Session 10: Part 1

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner October 21st, 2017

Part 1: An Introduction to Charlie the Scientist

Ok, so we are connecting to our friend that is worlds away, to Charlie the scientist. Do we have Charlie here?


Ok, so Charlie, because we are video taping this today, although we’ve met several times before, you are familiar with me correct?


Ok, can you give a us a little background of who you are and how you connect with the client Phil today?

I am an individual, considered an alien to earthlings and I am considered to live on an alien planet. Much father than one could measure or have a concept of, thus we don’t think it is important to provide a number in terms of distance from earth. My relation to Phil is actually via our incarnation state or origin place. And that being The Collective, which is a sentient cloud if you prefer to visualize, it’s purplish and it’s often composed of lightening bolts or electrical surges, plasma rings, accentuations of energy. Within this universe The Collective is our home, we don’t originally come from this universe. So The Collective wasn’t formed in your universe, it was formed in a higher universe and it descended into this universe in order to try to explore it and navigate it and understand it and study it. And to incorporate what it can learn from this particular universe, it’s frequencies, it’s habits, it’s behaviors, epiphenomenon that can also be observed and broken down subsequently.

Ok, and as we’ve discussed before in our previous sessions, because we’ve had a few visits, correct? Your connection to him is you are not a past or future life of his, right? Which is kind of unique.

No, I am my own life. Yeah, that’s absolutely the case. He is his own individual and I am my own individual. And I am the individual that The Collective has helped incarnate on my home planet of Kylox. And I am but one of the 355 souls that have been incarnated by The Collective throughout this universe.

Ok, and in that very first session we happened on to you and you described yourself as a scientist on a terrestrial object that was doing work with free energy experiments.

Different types of energy systems but yeah definitely free energy or perpetual energy machines.

Ok, that terrestrial object you referred to as M1?

Yeah, that would be my workplace or place of work.

Ok, and then your home planet again is called what?


Kylox, ok. And so today are you at M1 or are you at Kylox?

I am actually getting ready to go back to M1. You actually caught me literally in the midst of going to the, umm, it’s a giant cylindrical room that you enter or we enter rather, on Kylox in Mechrisnek in order to transfer ourselves physically to the T.O. of M1.

And what have you been doing while you are back home on Kylox?

Visiting my family and I also participate in a program as most of the adults do that aren’t extremely high up in our society, with the Glasnoks and helping with the youth and helping provide different perspectives in terms of youth that are trying to figure out where they’re headed.

And you said Glasnoks? What is that?

That’s what is utilized in the educational realm for the youth. There are these areas that are most often out in the forest and there are clearings. And, first of all, the classes are always headed by a single individual that is the primary caretaker of educational knowledge and dispersal of that knowledge. These Glasnoks though, you can think of them as two logs or two trees the have been cut or two trees that are just standing and the branches are trimmed. And then in between the two tree logs standing, and they look more like a log, like a long log that was maybe traversed down your rivers if you’re familiar at all with your lumbering. They’re standing in the ground and they’re naturally found. And then we as a society rely upon the educational instructors, you would call them, to locate these places. So they serve the role that a shaman would on your planet. And at the same time, they serve as a like a ranger. Do you still use that word?


Like a trailblazer. So they have to go out, they’re responsibility prior to starting classes and beginning their teachings is to go find their classroom. So they have to go out and if they find one then we consider that individual blessed in a way. And they’re able to then utilize what’s available between the two posts which is unlike really anything on Earth. It would be like if you had water, like how you throw a pebble into your water system like a lake or something and the then the radial rings sift outwards in 360 degree direction. These are not unlike water and stuff like that but they are standing if you want to say it that way, in between the two posts and they are upright vertically. So they serve as almost like a screen at times for the kids to utilize. And these screens are archives of all the collected and amassed knowledge that is kind of from the generations that have inhabited that particular part of Kylox. So the closer you get to the city you have more knowledge and more experience with industry and working with metalloids, for example. Whereas some of these clearings are very focused on herbs and medicine and how to synthesize plants on our planet for use in space for our soldiers, the home guard, and at the same time for preserving our immune systems depending on the given state. For example one thing that we understand you species doesn’t generally have a wide concept of it the notion of specific plants one would take if they were traveling to and from space on a regular basis. So utilizing particular chemicals that will preserve and protect and potentially strengthen ones immune system and metabolic systems and everything in the body, physiological systems, even if they were traveling to and from our planet whether to M1 or some other terrestrial object or if they’re going into deep exploration.

Ok, well thank you! Thank you so much for that. Now, just to give a little background, in relation to earth time are you in the current time, the past, the future, how would you describe that from where you’re at to where I’m at?

There’s something that makes this really difficult in your language so the best word I could come up with right now is stilted. There’s something about time and the way that it is experienced but moreover the way that it (sigh), how it lives how it practices itself. The facets of time as an entity if you can think of it that way for a moment. So we sense that, or I sense that you’re confused by my explanation. If you’re taking something from your Einstein, for example, that things are relative in space. Constants, time, whatever it may be that’s been said amongst humanity, time itself in your – the best way I can explain it is in your area of the universe is stilted compared to my time. So my time is actually a little bit ahead of your time. So I’m in the slight future, if you want to call it that, but to us and to me in particular it seems rather meaningless.

And for you, what is it like when we contact you? How is that?

Ummm, it feels like a mental telephone call. It feels like I have to just go do something else for few moments. So far I’ve talked to my own employer, my own colleagues and my boss, The Commandant specifically, about this. And I’ve talked to my family, like my wife about it. And I’ve kind of talked to them about how it happens and everyone’s so open minded already about telepathy on Kylox and in Mechrisnek that this has been well accepted, so far as I’ve explained myself, by my peers.

So you tell them you’re speaking to an Earthling?

Yes. And they ask! They wonder, you know, cause they’ve heard, some of them have heard stories, some of them remember more strongly about our explorations. And so they remember Earth to a degree and some of them ask questions about how have they been doing? You know, how have they progressed? Where are they at now? How did the planet turn out? Sort of thing. So I get a kick out of having these conversations. It adds to my life (laughter).

Ok, very good, thank you for that. And so if you could explain to us more about when you travel back to M1, what is it the you’re working on there, even currently?

Well, we are always working on many things, and I don’t get assigned to projects but I’m never the sole proprietor over any one project so, I have many hands and there’s a revolving door of people in and out. But we come and go as out schedules permit and we basically are able to do whatever work is needed at the time. So I was going to speak to you real quick about one of the main things that I was most recently working on and I’ll be working on when I get back to M1, after our conversation I assume, is specific to high frequency, high density particles of energy and transporting them from A to B, C to D. But with the variables of light and also the variables of that which your planet still called black holes. So we could be talking about strong gravitational pulls, we could be talking about particle waves and solar wind potentially. We’re just trying to perfect the ability to maintain a connection of energy so you could be transmitting information, you could be communicating, it could a simple hookup between machines that are communicating with each other regarding different machinations of one machine and what’s relayed to the second machine. So the importance being that we’ve got these situational realities in the cosmos that we’re trying to build systems for and yet maintain the integrity of the strength of the signal, if that is clear to you. So try to imagine two nodules and like four beams of energy that are coming out of each but they’re hooked up to one another via those beams of energy but there’s a swirl in the beam of energy. And you could draw like an S in between them but the point is the bends are us trying to maintain the integrity as I stated about the strength of the energy beam, that connection. So what we’re really doing is we’re perfecting and enhancing the strength of communicating with ourselves and out creations.

Ok, and that’s used primarily in your universe or other places?

On our planet but it mostly is going to be used on the T.O., the Terrestrial Objects and probes and then deeper space explorations. So right now I can let you know that we’re not out in space right now with some mother ship exploring right now. We’re really concerned still with the ongoing strife and attacks that are affecting the outer T.O.s and the continued species that we’ve been confronting. But other than that we keep sending out probes and what that means is that you’ve got typically two, at most three individuals together and so they’re far more dependent upon their machine to be that much more capable and then they have robots or little drones. So they have tract vehicles and then flying devices, these are small devices for assessing weather, you know if you end up on a planet that you’ve been able to enter into via the atmosphere. You can check the weather with one of the drones on board the probes. So the probes aren’t really, we’re getting the sense that the probes that you guys might be used to on Earth are much smaller, but these are ships. We call them probes because we’re not deeply exploring or trying to settle. We’re trying to study.

Ok, and if you would, explain to us how it is, what the process is like as you travel between Kylox and M1?

Hmmmm (pause) it’s pretty peculiar to even us still, the feeling, at times. It’s a ticklish feeling. The best way I can explain it to an Earthling is you literally start to disintegrate upwards in what might look like fire, its not fire in reality. It’s just a lot of energy, so what you’re doing is you’re dematerializing from that particular place in space and time and you’re re-materializing. So you watch your, the particles of yourself, your body pixelate into little tiny squares. And then float upward in a stream, like a river of pull and gravity upward. And then it starts from your feet and goes upward towards your torso and then finally your head. And you become brighter as you’re doing that and as it’s going up your body that ticklish feeling.

What causes the body to start disintegrating like that?

There’s a centrifuge that’s around that base of the platform that we stand upon. So the platform is like a whitish or off-white color and then there’s a distinct, almost black, rim to the edge of it and there is like a step down and in-between the platform and the ground, it’s like half a foot in height upward, there are these big panels of where this whitish light again, not so bright and not too intense to look at, starts to appear. And the more that it becomes white instead of see- through, that means that the machine is on and it’s about to start working. Now there’s a particular spot, it’s a lot like your Sci-Fi films, that’s the impression that I’m getting via The Collective and Phil. But in terms of your Sci-Fi films I’m getting the images of another platform that you step up on and then it’s unclear what’s above, but it’s bright. And for us there is this, you would think of it as like looking at the bottom like if you were holding a flashlight and you’re looking up at that, that panel. So you turn it on, there’s a bulb in there, you can see the bulb and then there’s a screen for where the light terminates. 

And do you have a particular sensation, you said that tickling sensation, as you’re traveling from one space to another? Or are you aware of it?

It’s these sensations that you start to feel then of floating headfirst but you’re weightless. And your body starts to become this grayish color like your old steam engines, them spitting out smoke, that color. And then you start to have these electrical-like sensations going through you. Similar to your static electricity moments with others on Earth, where you might briefly shock. It’s not a strong shock but it’s lightly shocks that are going through your body and they appear as red and white. And they’re like little red and white (pause) like (sigh), little red and white droplets that are coursing all of the the body really quickly and in different areas at different times. But you can see yourself and imagine yourself pretty easily in all of the filters, if you want to call it that way, like you can see your skeletal structure, but then you just see this swirling cylinder type warp of like, you know, you’re not sure where you are. You’re seemingly just traveling through energy and space. And then you start to re-materialize from the top down and your feelings of discomfort can vary, depending on actually where your thought processes are in the midst of travel. So if you are worried about where you’re headed and what’s on the other end and what’s in store for you. For me it’s my workplace so if I am worried about am I going to get fired or something like that, something an Earthling would worry about for sure. We would, any one of us from my planet, would experience this discomfort after you’ve rematerialized. Again there’s that tickling feeling and then you re-materialize. But it’s like you put on clothes or some shoes or something like that, or boots for the first time that don’t totally fit. And so, everything is just trying to work out its kinks, or something along those lines. You get used to the process. It’s really not that uncomfortable. It’s not like you come back and, the name Picasso is coming to my mind, it’s not like that at all. We’ve never had any mishaps.

Ok, you acclimate back pretty easily.

We might have had mishaps when the technology was first created amongst my civilization but not since I’ve been around or anytime near. 

Ok, very good, thank you. And do you have any updates you want to share?

Oh and real quick, just wanted to talk about that centrifuge. That centrifuge requires (pause) a mixture, a combination, that’s the word you guys would use, of two chemicals. And it’s actually liquid version of that metalloid that I spoke of not too long ago to you guys. I spoke of a liquid metalloid that wasn’t present in your realm and/or on your planet, so you’re not even familiar with the name. But we had sourced it and we had utilized it and it’s involved in this cube-like structure. And the metalloid itself is spun, well it’s first combined with another liquid metalloid, specifically mercury. And then it’s spun counter-rotationally at really high speeds. And then that is able to create, as far as I know, a strong enough magnetic field where you are able to then more easily manipulate particles and gravity. So you can make particles in that space, it’s basically creating a magnetic field of it’s own and it’s a strong one so you can make the particles in that area go really close together or you can make them go really far apart. It was also a part of our attempt to formalize our training systems for the weightless situations that our deep explorers were concerned about and wanted- it was part of the training program for that. There’s just a lot to say, so.

(laugh) Ok well you describe it very well, it’s a bit above my head I’m afraid (laughter).

(laugh) Sorry about that.

(laugh) That’s alright, it’s fascinating to listen to. I’m trying to follow you as you describe all of it.

I’m sure that, I think that we’ve talked before about Phil’s artistic qualities. If we haven’t then I know about them somehow via The Collective. I would suggest that maybe he try and put it to paper.

Ok, good, yeah, he’s very good at that isn’t he.

The way that, one thing that I can share with you that you may not know as a species about this universe that we both reside in right now. The same universe. Is that in terms of (pause, sigh), in terms of grasping knowledge or finding the source of it, just know it’s right there. It really is not a matter of, it’s not always a matter of you have to set up this exploration and it’s funding and it’s logistics and it’s the right minds and the right moment and the right society, you know, voluntarily or by force going and successfully exploring and finding something that houses knowledge that’s sought. And a lot of times the knowledge that people are seeking actually pertains to their own lineage, so it’s, you know for me and for Phil the reality is it’s right there in The Collective. Like The Collective is ready there to offer it to us.

And that’s how you access them and that information comes to you through him.

Yeah, a lot of times I think that’s the best way I could make sense of it, as someone who’s studied in multiple realms of the sciences and I don’t want to get ahead of myself but seems like my society might be further off than yours is at the moment.

Sure, I think so (laugh).

So in regards to certain subjects that we’ve been talking.

Ok, very good, thank you so much for that! So before we bring The Collective forward is there any other information you want to share with us today?

(sigh, pause) We are aware, at least I’m aware, that your planet is making actually a lot of strides in terms of its understanding of deeper space and what might be going on in certain places. But the one thing that we’re going to, and this is coming from other people that I’ve spoken to about Earth, the encouragement of keep going. You know, the one thing that is coming to my mind the recent explorations of your, is it you Kepplar telescope that’s in deep space and seems to have found multiple types of planets and your scientists and your planet has seemingly been in happiness that there’s news about other types of planets out there. And what I want I guess to bring forth to the table to you guys and for humanity to realize is that there are going to be many anomalies out there that won’t match up with your current models of how planets can form and exist. Rocky solids, for example, can have somewhat less that solids surfaces, can have completely solid cores. One planet that we have found has a fairly, I think as humans you might find this fairly humorous, the surface is like an avocado and/or pudding. That’s the best that I can come up with for you regarding examples. But the core of the planet is actually ice. So it’s really solid. And we’re actually really baffled by this planet, we’re not sure how to navigate and/or if there is civilizations living inside this substance. But there is nothing except for this pudding-like substance the goes all the way down to the core.

Interesting, so are your scientists exploring that planet currently?

They’re studying it, they’re actually preparing to send a probe to it but we don’t think we’re going to be able to land, we think we’re only going to be able to do a stronger analysis by first circling it and I think we’re going to plan to circle it two or three times. And it’s not like your planet, it’s not watery. It’s not blue and as far as we know it does no have any continents like Earth has, for example. But it’s not like your moon, we’ll say that. It’s not this rocky outside and there’s no crust to it. So we’ve been able to take a strong X-ray image, that’s something we’re able to do with one of our machines. But we’re not able to get much more than that. So I can tell what the composition of the stuff looks like to me and I’ve seen. We have a tendency to lay things out on blueprints in images even after we’ve printed them so that’s where I’ve seen it.

Ok, understood. Alright, well thank you so much for that! Ok, so with that we ask that we’ll ask that we have Charlie step back now and we’ll ask The Collective to come forward.

Session 16

Facilitated by Ella August 26th, 2020

Just let me know when I have The Collective

We are here.

Hello, welcome!


It’s been a little bit, it’s nice to connect with you again


Well, I guess I’ll start off with asking is there anything you want to share?

We see a lot of trouble on your planet right now, in a lot of forms. We see the violence on your streets worldwide. Not just in your country but also in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, specifically China. We see it in India and various parts of Africa and South America, and Mexico and Canada to some degree. But especially we see the United States and Europe. Particularly Western Europe, we are being shown. But it also includes Poland and the Czech Republic and Austria. We understand that this is a time of huge strife for you guys on your planet. It’s a real changing point in many ways, for all of you. We realize and see how tough a year it has been for you guys, the whole planet. COVID, your virus, to riots and civil unrest, and the unease, especially in your country with regard to the election that is coming. 

Absolutely, yes it’s been chaotic.

We see the storms that are coming too, literally, hitting your coast. We see plenty more this season.

What can you tell us about that?

Florida will be effected at some point in the season, fairly strongly. But mainly Texas and Louisiana are going to get hit a lot this year. Houston will feel it again. Houston is fundamentally flawed, it is not built correctly from what we can tell. So it is going to keep happening there. But Louisiana, we see New Orleans getting affected again. Gulf Shores, Alabama we see being affected. Tallahassee, Pensacola. 

And this is still the waters rising as you spoke about before?

Yes. But it really has nothing to do with what your scientists say about global warming and how waters are rising in that way. It has nothing to do with melting Glaciers, that’s not happening. That is a giant lie. You guys are being fed lies and untruths. The reality is the pole shift. What we see is a giant magnetic flipping of situations, literally magnetic with your poles. And that’s affecting your surface. It is going to affect the whole planet. The innards of it, the subterranean cultures that live in your planet.

And this has happened before . . .

Yes. We think 6 times it has happened. We weren’t around in this universe, we hadn’t established ourselves in this universe when it first began. But it definitely happened 6 times, is what we can tell.

And where do you see the poles at now?

The Northern pole is heading through Siberia. And the other one is heading up toward Indonesia. And when they meet it will form an instant pole on the other side because two poles can’t exist in the same place. We see the polar opposite establishing itself somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and the West coast of Africa, but closer to Africa. And this time around it’ll be closer to what your former civilization in Atlantis had when it was arranged. So the Canary Islands it will be near. 

Can you see when the process will be completed? When the shift will be done?

We get the year 2030, but we don’t know if that means when it will be done or when it starts. It’s going to start in 2021. But it’ll be a gradual process to peak. What we see is 2030 is a peak year. And that’s when you’ll see upheaval that you all have never seen.

Can you give some examples of that?

Major waves of size, tidal waves of size that you have never seen or have in recorded history. Only legends and myths of yours. And it will hit your coasts and it will level cities and it will rearrange economies and everything that you possibly know about human relations will change.

Is this when you see the wave hitting the West coast of North America?

It’ll happen over time, it will happen multiple times. And it will gradually get stronger. We also see something with your sun being blacked out during this time period and something is going to happen with your moon. There is going to be a disruption. What we can see is it is intentional by someone on your planet. They are trying to block the lunar connection that is inherent with your planet and your species and everything that has do with anything on your planet. That’s going to be gradually blocked further, it is already being blocked. We see this black disc. You can’t see the outline if you’re human but we can see this giant black disc being placed between the energy beam that is connected and linked between the moon and your planet. And that will cut off the relationship and many things will suffer. So waves are going to get more torrential at times but also they are going to recede and not occur as much in some places and it will be weird for your people. It will also affect your gender.

Females you mean?


In what way?

It is going to affect your minds and your hormones, which will affect your minds because you guys are more connected to the moon, as far as we understand. We see the connection stronger.

What do you see happening with females?

Aggressive hostile behavior emerging from more females because they’re not tethered to their natural connection, the lunar connection. We see more people just angry on a daily basis. Like road rage, yelling in the streets at people. More negative behavior and negative behavior in society.

Unrest and Riots

Hmmm, (pause) well, things are going to still keep happening. Things are going to get worse for a little bit, especially following your election. But in your Northern cities it won’t be so bad because of the winters but it will still have people out in hats and coats trying to fight the police in some places. Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, Detroit and Chicago, New York, and DC, those cities will see strife in the winter. But there will be plenty of fighting in the Southern parts and California. We see the whole South on fire. And the Southwest as well. And we don’t mean a flame by a wild fire, we mean aflame with problems in your society.

What do you see as the final result of all the rioting and cities during? What is on the other side of it?

What we see right now is you guys are already in the midst of a civil war. It’s already happening, it’s just not what you guys would think is the definition of a civl war. But it is already occurring. On the other side is law and order and that is not that far away in time for you guys. We don’t see that as far away, we see that as pretty close. It is right around the corner and we believe that Trump will be re-elected and because of that you will see a new form that washes over your nation, your country. Law and order, nothing police state like, not like federal police or anything like that. More support for the police and even from the public. People that in this moment right now say “We want to defund the police”, they’re going to say very shortly “No, that’s not what we want” and they will go back on their word and support for such a concept. They will demand order and law be upheld. We do see incarceration rates going down. It’ll just be more of a focus on very serious crimes, like people who abuse women or children are going to be emphasized.

So as far as the election goes, you see that going through successfully?

There’s going to be turbulence of a severe kind that you guys are not really used to. It’s going to be worse than 2016 and the election will be contested by Biden. Trump will be declared the winner the night of the election but ultimately it won’t be accepted by the other side right away. They’ll be a lot of fighting.

More riots?

Yes. Especially California and the whole West coast.


Somewhat but not as much. New York and DC. But many places in your country are going to flip red, as you guys say. They will go Republican that have been blue for so long. One place we see is Maryland, and Baltimore. And Texas will remain conservative and red. And New Mexico. We see Minnesota going blue and Wisconsin  and Michigan. We see Arizona and Nevada going red though. And Colorado going red. We even see Connecticut and Rhode Island going red but Massachusetts will remain blue. Maine will go red and New York will go blue. We’re not sure about Pennsylvania, we think there is going to be problems with the election process there. Same with Ohio. And Michigan and Wisconsin we see contention. We’re seeing this weird wavy thing going on with the colors between red and blue. 

So it will be a battleground place?


And come to the last votes?


Status of Trafficking

He empathizes with so many people and situations and he sees both sides of the coin but ultimately he has his favorite ideas and he wants them to succeed. It’s not any different than most people. He has chosen a side but he believes that side is working with the light strongest and is delivering serious justice, especially for the weakest in your societies. The children who have been possessed by what we see as evil. Dark, very dark ones that have taken your children and done terrible things too many of them. But also women and those that are vulnerable.

Any update on the child trafficking network? What’s happening with that?

It has been seriously disrupted. There’s been MAJOR breaks in the network of transporting them. We see a lot of people freaking out online, on your internet, that are the evil ones that are perpetrating these things. And they’re very upset. They are struggling to source what they want and that they want to possess, children. They are having a really hard time. We see people frantically messaging each other and trying to figure out where they can- and we see them getting really desperate in their moves so that’s why you need to be more careful if you are a parent. This is a warning for parents or adults in general, watch for kids getting just snatched right off your streets cause they are that desperate. Their organizations have been disrupted and Trump has been huge, he’s been the biggest influence. He’s directed your authorities, your Homeland Security, Border Patrol, ICE, Immigration people.

What can you tell people about that? Because our media doesn’t share what he is doing.

There are so many task forces that are operating in secret essentially. They are operating in the dark because they can’t be known. But they’re not just task forces, there are operations going on, not just in your nation but around the world. Wherever the United States is and we see a couple of countries in Western Europe trying, but nowhere near as hard as your country. We see France trying a little bit and the UK and Norway. Not really anybody else.

I’ve heard some rumors that these task forces have even gone into other countries and eliminated bad people.

They have. Yes, they have. Definitely see Italy on that list. We also see Nepal and India and Pakistan somewhat. But you are not using your own forces there. You’re using local authorities. And Australia is in the mix, New Zealand. They are not only being cleaned up by authorities there but their authorities are helping abroad. We see Malaysia and Singapore and Thailand trying to help in that area. Japan and South Korea, in that area. Uganda is trying. We see Ethiopia trying and Nigeria. Part of South Africa and Botswana we see.

What do see for the future of the African continent?

Plenty of turbulence but also more order. Newer generations of Africans are rising to the challenge to establish order in their countries and to bring prosperity to themselves, but also their people with the market and with capitalism. They’re learning and with the internet it’s really helping them learn in many places where they would traditionally struggle. We see that in Nigeria, we see that in Malawi for sure, Tanzania, and Angola. We also see some countries that are regressing: Sudan, Algeria, Libya. Libya will struggle for years to establish stability. There’s too many foreign actors involved and they want the assets, mainly the oil. I’m talking mainly Turkey and Russia but also the UAE has a hand in this in Libya and elements of the EU are playing sides, along with your country. But your country is not as concerned about the oil, it’s more concerned about the insecurity it is bringing the region. It doesn’t want it to affect Egypt or any other parts of the Middle East or North Africa. 

And how about South Africa?

South Africa is on the list of regressing. It’s going to struggle with violence. We see a lot of internal chaos. We see the whites of South Africa being targeted by the majority population, violently and for years to come. The white population, if they want to survive in South Africa and reside there, they are going to have to seriously develop more armaments and acquire them and have cottage factories. Makeshift factories where the locals are designing anything and everything and supplying the minority population to defend themselves and their homes and property. And if not, we see a lot of perishing. They are going to be attacked, it’s going to be really bloody, just like is has been. We see machetes being used and just really brutal in your face combat. Zimbabwe same thing, just regressing and not trying. The governments are the problem, they’re not trying to take on the issues of corruption or economic stability. They don’t know what they are doing, from what we see. They’re not educated to know what they are doing. Algeria is another country on that list. We see Mali having the same problem, kind of, Chad struggling still, South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya is going to get worse in terms of violence, is what we see. So it won’t be a safe country to travel to.

We see more hope in Western Africa, like Ghana or Côte d’Ivoire Nigeria even. We see Nigeria as the next big breakthrough on that continent, economically. We still see the fighting but the fighting will decrease between Muslims and Christians because of the prosperity that is brought as their economy is opened more and more. And more of their people become acquainted with other markets worldwide and they become connected. Not just to North America but also South America. Even SE Asia and Australia. There will be new opportunities for many, many people on the African continent. Ones that the previous century did not deliver. And we don’t see the last century and its effects as a product of colonialism or imperialism, we see it as a result of warlordism and a lack of proper education in like mathematics and basic language and communication and a values for structure and order. One that can deliver prosperity.

Thank you for sharing that, anything else you want to share?

Well we see Japan being affected by some sort of tsunami again. They’ll be an earthquake and a tsunami but we think the earthquake will be closer to your continent. 

Ok, so it will be a big one.

Yes, it will hit most of the islands in the pacific with waves, it’ll spread

Last time we spoke you mentioned some sort of attack occurring in Sydney, do you see that still happening?

Yeah, but not as soon as we thought because it has to do with reopening. So once it reopens and people can go back, that’s when we see a potential problem. It really depends on whether your civilizations decide to reopen large gatherings and when that will take place.

What do you see for the United States as far as reopening?

It is going to try and remain closed for a long time, longer than you expect right now. You’re thinking it’s going to be ready next year but everybody is going to be really nervous. After months and months and months and a long winter of nothing. We see a lot of your businesses shuttering because of the lockdowns and they need to end. People are dying and not from COVID. They are killing themselves, they are overdosing on alcohol and stuff that they would have never even done. We see more suffering because of the lockdown. And this is really affecting your kids, your youth. Your youth are going insane, is what we see. Inside their heads they’ve lost a lot of hope and faith because they’re not allowed to do anything. So yeah we see a lot of them acting out in the streets and causing problems.

fearAnd you have no one to blame but those that support the lockdowns and putting masks on. That’s not going to stop this virus of yours. Tell your people to stop being so scared. This is about fear. Fear is what is poisoning your people. No one is dying from the Corona virus. They are succumbing to many others things that have been building in their lives the whole time, even the young ones. It’s not so much that they died from COVID. They sacrificed themselves, and there are many of them in some places, to show to you all and pose that challenge to you. Do you accept wearing a mask for the rest of your life and living in fear? Or are you willing to take a chance on life and know that you are your own master of your own destiny? You control your health. You control what goes into your body. From what we can see your people should be far more concerned with that. What goes into your body? What are you choosing to put into your body and in your mind? What are you consuming on your internet and your streaming devices? What are you watching? What are consciously putting on with your remotes? What are you putting on and taking the time to watch and absorb? Everybody needs to ask themselves, what is that ultimately doing to them? If you are watching all these very horrible shows with lots of torture and just, is it horror? Is that one of your genres?


Your people need to stop. They are already over-adrenalized by technology and your diets and just the pace of modern life on your planet. That’s making things way worse and it’s attracting entities to them that actually do cause havoc and problems in the household. People need to be aware that evil is tangible and it’s real. And it is coming through on your planet at all times, every day. People need to be on guard and they need to be vigilant about their spirituality and how they help prevent the entry even. We see it like you’re turning on a beacon to these entities when you put on a horror show you shouldn’t be watching and you know you shouldn’t. And if you don’t know then we suggest that you take a strong look at yourself and what you do value and if that’s not being espoused in whatever your ingesting or consuming, then don’t do it. Find something else. We see it as an addiction to many of your people. Your people are literally addicted to being over-adrenalized, not just in your country, worldwide. Your Hollywood has not helped, it’s only hindered in many ways. And that’s one of the main places where the darkness is pouring through and really, really sinking itself into that area.

Well, it has taken a hit with this lockdown.

It will never recover. It will always be different after this with your Hollywood. Mainly because of the state of California where it is, we see so many problems for that state. Pick an issue, they are going to experience it. 

Thank you so much for sharing that information, a good message for everyone right now. Last session we shared on the website and it was also discussed with Julia and Suzanne on the radio show. I just wanted to see how you felt about the reaction?

Well we were surprised by the reaction. We were surprised that it had even been done. Once we got word that it had happened we were very excited for all of you and we see that many people had a very favorable and a very great reaction ultimately.

Thank you! Ok, do you have a final message you want to share with him or with the people reading the website?

Keep coming because we are going to keep doing this. Keep coming to the website. Keep reading. Keep thinking about what we’re presenting to you. You don’t have to agree with us. You don’t have to believe us. We just want to communicate and share with you what we see, which is from a totally different perspective, from what we can tell, than what you guys see or experience. So we fully support people like you, Ella, and Suzanne to continue teaching and going further.

Much love to you until next time!

To you too!

Thank you.

Session 15

Facilitated by Ella, April 29th, 2020


Just let me know when we have The Collective.

(big breath)

You have them.



It’s good to connect with you!

It has been a long time.

Yes, yes it has. A lot has been happening here. We’re glad we were able make this happen today, it has been longer than we hoped.


So, as you probably know, we worked on some questions to ask you but if you have anything you want to start off with, feel free to share whatever you have to say.

We’re open to what you have to share first.

Ok, awesome! So we’ll start with what everybody on Earth is talking about right now, the Corona virus or the Covid19 virus, whatever you want to call it. From your perspective, how would you describe what is going on?

It’s a weird nexus of many things; opportunities and risks and losses and sacrifices. From our perspective it has to do with light over-taking lesser light, so light that doesn’t shine as brightly, or in your terms might not matter as much. But that doesn’t have to do with the ones that are enacting this, this has to do with the people that are on Earth in mass. And the sour-colored individuals are being trampled by those that really appreciate the opportunity to be on Earth in this life and appreciate the opportunities and freedoms and liberties afforded to them in this life. So that’s what’s going to triumph. That’s what we see is going to triumph in the end here. It’s those that are unadulterated, they’re not altered by fear, they’re not altered by some external persuasion that’s telling them to be controlled or allow themselves to be controlled. People are going to flourish and do what they want. And we see that happening sooner than later in a lot of the Western countries of your Earth, but especially your country. It’s not going to take hold, the idea of control. And that’s the whole point of this virus, to test the waters to see if you guys are all up for the idea of being controlled in mass and allowing yourselves to be preyed upon.

Microscopic view of Coronavirus, a pathogen that attacks the respiratory tract. Analysis and test, experimentation. Sars

Are you talking about the New World Order doing the testing or who is doing the testing?

Something like that, something akin to that, yeah. And it has to do with the person that you call Doctor Fauci and the Chinese Communist Party and people you would call globalists in the past who have gotten together already. So we see Bill Gates and we see a number of other figures involved that have to do with large policy, like Barack Obama and even Joe Biden to a lesser degree. 

From your perspective, is this something they’ve been working up to?

Yes. They’ve been working on this for many, many years because everything isn’t going to their standard. They thought that you would all comply and they thought that you would all submit so easily and quickly and on their terms. You guys are not going to do that and it’s not going to plan, according to them. And this was just a test case for an even worse scenario but it was their way of testing the waters and establishing the foundations upon which they could go further and take away more of your allowances and opportunities and do that at will without any kind of criticism. 

human-connectionThey want to put you online on purpose so that they separate you from reality. That’s why their all having you stay inside and connected to the internet so you feel like you’re connected to the world. And you’re talking to maybe your colleagues with telework or Telehealth or something like that, but you’re not really connected because it is not the same thing to connect over the internet versus connecting in real life. The connections that people build in real life are different, as far as we can tell. They’re fundamentally different. So they want to deprive you of that and then they want to deprive you of even more than that, as far as we can tell. We encourage you – we see this as an extension of the fog-weapons system and that whole entire control mechanism at work on your planet. It doesn’t have anything to do with that beyond your planet and they are trying to ramp up efforts as far as we can tell because they think the fog system is weakening, from our perspective, and we see them trying to strengthen it and bolster it with newer mechanisms, satellites. We see like a web.

5GIs that the 5G stuff?

Yes, partly.

A lot of people are concerned about that.

They’re not wrong and a lot of it has to do with the fact that the 5G opportunities that we see presented on your Earth are originating from the Chinese Communist Party or affiliated entities. So it’s the same thing as your virus you’re enduring, it’s all from the same place. And the reason why they’ll never take responsibility is it was set up that way by even people from your country and the surrounding countries in the West that you know and that your countrymen know as allies. They all chose China because they knew that nothing would be believed as truthful or not. So China is the easiest place to launch a lot of these things. 

So what would be your advice to the average person, who doesn’t want to get caught up in the fear, in order to fight what’s going on?

Well don’t comply with societal regulations, do what you think is right. Do what’s right in your heart, as you say. And follow your gut. Don’t believe “science” because there is no such thing as “science”. That’s an absolutist term used by authoritarians, as far as we canendtheshutdown tell, in order to instill fear. And in order to instill compliance and control; to manipulate your mind into thinking that you’re not following the facts. We don’t see any reason why people shouldn’t fight for what they believe in and if they really want to pursue their opportunities unabated, then they need to stand up for themselves at every possible turn. And even at your local levels, you need to avoid the fear and just go and do what you think is your life. And the more you allow the fear then the more you allow this system to come into control and to take over your mind and allow yourselves completely to be ruined.

Thank you for all of that, I’m sure many will appreciate hearing that. I was wondering, from your perspective, how will humanity look back on this period of time dealing with this virus?

As a foolish time, as a foolish period of time in your history. That’s how it will be viewed by your people. Even with those that really did try their best, it will be viewed as foolish because the amount of people that died, the amount of people that got sick even, isn’t proportional to the population of your country at large. It’ll be different in different parts of your planet.  So we see Europe viewing this differently. nationalismWe see East Asia and China viewing this differently, even among their population, and that will cause divisions down the road. So what you know as internationalism or globalism is over with, it’s no longer going to be that type of world. But there is going to be a lot of opportunities in your country in particular, that arise because your country is going to take care of itself because it has the capacity to. That’s what we see. And we see Europe trying to do the same but failing in many ways. We see the same in Asia and Russia and the Middle East, as you call it, and we see them being ok. And Australia being ok and more self-sufficient.

Europe will struggle for the rest of your life, from here on out. From what we can tell this is the final nail in the coffin of the European Union. We don’t see any more serious cooperation among nationalities in Europe. And we don’t see that continuing any further, we see so many disruptions and then many fractures from there. european union fallAnd we just see a lot of blame and rioting and civil strife and then nationalistic responses in the end from countries that wouldn’t even consider that to be their national policies today. So they make fun of your country for being nationalistic under your current leader, President Trump. But they will be no different very soon. And it doesn’t mean World War Three at all, it means that people and nations are going to be the priorities. The national priorities will refocus the Earth. 

As far as we can see, travel will resume though. Tourism and flights, we see all that resuming. And train travel. But you won’t be able to travel without your passports and there will be tougher border restrictions no matter where you go. That doesn’t mean within the individual countries, it means between the countries, that’s what we see.

Thank you for sharing that, is there anything else you want to add about the virus?

vaccinesWe see a lot of efforts to mandate individuals at the societal level to comply with a mandatory vaccine or mandatory something. Shots and therapy and masks and gloves even, we see. And that is different per country that we see. But we don’t think that is something you should comply with. We see that as part of the regime of fear that’s trying to take hold on your planet right now and instill you with something that isn’t warranted in terms of fear regarding your planet, as far as we understand. We don’t understand the past and how your leaders, we’ve seen and understand, are comparing the past to now and that’s simply not true. It does not reflect it.

Like the Spanish Flu you mean?

Or even wars! We’ve heard that that’s a thing, we understand that that is a thing going on on your planet. And that is not equivocal at all. And your people are buying in to that en masse in some cases, depending on the nations. Not your country necessarily. In fact, your country is leading the way with Australia, as far as we can tell, for the liberty and freedom seeking peoples of the Earth. And we also see countries, like Japan even, that maybe were once more restrictive, embracing more individual liberties and freedoms as a result of this situation on your planet. So where they once were more restrictive, they will become more open. Like maybe your country even. 

chinaWe see the people of the whole planet no longer tolerating lies from telecommunications and media. And yet they want to participate in that technology, they want to have the technology and tune in but they don’t want to be lied to anymore. And we see many, many, many types of people: Japanese, Australian, Americans, some Europeans, Russians, Middle Easterners of different varieties defying their own government orders, even Indians defying their government orders. And some of the Chinese will do that but we don’t think it will be enough. But we do see China being punished, especially by the majority of the world.

The majority of the nations will frown upon how China behaved and you will all look back and will frown upon the way China reported information to you and your nations. And you will all want to sanction them in some ways, some of your nations will do it more harshly. For example, your nation will lead the way in sanctioning China and seeking retribution for misleading your planet regarding this whole entire phenomenon.

How will this affect the CCP? Will they lose power?


There will be a fracturing. We don’t see the current leader staying in power, we see him having to resign, Xi Jinping. The CCP will still remain but it will be weakend. It will have fractured like an earthquake split the giant block of the CCP in half or in two thirds and one third. But it will still be a thing. That’s not the final end of the CCP.

Will the fracturing give more freedom to the Chinese people?

China backlashWe see more and more people just defying the CCP and not a loosening of rules but more so the people that are in China simply just defying and utilizing proxies on your internet. Simply routing their lives around controls they know are unenforceable. And even if they are enforceable they’re not worried anymore to die because they’ve already been scared to death by their own government. And all of you have been scared to death by your governments. And as far as we can tell it was not for legitimate reasons.

Thank you for all that information, I know that many people will be seeking that out. The next questions we have are kind of open ended but we wanted to ask about the election in our country coming up in the fall. What do you see with that?

2020 election2

Problems (laugh). They will proceed but there will be so many problems that it’s going to lead to questions of potential cancellation altogether and from there to everything in between; every possibility will arise and it’ll differ between the states of your country. What we see is that different states will have different prevailing opinions about what should happen. And it will kind of be on a regional basis, like we see the NorthEast of your country thinking one way and we see the South and your area of the country thinking differently. And the mountains versus the West coast thinking differently from one another even. It’ll be different per state even, it’ll be all factionalized. So we see some sort of committee arising, like a new congressional or constitutional type committee, that arises and is appointed and is binary and could potentially be utilized as a decision maker when it comes to the election. Beyond your Supreme Court, your high court. We see it also lasting into the colder months. We feel that, we can feel that cold and see the cold and the snow. We see not just an early winter for most of your country but we see the onset of problems, as you would call it, continuing well beyond the date of the election.


Do you see it being postponed?

No, we see it proceeding, but there will be many complications in the system in which you use. And your current leader will be defied and called a dictator but he will remain the your leader through the trial and error until some sort of decision has been made. We also see some physical violence in New York and California and the West coast area because of the “potential delay” in their eyes. But what they need to understand is that things have been set awry, many, many things. Primarily the virus and how it allowed your economy to be shut down. The economy suffering will be worse as we see it. More jobs, lives, families will be broken, lives will be lost and broken; we see more problems arising. Cities will be broken and states will be broken and literally bankrupt. And they will cry for help to your government, your federal government. And we see money being given to certain states but other states being denied help in some ways, like Missouri and Louisiana being denied help. But New York and Texas and Illinois and Washington getting help and even Florida getting help. This will affect the outcome of the election because the peoples that were going to vote one way have fundamentally been changed. 

fake newsAnd this was all a ploy. This was a ploy by one of your political parties to upend your society. And it wasn’t just orchestrated by them, it was amplified by them and it was amplified by your telecommunications and communications peoples, your media as you call it. Your prevailing media authorities in your society have caused such a stir that people don’t seem to know up from down or left from right in our perspective anymore, in many ways and many subject matters and topics. And we see your people confused in a lot of ways and that will affect their voting habits in ways that’s different than what was predictable for years past or even the years leading up to now. And the allowance by your leaders to do such a thing should be questioned. Every leader that did american freedom2obstruct you or your peoples, we see them being questioned hard, like very strongly by the peoples of their respective states. We see a lot of states seeing upheaval because of that, like Michigan and Virginia and Pennsylvania. We see those states and we see a lot of just normal people defying orders and raising arms against the state government of the respective territories that we mentioned and overthrowing and reforming many of their state organizations and ways.

Do you see it coming to violence?


There will be arms used but we don’t – we see violence in Michigan potentially and somewhat in Virginia to a degree. But it won’t be so much violence as the authorities will be faced by individual citizens with arms raised and they will simply back down. It won’t require bloodshed except maybe in Michigan to a degree. That will set a tone and that will reverberate like a shockwave through your country and it will send fear into the spines and blood of your authorities for eternity. For the rest of your nations history your authorities will be reminded that your people run your nation not them. And it will be because of people that were very average stood up and decided enough was enough. And they really are pissed. They are really, really, really angry and nothing will stop them from their goals. No matter how much rhetoric is spewed at them, that only is fueling them. The more that they are prodded and poked, the more they will not put up with a single ounce of overextension, as we see it, or retaliation by state authorities.

From your perspective, why have those individuals that have passed, succumbed to the virus?

souls rising

We literally see their spirits rising. It literally is exactly their time. And yeah, they definitely signed up for this time. We think it’s fairly silly and we see it as ostentatious that your peoples would view it as anything but their time. How are you to know it wasn’t their time? And why would you ruin peoples lives in order to simply try to answer a question that you don’t have the answer to? Like, is it their time? Who are you to ask that? That is what we see. We see a lot of arrogance right now. Amongst the people that are especially allowed to stay home and be ok. We see them acting as if they know all the facts. We encourage those people to stop talking and move out of the way so that progress can actually be made because they’re not helping and they don’t understand. They think they understand from our view but quite honestly the cosmos is laughing at them individually. And is saying “How dare you proclaim that you know. You think you know and you  think that you are somehow more spiritually inclined because you know or because you’re proclaiming that you know that this is the right thing to do. Are you even considering some of the basics?” That is what we and the rest of your surrounding cosmos is saying, from what we can see. Literally pointing and laughing at these individuals in your society that are saying this because all we hear about your society is that you are freedom seekers and you are freedom lovers. But you are voluntarily giving up your own rights and for what in exchange? We don’t understand. You are lying to yourselves. That’s what we see. You are misleading yourselves by choosing to plug in to certain authorities and to listen to them and to care and to give them credence. Even though their “science” doesn’t even match the reality. 

Thank you for that, I appreciate your perspective on that. Hopefully that will help people calm down a little bit. So besides the virus and the election what else do you see for our year 2020?

volcanoVolcanoes will be issues worldwide, especially towards the end of the year. Not in your country or society but Indonesia in particular is going to suffer a very large explosion of some kind with regard to a volcano. And we see that affecting not really towns, but the cloud cover will and that will rain ash down on towns. We see some big earthquakes again in that same sector of Southeast Asia. We see something happening to Singapore but we’re not really sure what. We do see buildings crumbling but we’re not really sure if it is Singapore or somewhere else nearby in Southeast Asia, like Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. But we see some sort of issue arising right in that area, towards September and October in this year of yours.

Like an earthquake?

Yes, something like that. Not a war. We also see Japan and Korea trying to get the Olympics going again and your Olympics are going to be potentially changed. We see them being changed forever. The way that you used to celebrate them will be changed. And not because of health concerns that are real but because of fear. We see walls being erected and fences and we don’t see anybody, like no audience. So we take that to mean that you’ll be highly restricted.


Like TV viewing only?

For the most part. Otherwise you’ll require immense checks in order to be allowed into big events like that internationally. Especially outside your country. 

Any other events you see happening this year?

We see something happening at the Sydney Opera House, we think it is the Sydney Opera House but we’re not sure. It could be a stadium in your country, it is very hard for us to make it out and we don’t know what it is. It is some sort of event. It’s not the destruction of the stadium or the venue. It has something to do with people inside. Like there will be some sort of event inside that’s bad. We see it as some sort of gas or aerosol pumped into the venue and hurting a lot of people.

Like a terrorist attack?

Yes. We see them in formal wear, the people that are suffering. And they’re coughing.

And you think that’s in Sydney?




When do you see that happening?


And how will the world react to that?
Horrified. People will be scared to go to Australia again from your country and from all the countries of the world. It will be similar to your 9/11 in fear level. But the one opportunity and beneficiary that we see from this situation is potentially your nation Australiabecause Australia will join you as we see it, even more fervently, to help you in your endeavors abroad to help fight terrorism and to be a closer ally of yours. They’ll move away from China. They will be more active in the world community.

We see them having strife with New Zealand as a result of that because we see that New Zealand doesn’t want to participate so much and doesn’t want to be such good friends, or loyal friends, to you and your nation. They would rather skimp by and get away with what they can get away with while acting more like Europe. 

We see more problems between Europe and your nation arising because Europe doesn’t want to comply with your nations world order and your nation is not going to tolerate their behavior and their lack of allegiance and loyalty after all these years of protection and money spent and lives lost in the defense of Europe. Europe will be, especially the Western part, left to their own devices by your nation. And we see certain countries reaching out to yours, like Norway and some of the Nordic countries, not all. But especially Norway and Denmark will reach out to your country to build efforts together. We see less of the continent caring. What we see is an allowance that’s owed to you for helping them. But we don’t have stake in that game. Europe will suffer. They will suffer more than they have ever suffered, especially the Western part. Components of the East will do fine.

Thank you for that. Do you see any major arrest or indictments in this coming year?

John brennanYes. We see a lot of your former administrations peoples being indicted and arrested. Even publicly with handcuffs. For example, John Brennan we see being handcuffed and arrested. And he will be on your public television, your media, in handcuffs and being walked away. Susan riceWe also see Susan Rice being indicted. We see a lot of your people being called before Congress, that were in this former administration that betrayed your country and your way of life and the checks and balances system that you guys hold so dearly to your heart. We see justice being served because we see people being reassured in mass. But in many ways it won’t be enough for a lot of people, is what we see. It won’t be enough justice.

Thank you. Is there anything else you want to add about this coming year or decade that you want to mention now?

We see some sort of conflict in a very mountainous area, relatively soon. Especially involving the Russians, maybe in Caucuses towards Armenia. But we don’t see it as a huge conflict, we don’t see it as many nations fighting at the moment. There’s stuff beyond that but we can’t see it. We see helicopters, MI-24s rising over hilltops and mountaintops. russia-caucaus map

And this is a major world event that is happening?

Yes, because it will be considered an extension or an expansion for Russia.

Like Ukraine?


Thank you so much for sharing all of that, I know people will be interested to hear your perspective on those topics. Alright, well that was everything. Any final message you want give, either to him or to others that may be reading out there?

We encourage you to press on because there’s going to be opportunities presented to you that will never have been presented before on your planet. That’s all we have.

Ok, alright! Thank you so so much for coming through! It is always great to connect with you and you give such insightful information.

We appreciate the opportunity to come through and speak to you.

Absolutely and as always we look forward to next time!


Session 8: Part 2

Facilitated by Ella, January 17, 2017

Part 2: The Collective Continues

Thank you for that. I want to shift a little bit and ask about what is going on in Antarctica right now?

(laugh) Many things! Exploration, discovery, your world is finally waking up to the notion that there’s an unexplored continent still and that space is definitely not the last frontier and that your whole planet has not even been explored. And that your concept of continents is changing too. Your concept of human history is changing. And although annual dates might need to be certified so that textbooks can be published for public school factories. But that’s not human history and that’s not the archive of human history. The archive of human history is all that which comprises human activity, writing, dictation, literature, everything. The good and the bad in your eyes. The tolerable and in intolerable, that’s your entire archive. All of that which is being shared with regard to Antarctica is part of the archive and as amore of it is unearthed in ways forced. And what we mean by that is melted, more or less, to decipher what is exactly beneath, forcefully melted by machines down there in certain spots.

We’ve heard talk of an ancient civilization being discovered on that continent, can you tell us more about that? 

Well, the country that’s been down there that actually found the areas or that has been doing the most exploring publicly but doesn’t actually have a base down there is the one that has found the most thus far with regard to the ancient civilization ruins down there But your nation and your nations friends are quickly catching up, if not already caught up to that of the other nation that has no base down there.

Which nation is that?

Well, the first nation we were speaking of was Russia. But your nation is coupled with New Zealand, the UK, Norway, Australia, a couple others but they are rather insignificant compared to other names.

So they found this civilization?

Yes and they have to do with the bodies of water. The one Lake Vostok that was found, but also the pyramid.

Can you tell us about the pyramid? It was seen in a satellite image.



The pyramid is very old. It’s really, really old. And someone will leak to the public to certify to the masses that it’s been deemed by scientists down there, who have been brought down there, that it’s the oldest pyramid that’s been found or discovered. It’s older than any of the other pyramids, for example. Not that they’ll be able to necessarily say when it was built.

We’ve also seen an image that seems to show some tank-like objects, 4 of them lined up. What is that, can you tell us?


(pause) Yeah! They’re machines. They’re land roving machines that are housed down there and they are a part of the force or group that opposed (pause) well, they opposed your government initially when your government went down there. But rogue elements of your government have come to befriend them, so they’re one and the same.

Are they human-made?

No (pause) they were built by humans with the help of ETs down there.

Ok, because according to the scale of the photograph they would be massive.

Yeah, they weren’t built on the continents that you all think they might have been on. They were built down in Antarctica, in the region of Antarctica. Amongst the subterranean facilities that are in the vicinity of Queen Maud Land. These subterranean facilities are shared facilities and your government, the rogue elements that we already spoke of, are the ones that are cooperating with and have been cooperating with them down there. But they’re the ones that were corrupted and they’re the ones that participate.

The dark morass?

And see again, we keep dividing here. Dividing, dividing, dividing. It’s hard for us to say to you definitively that this percentage of them works in this direction. There’s another half of that rogue force that is working with the dark morass in specific. They don’t have anything to do with Antarctica. Antarctica is literally like a force field almost, in your perception probably. It’s not even on their minds. They’re more concerned with the masses and control of the continents that are under the fog weapons system and that house the masses.

Are Phil’s drawings of Antarctica correct or accurate? Particularly the bodies of water.

(sigh) The rivers absolutely. The rivers are going to be so extensive that you all will deem them a new river system. Much like you look at your Amazon today or the Mississippi River Valley or the Nile or the Yellow River in China or the Yangtze or the Mekong or the Congo. Any of these are comparable but the Amazon and the Mississippi are most comparable in terms of the vast amount of estuaries and river ways that are down there amongst the land. We see a really big body of water inland, it’s an inner sea. But then there is a smaller lake, kind of near it. But we don’t see two seas inland, we see only one. Whereas we understand with the drawing he depicted in his mind two seas. There’s only one really, really deep sea so he has got that part correct. And that sea is going to offer science so much new that it alone will keep them busy for decades. The different marine life in that, the different relics for archaeologists to look at, the geologists will have a field day, everyone. What we see in terms of the coastal area where he depicted a body water is that it’s not actually a lake, it’s actually an inner bay that’s just completely frozen and that’s the area where the ice has actually re-grown to. So you’re not likely to see it from the public perspective unless someone from the government, your government, leaks the maps of Antarctica that they’re able to produce because they have the ability to see beneath the surface in most cases, on a very wide scale.

Any updates on the timing of the major disasters coming to the West coast?

Everything we already said. Everything West of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is going to slide like a coffee cake that’s been sitting in the sun. We keep saying soon. We can say definitely within the next 3 years. We can see the layers, literally, when say coffee cake sliding like it’s been in the sun too long, we can see the layers of the ground, the soils, looks like a coffee cake to us.

Do you see any other major natural disasters happening in 2017?

Flooding. More volcanoes. And a lot more earthquakes. Places like Italy are going to get rocked with earthquakes and a volcano in that case. But the ring of fire we mostly see the continuation of the earthquakes and the volcanoes. Indonesia, other Pacific Islands.


Any places we would be surprised at?

Maybe, you might be surprised by what’s coming for Ecuador and some of the other Western areas of South America. And when we say Western, we mean anything west of Manaus, Brazil. If you were to draw a North-South line straight through Manaus, Brazil, anything West of there will be affected by all of the activities and this includes all of central America as well. Every single part of Central America. Except for the highlands of the Yucatan peninsula, those are sturdy. So into Guatemala and into Mexico but the Mexican territories that are more or less self-governed. Oaxaca and Chiapas. Other areas that are mountainous in Mexico, everything that’s mountainous on the Baha peninsula is going to be covered in water. And everything adjacent to it.


Phil wanted to ask about the future of Russia as well as the future of the European Union?

Russia will continue to use the Arctic to their advantage. They will create and bypass the entire world and your nation will have to create a new weapon in order to keep them in check or confront them directly if they’re a problem. But Russia is going to utilize the Northern sea route for which they’ve been waiting hundreds of years. They’re already up there with their military forces and military assets and units and operators in the Novaya Zemlyaa and other islands across Franz Josef Island. All the islands really.


They’re taking advantage also of these peoples that live in all along the coast of Northern Russia, in some areas. The area of Russia is so big they couldn’t possibly take advantage of anywhere near enough peoples because there is not anywhere near enough peoples to be bothered up there. But there are some and they are bothering them, they don’t care. Because the Northern sea route between Murmansk and Archangles’k and Vladivostok or the sea of Irkutsk in general is their route in their vision to their freedom from Western hubris and dominion with the North Sea, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and all the countries associated with those waters. They don’t believe the Black Sea is enough. Turkey is going to continue to remain an obstacle for them and it will represent itself as a threat to Russia’s interests in Syria. Russia will take this even more seriously with regard to Syria and will devote even further armed forces to bolster Damascus. Assad will feel more confident than ever but there is a growing, growing, growing silent threat of young Muslim males across the Arab world in countries like Saudi Arabia and Jordan and Egypt. And countries like yours have failed to help countries like Egypt and Jordan bolster themselves as nations to ward of specific religious factions. Or to confront specific religious factions that have been running components or large areas of states like Saudi Arabia for decades. And at the same time have been able to get away with crimes in co ordinance and in co-operations with rogue elements of your government.

How about the European Union?

The European Union is going to have to take a new direction and it will take the new direction as we see it, in the direction of the countries which have a sound policy as a nation to remain a state, to remain exigent, to remain stable, to remain evident. Nations like Poland and your Eastern European friends, nations like Norway and the UK, nations like Italy. And components of Italy will be totally overrun. But other parts of it will try to remain strong and united with your country. Parts of France, the Netherlands, parts of Germany, most of Denmark, most of Finland, many parts of Sweden are going to be overrun as they have already been. And they will face their own civil war in that area. Norway will be able to defend themselves for the most part, given their own natural territory and the topography but also because they’re government is preparing today. As well as Finland. The Visegrad countries, Hungary we see as a strong, strong, strong nation again, like it once was on the Danube when it was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, this time without Austria. Austria will regret having chosen to remain so complacent with Angela Merkel. Angela Merkel will be remembered as an enemy of the people, just like Hillary Clinton. And the sooner that your world and your peoples can oust her from power the sooner that the peoples of Europe can definitely get to their own visions for their continent and exacting those. But the more that they sit idly by and wait for the system to give them the opportunity to enable something like that, which is taking place in your country, the quicker that these individuals and these authorities are going to clamp down on all opportunities. And they will continue to create further and further obstacles like the phrases like the “fake news”. And it will be obstacles of confusion, nothing more, nothing less. The parallels drawn to Merkel and the former East German Stazi secret police under the Soviet Union are not any different than what Merkel is doing today. They’re completely correct in other words, the parallels. So the sooner the people the of Europe do the exact same thing or even further and stronger because that’s what needs to be done when the peoples of any region are being wronged and are not seeing there truths and their realities enabled and created and forged in the ways that they demand and seek them. So they must take up arms if need be. The tyranny of the law is still the tyranny if it’s obstructing your visions.

Understood, thank you for that. I wanted ask about Phil’s dreams. He’s recently had a few dreams, particularly involving John Podesta and others, where he’s felt that they weren’t supposed to be there. Can you tell him more about what was going on there?

Ahhh, ummm, it’s a multifaceted attack against him. He’s not the only individual that is experiencing these types of dreams with regard to these individuals and these topics. Because all of these individuals are very scared right now and they’re trying to tread what they think is a very light path by trying to intervene in people’s dreams and dream states and trying to tell them in those dream states how to believe, think, perceive, act or how to feel in relation to these subject matters now. And this is a way, they believe, for them to destroy the people’s will to see to it that they, this time, are wiped from existence. And that is what the people seek this time. And they want stop that, obviously. They want to preserve their existence; they want to preserve their way of doing things too. They want to keep doing what they’ve been doing cause they still want to remain youthful.

Is that the main focus of their rituals?

That and power. They actually, they don’t just garner the concepts of power, they literally do siphon power. They gain more energy. That’s their way of gaining energy, unlike your way. The workers of the light don’t gain energy by siphoning it from others. The workers of and from the black morass that wanders your planet, they are completely in need of siphoning energy.

What is this wave of light doing to them?

As depicted by Phil, it literally is affecting their DNA such that it is like entering Pokaini forest in Latvia without the prior knowledge of what rocks will do what.

You might wake up one day with the wrong mood and if the energy is hitting your area in such a way that it doesn’t equate with that mood or your DNA, then it’s going to potentially activate codons of your DNA that you weren’t ready to activate or it’s going to deactivate codons of your DNA that you weren’t prepared to deactivate or interested in deactivating. And what it’s ultimately doing is in your people’s words, it’s screwing with your DNA. So, your best bet is to stay rhythmic and in tune with yourselves and to constantly, in your case, constantly keep checking in with yourself and your conscience and your intuition. Are you doing the right thing for your body? Are you doing the right thing for your mind? Are you doing the right thing for your spirituality? Is your spirituality lining up with what you’re watching? With what you’re consuming in every way? Not just eating. Not just buying. Observing, taking in, how you are spending your time minute-to-minute, second to second. Break it down, forget hours, forget days, forget months, and forget weeks. The less that you spend planning the damn calendar, the better off you’ll be. Forget that application, forget that software, it’s outdated, it’s useless. Your plans are worthless. Go look at your historical books, your textbooks already tell you those nations that tried to plan years ahead, with regard to their economies and their nations, failed utterly. Why would you try to plan your life in the same way? Weeks, months, years ahead without the proper knowledge and demand and supply of resources. How do you possibly know what’s going to be next week? You don’t. So how can you possibly say that in three weeks from now you’re going to be ready to do this or that. Your people need to get over the notion of planning. Your people, your civilization already is very firmly planted in this notion that there’s only one way to organize the economy. If they really believe that then they should go back and look at the basic tenements of that economic system and reexamine their lives cause they’re asking stupid questions. And they’re fretting over things that literally they need not fret over ever again and need not have fretted over ever. We’re frustrated and we’re trying to display a tone of frustration on purpose. We see a lot of wasted time on your planet. We think that you’re, from our perspective, we see a lot of again, egoistic arrogance by your civilization in particular but also your entire world. Claiming that you all understand time better than ever. You don’t. You all seem to think that time is a linear construct still. It’s not, from our purview. So when you’re all surprised by your plans failing then we’re not surprised by the fact you’re going to be in shame or embarrassed or upset at this because you perceive time incorrectly, from our perspective.

So what is your best advice for those of us struggling with the concept of time?

Obviously you’re all trying your best. We’re not trying to get on anyone’s case specifically. And we’re not trying to encourage more stress or more pressure. We’re trying to encourage words of liberty and freedom here to liberate your mind from these shackles of time and notions of how time and planning and goals are achieved. So right now you all believe that setting goals is an important thing and it is an important thing but planning your calendars out to the minute and the second, that’s utterly nonsensical from our perspective. So try your best, is what we say. Listen to your body every moment of every day. If your body is saying in a meeting in a company you work for, that you need a two-minute or five-minute break and it’s not proper etiquette according to that business industry. So fucking what!? You need to get over that! You all need to get past these whimsical notions of that which (laugh) has been set over the approximate last two hundred years of your entire Earth’s history. And now you think that these are the customs that you have to follow or you will face death or you will face great poverty. That’s not how the cosmos- and by the way, the cosmos adjudicates poverty, not you and not your world. Your economic system has absolutely little to do with adjudicating poverty. It has more to do with the insolence of your fellow man, right now. And the lack of will on the part of your fellow man to do and to simply act correctly. Not to expect in return something, at the same time. Just go and do as you would. It’s as simple as that. And please, from our perspective, stop writing redundant articles and photos and all these things that are literally wasting precious time for your planet. Stop! We encourage you all to start delineating much more quickly and skirting these things from your life and dumping them. Stop indulging these outlets of crap that don’t produce anything tangible. If it produces a laugh, that’s great! That’s something tangible. And that’s something loving and that’s something good in the universe because it’s based in love. But redundant articles that- and fear is not what we’re concerned about. Some of you need to be scared. Clearly you all don’t get it, from our perspective. Otherwise we would be seeing mass migration already, from your West coast inland. Clearly, from our perspective, a lot of people have signed up already, and they may not acknowledge it or be aware of it, but they signed up to die in this life in the great deluge that will, WILL, be affecting you and everyone on your planet very shortly. It’s already begun.

We appreciate the explanation, thank you for that. That’s all of our questions is there a final message you would like to leave for Phil?

We keep encouraging you guys to keep on going as fast as you want to. Keep pushing as hard as you feel you want to with all the topics that you’re engaged in. And always keep checking in with yourselves and asking yourselves, in particular Phil and remind him to do this always, to ask himself “Is he ok? Has he got all of his bodily needs met? The water? How is his head feeling? How is his heart feeling? How are his feet? Is he cramping or tensing something for no reason? What is he consuming?” And the same should go for everybody else. They should be asking themselves “What can I do today to make sure that, if I got overwhelmed yesterday I won’t get overwhelmed today? And what am I going to do to make sure that I don’t engage or expose myself to the activities that I did yesterday that brought me to the edge and the overwhelmed state?” That’s not just for Phil and you, that is for everyone. And it’s a step-by-step approach. Your peoples can look at it this way, the moon landing of your nation there was very little gravity on your moon, so the saying was “One step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” And as you’ve seen in your videos there were leaps and there were steps, but that’s pretty much what this is like for you on Earth, even though gravity levels haven’t necessarily changed. You’re taking whole new steps in a new setting, a new environment because Earth is anew. This wave of light is going to keep unearthing all that which has been part of the problem all along.

Shedding light on the darkness, so to speak?

Yes. And the depression and the propagation of inequity and the propagation of fear and trying to control people. Trying to smash freedom or liberty or sully those principles and concepts in actual practice, not just rhetoric. Actual experience of those values and virtues.

All right, thank you again, thank you so much. I am glad to speak with you and it’s always an honor and thank you for all the information and the answers to our questions. I know Phil and everyone on the website will be very interested to read and hear.

We hope so!

Well I look forward to speaking again next time and until them peace and love!

And to you too!

Session 8: Part 1

Facilitated by Ella, January 17, 2017

Part 1: The Collective


Hello! Glad you are here!

We’re glad to be here!

It’s been a little while since we spoke last. A lot has been happening here on Earth

It has. Yes!

Ok, well, we do have questions for you but if you have anything you want to share right away, feel free to speak. We are listening.

The individual that you and your fellow man at this moment knows as John Podesta is going to become a focal figure of that which you and people like you oppose in this next year of yours. He in particular will be plastered in the realm of your physical world on the papers, the screens, and the slots for photos. His face will become synonymous with that which you guys understand as the problem.

Does that mean more obvious information is coming out about him?

Oh definitely! And not just him but his associates, how he’s connected with these associates that are very, very public individuals but not necessarily known to be connected already with him and other organizations by name. The American public, your people in particular, will know all of these people by name and their organizations.

What is being done or what is going to be done by the authorities to deal with these people?

Action is already being taken behind the scenes. Behind the curtain authorities in your law enforcement and in your police are working around the clock as you speak to me and this entity right now. They’ve been working for a while and your new leader is going to take steps very quickly. He’s already been briefed. He keeps briefs more than daily. He is briefed as needed. There is a coordinated effort. But there are also spindles.


Like webs that have been spun by individuals that are, you could see them as individual stakes, they’re not really so much citadels and emperors within surrounded by armies. They’re just stakes in the ground that are standing there that are supposed to be invisible in the foliage and will supposedly trip up, their mission is to trip up the incoming administration. And these individuals are going to take action.

Who put those there?

The current administration of your government and those that precede the current administration. They’re all the same.

So can you give us a forecast for your year 2017? What do you see coming?

Well, even those that you all thought of as potential good, potentially forbearers of the truth and individuals that sought to warn the public on behalf of the welfare of, those individuals will not be enough. The Eisenhowers that tried to warn you. Those warnings won’t be viewed as sufficient enough for what has occurred and what has gone down up until this time on your planet, this moment that you’re speaking with us even.

It won’t be enough in terms of stopping them?

You will look back upon these individuals like an Eisenhower for example and say “Oh, that was good that he tried to warn us without getting very specific.” You’ll say no “How could he not have been? How could these individuals not have been more specific? How could they not have taken their jobs as seriously as they proclaim they did? As seriously as they proclaim others should take their jobs and their roles in society.” Very audacious. You will come to understand, you will all, your nation in particular, will come to understand the audacity with which your fellow citizens of your own nation have displayed or have embellished within themselves over these last decades in particular. Where you all can look back at the public archives and gawk and you will all gawk after you find out more truths about these individuals, their networks and how they all are associated with the likes of Podesta.

It is coming out that these pedophile rings are interlinked internationally, will that continue to expand and be exposed?

Yes. And just like rings and networks of the past that have been exposed, there will be child-like individuals that will rat, as your people say, upon other rings that will expose them. And they will even be across oceans. And they’ll see the ocean as safety for them to share about others that which they know of. And that will direct authorities. Authorities will take action in places where they have the resources and they have the leadership that’s properly oriented. But those other areas where they don’t take action or where action isn’t taken and yet your public worldwide may know of incidents specific to that area, you will then know that those leaders are complicit in the same acts. That will be enough evidence in and of itself.

It’s been implied that the FBI and our authorities have all this information and can go after these people but they haven’t because they are concerned about starting wars. What do you see happening in terms of that?

Well, what we know is that major parts of your authorities are already, they don’t want to stop this because they are a part of this. They act in these rituals. They see opportunities in these rituals and they see opportunities networking with these individuals that do commit these acts. These rituals are, they have individuals within their own agencies that can tolerate the images and the behaviors and actions of these rituals. So they can come back and report to the rest of the organs how they might be of benefit. And the information doesn’t bother them, nor the situations through which they have to learn and see and view. And many of that is pure exploitation and pure evil of innocent peoples and drawing up through them, what we see is horrifying to your individuals. Contorted individuals, things that remind us of your artists like Picasso and their artwork.

These individuals committing these acts or participating in these rituals, are they all human?

No. (pause) James Alefontis, for example, is not human, as you all would think of it. It’s not as if he’s wearing a simple suit over his self either, though. It’s sickly, from our vision, it’s sickly woven into his exoskeleton and his inner skeleton, are one. So he looks human on the outside to many but, if you look at his nose and his eyes and his facial structure in particular. That should be evidence to enough people that the man is deceptive, not just in his terrestrial actions but also in his physiological anatomy.

Is he aware of what he is? (Yes) Are most of these people aware of what they are?

No necessarily in the way that we just answered. He’s sickly aware and he’s sickly proud of it. From our vision we don’t like this texture. For some reason we’re very adverse to what we’re seeing. It’s like roots but needles woven together. Dendrites, neurons, we don’t like this pattern.

Where do they come from?

Somewhere deep in the universe. Very insectoid ridden place. There’s many holes, that’s why they (sigh, pause), it’s like waffles.

Can you tell us about the individual named Marina Abramovich?

She’s part of this dark, dark morass that we spoke of last time. She is not a human being. She’s an extension of this dark morass. Look into her eyes and you’ll know, by the color of her pupils alone and the lack of humanness. Not humanity, humanness compared to the average human that is your friends’ eyes in a photo. You’ll see what we mean. She’s composed of that which you think is normal eyeballs and pupils and colored by the same retinas and the same cones and all these features biologically. But they’re not, they are not there, they’ve all been . . . let’s put it this way, the color of her pupils was injected, as you all would see it. As this color into this vacuous form that ten times out ten is going to mistake all humans with the naked eye as a normal eyeball.

We have noticed that she seems to not age.

Study the texture of her skin. Does it even compare in any way acclaimed ethnographic compatriots? And look at her ethnographic those individuals that she shares, supposedly, an ethnographic common heritage on the continent in which she resides today, does she even share any commonalities with those individuals and their skin and the pupils. And her hair, look and study her hair. Normal human beings, everyday human beings have straggly hairs. This individual that you’re naming, we won’t even give her the honor of acknowledging this name that she’s adopted for herself. We will not call her by that because she is an extension, and nothing more, of this black morass that really is a product of the entire fog weapons system and London in origins.

So she doesn’t have a soul?

No. And she shouldn’t be treated in any way like any other human being would be treated. The rights, the love, the respect that you all would give to one another, she should be disavowed of any of that.

Ok, thank you for that. I wanted to go back, you just mentioned the fog weapons system. Can you talk about that a little bit and update us on what is going on with that?

Your fluctuations in your reality are becoming obvious more and more. The conversation you spoke with Phil the other day about Caitlyn Jenner being exposed in an L.A. restaurant was real and was a reflection of the decay of the fog weapons system before your very eyes. You all don’t realize and the individuals, some of them that are protected or have been protected over the years, hundreds of years, thousands of years by the system. They are losing the veil and the veil is lifting before your very eyes, all of you. And you all will face more visual truths and visual realities that will force you to orient your cognitive establishments.

Can you give us some examples of that?

You all will have to acknowledge fears in new ways. New fears, new sights that cause greater fears, greater level of fear. Greater level of understanding confusion, as a human being testing your boundaries even further mentally. It’s important that you all remind yourselves of your science fiction, fantasy films as well. You’ve already been shown horrible disfigurations of your own race and species, you can handle, if you dig deep enough into those memories already and recognize that the individuals that will be affected visually and the visual depictions, you all will associate with reality and truth and honesty. They will not disturb you over time, they will not disturb you initially, most of you if not all of you. In some way, shape or form they will disturb you, so prepare yourselves for many more sleepless nights, many more sickly days and nauseous moments.

Are you talking about some of the stuff that Phil and I have already uncovered that upset us?

Yeah, but even further than you and Phil have even realized. And Phil is aware of it somewhat when he says-

The deep web?

Yes. Exactly. And what’s already present on YouTube to a degree. What he’s viewed is just the tip of the damn iceberg for what we see coming very soon.

Do you see humanity being able to clear this darkness, this morass? 

Well one thing we didn’t speak about initially because we were already on one path of thought but we need you guys to understand is that the wave of light has already hit and begun to hit. It’s a very recent arrival. But as your going all through this, you’re all going to see more and more and more of these things that we just spoke about. The veil lifting, the nauseating moments, the truths that very few had even notions of or even believed in at all! People have heard about these theories that have abounded for years already. But they threw them right out their heads, many. Tossed them right out, saying “That’s illogical, not possible.” But that was part of what your species has stumbled upon, that that was part of their manifesto. That’s part of their playbook. Part of their playbook is showing you what they do do and then they make it seem illogical or irrational for anyone to ever commit those things. And for anyone for anyone rationally minded thus to conclude that those things are in any way, shape or form a reality.

That is why I asked if they were human because some of the things that I have personally discovered, I cannot understand how another human could do that. Particularly when it involves children.

That’s what we mean by they’re not human. They don’t care about and they don’t understand your actual sense, in the human’s sense, of morality. So they can’t actually one hundred percent relate. They try to because they’ve got no cards and they’ve been here for thousands of years. They’re really good and they’ve biologically and ecologically adapted to even your own skin. They can look like you. James Alefontis is one. From our purview though, he’s nothing more than a literally insectoid that needs to be squashed like many of you handle your insects already. Don’t even use the old ways is our advice, to execute someone that you considered a human being that had done wrong against another. Literally, find this biggest piece of metal and squash him like a bug! He will splatter. And it will be appropriate in the eyes of the cosmos. Without that, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities where The Council, or anyone that cares about humanity’s stability, will intervene.

Do you see these people being dealt with they way they need to be in order for humanity to move forward?

Yes. But it will not always take the form of organized, statist intervention because your states, your nation-states and your governments will fail you in many instances still. And many governments categorically fail their entire nation and the entire world from absolving these people from and scrubbing these people literally from existence.

This leads into my next question, I was wondering if you could give us an update and some insight into the Trump and his administration? Has he surrounded himself with good people?

Yes! There mission is much, much, much more future oriented, and we don’t even want to talk about how future oriented and how tactically minded their administration is and who Trump has surrounded himself with in particular. Trump as an individual as you all may know him and as your countrymen or your world, your people, humans will perceive the man as an egoistic individual at times. But they forget quickly that he is but one man surrounded by so many more individuals that are selfless in their mindset. And they’re so selfless, in this instance, that they’re looking towards the future in a way that your country hasn’t ever done. Ever. Because when your country was founded, they didn’t know that the country was going to remain a country. They didn’t even have the Bill of Rights; The Articles of Confederation was still a thing. It took more than twenty years to deal with all of that. And there was still then a war. Where England came around and tried to crush and took your nations capitol. So there is no comparable moment in your nations history. This is unprecedented. And it will be so momentous the old regimes heads will spin for years worldwide and this will be the peoples’ victory. Whether they see it or not initially. Whether they want to take something with regard to your very, very limited, shallow, thinly oriented politically spectrum. If they want to focus on that and hang on to one particular part of the spectrum in relation to where supposedly Donald Trump and his administration is in relation to that spectrum as well. Then that’s on them, that’s there prerogative and they will suffer physiological issues. Not just mental, not just physical, not just spiritual. They will suffer physiologically at this point. Their DNA will capitulate. Not just capitulate in the sense of surrendering their mind ultimately to the ideas and the whim and will of the Trump administration, and the people that are behind the Trump administration and the people of the world that want anew. But also they literally, physiologically will succumb quicker to some of these disorders and diseases and illness and contorsions that are quickly, quickly, and fast approaching as many of your people are asking and clearly begging, in our opinion and our purview, for these EMF oriented diseases. And they’re literally begging for it. When they taunt individuals like Phil and say “Well, those things, how could they possibly manifest? I haven’t seen any evidence?” We say to them, just wait. Your audacity speaks for itself, in our eyes. Time is very, very different. Always remember that. Remember physical pain, as we understand it, is experienced in a much more real and intense and quicker sense, in a more complete and holistic sense – your language is again failing us, to help us describe to you accurately how many of your people are going to suffer. This is a problem. And we ultimately think in the future it would be beneficial to try to utilize another language of yours via Phil, in order to properly communicate some of these ideas..

Do you have a recommendation for a language that would suffice?

German. German or Russian. But not Russian of the modern sense. So you’ll have to find an older dictionary of the Russian language. Literally from prior to, preferably, the rise of the Soviet Union altogether. It has to be a dictionary of the language that was written by someone that was primarily a purveyor of the Russian language and a student and educator of that and nothing more. Nothing political, no agent of the communist party and the agenda.

Ok, all right, Phil and I will work on that. I wanted to jump back to Trump to ask you about Mattis. Can you tell us everything you know about him?


James Mattis, Secretary of Defense

(laugh) We chuckled initially cause we were already seeing that Mattis is the closest thing- and this is why we chuckle because your people might find this funny or some elements of your people in this hemisphere of yours. Mattis is the closest thing to Buddha in your hemisphere that you will find. He outstrips any Yogi, any shaman, and individual that claims to be spiritual. Any individual that claims to be spiritual is already demeaning themselves and their power and diminishing their realm and their hubris. Mattis is a selfless individual. From our purview, Mattis will provide great things to your nation and will be a great servant to your people. You will thank him. Along with Mr. Kelly and Mr. Flynn. You will all thank them. Those in particular. The mastermind is Steve Bannon. And he will see to it that the entire onslaught upon your nation and your people’s is reversed for decades. That’s the tactical mindset that we’re speaking of here.

Donald Trump

Steve Bannon, Counselor to the POTUS

And even the states that you deem problematic in your own nation right now, California as we see it in particular, will become through democratic means that are completely fair and completely free, incorporated into the hubris and the realm happily once again. Many will see the evil and the evil acts and deeds committed and many on your Western coast will seek humility. Because at the point where the truth is then exposed, as Mr. Trump becomes your president and is able fulfill his duties as your leader. We also sense there is concern about his ability to take office. There will be no opposition. And if there is opposition it will be appropriately handled. There will not be any miscarriages of justice and if there are, those are misrepresentations and your people and the world need to understand, that from our purview, the black morass, that we spoke of earlier, is behind all of the individuals we’ve fingered already as problematic. The individual that we won’t even name, that woman as you proclaim. So in other words, the individuals that we have named otherwise are literally human with some elements of . . . well, Hillary Clinton is different. But John Podesta and your president Barack Obama and your president Joe Biden.

How is Hillary Clinton different?

She is what you already consider and your peoples would consider very robotic already. She’s not unlike the little grays. She’s a biomechanical woman.

Well, her body seems to be collapsing on her.

Right! And that’s because she literally is one of the first prototypes of your era.

So she’s not human?

Not in the sense that you are.

And when you talk about Obama and Biden?

You guys will also, you humans, will also quickly realize that there is a whole spectrum of humanness. So your concept of being human will become a spectrum very shortly, as we see it.

Does it have anything to do with blood types?


Can you tell us about the blood types of humans?

 A long time ago, when earth was originally- ok, there have been a few paths of lineage on this planet that have died off. Two have died off prior to yours. Yours continued onward. Those two other ones have nothing to do with yours today. They did at certain points. One of them was know as the Neanderthals. Another one Dolores has a session about and wrote a book about.

Legend of Starcrash?

Yes. They crashed in the Northern, what would have been the northern parts today. Or what is the Northern parts of your world today.

So the blood types we have today, Phil and I have studied some and they talk about how they may carry different characteristics. Can you explain that a little bit?


Yeah. This is not completely true, that’s why we’re not going to go into great detail because it can’t be mapped exactly as you might think. As we sense you might be thinking. We understand that certain peoples across your world have tried to map these blood types as if they could be understood like they once were understood. And in some regions that is more applicable. But in your day and your year on your planet, it almost doesn’t matter. It matters per person. But (pause) the amount of skepticism in your modern science will inhibit any individual because this is also about protecting certain blood types. Namely the blood type O and the blood type B. O has to do with some of the more powerful factions on your planet, over time not just today. And protecting some of the knowledge that’s hidden with those factions. So it’s important that the public, not the public but some of the more perverse elements of your public not be allowed corrupt the knowledge that’s being hidden by some of these blood lineages. Namely the O blood type. The B blood type is to be hidden because they’re very much the healers, the givers, and the selfless. Those that you might refer to as saints. Those are overlooked, as we are understanding it. From what we can see on your planet and what we can see with regard to blood types and our understanding. There’s too much attention from out purview with regard to the O blood type in particular. There’s too much assumptions.

Can you tell us about the Rh negative factor?


It doesn’t have any connection to your planet so your scientists aren’t ever going to find one, they should stop looking. They should start looking in meteorites that strike your planet and comparing the composition of meteorites to the O negative blood type. They would find more in common there. Or, if they could find on the Marian surface or on the lunar surface or any asteroid in space that they could collect those and harvest those with a bin on a satellite of some kind. This is something they should consider doing. It would be so helpful for your scientists who are trying to collect evidence with regard to your terrestrial surface because a lot of your evidence is floating around you and is floating between the Martian surface, cause there is no atmosphere, and the planet Jupiter. The asteroid belt holds plenty of evidence in those rocks. There are bacteria to be found. Your scientists need to simply compare samples of these things against the appropriate samples of other things, like the O negative blood type. A sample of the O negative blood type against some of this bacteria from the cosmos or just outside your atmosphere, is going to reveal more about your blood type than your scientists would ever realize. They’re going to keep looking at their own flesh and their own kin and saying “Oh, let’s keep doing experiments on humans or mammals.” Because they’re the closest in your scientists minds and therefore the only sample. From our purview, your history has changed so little biologically that if you want to understand the more complex questions like blood type then you need to look as a species, beyond your surface of today. Not much further, you don’t need to look across the universe or anything. You just need to take samples from things that you consider irrelevant at the moment and compare them, as we said, to samples of things that you believe have no relation to one another already. Your concept of science needs to become something like your concept of modern art and your tolerance of modern art as a world. Things go together, things don’t make sense at times but sometimes they fit together too. Just like days that you all may have that in the end make sense to you but starting out, going through, slugging it through, it doesn’t add up, it doesn’t compute, it doesn’t calculate. In the end, God and Source, however your individual wants to phrase it, will provide the sinew of the equation.

Thank you for that. I want to shift a little bit and ask about what is going on in Antarctica right now?

To be continued . . .

Session 7: Part 3

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, November 21, 2016

Part 3: The Collective Continues

So why is there that external cranial pressure?

He’s for sure being targeted. And whatever was placed on his and Ella’s home stairs was part of that.

Ok, explain that because we’d like to understand that mystery.

Well, it’s not good and whoever, the individual that created that was- you can’t really call them a man or a woman. They don’t really care about sex in the sense that others do. They literally are this, you could call them a swamp monster. They emerged from this dwelling and they were tasked with making it. They didn’t even know why, they just knew they had to put a bunch of negative energy in it to try and sack Ella and me and every single living person or thing that enters that house. They literally wanted to unleash the gates of hell upon the psyches of Ella, Phil, and the animals.


Ok, so he felt the negative energy in it and destroyed it. Did that assist in diminishing that?

It definitely obliterated the whole intentions. Cause whenever he, specifically if Phil decides that he’s going to put his mind to something and if something is gong to be the way it’s going to be, then that’s the way it’s going to be. So he decided that morning that if he destroys that thing with his two bare hand, bare hands, emphasis on bare, with the direct intention that he’s got, with the guardians of the light behind him and angels and God with him and all the protection that he is ever going to need. Then all that was required was the intention and he put it in and he made sure that the intention was received by the individual that created it. And the individual that created it is now very, very scared for their entire life.


Cause they know that Phil’s angry and they know that Phil’s out to find them. He won’t physically hurt them in the sense that he would punch them or something but he will literally melt that person’s mind if he even makes eye contact with that person and figures out that that person is the person.

So explain to us how it is that they knew where he lived?

They were totally just told in their head.

By whom?

A very dark entity that roams Earth and has been on Earth for a while and you can call it a collective of minds on earth, it’s like this Cabal. But they really, really, really hate the fact that Phil’s not on his phone, he’s not on social media, he’s not a public personality yet or maybe ever. People are hating the fact that he’s trying to hide from them but these people would eventually pass the information off further to equally dark entities or peoples that are under the same influence. They’re just not as far into as this individual that created this effigy.

So what’s your best advice to give to Phil and Ella about that?

Oh, don’t even worry! Stand strong, keep praying, have faith that no matter what everything is going to work out in the end. That you are always protected by guardians of the light and angels of every level. And that even in a physical confrontation, Phil alone would, Phil’s presence appearing in front of this person alone would literally give this person a heart attack or a stroke. Something similar to one of those two things. It would put the fear of God so deep into this person that it would be like piercing them with a spear. And it would be literally the spot in them that holds, whether it’s their heart or their brain, but the spear would drive straight through. And this is coming straight from Source, this information that we’re getting. Source says no one is touching Phil. No one. He’s got such important realities to face and to act upon and to actualize. These lowly disciples of the dark, literally of the darkness, they don’t hold any sway.

We see this problem in humanity under the label or term or concept of addiction. We see it as a problem labeling people as addicts. Because then they start to internalize things and they start to keep things to themselves.  While people are downing, literally ethanol at barstools every night if they want. And we’re talking about very toxic stuff that is converted in the body to something close to formaldehyde, tetraethylaldehyde. And he should know that if you are covering bodies that are dead with formaldehyde so they can decay properly in the funeral home process. That’s not something that humanity should be ingesting in mass and he should be fighting for his rights. He has the right to consume whatever he wants, just as every human being does. As long as it’s not hurting anyone else.

He would like to know do you do anything like these sessions with other souls that you have incarnated?

On other planets?

Sure. Or Earth.

We’ve never done anything on Earth before. You know, before meeting you and Ella. We have tried this on other planets. But it only really worked one other time and it was a completely different situation to Phil’s. It wasn’t a populous planet , fore example, with people or entities. It was actually a very desolate place. Very mountainous and foresty and very, very, very cold and snowy and windy. So his tribulations in that life were actually on the side of making sense of extreme loneliness and extreme desolation and enduring some of the physical maladies that he did.

Ok, thank you for that. He asks are there other entities like you, a collection of souls that are like you?

Yeah. Yeah, there are a few others that supposedly operate in the vicinity that we kind of do. Like there’s this one that we can see that’s like a whitish and there’s also one that’s a very light green. But they are clouds so we can’t really see who’s in them, we can only see that there’s black lighting that rims the white clouds and white lighting that rims the light green clouds. We’ve said before we’re like a giant purple, I don’t know, androgynous thing that’s hard to describe to humans cause they is nothing on the surface like us.

Give us your best predictions for what’s coming to our experience on Earth, that you see.

Well, the biggest thing is that we see in each of your homes it’s going to be a lot easier to siphon energy really soon. There’s going to be these really simple little things that spin that indicate to the residents that the machine is actually harvesting energy and collecting it. But that energy will be stored within that individual residence and then it will be made available to them. So it will be removed from or the national grid will be reworked, your energy grid. So the grid will be demarcated into those that still require energy, like state run institutions or state run housing. Anything but private, basically. And then they’ll slowly transition too. It’s similar to how you guys are situated with your public financing and your private financing. Well, a lot of your public financed schools and such are not well kept or maintained, as we see it. And a lot of times money talks, as we saw over the years on your planet. So, at this time, there is a lot that needs to be rebuilt and maintained in order to sustain the current population of Earth and the near-future population of Earth.

Ok, anything else you see? We were talking about weather . . .

You’re going to see a demand for clean water around the world. And not just drinkable water or potable water but literally clean of all unnecessary or problematic diluents. So that could be fluoride, could be other stuff. At the same time there’s going to be a mass movement, as long as that is going on, there is going to be a mass movement away from mainstream medicine. Doctors, hospitals will close, for once in your life you will see hospitals close in mass. Like these little clinics that have opened and that were for specialty stuff or niche stuff. It’ll close because people are moving away from that track. And the actual track or avenue or route of a lot of these researchers, in your modern medicine as you term it, are actually at the end of their life cycle. Literally they’re out of ideas, they’ve exhausted their knowledge base in terms of creating more drugs that do this and this and this. There’s only a few more ways that they can rearrange things before they’re going to have to re-approach all the original fungi and plants and other concoctions that were made or grown or developed. And those will serve humanity and we see this giant train. Like picture the biggest steam engine from your gilded age that we have seen and that is what is behind the movement to overturn the moneymaking endeavor that modern medicine has become. Cause it’s not about your well being or Ella’s well being or the rest of humanity’s well being anymore. It’s “What can we price these at? And how can we price this?” and such. Pricing, pricing, pricing should rarely become part of the equation. If it is a part of the equation then you’re doing it wrong. That’s what we would say to humans. Because if it is a part of the equation then you’ve already overlooked the easier solution and the more appropriate solution for humans, literally. So when humanity threw out cannabis in the West and said “No.” And hemp as well and said “No.” Well, that was discounting the entirety of a whole sub-genus of species of plants and their potential benefits on anyone for any reason. So when that stops and when some of these things that are coming that are going to pass in like the next year. You can expect one chemical that was criminalized for awhile, a good thirty years, it’s probably going to become legal, as far as we can see, in your country under strict guidelines initially. So you’ll have to be in a particular setting to do it.

E: Is that MDMA?

Yes. We see it facilitating a lot of people’s unending depression and strife and inability to not empathize or not understand. Better yet, it’s the people who are really suffering already, your veterans are going to benefit immensely from a lot of these chemicals that re-approach . . .

What about DMT? Do you see that coming into play?

Yeah. Yeah, there’s already a man on your planet that’s already touched upon the potentials of DMT. And because DMT is endogenous to every living thing everybody is going to have to ask themselves about this particular man and what he’s published already in video form and book form. And what others have postulated. But this man is the only man that’s actually taken the steps to scientifically prove this in any sort of way. And what he did find was DMT was endogenous. So with that, everybody should then realize or be able to realize rather, if it is endogenous then number one, let’s look into it. And they’ll look into it and find it’s a seriously potent tryptamine. It’s very, very potent. It’s more potent than your Lysergic diethylamide (LSD) and at the same time your psilocybin. There are a few other plants on the planet that come close.


The Spirit Molecule

So how will it be used in the future?

It’s going to be used to broaden neurology, and mainstream science ironically. Their concepts on the human brain (laughter) and human perception and the concept of how human physiology interacts with the visual spectrum. And observations in terms of like “Does the tree fall if nobody hears it?” kind of thing. These observations at the quantum physics level are going to become of great interest and people will crack codes that have long been in query by many of your thinkers. You know, quantum mechanics and physics and mathematics and computing is the next step and it’s going to come through, once again, the re-approachment of these ancient chemicals that have served already. It’s ironic; it’s served a lot of people in your technological pursuits. A lot of people. The individual who conceptualized the DNA helix, he did that on Lysergic diethylamide (LSD). So in terms of that, there’s no limit then. It’s just a matter of the cascading effort to decriminalize these things and moreover to really move chess pieces. The individuals and the industries that are involved in moneymaking modern medicine, for profit modern medicine will instead move away from those to careers where they can sustain their livelihoods and their lifestyles like they want. But right now we don’t see the Trump administration, for example, in your country, taking steps to do anything themselves. They’re just going to leave it up to your individual regions or states, whatever you guys call them. So in terms of that, it’s really up to the people. Do the people believe that these things can do anything for them or do they not? There’s going to be communities in your country that will still oppose it. Every one of these chemicals that we’ve possibly talked about or suggested.

And the one you said has done the research on it here, what is his name?

Rick Straussman.

All right, thank you for that. Do you have a final message that you would like to give Phil today?

Well, we want to emphasize the West coast. The West coast of your nation in particular. We want to emphasize that there’s just going to be a lot of trouble for a long time, for years. And it’s going to take the form of street stuff with the politics that we’ve already talked about. But it’s also going to take the form of some seriously devastating natural disasters. Not just going to be earthquakes or a tsunami, it’ll be the wildfires eventually, once the summer rolls around again. And for now, the drought will continue and it will slowly start to take away parts of California. From what we see it won’t even necessarily be the coast, it’s actually going to be farmland. The arable land that Californians boast of so, and West coasters are actually boasting of right now and their abilities to sink the US if they were to try to leave the US. (Sigh) It’s their call. They can live on a coast and it’s going to fall eventually. In your lifetimes it’ll fall into the ocean, you’ll see it. So in terms of the West coast, and this is what we wanted to say to Phil is “Hey, you should be aware Phil, that the West coast and the Western states are going to endure a lot. A lot of problems.” Like your Southern states had in the last year. A lot of sinkholes are going to open up. Fresno might as well just be already exxed out. Fresno will be gone in a matter of 15 years, 8-15 years. And the central valley of California will not be arable. It will be drought ridden and it will be concaving into a canyon very shortly here.


So the coast like around Los Angeles, what do you see there?

Slowly the coast is just falling into the ocean, so it’s just eroding. All the way down to San Diego and all the way to the border. Everything on the coast is just slowly eroding. So don’t be surprised if individual homes or groups of homes collapse into the ocean that are even mansions. Really wealthy people’s homes. And then we see giant sinkholes in L.A. opening up too. Downtown L.A. is going to start seeing huge sinkholes. Skid row we see, we even see part of it being swallowed whole. It’s going to be such a big sinkhole; it will have outpaced anything that’s ever hit the Western hemisphere, especially in a major urban area. Let alone one that people think matters.

Ok, all right, anything else you want to share with him before we bring him up?

(pause) Nope.

Well, it has been a great joy speaking with every aspect today. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing them here safely, getting them home safely and coming so through so beautifully. Thank you very much.



Session 7: Part 2

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, November 21, 2016

Part 2: The Collective

So we’d like Charlie to step back and we’re bringing in The Collective Voice. Let us know when you’re ready to begin.

(long pause) Hello.

Hello! Thank you for connecting in with us again today. And we’ve had a lovely visit with Charlie and with the Commandant.

Oh, wow! That’s beautiful!

Yeah, it is very beautiful! And of course you know we’re connecting through this vessel, through Phil.


So, it’s been awhile in Earth time.

It sure has been awhile.

There’s been a lot going on here on our planet.

(laugh) Yeah, no kidding! (laughter)

So, we wonder, is there anything that you want to start off with, or information you want to share now.

All right, well, we’ve got a lot for you guys. So, it might be best for you guys to direct us.

You know what, you start then we’ll start directing.

Well, let’s talk about your oceans, ok. Specifically the biggest ocean that right now is also lined with volcanoes and very, very, very mobile tectonic plates, at the moment. We talked about how your seismographs weren’t going to be able to handle the registries that were going to be coming your way and towards your planet soon. And you’re going to continue to see Earthquakes and seismic activity that is going to literally obliterate your models again. We saw what happened to Houston, and we saw what happened to South Carolina and to pretty much the entire Southern Part of your country for months and months and months in your times. We watched as people were, from our angle, running around and screaming. We said that those places, we forewarned. In terms of the Ring of Fire, as it’s called buy your peoples. This vessel is giving it to us, that name. It’s going to continue and it’s going to get a lot worse. And everybody on the Ring of Fire needs to rethink, right now, today, as we speak to you guys, where they live. And if they think that their places of worship are going to help them, it’s not going to, it’s too late. And those, we see in your continent, your hemisphere actually. There are people that are really mad right now. Especially along your whole West coast, like all the way from your most Northern parts all the way down to South America and the tip. But it’s the entire Western coast that’s mad, mad, mad.


So what do you see, from your perspective, about that?

We see a lot of destruction on those people’s lands. I mean, number one, they’re going to tear themselves apart. They’re going to tear at each other. They’re going to go after the good people in their societies their going to tear at the people who are not doing enough in their opinions. The problem is now the most recluse egos are going to rein, ok. So this is something we’ve seen in humanity before, we’ve watched humans do this in multiple places where you get a bunch of people who are upset and then a few come and rise to the top and that’s what happened from our purview. And we’re not even talking about people that were established in the past, necessarily. There are some. There’s an individual that’s infiltrating your nation still. He reminds Phil of a slug (potentially George Soros?) That’s what he reminds Phil of, this man that we’re speaking of. But beyond that, the individuals that are rising and in anger right now are new. They’re newly angered. And we assume it has something to do with your election probably, perhaps, or the direction of the entire world. We think it’s that and we think that people in your civilization are mistaking it as the former. But the entire world is in transition right now. And we do mean transition. But the Ring of Fire, what we see is people who are very arrogant. Demanding complacency and then also deriding, not just their fellow citizens, but fellow man. Deriding them and putting them down at whatever chance they can get because whoever we’re seeing doesn’t have any tangible goals except for what we can see as metaphor which is 3 dogs tearing at piece of meat, I mean literally they’re surrounded by meat and there’s one steak and there’s three of them that decided we should tear this one and we all deserve a piece. So while these people are screaming, we see them screaming over stuff in your civilization but then also physically screaming because they’re being hurt by bigger seismic activity that’s going to make your species rewrite what you thought you knew about seismology.

Ok, so explain that, are there going to be earthquakes along the West coast?

Yeah and they’ve already started. If you look down into your Southern Americas, they’ve already started there and we’re talking about Chile and really all of Southern South America. Cause it’s all going to be felt, no matter what.

For up to date info on earthquakes click here

So is it going to be several different ones at different times or is it going to be relatively close together?

There’s going to be a deluge of them. And they’re going to be close together, I guess. Can you define close together?

By weeks, months, years?

Oh! Days, less than days even, at times.

Days, ok. And when will those begin? Or when will see them the most serious of those?


And that affects the West coast of the United States?


Definitely the West coast of South America first. And then we see the West coast of Central America, Northern Central America being affected. And then your peninsula South of your biggest or most populated state, totally being affected. And that is affecting the cities of San Diego in particular. And Tucson.


Tucson is going to feel it. Maybe even as far away as Monterey. But Puerto Vallarta will be utterly sacrificed on the alter of the cosmos. I mean, we see the council and we see the council hating, literally hating what’s going on in Mexico.

What about what’s going on in Mexico?

Just everything. I mean, the way that it was when people used to go down there and conduct themselves when there was more peaceful years and ever since war has come to that land. The way that the people have conducted themselves is totally unacceptable to the Galactic Council.

So are they in charge of these earthquakes that are going to be happening? Or do they have influence over that to help cleanse that area?

They have the ability to suppress them to a degree, but they don’t want to. They want Earth to wake up. They want humans to deal with reality. And they’re not concocting these things, let’s put it that way. They don’t bring these things; they’re just not doing anything to stop them. They’re sitting back in their chairs and literally they’re putting their arms together folded saying, “Well, hell. Let it happen.” So from our angle it’s a little bit weird because we always thought that they were hands on “Let’s help, let’s help, let’s help.” But they’re really, really, really mad. I think mostly because they thought they’d given the South a chance and the South has squandered a lot of opportunities here, the global South. They said that over the years, and as we understood it, was over the years the North, the global North, has been given the chances and the global South was now being given the chance. In terms of population and economic opportunities. And political opportunities as well, on the stage of the international bodies that you behold. But people in your Northern communities keep making excuses for them and that’s part of the reason why they’re leaders stopped short of achieving their goals or trying as hard as some of these other leaders around your world try. It’s really, really weird because from our angle the countries with the least, try the hardest. So like Switzerland or Japan for example, we see them trying the hardest.

So, from the Council’s perspective, give us some insight on the recent US election?

Well, we see what was a cap stoned pyramid being lifted. Literally the capstone is lifted off the pyramid and light is bursting out from within. So, the capstone is literally being removed by this giant invisible hand. You could call it God. It might as well be God, the source.

And that’s occurring because of what specifically?

Of what is going on in your people’s minds. The people pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing back, has now enumerated individuals that- now and this is not specific to your nation, this is worldwide, especially in the more Northern parts of your world. Like I said, the global South from your perspective, is squandering and it looks really, really vitriolic and violent right now and it’s just not good, not what we thought for that. In terms of your election, that was the straw that broke the camels back.

So the one that’s coming into power now, Trump, tell us from your perspective what you know about his intentions? And what will come about because of him winning the election?


I see a huge, huge lion, massive mane, walking straight at us right now. And it’s just confidently looking me in the eye. Not angrily, just confident walking straight towards me or us. And we see the lion and it’s not what the lion is doing, it’s more what the lion embodies and what the lion is carrying in terms of a temperament. It’s this temperament of stultifying, I don’t know, from our perspective it’s going to be too harsh in your words but it’s the rigidity of compliance with the people. That lion represents compliance with the people’s demands and moreover foreseeing the people’s demands and will put forth and brought to. And this man, Trump, can literally be thought of as part of a lion, a giant lion, and everyone working with him is the lion. And the lion is marching forward, unimpeded and, I mean, we’re talking a very strong lion, doesn’t care, zero scratches on the face, huge mane, and it’s also at times a very calm presence. That’s what we mean by stultifyingly calm as well, it’s just sternly calm. Not to anyone’s detriment except people who are definitely doing wrong things, like breaking things, destroying properties that are not to be destroyed, obstructing people’s lives. This lion represents the end of, not just all of that behavior in humanity, but also the lies and the attempt by, oh my gosh (sigh) those in power to stomp out what the people can figure out.

So what do you think will be revealed to the people in his presidency that-?

Oh my gosh! Well, not everything is going to be revealed through the Trump presidency or the trump administration. But everything, I ‘m sorry, it won’t be through Trump specifically but it will come with him at times. So it might be of his staff or it might be just happening in the country at the same time. But what it’s not going to come from is the opposition to him. Those are part of the same group that we see that are tearing at that same piece of meat.

The old, former leadership?

Yeah, they’re tearing at this piece of meat. And there are three of them and they are all black dogs, like wolves. There’s meat all around them, literally mounds of steaks around them. But they’re tearing at this one piece of meat and they each demand their own piece. And to us the meat represents the substance that is life itself and they’re trying to sow chaos. I mean, they’re agents of Loki, that’s all they are. That’s all they serve. They have zero interest in any tangible goals or any tangible acts. Right now, everything that they’re acting upon is from their emotional centers. They’re emotional reactive to everything, that’s the best way we can put it. And they’re going to continue to be that way because switches have been flipped in people’s bodies.

Well, ok, I want to talk about two things then. Many people, unexpectedly even, said after the election that they felt a sense of relief, which just seems so contrary to what led up to the election. So I want to talk about that but I also want to talk about this other group of humanity, or Americans, that feel threatened or scared or fearful of the new president coming in and what he’s talking about.

Interesting you say that. We just saw tombstone with his name on it. And it’s in a graveyard and it says “Trump” on the tombstone. So, the way that we understand that is the second group of people that you were speaking of, they want him dead. They might even try and kill him. They might put him in the ground. There’s major, major egos within their movement that literally want him dead already. They want him dead today or yesterday and they don’t care how they’ll do it. The other part that, did you say spoke of hope?

Yes. Yeah, they had a sense of relief.

I mean, I think that’s what we’re seeing with the lifting of the capstone off the pyramid. I think that represents the will of the people and exactly the will of the people and nothing but the will of the people at this point. You know, no more lies. One thing that’s going to come crumbling down very soon that we can speak of that hasn’t been talked about by us. And we know that you guys might be aware of it but not to the level that you are even thinking, is the level of, as you call them, pedophiles or pedophilia. It’s going to erase over half of the institutions, including media and stuff that you thought mattered. Nobody will read or watch or listen, they will demand an end forever and always. And when transparency is talked about on your planet, at this point, the transparency that we see coming is of inordinate amounts that your peoples have never seen.

And so what’s going to bring that forward? How will that be presented?

Well, it will start first with leaders in your government. They’ll take actions, and it won’t just be Trump, it’ll be individuals that you’ve elected at your state levels or just attorneys. I mean lawyers of any kind, and regular people, like you or Ella. And from there it’ll become public. It’ll become publicly knowledgeable information that to this level and, I mean, every single one of the countries that everybody thinks matters right now in the world. The West particularly, is in for probably one of the grossest awakenings in the their life.

And when do you see this occurring?

Very, very soon. I mean, anybody big that falls is going to spill the beans on a bunch of others and it will be a domino effect that will just cascade exponentially. And it’s going to be country to country to country and it’ll just bounce. Your populations will be saying “Oh my God! How could it have been yesterday it was this country, we just learned about this country and all these institutions! Now it’s this one!” And all of the parents are going to be saying “Oh my God! Oh my God! What do we do with our kids? How can we make sure that this never happens again?” And it will be the bane of Western civilization and perhaps the downfall of Southern Europe, for example. We see that. We see Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Southern France, I mean, the Alps are fine. Some of the Balkan countries are majorly suffering from the backlash and the capitals like Paris and London we see being attacked. And Brussels too, again.

Like a terrorist attack?

Yeah, because of the level of perversion and the backlash by people. And it won’t just be from people that are of a particular faith.

And the tipping point of this is going to be the pedophile ring? 

It won’t begin as a ring; it will begin as one individual. And it may have already started. It may have already begun. We spoke about the darkness that Trump’s candidate opponent was meddling with and how she was going to be exposed. Well, the devils already in the details as far as we know, literally. People just need to enumerate that and then look further. And if they can’t stomach it, then that’s fine but they need to step out of the way if they can’t stomach it. They need to stop with the denial crap, cause that’s what it is from our angle. And it’s hurting a lot of innocent people. Especially kids.

Ok, so if I’m understanding what you’re saying, then that’s going to be kind of the gateway to opening up a lot of hidden truth about what people assume their country is or represents?

Yes. It’ll be so, so unbelievably horrible to your people that they can’t imagine, most of them won’t be able to imagine anything worse. So then they’ll say to themselves “My gosh! If this was going on at this level everywhere! And even police and law enforcement authorities were covering it up and were partaking!” You are all going to have conversations that cascade on downward, at that point, to every lesser topic or subject. Because everything is lesser, from our purview, when it comes to the wronging of children. So it’ll give the propulsion that was required all along to feed the rest of humanity to figure out and to begin the serious conversations.

So how will that intersect with Trump’s presidency?

Well, there’s going to be individuals under the Trump presidency that will point fingers or push attorneys toward certain individuals to expose them. And it might serve political interests for them, but it’s also is a double-edged swords. Or it’s killing two birds with one stone, rather. Double-edged sword for the people that have been trying this for so long and getting away with it. It’ll start lower level, like I said. And Trump might not even say anything publicly; in fact he’s not going to. He’s not going to say anything publicly until results are gathered. Until something tangible can be ascertained, if there’s something that can be gathered in terms of intelligence or evidence.

Ok, thank you so much for that. In a recent session between myself and a client, Todd, and Ron Head, they’ve discussed a wave of light that will hit Earth. Can you tell us more about what that is in detail and how it will affect life on Earth?

Hmm, we see a negative image of a human body. But we don’t know what it represents yet.

A negative image like being an opposite image?

Yeah, the negative like the opposite image of the shading or the coloring. I believe that we’re being shown something with regard to the physiology of man. So the physiology of man is going to widen here or expand in scope or the physiology of man is going to deteriorate rapidly in the wake of this wave of light. And it won’t be a single event; it will be almost a- it will be seen as a contiguous even by your peoples. But the physiologies alone, of peoples, are going to expand beyond what archeologists and anthropologists currently understand is possible for humans. So we’ll see humans that have ridiculous strength and put it to good use. Sometimes humans have called people superheroes or something like that. Those types of strengths we’ll see, not just physically but also mentally. And then also in size of people. Interestingly, you know, the physiology we’ve talked about, the deterioration of the physiology, the EMFs, toxic chemicals, etc. But we also see a rapprochement of your peoples and other peoples on your planet.

What do you mean by that?

There are other entities already living on your planet that have been there for a long time. And the wave of light will then enable, it will show to those other entities on the planet that that part of humanity is ready to be engaged and we will have a lot more interaction then. Starting then at that point.

When do you see that happening on Earth right now?

In terms of years?


Three years is what comes to mind, here. But we can’t be positive on that number. But it’s coming sooner than later! And it will take place under a Trump presidency. So whether that means he is reelected, we don’t know.

So do you see him physically finishing out his term?

(long pause) Yeah. But there’s going to be a lot of resistance, initially. We see people dressed in black with barbed wires and I don’t know if the barbed wires were erected by his group or if they’re erected by these people who are dressed in black but they’re really mad. It’s hard to tell, see he’s going to be labeled, at a certain point, as an over zealous politician. He’ll be seen as too militaristic with the police and in reality the police and the military will be going around and taking out serious threats to the United States. And this won’t be a game of politics that even Phil is aware of. Cause Phil was worried about this in the past with authorities. This won’t be a time of using resources inappropriately anymore. It’ll be a time of taking force if necessary. And many of your people are not going to like that, that’s the problem. And so they’re going to spin it as “He’s following in the footsteps of Stalin or Hitler, with a secret police” or something like that.

E: Are you talking about with the illegal immigrants?

Not just them. Anybody who is determined to remain a part of the chaos and Loki’s troop. It literally is an appendage of Loki, as we understand it. Loki is a real entity. We hope we’re talking to people who understand that too. I mean, he’s very, very capable of interacting and influencing humanity, from our purview. And he dances among humanity joylessly when there’s chaos. So to us, that’s a sign that more of that’s coming. More of that could come.

Ok, thank you for that. In Todd’s session he talked about the ego Trump and the higher minded Trump and there still being a bit of a back and forth between that. How do you see that? What’s your perception of that?

Well, Trump’s a human. Trumps a human just like Phil is and you are and Ella is. So Trump’s allowed to make the same exact mistakes that everybody else is. So everybody holding Trump to such ridiculous standards. They’re not even godly standards, cause I’m not even sure that they would be happy if God was here doing the things that they demand. It’s really unclear to us what the hell they actually do want. When they say he’s a Nazi, for example. We don’t know what they mean by that. A Nazi to us is somebody from the 1940s; it had to have been contextualized in that era in human history. It can’t exist now. There’s no such thing as a Nazi. There’s neo-Nazis, there’s people who have embraced the ideology of Nazism, but there’s no such thing as a Nazi anymore. So these people who are going around using these words, they’re literally using archaic language. It is literally archaic language of humans going on 75 years, right? You are going on 75 years, 80 years, almost 100 years on your largest war in human history. I know Phil knows that we’re talking about the 40’s here when we talk about Nazis. So these other accusations that are coming against him, he’s going to fight them off like any other human would. And he is able to rise above, already, most of them. In fact, from our purview, we think that he’s one of the most tolerant human beings we’ve ever seen. He’s put up with so much. We know already Phil wouldn’t put up with it. Phil hasn’t pursued the vocations that Trump has for a reason. They invite trouble. They invite, from our purview, scummy, snakes in the grass. People that are trying to obstruct progress and obstruct order and obstruct, moreover, peace. Peace and cooperation. The one thing we need to say to your peoples that are fretting is Stop! Stop fretting, go focus on some tangible goals and go make those a reality. Don’t keep whining because things didn’t go the way you wanted them to. If people did that, then there would literally be war all the time as we’ve seen in what you guys know as the Middle East.

So let me just ask this, for people that are in a gay community or females, that he hasn’t said some very nice things about or supportive things, that they really are fearful. What would you tell them to help alleviate that fear on where he’s coming from?

Well, number one they should ask themselves if they’ve said anything remotely close to what he has said. So they should have a conversation with themselves first, ok. Our annoyance right now comes from the fact that these egos seem to be rising and they seem to be thinking the same old things that other egos that are now gone and dead, like Richard Nixon, for example. He’s dead; he died in your year 2002. So these people have heard this stuff before, why they’re fretting so much more than usual without any evidence to suggest this is an actual situation where they’re going to be hauled off or something. It’s literally the opposite of the truth. They’ve been listening; they’ve been galled into something that is lies. Lies, lies, lies, that’s the only way we can put it. In terms of their privileges also, we ask them to look at themselves and ask themselves how the hell do they think they could have gotten where they are today without people like Donald Trump in the past erecting civilization the way it was. They’re some of the most privileged individuals that we see on the planet, including all of the West. Look at Europe, if we look at Europe right now we see Europe is being torn apart. We literally see, from our purview, Europe is being torn apart. It’s so intense for use right now to see all of this. And for Phil even, to experience this (emotional) cause he’s seeing exactly without us showing it directly. He’ll see it later on in his head. But the voracity of the enemy is tenacious, it is something that the gays and the women who are worried have never even seen or read about. They’ve never even read about the evil that is actually threatening them. Trump is (laugh) checked and balanced, they should go and learn they’re history. There’s a Constitution for a reason. There are checks and balances; your nation prides itself on being a nation of law, a nation based on law. Well, what does that remind you of? Well, it reminds us of the Babylonian Hammurabi’s Code of Law and that’s the exact origins of the law. So when you have individuals who are opposed to the system because the law says otherwise, then if you have great reasons to be concerned, we say to you stand up and organize yourselves and find tangible evidence and then organize yourselves. Don’t react though based on a private conversation that he had and then was publicized by a couple media outlets. I mean, I suggest to these women and gays to go look at other media outlets if they’re so concerned because so far as we can tell, Trump’s not rounding up any women or gays and has zero intentions to. He’s got far more intentions to destroy that which you know as ISIS. Which is weird to us because we think of a Greek goddess.

Ok, all right, thank you so much for that clarity, that helps. He would like to know what is going on with Earth’s poles? Are they actually shifting and how does that affect the inner Earth?

Oh they’re shifting and rapidly, as he knows. They’re not affecting the inner Earth like he thought. We don’t see them affecting the inner Earth. Even though they are moving. One thing that we’re really concerned about for you guys is we don’t see any new maps or globes being made or new weather patterns to reflect the latitudes and longitudes of where the pole is respectively.

So, be real clear, why is that?

Everybody on your planet, for the most part, is still stuck to the idea that your meteorological patterns can tell you the truth. For example, your applications on your phones. Whatever information you can get off your Internet, or that which you call the Internet. We’re still confused by that. But any screen, let’s put it that way, any of those screens. But we told everybody, trusting your meteorological patterns of the past was not going to be enough. It wasn’t going to give you what you wanted; it wasn’t going to give you things that you could predict accurately with. And now people have really started to try to look towards the sun, for example, but they don’t have enough people or nearly enough money to research how the sun is affecting the Earth and how the Earth is progressing itself. What stage is the Earth at? Well the Earth is nearing the next ice age. It probably won’t happen in your lifetimes, from our purview. We see this ice age in the distance. But lots of snow, pyramids covered, pyramids of snow and ice, and stuff like that. But we don’t see this soon, like a couple of years or anything like that, or even 10 years. We see it further out. But (sigh) there are not enough people and there’s not enough money to make sense of what is actually going on with the weather. And then on top of the HAARP is continuing and HAARP is expanding in program access. And then there are a lot of people out there who are speaking about HAARP without much parlance on the subject matter. They haven’t read that much about how the atmosphere actually works and what happens with the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

Well, and then we were just curious, John Kerry was just recently at the South Pole, seemed kind of a curious visit to do right at the end of his tenure. Why? What was going on there?

Everyone in your governments worldwide, the major powerful governments, already know how important Antarctica is. They just haven’t made it easy on you guys, the average humans, to try and get there. It’s really expensive, as far as we understand and as far as this vessel understands. So, from that purview, Phil’s suggested to us already “Well goodness, he must be there for more than just a tour.” And the fact that it’s still so expensive. It’s a continent and from our purview, if it’s the last continent on the planet all because it’s “unlikeable” and too cold, we have our doubts because we know that there’s entities under, you know, we’ve already talked about regions where they kind of dwell beneath Antarctica. And we’ve talked about the entry to the inner Earth, which is more clear in the North. The thing about the Southern one is that the amount of ice that’s retracted and regrown, it seems to actually flow with poles. So it’s kind melted in the peninsular region, the main peninsula off Antarctica, and slowly some of Queen Maud (Mary) Land as you would know it. And that’s the area which you’re going to start finding rivers and these rivers are the ones that lead to the Southern portal opening. What Kerry was being shown was evidence that these rivers exist and then also more information about how they flow into the inner Earth and at the same time he was explained down there in what direction the sun was moving, or the poles rather, so the sun day to day. And at the same time how much land was going to supposedly melt and then in other areas the ice would regrow. And then there’s already plans for the areas that are supposedly melting to dig and to explore and to mine. And it’s not your typical mining expeditions for oil or something, it’s much, much more. It starts with these rivers. These rivers that flow into the Southern Atlantic, the Southern Indian, maybe a little bit of the Southern Pacific. But it’s mostly the Southern Atlantic river-way entries that he was being shown evidence of and so I think the takeaway from that is he was being shown many, many, many secrets about Antarctica that if the public were to demand more transparency on they could probably put more of the pieces together. But because it’s such a remote continent, because you have to be very wealthy or very privileged and even then you are only hurried through certain sections or you’re only shown certain sections of the continent. It’s this weird, from our purview it’s this weird nebulous because it’s this huge massive land and lots of life and yet humans can’t freely go there without permission, essentially, from a military or a government. And it’s not even every government that’s down there, it’s only certain ones. In particular, your government.

Ok, thank you for that. So is he aware or was he shown about the life that’s on the interior of the Earth? The life forms?

Well, he was shown that the rivers will start showing. The entries to these riverways that do flow underneath the ice and they’ve been flowing the whole time. He was shown what is going to be shown to the world.


And what is that specifically?

Very limited. Like I said, that there is riverways, kind of thing, and that they start between the peninsula and Queen Maud land, somewhere in there. But nobody is really sure where they lead and we’re pretty sure they’re frozen off, kind of thing. People are going to be told that they don’t lead anywhere.

But are people going in and out through that area?

Yes. Yeah, they’re not using boats, they’re using subterranean technology, so submarines. But very different submarines, let’s put it this way, that you would be familiar with from your militaries that you’ve seen. We’re talking about disc-shaped saucer stuff that can swim under the water as efficiently as it can rise and fly through the air.

E: And these are humans using these or other beings?

No. No, these are other beings. These are beings that have been here. And then there’s also some of the subterranean beings too and he was shown some archeological remains. We see bones, we see a skeleton. It was dragged out of one of these riverways, it was at like the mouth. And I don’t know how they found it but they did and they dragged it and they showed it to him. So they said “This is one of the subterranean types.” Not the inner Earth but the subterranean, like below the surface of the Earth. And they’re prolific, they’re all over according to the people that told him. It’s really weird cause we could easily eavesdrop if you want to know more, we could drop in right now onto that conversation they’re having.

Sure. That would be great.

(pause) I guess they were shown there’s a lot of collaboration going on between your United States government and certain governments down there. For example New Zealand. But not the governments that you would think, ok. So not Germany or Japan per say, but Norway, is a lesser party to these collaboration efforts. The Australians are in on it. And the UK is on it as well, for sure. Others might know of this down there but . . . 

So what is meant to be done with this knowledge?

(sigh) People, the average person needs to be more concerned about that last continent that has not been explored. That’s the first thing. The first thing is you guys and we need to share as much as we can about Antarctica in these sessions with the average person or people. So that they start caring about that continent. So that they start asking questions about the geography or what could be underneath the ice or even the question or the concept or acknowledging that there is something underneath that ice. There’s definitely land down there.

So give us the most important information that you would like to get out?

Well number one, there’s a whole continent that hasn’t been explored still. And for all humans who think that humanity has reached the pinnacle of their progress or in politics or economics or technology. To them we say, go on and challenge us, us the collective, that this is the end point of human cognition and progress mentally and physically and materially. There’s so much knowledge that’s hidden down there once you uncover even a tenth of it you’ll have to rewrite probably one third of your textbooks. So, that alone should garner enough interest in the curiosity. I encourage others to stay away from distractions that are known to be obstructive to the tangible goals. So ingesting entertainment, as they would call it on your planet, or something like that that this vessel knows is horrifying and that you’d never want to exact on another person. Well it doesn’t have to be censored or banned, as if the Nazis would have in the 1940s. But there needs to be a encouragement by all serious “leaders” and that doesn’t mean title holders only. It means moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, anybody with a brain and that has been on your planet for an extended period or has lived a fullish life. They should start telling people and encouraging people to have conversations with themselves and ask themselves “Well, is this really the end of human exploration? Or have we really only just touched the beginning in the last 200 or 300 years?” Or however far you want to go back.

You could say animal domestication was the pinnacle of things and we really started there and we’ve just been going downhill since. Well, to those I say take an interest in Antarctica. Ask more questions about that continent. Ask why it’s not cheaper to get to that continent. Why is not cheaper for average citizens who just want to help? Why is the criteria so demanding? When if you wanted to go to Europe or Asia or Africa or any other continent, the qualifications don’t exist. You might just get a visa, like an agreement already between two nations that allows for you to get into that country for a little bit and see what they have to offer. Without these elementary questions and these questions that form basic curiosity, nothing will be achieved and nothing will come of the knowledge that has been swallowed by the ice and snow for so long. And hidden I guess, is better. Cause it’s not gone, it’s there, it’s just waiting for more of humanity to care and to wonder really. I mean, go back to being a kid if you have to and ask yourselves the silly questions. So many of your adults we see saying to themselves and dismissing themselves as “Oh well, that’s a kidly thought or that’s a childish concept to engage in.” We strongly challenge that notion (laugh) at this point, considering how most of the adults are acting as we see it. They’re acting with, many times the ones in leadership positions, are acting with impunity in recent years. They act as if they owe no one anything and then they’ve taught lessons to younger people along the similar lines. Don’t show respect, not just to your elders but to things that literally could and have enabled you. That have made you rich, that have given you a voice to be gay or to be a woman and to have a voice. A lot of people around the world don’t seem to realize still that the majority of the gays and the women who decide to open their mouths on other continents, either get horribly assaulted or killed or blamed for terrible things like heresy. That’s a common theme in many of your Islamic nations is crimes for heresy or proselytizing, I mean, are you kidding? And the West is deemed the evil ones?

Ok, good point. Ok, we’re going to move on just a little bit here.

To be continued . . .


Session 7: Part 1

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, November 21, 2016

Part 1: Charlie and the Commandant

What’s the first thing you notice?

There’s a massive black cylinder and some sort of boring instrument. Massive silvery and like jaggedly cut mechanism like a giant toothbrush, shoved on the end of this boring machine into the side of this cliff or rock of some kind. I’m standing there, with a hard hat on. With a white hard hat on and black trousers, completely black trousers. And really, really, really clean shoes (laughter), considering how dusty this place is.

What’s the mechanism for?
We’re boring into the rock, I guess we’re testing a whole new boring mechanism to – ok, we have different types of boring machines to find different metals and some of them are more efficient at finding the specific metal before ruining it or collapsing the entire rock on itself or collapsing the mine. So we like to experiment in this lab as well with those different instruments or those different ways of shaping the boring mechanism itself. You know, the rate at which it bores into rock and what types of rock it’s boring through. If it’s rock at all, it could be metalloid.

And so, the end result, what do you assume it might be?

It’s to maximize our, you know, econometrics. It’s pretty mundane but it’s maximizing our econometrics in terms of siphoning like gold or silver versus platinum or silicon. Anything that is precious in the rock that you’re trying to bore for deposits of. We’re trying to attune the different instruments that we can design to more effectively help those that are in those specific industries.

And are you on M1 doing this?


Ok, hi Charlie! How are you?

I’m doing well (laughter) how are you?

We’re doing great! We’re happy to step into your consciousness again.

Yeah! It’s been a really long time!

It has! (laughter) Do you mind us coming through?

No! No, I’m really happy to have you guys and to speak again!

And again, tell us what it’s like for you as we connect with you?

Well, this is really awkward cause I’m wearing like really big safety glasses; so smiling is awkward for me right now (laughter). But I’m happy, and it’s really loud in the room where I am right now so I’m surprised. And it’s weird, half of me feels like it’s not even in the room, you know, in the laboratory. Because I can hear the machines in my left ear really loud and in my right ear I can hear you guys fine. I feel like I’m also in a darker space. The laboratory is really bright, so this is very interesting. I hope I can stick to my job, right! (laughter)

Well, if you need to concentrate you let us know.


So we’re just curious, how have things been for you since we talked last? And any new updates that you have in your world and in relation to Earth?

Yeah, a lot has happened. A lot has happened on Kylox, a lot has happened in terms of developing infrastructure, I guess. And then the other big thing, the bigger thing that I can speak to or speak about right now is our foes, or our enemies rather. We’ve been dealing with a particularly difficult race of extraterrestrials. And they’re, to you guys they might look like insects, kind of, but they’re hardly. They have an exo-skeleton but their heads are almost like hats that you guys might know. They’re like helmets, almost, like very flat helmets, their skulls. And their eyes are really, really, really, like slim and wide. And they have bits of exo-skeleton around their hands their elbows, their shoulders, and it builds into an exo-skeleton on their body. But their necks are ribbed, like blacked ribbed, their necks has got coils almost. These things are not very tall but they’re voracious. And they’re very fast and they have a black slit for a mouth. But their eyes glow they’re like an off yellow or lime colored, like a very light green maybe, I don’t know. Having a hard time with the colors and explaining it.

So, what’s their motive, what’s going on with them?

Conquest, domination, they want to eradicate our kind completely. Like just kill us all and they want to take all of our resources that are on Kylox. They really are very, very violent. And they’re of the violent type where they, you know, it’s scorched Earth, they don’t care. They don’t have plans to stay on Kylox, as far as I know, as far as I understand. They’re right now waging conflict or battle with our forces on these remote ancillary objects that I spoke of in the past. So they’re not on Kylox, they’re not confronting our home planet yet. But they’re close enough where we’ve been shown video or what you guys would call video. I mean it’s telepathically sent to our heads as video reel so we were able to see. Voluntarily we were able to all say whether we wanted to see what this looks like, our enemies, and if you didn’t want to see them you didn’t have to.

Ok, so, does that affect any of the experiments that you guys are doing on M1?

Yeah, yeah we’re . . . I can’t express to you how much more, like how many more people are on M1 and at the same time once, it seems like once, very dormant facilities have now been reopened or revitalized for more people from Kylox to come and just keep researching everything they possible can. Because they’re lots and lots of orders coming in from the top, you could say. And they want to figure out a lot more because this threat is becoming bigger and bigger to Kylox. At the same time they’re really worried about the city of Mechrisnek, the city is so vast and so big it couldn’t be rebuilt. And so they keep talking about the structures. And one of the structures is this huge dome, it’s like a public gathering space in Mechrisnek. And then there is this huge tower in particular we have that dots the skyline. And then we have a few others, like two others that dot the skyline that are sort of as tall as that one. And then you’ve got like skyline everywhere else, kind of thing, for a vast scape. I guess similar to some of your cities but not really. It’s so much taller. It might be similar, along the lines of some of your science fiction works, I don’t know.

E: Is this group that you’re fighting the same group that you’ve been fighting for a while?

No. No, they’re different. They came in and completely wiped out who we were dealing with. And these ones are, (sigh) they haven’t conquered as much in the universe because they keep moving on from the places that they destroy. So entities will go back to places they destroyed after awhile because they don’t really turn back at any point to come back around, as far as we know. But they’re from some location that’s not super far away but much farther away than we expected, ourselves.

So who gives them their power or who do they answer to?

It’s a hive mind. There’s like this queen and they all can revolve around her, they all think through her, she thinks through them. She can delegate whatever the hell she wants in terms of this group goes here and does this. There’s like, I’m seeing like a warrior type; they’ve got these black threads that are kind of spiky but they’re like draping off the back of their exo-skeleton (Phil describes them as dreadlocks). Almost like a, I don’t know, almost like feathers I guess to you guys but like thicker, much thicker. And those are the warrior ones. They’ve actually got markings, blue and yellow markings, on their exo-skeleton. It’s like war paint, I guess, as you might know it. But those are separate from the workers, they have a worker type, which are just kind of the generic ones, generically light brown exo-skeleton. And like I described before, with the black, coiled or ribbed neck, arms, and legs, and stuff like that.

And is the Commandant still around?

Yes. Yes, but he’s dealing with a lot more orders as he’s the one that has to talk to the people that are coming and explaining the details to him. They’re saying we need this because of this, we need this done in this way, and we need you to focus on these things with this particular study. I mean he’s been, I can see him right now and you might as well see him talking to three people while he’s seemingly only talking to two. He’s fielding many questions and giving many answers. And his arms are waving in the air, I see him in the distance. And he’s down the walkway, there’s a walkway off the office, ok, and there’s a door off the office that leads out the back. And there’s this metal walkway and he’s standing. It’s an enclosed walkway, somehow. It’s not enclosed like you would know, like physically, like there’s a wall. But nothing can permeate that space. So you can see out into space but it’s a controlled environment of some kind.

And have you had conversations with him lately?

Yeah, yeah, specifically about boring instruments into rock that is in the oceans. So we designed a special boring module, a different type of boring head that was specific and it bent at 4 angles downward, like your fishhooks might. But this thing was massive and it was very specific to a particular cove/reef or ridge in the ocean that we were boring into, on Kylox. So I was working with him to finalize the designs and the production of that particular boring mechanism, so we could extract . . . I don’t know what we were extracting, something important out of bedrock in the reef and the ridge along the ocean wall.

Ok, would it be possible to talk to him and ask him a few questions?

(pause) Yeah, we could try for a few minutes.

Ok, let me know when you’ve got him.

(pause, laugh) He’s really not happy. He says he happy to answer a few questions but he’s really busy.

Ok, well, we appreciate that very much and we won’t take up much of his time. We’re just in this very interesting opportunity to-

He does want to know who you are first of all. Or whom you are representing.

Ok, well, Suzanne and Ella and we are just representing humanity on Earth. Just for understanding consciousness and our connection, no exterior motives whatsoever. Just kind and generous curiosity.

Hmm, I didn’t know that this was occurring. (there was a change in cadence and tone, more stern/commanding)

Well, we’ve been connecting in here via a soul here on Earth and just trying to share friendship and knowledge. We’re on planet Earth. The year here is 2016. And we’re just very curious about any information you could give us both from where your point of view is and where we are at.

(laugh) Well, it must be a true across the universe; a universal truth that time is something because here it’s the year 2177.

Ok (laughter).

So, interesting time difference there with your calendars. And I guess how we measure time as well.

Right! Tell us more about you.

About me? What is it that you would like to know?

Well, we’re just curious about what your purpose is and where you get your information?

My purpose is a vast one. I was delegated this role many, many, many years ago by elders on Kylox. And they believed that I had the footing and that I had the right mindset, the right brain to see what they saw. And so they thought it appropriate that I was the right person to put in charge.

And so what are you in charge of specifically?

I’m in charge of, not just one set of laboratories; I’m in charge of pretty much all of the Research and Development that you could think of with regard to the civilization of Kylox. So anything that has to do with Research and Development in terms of instruments, modules, equipment, technology that would act or work on its own off the planet of Kylox is something that I specialized in. It’s not that my instruments and that my work don’t have any applications on Kylox, they do. It’s that my mandate is focused on developing things that are simply outside our terrestrial, the Kylox terrestrial realm.

Is your structure, your physical structure similar to Charlie’s or is it different?

It’s similar but I have much, much, much more responsibility than Charlie. Charlie is a worker in one of the laboratories that oversee. I manage at least 22 facilities of the major kind, on my own. And so people are handing me reports about their progress, their conclusions, and I’m constantly running around to these different modules. They’re in a circle; they’re all facing the same direction. So they’re all set up in a concentric manner and it’s not that hard to get, I mean, there’s a train that I use beneath.

Who do you report to or who do you get your direction from?

I get directions from the authorities on Kylox. And they often take the form of, you know, guys in black glasses with comb-overs. And very handsome young men, you would say.

Charlie has mentioned them, so what is their role?

They are mediators, you could say. They don’t mediate in the sense that I think you might mean. They’re go-betweens, literally, between our central administration on Kylox and anybody on the outer rim. The outer, peripheral territories, so M1 they come, they talk. They’re the messengers of our central administrative authorities, that’s the best way to put it.

So, what are some of the most current messages that you’ve received from them?

Well, they told us we need to accelerate all of our progress, our work we need to accelerate. The timelines on our projects we need to move them up and if that means calling more people from Kylox to come into work, then yeah that’s what we’re doing. I’m getting briefed on the defense of our civilization and what directional attitude we need to take. So I kind of set the tone for all the research and the pace at which R and D proceeds.

And Charlie has discussed these glasses that you wear, these goggles. Tell us more about that.

Well, that allows me to see, not just down to the sub-atomic structure but also to breakdown at the organic chemistry level with my own eyes, the reactions and happenings of these particles and these chemicals. So they’re extremely advanced binoculars; mobile but more advanced microscopes of a sort.

E: Did you create them?

No. No, I didn’t create them. No, one of our industries was a part of that effort and that was before my time as central laboratorian.

Is that your title?

Ummm, it’s actually really hard for me to use your language. So I’m trying my very best. The words that I’m coming up with are words that don’t seem to want to come out properly, if that makes sense to you.

Sure. And I’m not sure if you’re aware, here on Earth, we’re talking through a member of Charlie’s soul group. Not really too aware of each other than when we’re doing this.

So I’m talking through Charlie?

Yes, through another human being.

Hmmm. And we don’t have to worry about jeopardization of secrets here or comprising things?

No, no, not at all. This is just kind exploration of consciousness.


So what is your understanding about consciousness?

Well, I have a quick question still. Your entities that share your home planet, they don’t have any intentions of sharing what I’ve shared with you with our enemies, do you? Or do they?

No. Our planet is way behind yours. We have no knowledge of your enemies or even you (laugh). We’re talking into our future.

Ok, I see.

Have you ever experienced something like this before?

Yeah, I have. When I was younger and that was kind of one of the things that everybody does on Kylox. Especially when I was a kid, everybody did this. Everybody was brought as a kid, like, when you’re twelve, eleven; I was twelve when I went through it. You’re brought to this, you could call it portal. It would look like a portal to you, maybe. But it’s anchored by two pieces of rock, ok, and it’s a perfect circle. And it’s out in the forest and it’s standing. The two rocks are anchoring this concentric circle. When I say portal it’s literally an hourglass or like a wishing well that you can look into and peer into the universe when the administrator or the educator is there and he or she is attuning the glass, we’ll call it. Cause it shimmering when you walk up to it and you just sit in front of it. So you’re brought to it and it’s always in a forest, one of these things. And they’re not turned on with a switch, they’re turned on naturally, ok. So they just become available to view and to utilize at certain times in our year. And so at a certain time in the summer when you’re a kid and your parents believe you’re ready and you believe that you’re ready for the, The Opening is what we call it. Cause what you’re doing is you’re opening your mind. You’re opening your mind completely to the realities that are well beyond Kylox and well beyond the terrestrial objects. And so it’s really important that you’re brought to this location. And you can’t see them anywhere else. They’re in the forest. The educators are of a particular schism in education in our society, so they follow a really, I don’t know, the most ancient path of our ancestors they follow to this day. And they cut their hair differently than we do. Like they have, um, ok this word is really weird to me, this word Mohawk. They have really tall Mohawks, especially in the front and then it gets shorter as it descends down the back of their head. And sometimes, it’s to them what they want to adorn themselves in and it’s different depending on where you live. But this person is revered. This person is always a very happy person. For some reason I’m getting the impression that whoever the vessel is that I’m speaking through, that not all of your educators are trusted or not all of your educators are looked at in the same way. But these educators are through and through trusted, heart to heart, by everybody. Everybody knows deep down that they’re not going to do anything bad. And that’s something that I think that is probably different than you might be aware of because they’re specifically selected first for their happiness. They’re not selected for their level of intelligence. They’re selected because they can be trusted to cultivate the young minds that we want to grow and prosper.

And so that looking glass, does it have a name?

Umm, yeah, but not in your language.

Can you share it in your language?

It’s really close to Glasnok (glass-knock). Like, I’m just going to sound out the letters cause I don’t know your letters, ok. Guh – Luh – Ah – Suh – Nuh – Oo – Kuh.

And all together again?


So when you had your experience at 12 years old looking in through that, what was your experience like?

I was shown beautiful lands that didn’t exist on Kylox. I was shown mountains, for example, that had forests climbing right up to the mountains, but the mountains were so big and so monumental that they rivaled downtown Mechrisnek in size. I was also shown there was snow on the mountains too. We don’t really have snow on Kylox. There’s some snow on some peaks far away but there’s only three peaks that have snow on them, cause their really tall. And two of them are volcanoes. One of them is an ancient volcano that were positive is asleep. But the two others could be active again sometime. But they’re really far away from where I grew up, for example.

So you viewed that?

Well, they showed us that. They showed us, I mean, it started out with Kylox and they started showing us nearby planets and what it looked like on the surface at some of these places. So we saw windy, dust storms of blue or red or orange or gray mixed in as well. We saw, I’m talking nearly pitch black, blue storms. And then we we’re also shown this one place with pitch black, blue storms with the winds howling and snow, so much snow. But there’s this one guy, I don’t what we were to call him but he was a bigger guy. Very hairy and stuff and he lived in a hut on his own on this scape. And there was no one near him and we’re not sure what he did exactly in his civilization but a very snowy place. Pretty small cabin we all thought, for such a big individual. He was prepared though and that was his home. And we had been told that he had built that himself and he was happy. And he had the warmth of the fireplace. We were shown him writing and reading. And we saw deserts too, like dunes we were shown. So lots of different geographical scapes. And then we were introduced to a lot of different races, like ET races around the universe that we had documented and stuff. They started to appear on the screen and they were like stereotypical images and they’d show us 2D photos and then they’d have a model that would spin so we could see. And then we’d see stats of the ETs and their typical heights, weights, their visual capacities, are they nocturnal, can they see, how fast are they, and then other qualities like are they jumpers, are they capable of influencing your mind, are they influencing your nerves, are they influencing your muscles or anything in your physiology. Just any hallmarks that could be noted about these ET races we were taught and we were shown examples of them.

So, are you currently aware of the planet Earth?

No I’m not.

Interesting. Ok.

E: These teachers that you studied with, did you study with them for a long time?

Yeah, it was a period of years, like five years. Some spent eight. But the earliest or lowest amount you could spend was five and you could move on from there. And I spent five but I had friends who spent eight in the programs.

So by the end of your education-

And it’s, by the way, not a big thing, sorry to interrupt you. It’s not a bad thing that you spend eight versus five and it doesn’t mean that you’re super smart if you’re out in five. It just means that you fulfilled your neural and cognitive requirements. And there’s a test that they did. They’re able to hook this thing up to your wrist afterwards and it’s this longer, rectangular grey thing. And it situates on the bottom of your arm and they strap it to your arm. And it punctures your skin, so you would think it might hurt but it doesn’t. It’s like two little things; they’re really, really tiny, fine needles. They puncture it and they take analysis of all of the hormones that are prevalent at that time or are prevalent in your blood. And then the reason why it’s rectangular is because then that sample of that material is utilized in trying to- (loud fire truck went by outside) Did you guys make that noise?

It’s in our atmosphere but it’s gone now.

Ok. I thought it was here. It’s hard to tell because I’m still standing between worlds, it seems. So for me this is very interesting. But no, I’m not familiar with your planet.

So, at the end of your education what did you know that you didn’t know at the beginning of it? What had you accomplished?

Well I had obviously, number one, a much greater capacity for realizing. So realizing what was out there, what could be, what couldn’t be, what existed, what land forms were out there, what geographical forms were out there, and then I also had a great idea of beyond our planet. The trials and tribulations we were going to have to confront as we got older and not just because we lived on Kylox but because we lived in the Universe. And because of who we were aware of we wanted to make it apparent to everybody, I guess our authorities decided that it was a more important thing to make it apparent to everybody and to teach everybody about these realities that lurked and could possibly affect us at any time, if they were explained in that way. So at that time as a kid it was a really eye opening thing for me because that helped shape a lot of my longer-term goals then. I came to realize that yeah, there were races that were very interested in coming to conquer all of Kylox and kill everyone of my peoples off. There’s also the opportunity though, to go beyond Kylox and to establish environments, like on M1 that we’ve done with the laboratories that enable us to basically act as if we were on Kylox. But we have the unique ability to do other things because of those properties that are unique to the terrestrial object and because of what we’ve done as a government. Our civilization choosing to turn M1 into a terrestrial object instead of keeping it the solid, orbital object that you could call before.

So what would you say are some of the most significant discoveries or experiments that have happened in those 22 laboratories that you oversee, over your time there?

Wow, I have never been asked that question. (sigh) There are so many. I mean, I have 289 major projects, you could say, the word patent is coming my mind, under me. That amounts to thousands of hours of time so to say what particular ones I think, obviously, I think that the free energy systems that we established for Mechrisnek. To finally get that up completely going in my younger days, we could say. It was in my 20s, late 20s, like 29 is when we were finishing up that project. Or I was a part of the project. So I wasn’t the central laboratorian that I called myself a while ago, when I was 29. I was just a lowly worker like Charlie. But over the years, I mean, I think that the walkway, the area in which you can stand and talk and breath and you can see out into space. But we’ve created a closed environment; it’s completely a controlled climate inside. It’s just that the glass, the physical material that we’ve used is malleable, you could say. You can change it opaqueness from completely clear, so that you can see like an observatory out. Or you can make it as smoky and cloudy as you want. You can’t make it a solid shade, let’s put it that way. But with this material and the way it’s synthesized, cause it really is synthesized. We etch into the glass with a laser first and then we lay, meaning pouring, this liquid metal into the glass and those two together, the symbiosis between those two allows for properties that let us manipulate them. Similar to some of the gaseous elements. The word neon is coming to my mind, so maybe you’re more familiar with that and the properties of neon.

And the purpose for making the glass go more opaque would be for what?

Well, we can walk out and we can observe in real time without having to dawn a suit. And to worry about breathing faculties and extra gear that would become uncomfortable or would hold us up in dictating notes or dictating observations. Or just enjoying that space. That’s the other thing, it’s actually a space where a lot of people in the laboratory just walk out and think. So a lot of times on Kylox they’ve been used as thinking areas where people will gather and they’ll try and come up with an idea together. It sort of has to do with the giant domed, the HUGE domed structure in Mechrisnek. The whole point of that being, the more that you can gather and the more like-minds that you can gather in one space, the more power that you’re going to have and the more energy that you’re going to able to devote toward an outcome. It’s not guaranteed but it’ll help

So that area is domed to help contain like-minded people trying to solve a problem?

They’re a place that you can meet. And it’s just kind of become a fun place. People on Kylox, originally it had scientific applications only. But people were so excited and enthralled about the symbiosis between the particular glass we were using and the particular metalloids that we were using and pouring into the etchings. That and the ability to change the opaqueness, people on Kylox decided to create dwellings. Little buildings that were made of the same material where they would gather and they would think or they would talk about a situation that they’re all interested in or all curious about or trying to figure it out or solve for. We all believe that it puts you closer to spiritual honesty or how do I put this in your language (pause) it’s an honorable place, so we think that the most honorable thoughts are produced in that setting.

And do your thoughts affect the glass or the structure in any way?

They can, they can yeah.

In what way?

Sometimes, (laugh) and this is rare, cause one thing we’re taught from super early age is control over our thoughts and our mind. And obiviating, is that one of your words? Or obliviating the thoughts that you don’t want in your head. And making sure that you continue to, not censure, but hone and refine your brain. And those concepts are taught starting from 5 or 6 on usually.

E: Do you have a name for the metalloid that’s used in the glass?

(pause) Hmmm, yeah, but it’s really hard to pronounce through this vessel.

Just try your best.

Psilials. (Puh-sill-eee-aahh-ss)

Say it slow.

Psilias. I’ll just sound it out for you again if that’s good. Puh – suh – ih – uh, – ih – ah – ih – suh. 

And say it again. 


Ok and my name is Suzanne. What is your name?



Yeah, my name is Ted.

Would you call that a first name or a last name or do you have those?

Ummm, it’s my first name.

Ok and Ted, Charlie calls you the Commandant, would that be an accurate title?

Yeah. Yeah, it’s not an official thing but people over the years have come to call people in my position that term or that title.

Ok, very good. Well, we won’t keep you any longer.


Thank you! We’d love to maybe touch base with you again!

Yeah! This was interesting! (laughter)

How is it for you that you’re receiving this transmission?

I literally feel like I’m half somewhere and half on M1 right now. So I feel like I’m out in space. I feel like my right hand is just gravitating loosely and my right leg too. And my left leg is steadfastly on the ground. I’m wearing black trousers and I have a nice, you know, my normal shoes on that are, like, our shoes are really shiny (laughter). So that’s just something we do. One thing we really demand. Well and like the folds too, with the clothing. It’s a very big thing in our culture that you fold without creasing and if the creases are there then they better purposefully be there.

Do they have a purpose? Or is it just more look?

It’s not just a look. We believe that if you’re focused that much on your daily look, that you’re going to be paying attention, your brain will be attuned in that manner then. So you’re going to be paying attention to the finer details when you’re looking at a project too. And we also think it’s an honorable thing to look your role. So in my role it’s important that I look like a leader and that I look like I can handle problems as well as actually handling the damn problems.

In our culture we call it dress for success.

Sure yeah! (laughter) And to us, you dress for your role in society, that’s how we see it. Cause you’re appropriated a role, not through the government. You’re appropriated a role through your destiny, through your fate, and you decide ultimately. And our civilization is there to help you, most of all, find your role. That’s one of the biggest things, or one of the biggest goals or hopes, with younger minds and those wishing glasses that I spoke of, the Glasnoks.

Ok, very good, thank you so much. We appreciate your time today. And we’ll go back to Charlie now. And let us know when we have Charlie.

(pause) Hm.

So what did you thin of that? You got to know you commandant a little better I think.

(laugh) I think he probably, uh, I think he’s probably going to go a little bit easier on me (laughter). He was impressed. He’s never experienced anything like that before. And he doesn’t show a lot of emotions to us but he was, I could tell, he was impressed.

Wow, nice!

He was walking away, it was weird, he was walking towards me and he lifted his eyebrows and gave me a grin and said under his breath “Wow!” He had to get somewhere very quickly to meet with others but he pointed at me too and shook his finger like “You got me there.” (laughter) 

So this may be a continued conversation that you have with him?

I think so, yeah! I think, given his propensities, he’s the kind of guy that, you know, and we kind of all are, but he’s more wary. You might have gotten that, I don’t know. He’s very wary because his role is so huge.

Right! And he made sure that we had good intention before he talked with us.

Yeah, that seems like him.

He shared! He was very generous in the information he shared.

That’s good!

So thank you for being the one to do that. How was that for you?

(laugh) It was interesting because I basically froze in place. I mean, I came to myself and I was standing- he was standing at the end of the walkway. And the walkway has got this termination point and it opens up so you can kind of stand there. It’s an observation deck. And I was just watching him down there from where I was standing at the door opening. And I was just watching him (laugh) and half of him disappeared! I could only see half his body for a while, so I figured he’s in and he’s talking and he’s interacting. But I figured he’s going to have fun cause he’s the Commandant. This is his kind of thing.

Well obviously he didn’t know of us.

Oh he didn’t! (laugh)

Do you share with you friends that you have conversations with people on Earth?

Umm, I’ve talked to one of my friends and I’ve talked to my wife. But I’ve not talked to others about you guys. It just doesn’t really come up. We don’t really, I mean, we’ve got so many neighbors that are active in our part of the universe already. And they’re very active right now, as I said earlier. So most people really don’t concern themselves with “Oh well what’s way, way out there?” Because it’s not an immediate concern and we’ve already mapped a lot so we’re trying to- cause out population is not big in total. So we really have to delegate appropriately.

Well for us it’s very special because where we’re at, in our area of the universe, our government doesn’t share with us that we’ve had connections outside of our species, our planet. Although many believe and know that we have and have had those experiences, but it’s not official.

They don’t admit?

No. No, we’re hoping soon but I mean, we know it; we don’t need them to admit it, but it’d be nice to open up our-

Well, I guess one thing that I could offer to the people that do believe in and are in opposition to your authorities that are hiding the truth from you, is to simply act like your authorities don’t even exist when that topic comes up. Don’t even acknowledge their explanations or summaries or conclusions. Cause they’re beyond nonsensical, the explanations, and they’re beyond lies. I mean, I don’t know what stories exactly have been spun on Earth, but I know of the religions that were founded in your Fertile Crescent area, as you guys called it. And I know that those over time have limited their scripture to disclude certain elements that precede even them.

So Charlie, you seem to have more knowledge about earth than the Commandant does?

Yeah! Yeah, there are books for sure, if you want to go find this stuff, or outlets of information. There’s even people that know about these different planets. If you go find the right person. So I, at some point when I was really young, like before I could remember my age, I was introduced to somebody that was older than me, I have no idea. But they told me about Earth and ever since then I’ve just kind of run into books that have material on it. So I’ve made it a habit of mine to learn more about this place. Because to me, to me on M1 and a younger individual on M1 compared to the Commandant and his generation, we think that we’ll beat this current situation, our current enemies. And that we’ll be able to continue moving onward and exploring the universe and mapping it. And so, to me it’s imperative that every stone goes flipped over, sort of thing. Is that anything at all comprehensible?

Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, absolutely, very nice, that was a beautiful exchange and I appreciate being a part of that, to facilitate.

Yeah, for sure! Happy to do it! And I’m really glad that he was actually willing to take time out of his day cause it didn’t really seem like, to me, he was going to. So he must have shown you a different temperament than I usually receive (laughter). But that’s ok (laugh).

Well, when you exchange with him next time, again tell him how deep our gratitude is, we are friends.

Yeah, I will definitely!

Ok, well, do you have anything else or should we go ahead and ask for The Collective to come through?

I don’t think there’s anything. I mean I did tell my wife and my kid about you guys and Earth. I kind of sat down one night and told everybody what was going on with me. And they are extremely excited to meet you someday, if at all possible.

Oh, yeah!

That’s the best way to put it.

Why don’t we plan on that!

Cause I’ve told them so much about you they can basically paint a picture in their head of you (laughter). So they know you guys and they, all I can see is smiles, so.

Oh nice! So do you think if we visited again next time, can we kind of work through you like we did with the Commandant to speak with your wife?

Yeah, we could try! We could definitely try and see if it works.

Ok, well, we’ll plan on it.

I’ll have to talk to her (laughter) and see if she would be interested or too freaked out or something. But I’m sure she’s open-minded.

What is her name?

Umm, my gosh, English is very difficult today. It’s like Amanda.

Ok, very good. Well, we will plan on a visit then maybe on the next time. Do you have a nickname that you call her?

Manda, I like to call her Manda.

Ok, ok, very good. All right, we appreciate visiting with you; we wish you the best of luck on the boring and on the conflict.

(laugh) Thank you, I’m sure it will go fine (laughter).

We know you’ve got it handled, we’re not worried. And we’ll meet again soon!

Yeah, definitely! I look forward to it.

So we’d like Charlie to step back and we’re bringing in The Collective Voice. Let us know when you’re ready to begin.

To be continued . . .

Session 6: Part 2

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, March 2016

Part 2: The Collective

We’re just waiting for The Collective to come through now.


Hello! How are you?

We’re good.

Good! Nice to have communication with you again!

We’re happy to be back! (laughter)

Charlie was quite chatty today!

Yeah, I think it’s the fact that we’re really happy to be back today!

That’s great!

We, like we said in the first session, we don’t get to come back as often as a Collective ego and get to talk like this, so, as if we are an individual.

Ok, very nice!

We’re happy to be back! (laughter)

Ok, well, it’s all mutual! We’re happy to be convened with you again! And so, how would you like to start out? Do you have some information you’d like to share?

Hmmm, there’s a lot of things but nothing in particular at this moment, I’m sure that we can get into it.

Ok, should we start with Phil’s questions then?

Yeah, I think so

Earth Predictions

He wonders if he and Ella are meant to be living in another location any time soon?

Well, definitely not the coasts. They’re right to stay away from the coasts because all we see is water. We see your maps right now, your land, and we see water pouring in on both sides like somehow the land was lowered. And the water was not raised but somehow the land was lowered, it dropped like a level and it’s just pouring in.

When do you see that happening?

Continuously from here on out. So what we talked about with regard to your South is already happening except for nobody in your country or civilization is talking about it as we spoke about it. Which is what we predicted. The events that have taken place over the last few weeks for example, with regard to your weather systems in the South of your country are a continuing example of what we spoke of with regard to sinkholes developing and just elements of certain states altogether in your country just being swallowed by water. Now whether it’s the ocean that reclaims it or it’s just drowned by the sky, it’s going to happen and it is happening and it’s all one event. It’s not isolated weather systems, it’s not bi-annual or annual or monthly or seasonal, it has nothing to do with that. That’s so shortsighted. At this point it’s getting ridiculous how short-sighted humans are, especially in the West of your Earth. Actually, the whole thing, just the amount of shortsighted focus. I get that there are shortsighted goals to be accomplished and we understand that but we don’t understand the over-emphasis on that. Why not also worry about long-term trends and look at long-term trends of the precedent. Because we understand that in the universe, precedent is the best indicator of what is to be or what is to become. And anything beyond that you don’t really know, anything beyond that, that is totally new and novel or a original or organic, you couldn’t have known that that was going to happen because that’s the future, you’re a human. So, it’s a shame to see this keep happening but it’s either a matter of time before everyone realizes that it’s one event or you start losing a lot more people and land to the water. And that is your choice.

So where do you see it best for him to live?

Well, the general area of where he is now is going to remain stable for the rest of his life. So, that doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be problems, there’s going to be a lot of people that are going to try and come to the general area, central area of your country at some point. It’s very similar to what you’ve got going on in Europe right now. And not just Europe, the whole of your other continents across the ocean.

And they’ll be coming there because?

Because of the lack of opportunity that exists on your coasts and the insecurity and instability that will have enveloped those areas. There’s going to be efforts very soon and we believe it will be out of Houston where they’re going to actually start trying to take policy actions or actions within the government down there to build a dome over the CBD (Central Business District) of that downtown.

For what purpose?

To protect investments and existing power structures and those who have made their investments.

Who’s building it?

The ones that we spoke about in the past that continue to feed your demands or to feed your use of energies that burn.

So, to them the building of the dome will accomplish what?

Well, number one Houston is really important to them.


Because of what’s there and it’s the type of people that are there.

What’s there?

Well, their institutions of power. A lot of them have congregated in that city, with regard to energy. And a lot of those minds have congregated together on purpose because they know that they’re facing a 360-degree attack in this so-called modern world that you live in. And we say so-called because it’s not very modern in our opinion when you compare it to what you say was just pre-modern sort of, in your understanding of history and the West. But anyways, its comical to us because it’s very obvious to us and it should be seemingly obvious to Earthlings that when all of these individuals and organizations are congregating in one location and they’re serving the same system, that which you all seemingly don’t want to be a part of anymore as far as we understand. Is that correct?


We understand that you guys don’t want to burn fuels, you don’t want to pay for energy anymore, you’d prefer not to right?


So the fact that they’re all congregated more or less in one city in one country should be evidence enough to the rest of your nation and the rest of the world that they are on the retreat and they are reshuffling the cards in their favor. And so they’re convened in one city for the most part. And don’t think for a second that just because they’re individual franchises seemingly competing against one another, that they aren’t sharing things behind closed doors. They are sharing things behind closed doors, secretly, in dark rooms, to make sure that the power structure of burning fuels and energy continues. So until that city is either knocked out of the infrastructure that exists with logistics and the power grids and what not. Until the rule of law can no longer be maintained, they are going to try and they are going to try and strengthen the defenses of the most important component of that city. And from what we know, they didn’t take the threats seriously, that’s why they invested and convened all of their organizations and people. And it’s really the people that are prevailing there; it’s a type of person that’s prevailing. They’re very, very well endowed, ok. So that’s one thing that they’ve already got going and they’ve all got the same mindset, which is the status quo must continue. And as long as that continues, in their heads, they’re the ones that control how you buy and consume energy, for the most part. Especially with regard to your transportation needs.

So until individuals start rising and countering, and they’re coming. And the products are coming much sooner than you think. But all of your peers need to make, I mean, consumerism and consuming we understand is a big priority in your civilization. It’s very important to have new things and it’s very important to have the new things because they’re better, supposedly. But what we’re trying to tell you is that’s fine, we don’t care, you can do whatever the hell you want. We’re trying to say start consuming more wisely and you will have less problems in your civilization. So when you put down an investment that detracts from a system all together that you don’t want to participate in all together anymore. You don’t want to pay for energy for example. When you go and invest in something and you take the time to say “Instead of this new thing that I wanted because I thought it was going to improve the convenience of my day-to-day life, I’m going to invest this money or this time or energy or work in implementing this component instead of this.” And all of you will see a domino effect, like you spoke of in the past. And over night, the saying right, you’ll take the rug out from under them. Their heads will be spinning. We’ve already emphasized that they’re convened in one city. They portray themselves as major competitors of one another. We’ve also told you that they share secrets with one another, secretly behind the public, so that they portray the idea that there is a finite amount of energy to go around and that’s why you do have to pay. But that’s not the truth. And the way that you look at your fellow biological beings on your planet, what you call animals or insects, look at how they operate when they’re under threat. They congregate and a lot of times they congregate in a circle. And that is, to us, very analogous to how you organize your cities. There’s often times a circular like dimension or form, so, this is what we’re seeing. And in human behavior the other thing that comes to mind, trail blazers in your continent in many years past, how did they defend themselves with their wagons? They circled them up, exact same way.

So, since we spoke last, the events that are coming to occur on Earth in what we would call the near future, what do you see happening?

We see, at first we saw some sort of star but it was dark. We saw 2 stars and they were straddling and it became illuminated and there was a dark circle in the middle and we presume that was a planet but it could be a star. So we assume that you’re going to be finding out more about, in the minute, maybe the nebulous starts that your scientists keep talking about. Or, we think more likely, it’s going to be the farthest-reaching object in your solar system that you’ve heard about. And these two suns to me represent the potential. So what we’re talking about here I think is the second sun, the second sun concept. 

What is that exactly?

That has to do with the fact that half of, well, number one your sun is going to sleep. Your star is entering a period that is going to be a time of solar minimums in the direction of Earth. So you can expect less intense summers and less intense, not just weather, but in terms of seismic activity, that’ll be determined almost exclusively by isolated CME events or really, really big porous coronal holes, the dark spots on your star facing Earth. And those spots are going to fluctuate but some are going to be bigger than ever and that’s why we see the potential for Richter scales shaking or breaking Earthquakes. We also see the concept of geo-engineering going further beyond your own planet and going into your solar system, we don’t know how far. But trying to potentially create some sort of artificial something or other to help. It’s all about commerce, it’s all about maintaining current power structures as is. Our guess is that is it has to do with maintaining logistics and maintaining time as you Earthlings move right now with the 24-hour clock and the rigidity of time. And then also how important time management or timeliness is becoming in your society because we know that you’re all being handed different devices and are encouraged to keep track of how much time you spend doing this and how much time you spend drinking water now and how much time you spend literally with your own family or children or how much time you spend, to the minute even, having fun. And that’s just the opposite of what you need to be doing. You need to be more organic, just like you are all doing in the West by consuming and endorsing these so-called organic foods that are propagating, the same thing is true of what we just spoke of.

Ok, let’s see here, an other information that you feel is very, very important to get out before I bring him back.

(long pause) We see a briefcase and it seems to be important. And it’s kind of big. We feel like it’s weaponized and it might go off in your world at some point soon. So just a heads up because of the understanding that we have is that it’s bigger than what you’ve been facing. So we’re not sure what that means, we have no idea even what it’s a reference to.

Can you see what part of the world it affects?

(sigh) Somewhere in the center.


If you’re looking at your world map, somewhere in the center of your world, on that map. We’re not sure. We’re really not sure.

Close to where he lives?

No, no, across the ocean.


No, it’s a place that’s already had problems, so what we know is it is going to be a bigger problem this time. We don’t know what’s preceded it; we don’t know how long things have preceded it. We just know something is going to be bigger this time, so. That’s as much as we know. We see a black handle on this briefcase and it’s all tan and it’s big. It’s a pretty big briefcase. So you would have to assume that somebody is carrying like a typewriter in it or, I don’t know, some sort of machine. Maybe you’re a private investigator or something and that’s your excuse. You might get away with it in other parts of the world that don’t use as fine of technology or flat screens that they might use in your country, so maybe that might be part of it, I’m not sure. But as far as we can tell that’s about it. We also see a break to your continent coming but not in the place that you guys might know. It’s in your South and again we keep reiterating, the South of your country,

We’re not talking Antarctica we’re talking about the US?

No, no the South of your country. There’s a weird break we see, like water and it has to do with storms but it also has to do with the oceans, I guess. But mostly storms, like rain. And the fact that the land is low or lower or marshy or swampy.

E: So like a divide between?

Yeah! Yeah, very, very similar to a divide. We see like almost mud and really impassable land almost. But it’s kind of like caved in, so it will kind of look like a continental divide, almost. Like it’s split from your continent or something but it’s not going to. Its just terrible destruction and water damage.

Space Travel

Ok, thank you for that. Phil would like to know more about how space travel works when humans leave earth and what will humans have to research in order to achieve space travel?

The first thing we saw when you’re asking that question is a chart and to us it looks like an EEG chart. So we’re going to guess that has something to do with your heart, the human heart, and making sure that true nerve tonics are developed. So we’ll give you a specific example, in terms of your natural sciences Phil knows they have figured out the circadian rhythm, melatonin and serotonin. And basically melatonin is a serotonin modulator. Well, there is going to be a bunch more modulators, beyond the enzymes, that are going to be discovered, essentially, in the coming years. One of those has to do with your opioid receptors. You have endogenous opioids, those are really important; they form the basis of every single decision you make. Every single person and every organic living thing has these organic, endogenous compounds and they are the driving force beyond all of that which you like, that which you desire, and that which you don’t like or that which you don’t desire. So in terms of understanding the obstacles, there are many, we’re not going to hesitate at all to tell you that. There are many obstacles that your species is going to have to make sense of and discover before they can travel further in space and that’s going to be fairly upsetting, I bet, to a lot of your populace. But, there’s no reason to despair because all of this is attainable very soon.

But it’s going to require more than just the obvious or seemingly obvious areas you want to research. Like we spoke of, keeping the heart calm at all times and why would you want to do that. Well, sometimes, even astronauts we imagine, they would get freaked out because they have not spent that much time in space and off Earth. They’ve spent time in modules on Earth but that’s not the same thing. So we know that it’s going to take some more development on the pharmacological understanding of aspects to truly understand how some of these mono-amine catecholamines, and other catecholamines really, or transmitters, that operate in the body and how they operate in relation to the circadian rhythm. Because if you have that foundation of time, then you can understand what actions take place with regard to that time and if that time is supposed to be a certain amount of sleep ratio to a certain amount awake time, ideally. Then you’re going to at that point be able to make more sense of at what point during the circadian rhythm, if the sun is not a part of your day to day life, is dopamine released or when is norepinephrine released. And how is that going to affect the well being of space travelers, or astronauts or whatever you want to call them, Earthlings in space for a long time, stuff like their heart or their brain or their circulation of their blood in their system. That’s really important in maintaining dexterity and that’s one thing you should know, a lot of these other extra-terrestrial species that can travel vast distances, they have either scrapped their nervous systems for the most part so that they don’t experience sensory overload and they’ve retracted organic stimuli in favor of mechanical measurements and mechanical indicators instead. Or they have extremely advanced nervous systems and they have been working for, in some cases, hundreds of years in order to develop a tolerance. Not even the technology, not even the science or concepts or tablets or liquids you might take or consume, just the tolerance on the body alone. It took some of them hundreds of years to develop tolerance to be able to actually send elements of their species on longer trips in space. This is not an easy endeavor, especially where humanity is at now.

The Website

Ok, well good! Alright, well we’re excited to present it and to watch the reactions come in.

We’re particularly curious if there’s going to be more reception in your country or if there’s going to be more reception beyond. Because we know it’s in English and perhaps you can translate it if you have some sort of program or whatever on your technology if you’re in another part of the world. But we’re really interested in this potentially reaching other cultures where some of these concepts that we’ve dispelled are already innate or are already hardened or even in its infancy and maybe we can help it mature conceptually.

Dolores Speaks

Do you have recognition of Dolores?


What can you tell us that you know?

She’s watching you right now. And she’s laughing (laughter). She’s so impressed. So, so impressed with you and Julia and your efforts. And she’s so proud of you both, she really, I mean, of course she wishes she could give you a hug but she’s so proud of you in like a project “look at what you’ve done with my little pet project thing”. But she’s so happy that you guys are bringing it to the whole world. She’s so, so happy. And the smile on her face is a smile of success. She feels like she handed off the rungs to the right people. So feel very good knowing that you are being watched out by someone- she’s got a pencil in her hand (laughter). She’s tapping her head like “I still think all the time and I’m watching”. And she’s pointing the eraser at us saying “Tell them”, you know, with a smile “we’re always watching”. She’s so happy.

What other projects does she work on now?

(laugh) Number one, she says, keeping you guys in check (laughter).

Well I hope we don’t wear her down too much (laughter).

No, no, no, she says she has more energy than ever and she’s not held back by anything. But she has to, I think, sometimes keep Julia in check and more keep Julia guided, like on the right track so that she doesn’t, you know- it’s full steam ahead she says.

Oh nice! Any advice for us as we head off to China and Taiwan, that part of the world?

Sow joy! Bring smiles everywhere you go. You are agents of a much larger project now and a much larger program. And you should be so excited because, yeah there’s an acronym to it, she says, you know, it’s an alternative healing modality, she says but you should be really proud of what you’ve been able to do for other people. And that alone should be more than enough she says to bring a smile to your face for the rest of the days that you live. 

Well it is always an honor, I hope she knows, to do this work on her behalf.

She knows. She’s nodding and she hears everything you’re saying. So she applauds your efforts again, even more than last time. Even more. I need to emphasize that, as Phil. Because that’s what I’m seeing, so. I feel like she’s here with me right now. Cause I’m not, I don’t know where I am (laughter) but I definitely see her clear as day.

Well give her a big kiss from us. Thank you thank you thank you.

Of course.

Alright, well, it’s always sad to end these sessions but I know its best probably for him. Thank you so much for coming through today and getting him here safely.

We love it! We love being back here, it’s really a great opportunity. It’s so fun for us cause we’re not an individual ego, we’re a soul group or we don’t really have words. Even the hooded ones are individual egos despite not taking physical form on your Earth. It’s interesting to us always, to come back. And we look very much forward to the next session.

Session 6: Part 1

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, March 2016

Part 1: Charlie

What’s the very first thing that you notice?

A swirling, it’s like a hurricane map, almost. Like the eye of a hurricane swirling clockwise. And the filament has breaks in the swirl but it’s cascading downward.

And where are you in relation to the filament breaks swirling down?

I am analyzing the motion of the cyclical nature of this and there’s movement to the West, or left, with this, um cyclone, I guess. I’m not sure that it’s a storm or anything.

Ok, and why are you analyzing it?

It has to do with space weather and understanding the patterns of space weather as they unfold in the vacuum of space and in the less visible spectrum. And so, just like you might be analyzing a storm via radar or via satellite, this is analyzing it from a three dimensional aspect. So that’s a component of this module that I’m looking at and I’m able to view how this phenomenon takes place and how it emanates outward in approaching the object or the target it reaches.

Ok, then what do you do with that understanding when you have it?

Based on the swirls, something to do with densities of the spaces in between the swirl and the actual filament indicates different things. And the widths of the cyclone itself coming at you so this is a first person view of the cyclone emanating as a vortex outward or upward as if you were the target above it, so to say. So it’s coming at you more than a 2-D image just moving simply across a map.

And so are you right there or how are you viewing this?

I’m viewing this on a screen in some sort of, I mean, it’s definitely the laboratory that I work in.

Is this Charlie?


Hi Charlie, how are you?

(laughter) Good to be back.

(laugh) Good to have you back!

Didn’t really expect to come back (laughter).

You must really like us (laugh).

Yeah! It’s really weird because it’s not always voluntary it seems in how I come to communicate with you guys on Earth. I just get pulled or all of the sudden I’m speaking with you.

And you’re able to still conduct your experiments while you’re speaking to us or do you stop?

It’s a delayed time freeze. It’s like I experience a time freeze and then I’m still there and I’m expecting things to happen and unfold but I just keep seeing the image or whatever I see unfold before my eyes when I was asked to freeze or see time as it was where I was. But I’m not aware of who I’m speaking to or with until some time elapses because it is a time shift for me and a physical shift for me because I am aware all of the sudden that something has occurred. It might be something similar in one of your films, that concept might have been portrayed at some point.

So do you hear us like you’re hearing a voice?

Yeah, yeah exactly! I hear this voice in my head but I can’t figure out where it’s coming from. And I just see the screen still in my bunker like outpost in the facility. And so I am staring through the glass still and I look down at the facility. I see no one, I see the machines working and then I look back at the screen. The screen is gridded. It’s really weird, we’ve got like two handles on the sides of the screen. They might be reminiscent of something in your military in your past. But they’re maybe something similar to your naval or maritime features. Something you might have with unsteady ground or unsteady terrain. And so you’ve got these handles that are jutting out from the sides of this screen that, in my opinion, are really unnecessary because my generation, we’ve known stability on M1 and there hasn’t been any issues. And at no point do I ever have to brace myself or grab things like the edges of the screen (laugh). But it is gridded and it’s got green lines that are gridded over the screen. So it might look archaic to your eyes. There are different screens we use for different reasons on purpose because they can show the function and moreover the form and structure of something. So if the structure and the foundation are understood then you can understand how something might play out in terms of effect. But if you don’t understand the skeleton of something, for example, then you can’t possibly understand how the nerves and muscles would be laid over a skeleton, for example. Or like if you’re building a building, you know.

Ok, so does this experiment coincide with the energy experiments that you’ve been doing on M1?

It has to do with the general experiments that we’re always concerned with. So we study energy physics, if you want to call it that. So the properties of energy as we know it in this universe. And there are so many different ways to understand energy. You can understand it on the terrestrial object, the TO, where I’m at, where we sort of blew away the atmosphere. You can understand it in the context of Kylox, the home planet where we blew away part of the atmosphere but we rebuilt it in a semi-synthetic way and so we restored some of the atmosphere. So it’s a restored –

Can I stop you? Can you explain how you rebuilt the atmosphere?

It had to do with dispersing things, dispersing gases basically. It was taking metalloids, putting them into gaseous form but it was compounds. Because the metalloids that we were using, and I’ve talked about gold in the past as being one of the primary constituents of the compounds. But the compounds are fairly complex because you can’t just take these metalloids and vaporize them and expect them to do what you want them to do, which is, in this case, to restore some sort of shield to block UV rays on that part of the spectrum. And then some of the other rays that we were concerned about in our part of the universe. But it involved dispersing different types of vapors into the air at altitudes. Because we tried initially to launch things from the ground via projectile and that simply didn’t work. It might be similar to your cannons. We left Earth so long ago though, that I’m not familiar with modern military weaponry or anything like that, so I’m not sure what you guys have been using these days. But I know that we tried the cannon-like approach where you launch projectiles into the air where it explodes and the gaseous form was to take place and sort of suture itself with the particles that are in the air. And that’s the key behind the compounds, it’s not just the metalloids because the compounds need other chemicals mixed in order to make the metalloids suturable, I guess is the word I’m going to use, to the other particles in the atmosphere, so that you can rebuild something coherent.

Did it take an extended amount of time to get it done?

Yeah, unfortunately and in the meantime people suffered from what we call transient diseases or syndromes or illnesses because we don’t really experience them any more so we attribute them to that time or phase wherein the atmosphere wasn’t restored or hadn’t been restored yet and we trying to work with what we had.

Ok, thank you for that. So since we’ve spoken last is there other information you’d like to share with us.

Well, there’s something that I can see in my vision, there’s like two suns and they’re seemingly connected via energy particle waves. But they’re separated by a vast distance from one another, but they still interact with one another. And that’s something that we’ve been studying lately, is the interaction between two stars and basically when they start interacting and at what distance between one another. And obviously given the size of the stars what distance between one another do they start interacting in terms of energy bands, plasma bands, radio waves from different eruptions or losses and, not deprecations but suffocations, I guess, of different star components. So if a star is dying for example or if it’s shrinking or its lifetime is on the decline, then you can study that and certain aspects that are unique to that, as opposed to a younger star that might be interacting with it. So what we found out is that despite great distances, for Earthlings incalculable really and cognitively unfathomable. There is no concept on your planet for these great distances so it’s just throwing numbers at your brain. But the distances are so vast that you and other Earthlings would have a hard time believing, based on your science that we know, the natural sciences doesn’t believe that objects that far can interact with one another. And what we’re finding out is that they interact not just in the ways that are already known, like the basic sense of gravity pulling towards one another. And then if they’re facing one another and an eruption takes place, for example, with like radio waves or some sort of waves that are emitted and they are directed at the other star, we can figure out or we’ve figured out rather, so many more types of interactions that take place. And like we said, it has to do mainly with the non-visible spectrum. And I think that that’s why, that is exactly why I’m studying what I’m studying. We’re not just studying the interaction between two stars, we’re also studying the interactions of a single star on their own and different sizes, different ages of stars and what those look like and affect. And so that’s what the swirl, the cyclone type, that I’m studying; we call them star cyclones, I guess, or star twists that come off, or star vortices. And so depending on the size of the star, it can be very, very big. But they can expand outward in this vortex-like pattern and so the further and further it gets out, the larger and larger we’ve determined or we’ve noticed that the larger the impact area of the vortex. So in other words the bands of energy that swirl and comprise the vortex, they star swirling further and further out because of the composition of the swirl is strong enough to keep it together. So if you understand quantum gravity in that sense, like micro-gravity, within the vortex the particles are willing to balance one another equally because of the magnetic polarity going on.

How will this scientific data be beneficial to others?

Well, it’ll help be able to, for us first and foremost, with M1. Because we don’t have an atmosphere we’ll be able to predict when geomagnetic storms weeks in advance. So we’ll be able to know if we are going to have problems with electronics and then we can then start to do diagnostic work that’s preparatory in advance of storms that are weeks out. Because we can now determine if something is, not just headed in our direction but what it is and what it’s going to do in effect. And so there are certain sensitive instruments that we do have in our particular laboratory on M1, like I said there are multiple laboratories on M1. But in mine, atop the roof there are particularly sensitive instruments that we want to shut off so that we don’t have to repair them or do any hard maintenance after a stronger geomagnetic storm hits. Because the fact that we don’t have an atmosphere on M1 makes it particularly vulnerable and volatile for conditions when geomagnetic storms do hit. With Kylox, for example, it is going to help us figure weather systems and it’s going to help us predict weather really accurately and predict how much rainfall and how much water is going to accumulate. Basically for us to understand our logistics network, because that’s what we were talking about, one of the last times we spoke, how we were trying to improve that. We’ve got the communications down; we don’t have transporting the things down and the goods and services and stuff like that down. And we don’t have roads everywhere, that’s something that we are trying to move beyond because, again, like we talked about last time, we don’t believe in the concept of roads and that’s one reason why we were really weirded out. That was one of the last things that left us very confused about Earth and the future of it and whether our place on Earth was worth continuing to invest in.

And you’re talking about Kylox that doesn’t have roads?


But it does have rain?


Ok, do you know, is the rain similar in composition to rain on Earth?

Yes, as far as I know, its just water. Water on Kylox, when it falls, is pure, you could say. It’s not tainted with as many external or third party chemicals and other compounds up in the city. So let’s put it that way, cause what I could see always was the rain falling on our trees and we have a lot of palm trees. We have like forests that are really, really thick of palms. Which is really, really interesting to us because most of our climate isn’t super tropical or anything like that. And that’s one thing we noticed with Earth was where the palms are it’s pretty tropical. So that’s one thing that we noticed, um, I guess the one thing that we did notice that was kind of close was the dampness of your Southern continents, like your smallest continents, and I don’t remember the names right now of that area. But the smallest continent and the island off of it, at one point those were really similar to our forests, for the most part. And the main forest that I’m thinking of that’s vast, I mean, the area that it comprises is a majority of one of the continents of Kylox. So if you can imagine many, many continents that are intertwined, this one is like a palm or a hand, you could think of, like a shape like that. Or a leaf. And there’s sand outlining the continent but there’s a vast palm forest. But it’s not, like I said, it’s not super hot or anything like that, like your tropics or your equatorial areas.

Do you get snow?

Yes, we do get snow, but in certain areas. And we have particularly tall mountains on different parts of the planet. Our continents are really, really intricate, you could say. If you were to try to draw them compared to the continents that I remember from studying Earth, our continents are vastly more fractal or fractalized, I guess you could say. So if you took a fractal and kept zooming and zooming and zooming you could see how complex the land structures are with some of our continents and landmasses.

Ok, very good, so interesting! Is Kylox a larger planet than Earth?

Yes. I would say it’s about 1.5 times bigger. So it’s a good chunk bigger. And there are some things that we have that you’ve never seen on Earth. Like our mountains that do have snow and are particularly tall, we have sand that goes right up to the snow. So that’s not something I ever saw on Earth or any of the pictures or anything like that. We have, like . . . and see now I feel like I’m being flashed pictures or something like that, cause I don’t recognize these trees that are pointy and triangular.

Pine trees?

Sure, ummm, yeah, you could call them that cause they have like points to each, they have like needles on each, I guess. So if that’s the vernacular, yeah. We don’t have those. But we have trees that are very bountiful on the top, so they have the trunk and the wood and then they are bushy up top with big canopies.

What galaxy is Kylox in?

(long pause) I’m getting a bunch of names. I’ve got two names but I’m having a hard time pronouncing them. And then the other one is like SC179, but that we picked up from somebody else. So what I’m trying to say is that, there are a lot of names, I guess, but it depends on whom you ask because then it will give the correct answer. Like if you already have a name for our part of the universe or our galaxy in specific, I might already be tossing it around in my head but I can’t determine. We don’t really necessarily have a name, so. It isn’t really important to us.

And is the Commandant around?

He’s around, I saw him but then he, like he moves really quickly, like I said, sometimes. And today he’s moving extra quick, so sometimes I’ll see him. It’s really weird, I can see like stills of him but then it’s like a snake of him. It’s like if you took a shutter image forty times of a photo of him, it would be like that lined up in your vision. I see like an accordion image of him. And then I’ll see like one coherent photo of him and then I’ll know it’s him, you know. And I’ll see the goggles, cause he’s always got those on his head, he’s always got that fixture.

Have you been back to Kylox lately?

I go back as often as possible. And I haven’t been back in a few days actually because studying this, we just got the data on all of this star vortices. And I was ordered to study that and make sense of it as much as possible and give reports right away so that we could start implementing things right away with regard to the information.

And you give your reports to whom?

The Commandant.

Ok, and he does what with those?

He looks over them first, to make sure there aren’t blatant inaccuracies or anything that I’ve overlooked with regard to my methodology or criteria that I’m using to dictate my analysis and my observations and then my recommendations. And then he also will, because he’s more familiar with the administrative components of implementing the recommendations that we give and actually formulating these things into action. He’s more familiar with the terminology that is used when a project is finally set and prepped within the lab and has been approved by him and is ready to be sent onward to Kylox and Mechrisnek and what to do deal with the government there to make sure that things are implemented then from our program.

All right, ok, very good.

So there’s like a little bit of an editing process if you want to look at it that way but it’s just a matter of expedience because we understand that he has more years under his belt than we do. And so he has more perspective when it comes to implementing the final product, if you want to put it that way.

Ok, how is your wife doing?

Umm, she’s good but she, and everyone has been, not worried but has been really thoughtful and very contemplative on Kylox with regard to the implementation of the logistics of the transportation system. Because it’s a matter of connecting all of our people. And despite the fact that we have advanced transportation areas, so like I can use the MOT to get to M1 or to other, you know, if our military has to we have certain areas that they can use to launch themselves to the other TOs and planets that we’ve talked about in the past. And right now, if I could I am going to expand on that, because something significant happened. Our enemy that we’re up against, if you want to call it that, that we’re fighting they sent reinforcements and we didn’t expect that. To the, it’s really a terrestrial object that we’re battling over, it’s not really a planet anymore. And our government and our society as a whole is, as I said, not opposed to going to war but in this moment we didn’t expect such a large effort on the part of our opposition. And we certainly didn’t expect this many reinforcements. So we’re out, at this point, trying to protect the, 5 or 6 is what I heard last time, TOs and planets. Things are changing so rapidly. And the reason we are out to 5 or 6 now is because that is a buffer zone that we’re trying to create between our home planet and where we believe that they are coming from.

TOs being terrestrial objects?

Yes, sorry.

That’s ok.

We are not trying to occupy the 5th or 6th planets or TOs but we’re trying to have a presence there so that we can confront them there before they will be able to get any further, so like I said, a buffer. But that isn’t so worrisome to our population because we’ve been in fights where we’ve had less forces compared to the opposition in the past. So I think that there isn’t that much concern right now, there could be in the future because there’s a lot of reinforcements that our opposition has sent. And we have presumed at this point that they’re really, really technologically advanced and that there’s plenty more where they came from.

So why do you think they’re so interested in sending so many more reinforcements? What are they feeling threatened about?

They’re very interested in colonizing. We understand that to be very, very gregarious in terms of you know taking foot holes on whatever rock or object in space it really can get a hold of. They, I can describe them to you, the ones that we’re facing right now, the reinforcements are brown and they have very black eyes, almost lifeless and a black slit for a mouth. And they have like a hard space mask, almost. But it’s part of their body and it’s kind of like an exoskeleton, I’ll put it that way. And it’s like this, do you have the word like talc?

Describe it.

Like a rough kind of service, like chalk almost. Or clay or something like that I guess. And it’s like hard, like thick- I’ve seen footage of our soldiers fighting them even hand to hand. And sometimes they will got to try and punch them and punch the facial area and it doesn’t do anything, it’s just really, really, really hard exoskeleton. Whereas their neck area is kind of like protected, they’ve got almost breast plates for an exoskeleton but their neck is like this black and it’s got an accordion, ribbed like neck thing running down. And it’s very, very vulnerable. So if you can strike it or hit it, or whatever, it’s definitely fleshy and more biological. Compared to the exoskeleton, which to us seems like armor of some sort. So we’re not totally sure, we’re in the process right now- I just saw footage of, very recently, trying to figure out are these biological entities or are these hybrid entities that are bio mechanical or are they completely mechanical and they just have a semi-organic vale to them.

Do you communicate with them at all?

No, they don’t talk and that’s one thing that really bothers us about them, they are really, really lifeless and that’s why we get the impression that they’re very determined. They don’t, their mouths don’t move, it’s just a slit, it’s just a black slit. And their eyes don’t blink either. So, that’s why we’re so confused by- well, they do kind of blink, I don’t know, it’s like a half blink. It’s not like ours, so we don’t see it as the same sort of sign of life. We don’t know much about them because they’re a very recent arrival and there’s not, I’ve heard about the press and how they’ll cover wars on your planet and that’s not the case with ours. We don’t have writers or anything like that, that go and embed themselves with troops.

So how do you have the footage of them?

There are cameras that are attached to our military. So like the vehicles and the troops and all of that footage is sent back to government depositories or depots. And then they sift through the footage and we have been, again, genetically predisposed and that’s how we like to organize things is if there is a genetic predisposition to making sense of visual information really quickly and processing that with your brain and then the energetic circuits in your body. Then you’re likely, and if you have an interest in that, you’re likely to end up there because you can process so much more stimuli at once so you can be using your hands but then at the same time you can be organizing things in your head, literal, tangible information and files and stuff like that, you can be organizing in your head. So it’s a matter of implementing those things and the cognitive and then implementing the physical at the same time. And so that’s where the disposition genetically comes because from what we understand, you can measure bioelectrical currents and their strength and their acquaintances, if you want to put it that way, with particular ways of doing things. And so they would be hence predisposed. And again we emphasize the voluntary, you know, if you have an interest. There’s no forced labor or anything like that, nothing of that sort.

And are you aware of where they come from?

They come from a really small nook, almost, for the most part it seems. Like almost all of them, from what I understand, seem to come from a small nook on our planet in a particular region. And that region, they look sort of different, they have slightly grayish hair and they’re not as bulky, I guess you could say, as we are. So they’re a little bit thinner and more weathered in the face, or I don’t know, you can see their bones more easily, like the facial features. And there’s silver shimmers in their hair which are usually, it’s really straight and it’s kind of like this grayish, like a dark gray color, they all have that color to their hair. And then some of them will haves streaks of almost white here and there. Just like little splotches of white. And it’s mostly this like grayish silver. But they also have a little bit more tan or maybe olive skin, you might say, compared to us. We are very, very pale or white; we’re almost nearly white. I think I talked about this at one point where when we did blow away our atmosphere part of the problem was because we were took so long to reconvene and basically reconstitute our atmosphere to the point we have it today that much of our population became, I don’t know for sure, became much more pale or much whiter at that point.

Yup, I think we did talk about that

And that was part of the exposure and the lack of atmosphere.

Ok, well, is there anything else that you wish to share?

Ummm, next time definitely ask me about batteries and what role they play on your planet and what role they play in our society at this point and what we’ve been able to do with them.

Ok, we can talk about it right now if you want?

We’re actually in the process of, or I’m in the process of, trying to make sense of things but I definitely feel like this is something that you would be interested in. And so I would be interested in sharing it with you once I make sense of it more myself.

Ok, very good, should we get ready to bring The Collective through then?

Yeah, sure!

Ok, thank you Charlie! It’s been great seeing you again!

Yeah, definitely.

Take care!

To be continued . . .