Session 8: Part 2

Facilitated by Ella, January 17, 2017

Part 2: The Collective Continues

Thank you for that. I want to shift a little bit and ask about what is going on in Antarctica right now?

(laugh) Many things! Exploration, discovery, your world is finally waking up to the notion that there’s an unexplored continent still and that space is definitely not the last frontier and that your whole planet has not even been explored. And that your concept of continents is changing too. Your concept of human history is changing. And although annual dates might need to be certified so that textbooks can be published for public school factories. But that’s not human history and that’s not the archive of human history. The archive of human history is all that which comprises human activity, writing, dictation, literature, everything. The good and the bad in your eyes. The tolerable and in intolerable, that’s your entire archive. All of that which is being shared with regard to Antarctica is part of the archive and as amore of it is unearthed in ways forced. And what we mean by that is melted, more or less, to decipher what is exactly beneath, forcefully melted by machines down there in certain spots.

We’ve heard talk of an ancient civilization being discovered on that continent, can you tell us more about that? 

Well, the country that’s been down there that actually found the areas or that has been doing the most exploring publicly but doesn’t actually have a base down there is the one that has found the most thus far with regard to the ancient civilization ruins down there But your nation and your nations friends are quickly catching up, if not already caught up to that of the other nation that has no base down there.

Which nation is that?

Well, the first nation we were speaking of was Russia. But your nation is coupled with New Zealand, the UK, Norway, Australia, a couple others but they are rather insignificant compared to other names.

So they found this civilization?

Yes and they have to do with the bodies of water. The one Lake Vostok that was found, but also the pyramid.

Can you tell us about the pyramid? It was seen in a satellite image.



The pyramid is very old. It’s really, really old. And someone will leak to the public to certify to the masses that it’s been deemed by scientists down there, who have been brought down there, that it’s the oldest pyramid that’s been found or discovered. It’s older than any of the other pyramids, for example. Not that they’ll be able to necessarily say when it was built.

We’ve also seen an image that seems to show some tank-like objects, 4 of them lined up. What is that, can you tell us?


(pause) Yeah! They’re machines. They’re land roving machines that are housed down there and they are a part of the force or group that opposed (pause) well, they opposed your government initially when your government went down there. But rogue elements of your government have come to befriend them, so they’re one and the same.

Are they human-made?

No (pause) they were built by humans with the help of ETs down there.

Ok, because according to the scale of the photograph they would be massive.

Yeah, they weren’t built on the continents that you all think they might have been on. They were built down in Antarctica, in the region of Antarctica. Amongst the subterranean facilities that are in the vicinity of Queen Maud Land. These subterranean facilities are shared facilities and your government, the rogue elements that we already spoke of, are the ones that are cooperating with and have been cooperating with them down there. But they’re the ones that were corrupted and they’re the ones that participate.

The dark morass?

And see again, we keep dividing here. Dividing, dividing, dividing. It’s hard for us to say to you definitively that this percentage of them works in this direction. There’s another half of that rogue force that is working with the dark morass in specific. They don’t have anything to do with Antarctica. Antarctica is literally like a force field almost, in your perception probably. It’s not even on their minds. They’re more concerned with the masses and control of the continents that are under the fog weapons system and that house the masses.

Are Phil’s drawings of Antarctica correct or accurate? Particularly the bodies of water.

(sigh) The rivers absolutely. The rivers are going to be so extensive that you all will deem them a new river system. Much like you look at your Amazon today or the Mississippi River Valley or the Nile or the Yellow River in China or the Yangtze or the Mekong or the Congo. Any of these are comparable but the Amazon and the Mississippi are most comparable in terms of the vast amount of estuaries and river ways that are down there amongst the land. We see a really big body of water inland, it’s an inner sea. But then there is a smaller lake, kind of near it. But we don’t see two seas inland, we see only one. Whereas we understand with the drawing he depicted in his mind two seas. There’s only one really, really deep sea so he has got that part correct. And that sea is going to offer science so much new that it alone will keep them busy for decades. The different marine life in that, the different relics for archaeologists to look at, the geologists will have a field day, everyone. What we see in terms of the coastal area where he depicted a body water is that it’s not actually a lake, it’s actually an inner bay that’s just completely frozen and that’s the area where the ice has actually re-grown to. So you’re not likely to see it from the public perspective unless someone from the government, your government, leaks the maps of Antarctica that they’re able to produce because they have the ability to see beneath the surface in most cases, on a very wide scale.

Any updates on the timing of the major disasters coming to the West coast?

Everything we already said. Everything West of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is going to slide like a coffee cake that’s been sitting in the sun. We keep saying soon. We can say definitely within the next 3 years. We can see the layers, literally, when say coffee cake sliding like it’s been in the sun too long, we can see the layers of the ground, the soils, looks like a coffee cake to us.

Do you see any other major natural disasters happening in 2017?

Flooding. More volcanoes. And a lot more earthquakes. Places like Italy are going to get rocked with earthquakes and a volcano in that case. But the ring of fire we mostly see the continuation of the earthquakes and the volcanoes. Indonesia, other Pacific Islands.


Any places we would be surprised at?

Maybe, you might be surprised by what’s coming for Ecuador and some of the other Western areas of South America. And when we say Western, we mean anything west of Manaus, Brazil. If you were to draw a North-South line straight through Manaus, Brazil, anything West of there will be affected by all of the activities and this includes all of central America as well. Every single part of Central America. Except for the highlands of the Yucatan peninsula, those are sturdy. So into Guatemala and into Mexico but the Mexican territories that are more or less self-governed. Oaxaca and Chiapas. Other areas that are mountainous in Mexico, everything that’s mountainous on the Baha peninsula is going to be covered in water. And everything adjacent to it.


Phil wanted to ask about the future of Russia as well as the future of the European Union?

Russia will continue to use the Arctic to their advantage. They will create and bypass the entire world and your nation will have to create a new weapon in order to keep them in check or confront them directly if they’re a problem. But Russia is going to utilize the Northern sea route for which they’ve been waiting hundreds of years. They’re already up there with their military forces and military assets and units and operators in the Novaya Zemlyaa and other islands across Franz Josef Island. All the islands really.


They’re taking advantage also of these peoples that live in all along the coast of Northern Russia, in some areas. The area of Russia is so big they couldn’t possibly take advantage of anywhere near enough peoples because there is not anywhere near enough peoples to be bothered up there. But there are some and they are bothering them, they don’t care. Because the Northern sea route between Murmansk and Archangles’k and Vladivostok or the sea of Irkutsk in general is their route in their vision to their freedom from Western hubris and dominion with the North Sea, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and all the countries associated with those waters. They don’t believe the Black Sea is enough. Turkey is going to continue to remain an obstacle for them and it will represent itself as a threat to Russia’s interests in Syria. Russia will take this even more seriously with regard to Syria and will devote even further armed forces to bolster Damascus. Assad will feel more confident than ever but there is a growing, growing, growing silent threat of young Muslim males across the Arab world in countries like Saudi Arabia and Jordan and Egypt. And countries like yours have failed to help countries like Egypt and Jordan bolster themselves as nations to ward of specific religious factions. Or to confront specific religious factions that have been running components or large areas of states like Saudi Arabia for decades. And at the same time have been able to get away with crimes in co ordinance and in co-operations with rogue elements of your government.

How about the European Union?

The European Union is going to have to take a new direction and it will take the new direction as we see it, in the direction of the countries which have a sound policy as a nation to remain a state, to remain exigent, to remain stable, to remain evident. Nations like Poland and your Eastern European friends, nations like Norway and the UK, nations like Italy. And components of Italy will be totally overrun. But other parts of it will try to remain strong and united with your country. Parts of France, the Netherlands, parts of Germany, most of Denmark, most of Finland, many parts of Sweden are going to be overrun as they have already been. And they will face their own civil war in that area. Norway will be able to defend themselves for the most part, given their own natural territory and the topography but also because they’re government is preparing today. As well as Finland. The Visegrad countries, Hungary we see as a strong, strong, strong nation again, like it once was on the Danube when it was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, this time without Austria. Austria will regret having chosen to remain so complacent with Angela Merkel. Angela Merkel will be remembered as an enemy of the people, just like Hillary Clinton. And the sooner that your world and your peoples can oust her from power the sooner that the peoples of Europe can definitely get to their own visions for their continent and exacting those. But the more that they sit idly by and wait for the system to give them the opportunity to enable something like that, which is taking place in your country, the quicker that these individuals and these authorities are going to clamp down on all opportunities. And they will continue to create further and further obstacles like the phrases like the “fake news”. And it will be obstacles of confusion, nothing more, nothing less. The parallels drawn to Merkel and the former East German Stazi secret police under the Soviet Union are not any different than what Merkel is doing today. They’re completely correct in other words, the parallels. So the sooner the people the of Europe do the exact same thing or even further and stronger because that’s what needs to be done when the peoples of any region are being wronged and are not seeing there truths and their realities enabled and created and forged in the ways that they demand and seek them. So they must take up arms if need be. The tyranny of the law is still the tyranny if it’s obstructing your visions.

Understood, thank you for that. I wanted ask about Phil’s dreams. He’s recently had a few dreams, particularly involving John Podesta and others, where he’s felt that they weren’t supposed to be there. Can you tell him more about what was going on there?

Ahhh, ummm, it’s a multifaceted attack against him. He’s not the only individual that is experiencing these types of dreams with regard to these individuals and these topics. Because all of these individuals are very scared right now and they’re trying to tread what they think is a very light path by trying to intervene in people’s dreams and dream states and trying to tell them in those dream states how to believe, think, perceive, act or how to feel in relation to these subject matters now. And this is a way, they believe, for them to destroy the people’s will to see to it that they, this time, are wiped from existence. And that is what the people seek this time. And they want stop that, obviously. They want to preserve their existence; they want to preserve their way of doing things too. They want to keep doing what they’ve been doing cause they still want to remain youthful.

Is that the main focus of their rituals?

That and power. They actually, they don’t just garner the concepts of power, they literally do siphon power. They gain more energy. That’s their way of gaining energy, unlike your way. The workers of the light don’t gain energy by siphoning it from others. The workers of and from the black morass that wanders your planet, they are completely in need of siphoning energy.

What is this wave of light doing to them?

As depicted by Phil, it literally is affecting their DNA such that it is like entering Pokaini forest in Latvia without the prior knowledge of what rocks will do what.

You might wake up one day with the wrong mood and if the energy is hitting your area in such a way that it doesn’t equate with that mood or your DNA, then it’s going to potentially activate codons of your DNA that you weren’t ready to activate or it’s going to deactivate codons of your DNA that you weren’t prepared to deactivate or interested in deactivating. And what it’s ultimately doing is in your people’s words, it’s screwing with your DNA. So, your best bet is to stay rhythmic and in tune with yourselves and to constantly, in your case, constantly keep checking in with yourself and your conscience and your intuition. Are you doing the right thing for your body? Are you doing the right thing for your mind? Are you doing the right thing for your spirituality? Is your spirituality lining up with what you’re watching? With what you’re consuming in every way? Not just eating. Not just buying. Observing, taking in, how you are spending your time minute-to-minute, second to second. Break it down, forget hours, forget days, forget months, and forget weeks. The less that you spend planning the damn calendar, the better off you’ll be. Forget that application, forget that software, it’s outdated, it’s useless. Your plans are worthless. Go look at your historical books, your textbooks already tell you those nations that tried to plan years ahead, with regard to their economies and their nations, failed utterly. Why would you try to plan your life in the same way? Weeks, months, years ahead without the proper knowledge and demand and supply of resources. How do you possibly know what’s going to be next week? You don’t. So how can you possibly say that in three weeks from now you’re going to be ready to do this or that. Your people need to get over the notion of planning. Your people, your civilization already is very firmly planted in this notion that there’s only one way to organize the economy. If they really believe that then they should go back and look at the basic tenements of that economic system and reexamine their lives cause they’re asking stupid questions. And they’re fretting over things that literally they need not fret over ever again and need not have fretted over ever. We’re frustrated and we’re trying to display a tone of frustration on purpose. We see a lot of wasted time on your planet. We think that you’re, from our perspective, we see a lot of again, egoistic arrogance by your civilization in particular but also your entire world. Claiming that you all understand time better than ever. You don’t. You all seem to think that time is a linear construct still. It’s not, from our purview. So when you’re all surprised by your plans failing then we’re not surprised by the fact you’re going to be in shame or embarrassed or upset at this because you perceive time incorrectly, from our perspective.

So what is your best advice for those of us struggling with the concept of time?

Obviously you’re all trying your best. We’re not trying to get on anyone’s case specifically. And we’re not trying to encourage more stress or more pressure. We’re trying to encourage words of liberty and freedom here to liberate your mind from these shackles of time and notions of how time and planning and goals are achieved. So right now you all believe that setting goals is an important thing and it is an important thing but planning your calendars out to the minute and the second, that’s utterly nonsensical from our perspective. So try your best, is what we say. Listen to your body every moment of every day. If your body is saying in a meeting in a company you work for, that you need a two-minute or five-minute break and it’s not proper etiquette according to that business industry. So fucking what!? You need to get over that! You all need to get past these whimsical notions of that which (laugh) has been set over the approximate last two hundred years of your entire Earth’s history. And now you think that these are the customs that you have to follow or you will face death or you will face great poverty. That’s not how the cosmos- and by the way, the cosmos adjudicates poverty, not you and not your world. Your economic system has absolutely little to do with adjudicating poverty. It has more to do with the insolence of your fellow man, right now. And the lack of will on the part of your fellow man to do and to simply act correctly. Not to expect in return something, at the same time. Just go and do as you would. It’s as simple as that. And please, from our perspective, stop writing redundant articles and photos and all these things that are literally wasting precious time for your planet. Stop! We encourage you all to start delineating much more quickly and skirting these things from your life and dumping them. Stop indulging these outlets of crap that don’t produce anything tangible. If it produces a laugh, that’s great! That’s something tangible. And that’s something loving and that’s something good in the universe because it’s based in love. But redundant articles that- and fear is not what we’re concerned about. Some of you need to be scared. Clearly you all don’t get it, from our perspective. Otherwise we would be seeing mass migration already, from your West coast inland. Clearly, from our perspective, a lot of people have signed up already, and they may not acknowledge it or be aware of it, but they signed up to die in this life in the great deluge that will, WILL, be affecting you and everyone on your planet very shortly. It’s already begun.

We appreciate the explanation, thank you for that. That’s all of our questions is there a final message you would like to leave for Phil?

We keep encouraging you guys to keep on going as fast as you want to. Keep pushing as hard as you feel you want to with all the topics that you’re engaged in. And always keep checking in with yourselves and asking yourselves, in particular Phil and remind him to do this always, to ask himself “Is he ok? Has he got all of his bodily needs met? The water? How is his head feeling? How is his heart feeling? How are his feet? Is he cramping or tensing something for no reason? What is he consuming?” And the same should go for everybody else. They should be asking themselves “What can I do today to make sure that, if I got overwhelmed yesterday I won’t get overwhelmed today? And what am I going to do to make sure that I don’t engage or expose myself to the activities that I did yesterday that brought me to the edge and the overwhelmed state?” That’s not just for Phil and you, that is for everyone. And it’s a step-by-step approach. Your peoples can look at it this way, the moon landing of your nation there was very little gravity on your moon, so the saying was “One step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” And as you’ve seen in your videos there were leaps and there were steps, but that’s pretty much what this is like for you on Earth, even though gravity levels haven’t necessarily changed. You’re taking whole new steps in a new setting, a new environment because Earth is anew. This wave of light is going to keep unearthing all that which has been part of the problem all along.

Shedding light on the darkness, so to speak?

Yes. And the depression and the propagation of inequity and the propagation of fear and trying to control people. Trying to smash freedom or liberty or sully those principles and concepts in actual practice, not just rhetoric. Actual experience of those values and virtues.

All right, thank you again, thank you so much. I am glad to speak with you and it’s always an honor and thank you for all the information and the answers to our questions. I know Phil and everyone on the website will be very interested to read and hear.

We hope so!

Well I look forward to speaking again next time and until them peace and love!

And to you too!

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