I think that represents the will of the people and exactly the will of the people and nothing but the will of the people at this point. You know, no more lies. One thing that’s going to come crumbling down very soon that we can speak of that hasn’t been talked about by us. And we know that you guys might be aware of it but not to the level that you are even thinking, is the level of, as you call them, pedophiles or pedophilia. It’s going to erase over half of the institutions, including media and stuff that you thought mattered. Nobody will read or watch or listen, they will demand an end forever and always. And when transparency is talked about on your planet, at this point, the transparency that we see coming is of inordinate amounts that your peoples have never seen.

And so what’s going to bring that forward? How will that be presented?

Well, it will start first with leaders in your government. They’ll take actions, and it won’t just be Trump, it’ll be individuals that you’ve elected at your state levels or just attorneys. I mean lawyers of any kind, and regular people, like you or Ella. And from there it’ll become public. It’ll become publicly knowledgeable information that to this level and, I mean, every single one of the countries that everybody thinks matters right now in the world. The West particularly, is in for probably one of the grossest awakenings in the their life.

And when do you see this occurring?

Very, very soon. I mean, anybody big that falls is going to spill the beans on a bunch of others and it will be a domino effect that will just cascade exponentially. And it’s going to be country to country to country and it’ll just bounce. Your populations will be saying “Oh my God! How could it have been yesterday it was this country, we just learned about this country and all these institutions! Now it’s this one!” And all of the parents are going to be saying “Oh my God! Oh my God! What do we do with our kids? How can we make sure that this never happens again?” And it will be the bane of Western civilization and perhaps the downfall of Southern Europe, for example. We see that. We see Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Southern France, I mean, the Alps are fine. Some of the Balkan countries are majorly suffering from the backlash and the capitals like Paris and London we see being attacked. And Brussels too, again.

Like a terrorist attack?

Yeah, because of the level of perversion and the backlash by people. And it won’t just be from people that are of a particular faith.

And the tipping point of this is going to be the pedophile ring? 

It won’t begin as a ring; it will begin as one individual. And it may have already started. It may have already begun. We spoke about the darkness that Trump’s candidate opponent was meddling with and how she was going to be exposed. Well, the devils already in the details as far as we know, literally. People just need to enumerate that and then look further. And if they can’t stomach it, then that’s fine but they need to step out of the way if they can’t stomach it. They need to stop with the denial crap, cause that’s what it is from our angle. And it’s hurting a lot of innocent people. Especially kids.

Ok, so if I’m understanding what you’re saying, then that’s going to be kind of the gateway to opening up a lot of hidden truth about what people assume their country is or represents?

Yes. It’ll be so, so unbelievably horrible to your people that they can’t imagine, most of them won’t be able to imagine anything worse. So then they’ll say to themselves “My gosh! If this was going on at this level everywhere! And even police and law enforcement authorities were covering it up and were partaking!” You are all going to have conversations that cascade on downward, at that point, to every lesser topic or subject. Because everything is lesser, from our purview, when it comes to the wronging of children. So it’ll give the propulsion that was required all along to feed the rest of humanity to figure out and to begin the serious conversations.

So how will that intersect with Trump’s presidency?

Well, there’s going to be individuals under the Trump presidency that will point fingers or push attorneys toward certain individuals to expose them. And it might serve political interests for them, but it’s also is a double-edged swords. Or it’s killing two birds with one stone, rather. Double-edged sword for the people that have been trying this for so long and getting away with it. It’ll start lower level, like I said. And Trump might not even say anything publicly; in fact he’s not going to. He’s not going to say anything publicly until results are gathered. Until something tangible can be ascertained, if there’s something that can be gathered in terms of intelligence or evidence.

Ok, thank you so much for that. In a recent session between myself and a client, Todd, and Ron Head, they’ve discussed a wave of light that will hit Earth. Can you tell us more about what that is in detail and how it will affect life on Earth?

Hmm, we see a negative image of a human body. But we don’t know what it represents yet.

A negative image like being an opposite image?

Yeah, the negative like the opposite image of the shading or the coloring. I believe that we’re being shown something with regard to the physiology of man. So the physiology of man is going to widen here or expand in scope or the physiology of man is going to deteriorate rapidly in the wake of this wave of light. And it won’t be a single event; it will be almost a- it will be seen as a contiguous even by your peoples. But the physiologies alone, of peoples, are going to expand beyond what archeologists and anthropologists currently understand is possible for humans. So we’ll see humans that have ridiculous strength and put it to good use. Sometimes humans have called people superheroes or something like that. Those types of strengths we’ll see, not just physically but also mentally. And then also in size of people. Interestingly, you know, the physiology we’ve talked about, the deterioration of the physiology, the EMFs, toxic chemicals, etc. But we also see a rapprochement of your peoples and other peoples on your planet.

What do you mean by that?

There are other entities already living on your planet that have been there for a long time. And the wave of light will then enable, it will show to those other entities on the planet that that part of humanity is ready to be engaged and we will have a lot more interaction then. Starting then at that point.

When do you see that happening on Earth right now?

In terms of years?


Three years is what comes to mind, here. But we can’t be positive on that number. But it’s coming sooner than later! And it will take place under a Trump presidency. So whether that means he is reelected, we don’t know.

So do you see him physically finishing out his term?

(long pause) Yeah. But there’s going to be a lot of resistance, initially. We see people dressed in black with barbed wires and I don’t know if the barbed wires were erected by his group or if they’re erected by these people who are dressed in black but they’re really mad. It’s hard to tell, see he’s going to be labeled, at a certain point, as an over zealous politician. He’ll be seen as too militaristic with the police and in reality the police and the military will be going around and taking out serious threats to the United States. And this won’t be a game of politics that even Phil is aware of. Cause Phil was worried about this in the past with authorities. This won’t be a time of using resources inappropriately anymore. It’ll be a time of taking force if necessary. And many of your people are not going to like that, that’s the problem. And so they’re going to spin it as “He’s following in the footsteps of Stalin or Hitler, with a secret police” or something like that.

E: Are you talking about with the illegal immigrants?

Not just them. Anybody who is determined to remain a part of the chaos and Loki’s troop. It literally is an appendage of Loki, as we understand it. Loki is a real entity. We hope we’re talking to people who understand that too. I mean, he’s very, very capable of interacting and influencing humanity, from our purview. And he dances among humanity joylessly when there’s chaos. So to us, that’s a sign that more of that’s coming. More of that could come.

Ok, thank you for that. In Todd’s session he talked about the ego Trump and the higher minded Trump and there still being a bit of a back and forth between that. How do you see that? What’s your perception of that?

Well, Trump’s a human. Trumps a human just like Phil is and you are and Ella is. So Trump’s allowed to make the same exact mistakes that everybody else is. So everybody holding Trump to such ridiculous standards. They’re not even godly standards, cause I’m not even sure that they would be happy if God was here doing the things that they demand. It’s really unclear to us what the hell they actually do want. When they say he’s a Nazi, for example. We don’t know what they mean by that. A Nazi to us is somebody from the 1940s; it had to have been contextualized in that era in human history. It can’t exist now. There’s no such thing as a Nazi. There’s neo-Nazis, there’s people who have embraced the ideology of Nazism, but there’s no such thing as a Nazi anymore. So these people who are going around using these words, they’re literally using archaic language. It is literally archaic language of humans going on 75 years, right? You are going on 75 years, 80 years, almost 100 years on your largest war in human history. I know Phil knows that we’re talking about the 40’s here when we talk about Nazis. So these other accusations that are coming against him, he’s going to fight them off like any other human would. And he is able to rise above, already, most of them. In fact, from our purview, we think that he’s one of the most tolerant human beings we’ve ever seen. He’s put up with so much. We know already Phil wouldn’t put up with it. Phil hasn’t pursued the vocations that Trump has for a reason. They invite trouble. They invite, from our purview, scummy, snakes in the grass. People that are trying to obstruct progress and obstruct order and obstruct, moreover, peace. Peace and cooperation. The one thing we need to say to your peoples that are fretting is Stop! Stop fretting, go focus on some tangible goals and go make those a reality. Don’t keep whining because things didn’t go the way you wanted them to. If people did that, then there would literally be war all the time as we’ve seen in what you guys know as the Middle East.

So let me just ask this, for people that are in a gay community or females, that he hasn’t said some very nice things about or supportive things, that they really are fearful. What would you tell them to help alleviate that fear on where he’s coming from?

Well, number one they should ask themselves if they’ve said anything remotely close to what he has said. So they should have a conversation with themselves first, ok. Our annoyance right now comes from the fact that these egos seem to be rising and they seem to be thinking the same old things that other egos that are now gone and dead, like Richard Nixon, for example. He’s dead; he died in your year 2002. So these people have heard this stuff before, why they’re fretting so much more than usual without any evidence to suggest this is an actual situation where they’re going to be hauled off or something. It’s literally the opposite of the truth. They’ve been listening; they’ve been galled into something that is lies. Lies, lies, lies, that’s the only way we can put it. In terms of their privileges also, we ask them to look at themselves and ask themselves how the hell do they think they could have gotten where they are today without people like Donald Trump in the past erecting civilization the way it was. They’re some of the most privileged individuals that we see on the planet, including all of the West. Look at Europe, if we look at Europe right now we see Europe is being torn apart. We literally see, from our purview, Europe is being torn apart. It’s so intense for use right now to see all of this. And for Phil even, to experience this (emotional) cause he’s seeing exactly without us showing it directly. He’ll see it later on in his head. But the voracity of the enemy is tenacious, it is something that the gays and the women who are worried have never even seen or read about. They’ve never even read about the evil that is actually threatening them. Trump is (laugh) checked and balanced, they should go and learn they’re history. There’s a Constitution for a reason. There are checks and balances; your nation prides itself on being a nation of law, a nation based on law. Well, what does that remind you of? Well, it reminds us of the Babylonian Hammurabi’s Code of Law and that’s the exact origins of the law. So when you have individuals who are opposed to the system because the law says otherwise, then if you have great reasons to be concerned, we say to you stand up and organize yourselves and find tangible evidence and then organize yourselves. Don’t react though based on a private conversation that he had and then was publicized by a couple media outlets. I mean, I suggest to these women and gays to go look at other media outlets if they’re so concerned because so far as we can tell, Trump’s not rounding up any women or gays and has zero intentions to. He’s got far more intentions to destroy that which you know as ISIS. Which is weird to us because we think of a Greek goddess.

Ok, all right, thank you so much for that clarity, that helps. He would like to know what is going on with Earth’s poles? Are they actually shifting and how does that affect the inner Earth?

Oh they’re shifting and rapidly, as he knows. They’re not affecting the inner Earth like he thought. We don’t see them affecting the inner Earth. Even though they are moving. One thing that we’re really concerned about for you guys is we don’t see any new maps or globes being made or new weather patterns to reflect the latitudes and longitudes of where the pole is respectively.

So, be real clear, why is that?

Everybody on your planet, for the most part, is still stuck to the idea that your meteorological patterns can tell you the truth. For example, your applications on your phones. Whatever information you can get off your Internet, or that which you call the Internet. We’re still confused by that. But any screen, let’s put it that way, any of those screens. But we told everybody, trusting your meteorological patterns of the past was not going to be enough. It wasn’t going to give you what you wanted; it wasn’t going to give you things that you could predict accurately with. And now people have really started to try to look towards the sun, for example, but they don’t have enough people or nearly enough money to research how the sun is affecting the Earth and how the Earth is progressing itself. What stage is the Earth at? Well the Earth is nearing the next ice age. It probably won’t happen in your lifetimes, from our purview. We see this ice age in the distance. But lots of snow, pyramids covered, pyramids of snow and ice, and stuff like that. But we don’t see this soon, like a couple of years or anything like that, or even 10 years. We see it further out. But (sigh) there are not enough people and there’s not enough money to make sense of what is actually going on with the weather. And then on top of the HAARP is continuing and HAARP is expanding in program access. And then there are a lot of people out there who are speaking about HAARP without much parlance on the subject matter. They haven’t read that much about how the atmosphere actually works and what happens with the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

Well, and then we were just curious, John Kerry was just recently at the South Pole, seemed kind of a curious visit to do right at the end of his tenure. Why? What was going on there?

Everyone in your governments worldwide, the major powerful governments, already know how important Antarctica is. They just haven’t made it easy on you guys, the average humans, to try and get there. It’s really expensive, as far as we understand and as far as this vessel understands. So, from that purview, Phil’s suggested to us already “Well goodness, he must be there for more than just a tour.” And the fact that it’s still so expensive. It’s a continent and from our purview, if it’s the last continent on the planet all because it’s “unlikeable” and too cold, we have our doubts because we know that there’s entities under, you know, we’ve already talked about regions where they kind of dwell beneath Antarctica. And we’ve talked about the entry to the inner Earth, which is more clear in the North. The thing about the Southern one is that the amount of ice that’s retracted and regrown, it seems to actually flow with poles. So it’s kind melted in the peninsular region, the main peninsula off Antarctica, and slowly some of Queen Maud (Mary) Land as you would know it. And that’s the area which you’re going to start finding rivers and these rivers are the ones that lead to the Southern portal opening. What Kerry was being shown was evidence that these rivers exist and then also more information about how they flow into the inner Earth and at the same time he was explained down there in what direction the sun was moving, or the poles rather, so the sun day to day. And at the same time how much land was going to supposedly melt and then in other areas the ice would regrow. And then there’s already plans for the areas that are supposedly melting to dig and to explore and to mine. And it’s not your typical mining expeditions for oil or something, it’s much, much more. It starts with these rivers. These rivers that flow into the Southern Atlantic, the Southern Indian, maybe a little bit of the Southern Pacific. But it’s mostly the Southern Atlantic river-way entries that he was being shown evidence of and so I think the takeaway from that is he was being shown many, many, many secrets about Antarctica that if the public were to demand more transparency on they could probably put more of the pieces together. But because it’s such a remote continent, because you have to be very wealthy or very privileged and even then you are only hurried through certain sections or you’re only shown certain sections of the continent. It’s this weird, from our purview it’s this weird nebulous because it’s this huge massive land and lots of life and yet humans can’t freely go there without permission, essentially, from a military or a government. And it’s not even every government that’s down there, it’s only certain ones. In particular, your government.

Ok, thank you for that. So is he aware or was he shown about the life that’s on the interior of the Earth? The life forms?

Well, he was shown that the rivers will start showing. The entries to these riverways that do flow underneath the ice and they’ve been flowing the whole time. He was shown what is going to be shown to the world.


And what is that specifically?

Very limited. Like I said, that there is riverways, kind of thing, and that they start between the peninsula and Queen Maud land, somewhere in there. But nobody is really sure where they lead and we’re pretty sure they’re frozen off, kind of thing. People are going to be told that they don’t lead anywhere.

But are people going in and out through that area?

Yes. Yeah, they’re not using boats, they’re using subterranean technology, so submarines. But very different submarines, let’s put it this way, that you would be familiar with from your militaries that you’ve seen. We’re talking about disc-shaped saucer stuff that can swim under the water as efficiently as it can rise and fly through the air.

E: And these are humans using these or other beings?

No. No, these are other beings. These are beings that have been here. And then there’s also some of the subterranean beings too and he was shown some archeological remains. We see bones, we see a skeleton. It was dragged out of one of these riverways, it was at like the mouth. And I don’t know how they found it but they did and they dragged it and they showed it to him. So they said “This is one of the subterranean types.” Not the inner Earth but the subterranean, like below the surface of the Earth. And they’re prolific, they’re all over according to the people that told him. It’s really weird cause we could easily eavesdrop if you want to know more, we could drop in right now onto that conversation they’re having.

Sure. That would be great.

(pause) I guess they were shown there’s a lot of collaboration going on between your United States government and certain governments down there. For example New Zealand. But not the governments that you would think, ok. So not Germany or Japan per say, but Norway, is a lesser party to these collaboration efforts. The Australians are in on it. And the UK is on it as well, for sure. Others might know of this down there but . . . 

So what is meant to be done with this knowledge?

(sigh) People, the average person needs to be more concerned about that last continent that has not been explored. That’s the first thing. The first thing is you guys and we need to share as much as we can about Antarctica in these sessions with the average person or people. So that they start caring about that continent. So that they start asking questions about the geography or what could be underneath the ice or even the question or the concept or acknowledging that there is something underneath that ice. There’s definitely land down there.

So give us the most important information that you would like to get out?

Well number one, there’s a whole continent that hasn’t been explored still. And for all humans who think that humanity has reached the pinnacle of their progress or in politics or economics or technology. To them we say, go on and challenge us, us the collective, that this is the end point of human cognition and progress mentally and physically and materially. There’s so much knowledge that’s hidden down there once you uncover even a tenth of it you’ll have to rewrite probably one third of your textbooks. So, that alone should garner enough interest in the curiosity. I encourage others to stay away from distractions that are known to be obstructive to the tangible goals. So ingesting entertainment, as they would call it on your planet, or something like that that this vessel knows is horrifying and that you’d never want to exact on another person. Well it doesn’t have to be censored or banned, as if the Nazis would have in the 1940s. But there needs to be a encouragement by all serious “leaders” and that doesn’t mean title holders only. It means moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, anybody with a brain and that has been on your planet for an extended period or has lived a fullish life. They should start telling people and encouraging people to have conversations with themselves and ask themselves “Well, is this really the end of human exploration? Or have we really only just touched the beginning in the last 200 or 300 years?” Or however far you want to go back.

You could say animal domestication was the pinnacle of things and we really started there and we’ve just been going downhill since. Well, to those I say take an interest in Antarctica. Ask more questions about that continent. Ask why it’s not cheaper to get to that continent. Why is not cheaper for average citizens who just want to help? Why is the criteria so demanding? When if you wanted to go to Europe or Asia or Africa or any other continent, the qualifications don’t exist. You might just get a visa, like an agreement already between two nations that allows for you to get into that country for a little bit and see what they have to offer. Without these elementary questions and these questions that form basic curiosity, nothing will be achieved and nothing will come of the knowledge that has been swallowed by the ice and snow for so long. And hidden I guess, is better. Cause it’s not gone, it’s there, it’s just waiting for more of humanity to care and to wonder really. I mean, go back to being a kid if you have to and ask yourselves the silly questions. So many of your adults we see saying to themselves and dismissing themselves as “Oh well, that’s a kidly thought or that’s a childish concept to engage in.” We strongly challenge that notion (laugh) at this point, considering how most of the adults are acting as we see it. They’re acting with, many times the ones in leadership positions, are acting with impunity in recent years. They act as if they owe no one anything and then they’ve taught lessons to younger people along the similar lines. Don’t show respect, not just to your elders but to things that literally could and have enabled you. That have made you rich, that have given you a voice to be gay or to be a woman and to have a voice. A lot of people around the world don’t seem to realize still that the majority of the gays and the women who decide to open their mouths on other continents, either get horribly assaulted or killed or blamed for terrible things like heresy. That’s a common theme in many of your Islamic nations is crimes for heresy or proselytizing, I mean, are you kidding? And the West is deemed the evil ones?

Ok, good point. Ok, we’re going to move on just a little bit here.

To be continued . . .


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