Session 8: Part 1

Facilitated by Ella, January 17, 2017

Part 1: The Collective


Hello! Glad you are here!

We’re glad to be here!

It’s been a little while since we spoke last. A lot has been happening here on Earth

It has. Yes!

Ok, well, we do have questions for you but if you have anything you want to share right away, feel free to speak. We are listening.

The individual that you and your fellow man at this moment knows as John Podesta is going to become a focal figure of that which you and people like you oppose in this next year of yours. He in particular will be plastered in the realm of your physical world on the papers, the screens, and the slots for photos. His face will become synonymous with that which you guys understand as the problem.

Does that mean more obvious information is coming out about him?

Oh definitely! And not just him but his associates, how he’s connected with these associates that are very, very public individuals but not necessarily known to be connected already with him and other organizations by name. The American public, your people in particular, will know all of these people by name and their organizations.

What is being done or what is going to be done by the authorities to deal with these people?

Action is already being taken behind the scenes. Behind the curtain authorities in your law enforcement and in your police are working around the clock as you speak to me and this entity right now. They’ve been working for a while and your new leader is going to take steps very quickly. He’s already been briefed. He keeps briefs more than daily. He is briefed as needed. There is a coordinated effort. But there are also spindles.


Like webs that have been spun by individuals that are, you could see them as individual stakes, they’re not really so much citadels and emperors within surrounded by armies. They’re just stakes in the ground that are standing there that are supposed to be invisible in the foliage and will supposedly trip up, their mission is to trip up the incoming administration. And these individuals are going to take action.

Who put those there?

The current administration of your government and those that precede the current administration. They’re all the same.

So can you give us a forecast for your year 2017? What do you see coming?

Well, even those that you all thought of as potential good, potentially forbearers of the truth and individuals that sought to warn the public on behalf of the welfare of, those individuals will not be enough. The Eisenhowers that tried to warn you. Those warnings won’t be viewed as sufficient enough for what has occurred and what has gone down up until this time on your planet, this moment that you’re speaking with us even.

It won’t be enough in terms of stopping them?

You will look back upon these individuals like an Eisenhower for example and say “Oh, that was good that he tried to warn us without getting very specific.” You’ll say no “How could he not have been? How could these individuals not have been more specific? How could they not have taken their jobs as seriously as they proclaim they did? As seriously as they proclaim others should take their jobs and their roles in society.” Very audacious. You will come to understand, you will all, your nation in particular, will come to understand the audacity with which your fellow citizens of your own nation have displayed or have embellished within themselves over these last decades in particular. Where you all can look back at the public archives and gawk and you will all gawk after you find out more truths about these individuals, their networks and how they all are associated with the likes of Podesta.

It is coming out that these pedophile rings are interlinked internationally, will that continue to expand and be exposed?

Yes. And just like rings and networks of the past that have been exposed, there will be child-like individuals that will rat, as your people say, upon other rings that will expose them. And they will even be across oceans. And they’ll see the ocean as safety for them to share about others that which they know of. And that will direct authorities. Authorities will take action in places where they have the resources and they have the leadership that’s properly oriented. But those other areas where they don’t take action or where action isn’t taken and yet your public worldwide may know of incidents specific to that area, you will then know that those leaders are complicit in the same acts. That will be enough evidence in and of itself.

It’s been implied that the FBI and our authorities have all this information and can go after these people but they haven’t because they are concerned about starting wars. What do you see happening in terms of that?

Well, what we know is that major parts of your authorities are already, they don’t want to stop this because they are a part of this. They act in these rituals. They see opportunities in these rituals and they see opportunities networking with these individuals that do commit these acts. These rituals are, they have individuals within their own agencies that can tolerate the images and the behaviors and actions of these rituals. So they can come back and report to the rest of the organs how they might be of benefit. And the information doesn’t bother them, nor the situations through which they have to learn and see and view. And many of that is pure exploitation and pure evil of innocent peoples and drawing up through them, what we see is horrifying to your individuals. Contorted individuals, things that remind us of your artists like Picasso and their artwork.

These individuals committing these acts or participating in these rituals, are they all human?

No. (pause) James Alefontis, for example, is not human, as you all would think of it. It’s not as if he’s wearing a simple suit over his self either, though. It’s sickly, from our vision, it’s sickly woven into his exoskeleton and his inner skeleton, are one. So he looks human on the outside to many but, if you look at his nose and his eyes and his facial structure in particular. That should be evidence to enough people that the man is deceptive, not just in his terrestrial actions but also in his physiological anatomy.

Is he aware of what he is? (Yes) Are most of these people aware of what they are?

No necessarily in the way that we just answered. He’s sickly aware and he’s sickly proud of it. From our vision we don’t like this texture. For some reason we’re very adverse to what we’re seeing. It’s like roots but needles woven together. Dendrites, neurons, we don’t like this pattern.

Where do they come from?

Somewhere deep in the universe. Very insectoid ridden place. There’s many holes, that’s why they (sigh, pause), it’s like waffles.

Can you tell us about the individual named Marina Abramovich?

She’s part of this dark, dark morass that we spoke of last time. She is not a human being. She’s an extension of this dark morass. Look into her eyes and you’ll know, by the color of her pupils alone and the lack of humanness. Not humanity, humanness compared to the average human that is your friends’ eyes in a photo. You’ll see what we mean. She’s composed of that which you think is normal eyeballs and pupils and colored by the same retinas and the same cones and all these features biologically. But they’re not, they are not there, they’ve all been . . . let’s put it this way, the color of her pupils was injected, as you all would see it. As this color into this vacuous form that ten times out ten is going to mistake all humans with the naked eye as a normal eyeball.

We have noticed that she seems to not age.

Study the texture of her skin. Does it even compare in any way acclaimed ethnographic compatriots? And look at her ethnographic those individuals that she shares, supposedly, an ethnographic common heritage on the continent in which she resides today, does she even share any commonalities with those individuals and their skin and the pupils. And her hair, look and study her hair. Normal human beings, everyday human beings have straggly hairs. This individual that you’re naming, we won’t even give her the honor of acknowledging this name that she’s adopted for herself. We will not call her by that because she is an extension, and nothing more, of this black morass that really is a product of the entire fog weapons system and London in origins.

So she doesn’t have a soul?

No. And she shouldn’t be treated in any way like any other human being would be treated. The rights, the love, the respect that you all would give to one another, she should be disavowed of any of that.

Ok, thank you for that. I wanted to go back, you just mentioned the fog weapons system. Can you talk about that a little bit and update us on what is going on with that?

Your fluctuations in your reality are becoming obvious more and more. The conversation you spoke with Phil the other day about Caitlyn Jenner being exposed in an L.A. restaurant was real and was a reflection of the decay of the fog weapons system before your very eyes. You all don’t realize and the individuals, some of them that are protected or have been protected over the years, hundreds of years, thousands of years by the system. They are losing the veil and the veil is lifting before your very eyes, all of you. And you all will face more visual truths and visual realities that will force you to orient your cognitive establishments.

Can you give us some examples of that?

You all will have to acknowledge fears in new ways. New fears, new sights that cause greater fears, greater level of fear. Greater level of understanding confusion, as a human being testing your boundaries even further mentally. It’s important that you all remind yourselves of your science fiction, fantasy films as well. You’ve already been shown horrible disfigurations of your own race and species, you can handle, if you dig deep enough into those memories already and recognize that the individuals that will be affected visually and the visual depictions, you all will associate with reality and truth and honesty. They will not disturb you over time, they will not disturb you initially, most of you if not all of you. In some way, shape or form they will disturb you, so prepare yourselves for many more sleepless nights, many more sickly days and nauseous moments.

Are you talking about some of the stuff that Phil and I have already uncovered that upset us?

Yeah, but even further than you and Phil have even realized. And Phil is aware of it somewhat when he says-

The deep web?

Yes. Exactly. And what’s already present on YouTube to a degree. What he’s viewed is just the tip of the damn iceberg for what we see coming very soon.

Do you see humanity being able to clear this darkness, this morass? 

Well one thing we didn’t speak about initially because we were already on one path of thought but we need you guys to understand is that the wave of light has already hit and begun to hit. It’s a very recent arrival. But as your going all through this, you’re all going to see more and more and more of these things that we just spoke about. The veil lifting, the nauseating moments, the truths that very few had even notions of or even believed in at all! People have heard about these theories that have abounded for years already. But they threw them right out their heads, many. Tossed them right out, saying “That’s illogical, not possible.” But that was part of what your species has stumbled upon, that that was part of their manifesto. That’s part of their playbook. Part of their playbook is showing you what they do do and then they make it seem illogical or irrational for anyone to ever commit those things. And for anyone for anyone rationally minded thus to conclude that those things are in any way, shape or form a reality.

That is why I asked if they were human because some of the things that I have personally discovered, I cannot understand how another human could do that. Particularly when it involves children.

That’s what we mean by they’re not human. They don’t care about and they don’t understand your actual sense, in the human’s sense, of morality. So they can’t actually one hundred percent relate. They try to because they’ve got no cards and they’ve been here for thousands of years. They’re really good and they’ve biologically and ecologically adapted to even your own skin. They can look like you. James Alefontis is one. From our purview though, he’s nothing more than a literally insectoid that needs to be squashed like many of you handle your insects already. Don’t even use the old ways is our advice, to execute someone that you considered a human being that had done wrong against another. Literally, find this biggest piece of metal and squash him like a bug! He will splatter. And it will be appropriate in the eyes of the cosmos. Without that, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities where The Council, or anyone that cares about humanity’s stability, will intervene.

Do you see these people being dealt with they way they need to be in order for humanity to move forward?

Yes. But it will not always take the form of organized, statist intervention because your states, your nation-states and your governments will fail you in many instances still. And many governments categorically fail their entire nation and the entire world from absolving these people from and scrubbing these people literally from existence.

This leads into my next question, I was wondering if you could give us an update and some insight into the Trump and his administration? Has he surrounded himself with good people?

Yes! There mission is much, much, much more future oriented, and we don’t even want to talk about how future oriented and how tactically minded their administration is and who Trump has surrounded himself with in particular. Trump as an individual as you all may know him and as your countrymen or your world, your people, humans will perceive the man as an egoistic individual at times. But they forget quickly that he is but one man surrounded by so many more individuals that are selfless in their mindset. And they’re so selfless, in this instance, that they’re looking towards the future in a way that your country hasn’t ever done. Ever. Because when your country was founded, they didn’t know that the country was going to remain a country. They didn’t even have the Bill of Rights; The Articles of Confederation was still a thing. It took more than twenty years to deal with all of that. And there was still then a war. Where England came around and tried to crush and took your nations capitol. So there is no comparable moment in your nations history. This is unprecedented. And it will be so momentous the old regimes heads will spin for years worldwide and this will be the peoples’ victory. Whether they see it or not initially. Whether they want to take something with regard to your very, very limited, shallow, thinly oriented politically spectrum. If they want to focus on that and hang on to one particular part of the spectrum in relation to where supposedly Donald Trump and his administration is in relation to that spectrum as well. Then that’s on them, that’s there prerogative and they will suffer physiological issues. Not just mental, not just physical, not just spiritual. They will suffer physiologically at this point. Their DNA will capitulate. Not just capitulate in the sense of surrendering their mind ultimately to the ideas and the whim and will of the Trump administration, and the people that are behind the Trump administration and the people of the world that want anew. But also they literally, physiologically will succumb quicker to some of these disorders and diseases and illness and contorsions that are quickly, quickly, and fast approaching as many of your people are asking and clearly begging, in our opinion and our purview, for these EMF oriented diseases. And they’re literally begging for it. When they taunt individuals like Phil and say “Well, those things, how could they possibly manifest? I haven’t seen any evidence?” We say to them, just wait. Your audacity speaks for itself, in our eyes. Time is very, very different. Always remember that. Remember physical pain, as we understand it, is experienced in a much more real and intense and quicker sense, in a more complete and holistic sense – your language is again failing us, to help us describe to you accurately how many of your people are going to suffer. This is a problem. And we ultimately think in the future it would be beneficial to try to utilize another language of yours via Phil, in order to properly communicate some of these ideas..

Do you have a recommendation for a language that would suffice?

German. German or Russian. But not Russian of the modern sense. So you’ll have to find an older dictionary of the Russian language. Literally from prior to, preferably, the rise of the Soviet Union altogether. It has to be a dictionary of the language that was written by someone that was primarily a purveyor of the Russian language and a student and educator of that and nothing more. Nothing political, no agent of the communist party and the agenda.

Ok, all right, Phil and I will work on that. I wanted to jump back to Trump to ask you about Mattis. Can you tell us everything you know about him?


James Mattis, Secretary of Defense

(laugh) We chuckled initially cause we were already seeing that Mattis is the closest thing- and this is why we chuckle because your people might find this funny or some elements of your people in this hemisphere of yours. Mattis is the closest thing to Buddha in your hemisphere that you will find. He outstrips any Yogi, any shaman, and individual that claims to be spiritual. Any individual that claims to be spiritual is already demeaning themselves and their power and diminishing their realm and their hubris. Mattis is a selfless individual. From our purview, Mattis will provide great things to your nation and will be a great servant to your people. You will thank him. Along with Mr. Kelly and Mr. Flynn. You will all thank them. Those in particular. The mastermind is Steve Bannon. And he will see to it that the entire onslaught upon your nation and your people’s is reversed for decades. That’s the tactical mindset that we’re speaking of here.

Donald Trump

Steve Bannon, Counselor to the POTUS

And even the states that you deem problematic in your own nation right now, California as we see it in particular, will become through democratic means that are completely fair and completely free, incorporated into the hubris and the realm happily once again. Many will see the evil and the evil acts and deeds committed and many on your Western coast will seek humility. Because at the point where the truth is then exposed, as Mr. Trump becomes your president and is able fulfill his duties as your leader. We also sense there is concern about his ability to take office. There will be no opposition. And if there is opposition it will be appropriately handled. There will not be any miscarriages of justice and if there are, those are misrepresentations and your people and the world need to understand, that from our purview, the black morass, that we spoke of earlier, is behind all of the individuals we’ve fingered already as problematic. The individual that we won’t even name, that woman as you proclaim. So in other words, the individuals that we have named otherwise are literally human with some elements of . . . well, Hillary Clinton is different. But John Podesta and your president Barack Obama and your president Joe Biden.

How is Hillary Clinton different?

She is what you already consider and your peoples would consider very robotic already. She’s not unlike the little grays. She’s a biomechanical woman.

Well, her body seems to be collapsing on her.

Right! And that’s because she literally is one of the first prototypes of your era.

So she’s not human?

Not in the sense that you are.

And when you talk about Obama and Biden?

You guys will also, you humans, will also quickly realize that there is a whole spectrum of humanness. So your concept of being human will become a spectrum very shortly, as we see it.

Does it have anything to do with blood types?


Can you tell us about the blood types of humans?

 A long time ago, when earth was originally- ok, there have been a few paths of lineage on this planet that have died off. Two have died off prior to yours. Yours continued onward. Those two other ones have nothing to do with yours today. They did at certain points. One of them was know as the Neanderthals. Another one Dolores has a session about and wrote a book about.

Legend of Starcrash?

Yes. They crashed in the Northern, what would have been the northern parts today. Or what is the Northern parts of your world today.

So the blood types we have today, Phil and I have studied some and they talk about how they may carry different characteristics. Can you explain that a little bit?


Yeah. This is not completely true, that’s why we’re not going to go into great detail because it can’t be mapped exactly as you might think. As we sense you might be thinking. We understand that certain peoples across your world have tried to map these blood types as if they could be understood like they once were understood. And in some regions that is more applicable. But in your day and your year on your planet, it almost doesn’t matter. It matters per person. But (pause) the amount of skepticism in your modern science will inhibit any individual because this is also about protecting certain blood types. Namely the blood type O and the blood type B. O has to do with some of the more powerful factions on your planet, over time not just today. And protecting some of the knowledge that’s hidden with those factions. So it’s important that the public, not the public but some of the more perverse elements of your public not be allowed corrupt the knowledge that’s being hidden by some of these blood lineages. Namely the O blood type. The B blood type is to be hidden because they’re very much the healers, the givers, and the selfless. Those that you might refer to as saints. Those are overlooked, as we are understanding it. From what we can see on your planet and what we can see with regard to blood types and our understanding. There’s too much attention from out purview with regard to the O blood type in particular. There’s too much assumptions.

Can you tell us about the Rh negative factor?


It doesn’t have any connection to your planet so your scientists aren’t ever going to find one, they should stop looking. They should start looking in meteorites that strike your planet and comparing the composition of meteorites to the O negative blood type. They would find more in common there. Or, if they could find on the Marian surface or on the lunar surface or any asteroid in space that they could collect those and harvest those with a bin on a satellite of some kind. This is something they should consider doing. It would be so helpful for your scientists who are trying to collect evidence with regard to your terrestrial surface because a lot of your evidence is floating around you and is floating between the Martian surface, cause there is no atmosphere, and the planet Jupiter. The asteroid belt holds plenty of evidence in those rocks. There are bacteria to be found. Your scientists need to simply compare samples of these things against the appropriate samples of other things, like the O negative blood type. A sample of the O negative blood type against some of this bacteria from the cosmos or just outside your atmosphere, is going to reveal more about your blood type than your scientists would ever realize. They’re going to keep looking at their own flesh and their own kin and saying “Oh, let’s keep doing experiments on humans or mammals.” Because they’re the closest in your scientists minds and therefore the only sample. From our purview, your history has changed so little biologically that if you want to understand the more complex questions like blood type then you need to look as a species, beyond your surface of today. Not much further, you don’t need to look across the universe or anything. You just need to take samples from things that you consider irrelevant at the moment and compare them, as we said, to samples of things that you believe have no relation to one another already. Your concept of science needs to become something like your concept of modern art and your tolerance of modern art as a world. Things go together, things don’t make sense at times but sometimes they fit together too. Just like days that you all may have that in the end make sense to you but starting out, going through, slugging it through, it doesn’t add up, it doesn’t compute, it doesn’t calculate. In the end, God and Source, however your individual wants to phrase it, will provide the sinew of the equation.

Thank you for that. I want to shift a little bit and ask about what is going on in Antarctica right now?

To be continued . . .

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