Suzanne Spooner is the QHHT practitioner that facilitated these sessions and encouraged the creation of this website. Much gratitude and love to her.

All names have been changed to maintain anonymity. 

The Collective Voice

They are not from this universe. Described as a cosmic train station that is purple and ethereal in form.  They incarnate physical beings in this universe to bring about change. They have incarnated 355 souls in this universe, each on or around a different planetary object. Phil is their current incarnation on Earth. Below are direct quotes from The Collective about who they are. 

We speak as a Collective Voice that transmutes information, at least to the Earthlings because we don’t have the ability to communicate two way exactly, as we do other places. And so, we are a democratic Collective Voice that represents multiple, actual individuals across the cosmos. And with Phil, it is the collective harbinger (laugh) of his existence of his soul, I mean, we are the seat of his vessel and we helped facilitate his incarnation on Earth. Without that, he wouldn’t have made it here because you can’t just incarnate on Earth, you have to have something to help you.

We don’t have a name; we don’t need a name. That’s the important part of us because we are A-personal. We don’t care about the advancement of individual egos. We care about the advancement of collective egos.

We’re here to instill change. And, not force it on anybody but invite people into, we’re catalyzers.

What does that mean?

We help galvanize collectives into motion. A lot of times collectives don’t know what to do.

Best-case scenario I see an avenue opening here between this Collective Voice and this Collective Voice being able to channel via this vessel, this human vessel, other souls that are a part of this Collective, if this Collective Voice is requested upon to do so, in this context. And in terms of approaching the road ahead, my suggestion is that, or my belief is that, we as a Collective will be able to continue to serve those who seek answers for things that need answering on Earth. And so, or wherever in this universe, and so we’re more than happy to participate in anything that is going to help others better their way of life.

And we as a Collective have already kind of touched on this, we’re really interested in not colonizing and not having a whole huge population on every planet and stuff like that. We’re not interested in domination. We’re interested in coexisting and making things better so that they can be better for others.


An alien scientist from a planet very far from Earth called Kylox. He is one of the incarnations of The Collective. He works in a laboratory on a terrestrial object near his home planet, where he studies energy systems.


The Collective’s current incarnation on Earth.


Partner of Phil and a QHHT practitioner.

The Title

Below are direct quotes from The Collective explaining the title Angles Perspective.

Ok, a very high-ranking angel?

That term I am familiar with but we don’t call it angel, it’s very interesting that you pronounce it gel, we say angle (on-gull).

Oh, ok, explain that please then.

So that’s, so the way I am understanding that you spell it is something like A-N-G-E-L but we understand it as A-N-G-L-E and that’s the same work for these, what you consider to be these glowing sprites or glowing paramours.

And you pronounced it again as angle?


Do you have a, I’m thinking from your perspective and energetically charged as well, do you have a name for what that website might be to be most beneficial to humanity?

Angles Perspective.

Say that again?

Angles Perspective.

Can you spell that?

So last time we told you that your pronunciation of angel is angle in our pronunciation or our understanding. And that corresponds to your understanding of mathematics so we think spelling it that way will make a great amount of sense to a large amount of people.

Like angle. Angles Perspective