Session 7: Part 3

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, November 21, 2016

Part 3: The Collective Continues

So why is there that external cranial pressure?

He’s for sure being targeted. And whatever was placed on his and Ella’s home stairs was part of that.

Ok, explain that because we’d like to understand that mystery.

Well, it’s not good and whoever, the individual that created that was- you can’t really call them a man or a woman. They don’t really care about sex in the sense that others do. They literally are this, you could call them a swamp monster. They emerged from this dwelling and they were tasked with making it. They didn’t even know why, they just knew they had to put a bunch of negative energy in it to try and sack Ella and me and every single living person or thing that enters that house. They literally wanted to unleash the gates of hell upon the psyches of Ella, Phil, and the animals.


Ok, so he felt the negative energy in it and destroyed it. Did that assist in diminishing that?

It definitely obliterated the whole intentions. Cause whenever he, specifically if Phil decides that he’s going to put his mind to something and if something is gong to be the way it’s going to be, then that’s the way it’s going to be. So he decided that morning that if he destroys that thing with his two bare hand, bare hands, emphasis on bare, with the direct intention that he’s got, with the guardians of the light behind him and angels and God with him and all the protection that he is ever going to need. Then all that was required was the intention and he put it in and he made sure that the intention was received by the individual that created it. And the individual that created it is now very, very scared for their entire life.


Cause they know that Phil’s angry and they know that Phil’s out to find them. He won’t physically hurt them in the sense that he would punch them or something but he will literally melt that person’s mind if he even makes eye contact with that person and figures out that that person is the person.

So explain to us how it is that they knew where he lived?

They were totally just told in their head.

By whom?

A very dark entity that roams Earth and has been on Earth for a while and you can call it a collective of minds on earth, it’s like this Cabal. But they really, really, really hate the fact that Phil’s not on his phone, he’s not on social media, he’s not a public personality yet or maybe ever. People are hating the fact that he’s trying to hide from them but these people would eventually pass the information off further to equally dark entities or peoples that are under the same influence. They’re just not as far into as this individual that created this effigy.

So what’s your best advice to give to Phil and Ella about that?

Oh, don’t even worry! Stand strong, keep praying, have faith that no matter what everything is going to work out in the end. That you are always protected by guardians of the light and angels of every level. And that even in a physical confrontation, Phil alone would, Phil’s presence appearing in front of this person alone would literally give this person a heart attack or a stroke. Something similar to one of those two things. It would put the fear of God so deep into this person that it would be like piercing them with a spear. And it would be literally the spot in them that holds, whether it’s their heart or their brain, but the spear would drive straight through. And this is coming straight from Source, this information that we’re getting. Source says no one is touching Phil. No one. He’s got such important realities to face and to act upon and to actualize. These lowly disciples of the dark, literally of the darkness, they don’t hold any sway.

We see this problem in humanity under the label or term or concept of addiction. We see it as a problem labeling people as addicts. Because then they start to internalize things and they start to keep things to themselves.  While people are downing, literally ethanol at barstools every night if they want. And we’re talking about very toxic stuff that is converted in the body to something close to formaldehyde, tetraethylaldehyde. And he should know that if you are covering bodies that are dead with formaldehyde so they can decay properly in the funeral home process. That’s not something that humanity should be ingesting in mass and he should be fighting for his rights. He has the right to consume whatever he wants, just as every human being does. As long as it’s not hurting anyone else.

He would like to know do you do anything like these sessions with other souls that you have incarnated?

On other planets?

Sure. Or Earth.

We’ve never done anything on Earth before. You know, before meeting you and Ella. We have tried this on other planets. But it only really worked one other time and it was a completely different situation to Phil’s. It wasn’t a populous planet , fore example, with people or entities. It was actually a very desolate place. Very mountainous and foresty and very, very, very cold and snowy and windy. So his tribulations in that life were actually on the side of making sense of extreme loneliness and extreme desolation and enduring some of the physical maladies that he did.

Ok, thank you for that. He asks are there other entities like you, a collection of souls that are like you?

Yeah. Yeah, there are a few others that supposedly operate in the vicinity that we kind of do. Like there’s this one that we can see that’s like a whitish and there’s also one that’s a very light green. But they are clouds so we can’t really see who’s in them, we can only see that there’s black lighting that rims the white clouds and white lighting that rims the light green clouds. We’ve said before we’re like a giant purple, I don’t know, androgynous thing that’s hard to describe to humans cause they is nothing on the surface like us.

Give us your best predictions for what’s coming to our experience on Earth, that you see.

Well, the biggest thing is that we see in each of your homes it’s going to be a lot easier to siphon energy really soon. There’s going to be these really simple little things that spin that indicate to the residents that the machine is actually harvesting energy and collecting it. But that energy will be stored within that individual residence and then it will be made available to them. So it will be removed from or the national grid will be reworked, your energy grid. So the grid will be demarcated into those that still require energy, like state run institutions or state run housing. Anything but private, basically. And then they’ll slowly transition too. It’s similar to how you guys are situated with your public financing and your private financing. Well, a lot of your public financed schools and such are not well kept or maintained, as we see it. And a lot of times money talks, as we saw over the years on your planet. So, at this time, there is a lot that needs to be rebuilt and maintained in order to sustain the current population of Earth and the near-future population of Earth.

Ok, anything else you see? We were talking about weather . . .

You’re going to see a demand for clean water around the world. And not just drinkable water or potable water but literally clean of all unnecessary or problematic diluents. So that could be fluoride, could be other stuff. At the same time there’s going to be a mass movement, as long as that is going on, there is going to be a mass movement away from mainstream medicine. Doctors, hospitals will close, for once in your life you will see hospitals close in mass. Like these little clinics that have opened and that were for specialty stuff or niche stuff. It’ll close because people are moving away from that track. And the actual track or avenue or route of a lot of these researchers, in your modern medicine as you term it, are actually at the end of their life cycle. Literally they’re out of ideas, they’ve exhausted their knowledge base in terms of creating more drugs that do this and this and this. There’s only a few more ways that they can rearrange things before they’re going to have to re-approach all the original fungi and plants and other concoctions that were made or grown or developed. And those will serve humanity and we see this giant train. Like picture the biggest steam engine from your gilded age that we have seen and that is what is behind the movement to overturn the moneymaking endeavor that modern medicine has become. Cause it’s not about your well being or Ella’s well being or the rest of humanity’s well being anymore. It’s “What can we price these at? And how can we price this?” and such. Pricing, pricing, pricing should rarely become part of the equation. If it is a part of the equation then you’re doing it wrong. That’s what we would say to humans. Because if it is a part of the equation then you’ve already overlooked the easier solution and the more appropriate solution for humans, literally. So when humanity threw out cannabis in the West and said “No.” And hemp as well and said “No.” Well, that was discounting the entirety of a whole sub-genus of species of plants and their potential benefits on anyone for any reason. So when that stops and when some of these things that are coming that are going to pass in like the next year. You can expect one chemical that was criminalized for awhile, a good thirty years, it’s probably going to become legal, as far as we can see, in your country under strict guidelines initially. So you’ll have to be in a particular setting to do it.

E: Is that MDMA?

Yes. We see it facilitating a lot of people’s unending depression and strife and inability to not empathize or not understand. Better yet, it’s the people who are really suffering already, your veterans are going to benefit immensely from a lot of these chemicals that re-approach . . .

What about DMT? Do you see that coming into play?

Yeah. Yeah, there’s already a man on your planet that’s already touched upon the potentials of DMT. And because DMT is endogenous to every living thing everybody is going to have to ask themselves about this particular man and what he’s published already in video form and book form. And what others have postulated. But this man is the only man that’s actually taken the steps to scientifically prove this in any sort of way. And what he did find was DMT was endogenous. So with that, everybody should then realize or be able to realize rather, if it is endogenous then number one, let’s look into it. And they’ll look into it and find it’s a seriously potent tryptamine. It’s very, very potent. It’s more potent than your Lysergic diethylamide (LSD) and at the same time your psilocybin. There are a few other plants on the planet that come close.


The Spirit Molecule

So how will it be used in the future?

It’s going to be used to broaden neurology, and mainstream science ironically. Their concepts on the human brain (laughter) and human perception and the concept of how human physiology interacts with the visual spectrum. And observations in terms of like “Does the tree fall if nobody hears it?” kind of thing. These observations at the quantum physics level are going to become of great interest and people will crack codes that have long been in query by many of your thinkers. You know, quantum mechanics and physics and mathematics and computing is the next step and it’s going to come through, once again, the re-approachment of these ancient chemicals that have served already. It’s ironic; it’s served a lot of people in your technological pursuits. A lot of people. The individual who conceptualized the DNA helix, he did that on Lysergic diethylamide (LSD). So in terms of that, there’s no limit then. It’s just a matter of the cascading effort to decriminalize these things and moreover to really move chess pieces. The individuals and the industries that are involved in moneymaking modern medicine, for profit modern medicine will instead move away from those to careers where they can sustain their livelihoods and their lifestyles like they want. But right now we don’t see the Trump administration, for example, in your country, taking steps to do anything themselves. They’re just going to leave it up to your individual regions or states, whatever you guys call them. So in terms of that, it’s really up to the people. Do the people believe that these things can do anything for them or do they not? There’s going to be communities in your country that will still oppose it. Every one of these chemicals that we’ve possibly talked about or suggested.

And the one you said has done the research on it here, what is his name?

Rick Straussman.

All right, thank you for that. Do you have a final message that you would like to give Phil today?

Well, we want to emphasize the West coast. The West coast of your nation in particular. We want to emphasize that there’s just going to be a lot of trouble for a long time, for years. And it’s going to take the form of street stuff with the politics that we’ve already talked about. But it’s also going to take the form of some seriously devastating natural disasters. Not just going to be earthquakes or a tsunami, it’ll be the wildfires eventually, once the summer rolls around again. And for now, the drought will continue and it will slowly start to take away parts of California. From what we see it won’t even necessarily be the coast, it’s actually going to be farmland. The arable land that Californians boast of so, and West coasters are actually boasting of right now and their abilities to sink the US if they were to try to leave the US. (Sigh) It’s their call. They can live on a coast and it’s going to fall eventually. In your lifetimes it’ll fall into the ocean, you’ll see it. So in terms of the West coast, and this is what we wanted to say to Phil is “Hey, you should be aware Phil, that the West coast and the Western states are going to endure a lot. A lot of problems.” Like your Southern states had in the last year. A lot of sinkholes are going to open up. Fresno might as well just be already exxed out. Fresno will be gone in a matter of 15 years, 8-15 years. And the central valley of California will not be arable. It will be drought ridden and it will be concaving into a canyon very shortly here.


So the coast like around Los Angeles, what do you see there?

Slowly the coast is just falling into the ocean, so it’s just eroding. All the way down to San Diego and all the way to the border. Everything on the coast is just slowly eroding. So don’t be surprised if individual homes or groups of homes collapse into the ocean that are even mansions. Really wealthy people’s homes. And then we see giant sinkholes in L.A. opening up too. Downtown L.A. is going to start seeing huge sinkholes. Skid row we see, we even see part of it being swallowed whole. It’s going to be such a big sinkhole; it will have outpaced anything that’s ever hit the Western hemisphere, especially in a major urban area. Let alone one that people think matters.

Ok, all right, anything else you want to share with him before we bring him up?

(pause) Nope.

Well, it has been a great joy speaking with every aspect today. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing them here safely, getting them home safely and coming so through so beautifully. Thank you very much.



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