Sessions 4/5

Sessions facilitated by Ella January and February 2016

(This information was gathered on two different dates, the content included is not in order)

Sessions 4/5

Do you have any advice or warnings to offer in regard to Earth?

We see a lot of images of water, in various forms. But a lot of them have to do with what you know as Arctic water or Arctic ice.

Like the ice melting?

We saw part of a glacier falling into the water but we mainly are seeing waters rising and affecting the people. Especially, as we’ve talked about in the past, along the coasts. We also see a volcano, a massive peak, billowing smoke. And we see people far below the forest line running away from it and in terror. Somewhere in what you know as Southeast Asia, maybe even Japan. It looks similar to something between Japan . . .

Stilt homes, like thatched roofs, so it could still be further south, like Indonesia or Thailand. Indonesia or Malaysia, or the Philippines, one of those. And this is a prominent volcano that hasn’t gone off in a while but it’s going to do a lot of damage. We see black soot layering, we’re not sure if that exactly has to do with the volcano.

Your continents will begin to take on new shapes. This is a time of change for your continent and your land on Earth. And so we see South America shifting in an amorphous way. And we will send Phil information regarding the images that we see so that he can depict them for you.

Some of it will be water eating away at continents that you guys have known. And there will be many areas where mountains, like the Alps remain prominent places because they’re so high and defined already, in altitude.

Ok, thank you. What do you see coming for our year 2016?

There will be collision. What we see immediately is two giant but simply white blocks that are very clearly divided, like your red sea was in the stories. But now they’re like your mountain goats or rams that eventually lunge at one another and strike their heads. That collision, to us, represents the beginning of the pinnacle of all that which your species has been rising toward or ascending toward. There is going to be a great clash in many sectors or realms of your society. And it’s going to begin to set the stage for what will become, um . . . what will replace the order that you have known.

What do you see for the election for president in our country?

I see a man with like golden hair that is very popular and people are listening and are going to listen to him because he is speaking, not only loudly and firmly so that he has there attention. But he also, in their minds, emblematizes contemporary leadership in your society. Or some of the finer elements of leadership in your society. And in this realm he comes from that of commerce and so many in your society have respect for those that work in commerce and they will lend an ear. And they will find favor in many words that he offers to them. And his intentions are to act on many of his words but what he and the people fail to realize is that there is . . . you can think of it and your society can think of it as an entity that is your capital city. And we see that as a morass of spirits and energy. It’s almost a storm it is so chaotic. It’s dark in color, it’s primarily blackish with specks of gray and we see the colors of metal. Stuff like that but it’s spinning in a circle like a doughnut. and that is not only a force, like it’s an entity that likes to use force and it’s willing to use force. But it also thinks of itself as a never ending machine that deserves to- it’s not even in its thought process that it couldn’t exist.

Ok, so do you see that changing in any way?

There will be a challenge. We see many challenges by people, like groups of individuals challenging your authorities and you managers of society outright, especially in 2016. And we see a lot of people who have very little and whereas we know that your society was led primarily in the last year or so, as you would say, by upheaval from different races in your society. The so called dominant race in your society is going to start standing and resisting in 2016, more fervently and more regularly. And it will be of surprising grouped and ages and people. It won’t necessarily just be young people or those that you would expect. It will literally be people that have nothing left. They . . . we’re not going to go into the details of what they do or don’t have but many will have nothing or next to nothing. We don’t see weapons but we see them very, very, very angry but also very willing to stand and remain standing where they are and speaking what they believe and resisting calls to disband.

Ok, understood. Can you give us a little insight as to what else you see coming to Earth?

Your ionosphere is being blasted with electronic pulses and waves on the surface and in the atmosphere itself by ground based objects or facilities. And what’s that doing is it’s eroding your protective elements on the outer parts of the ionosphere, ok. And what that’s doing is that’s disrupting Earth’s magnetosphere. And with that comes a whole host of new weather systems that are going to affect pretty much every part of your planet. And it’s not gonna make any sense to you. So Phil knows that the winter of this Earthy year on your planet so far in your country has been pretty much the opposite where it’s been really cold in the South and really hot in the North compared to normal.  That is just the beginning. Phil also knows of recent record-breaking winds in the middle of your country and that’s also just the beginning. But that’s similar to the peak of what you’re going to see, in terms of new, extreme and almost at times spontaneous . . . so the idea of meteorology is going to disintegrate. And we would advise, as The Collective, that you as humans disregard that completely and stop spending your time looking at your screens or papers or whatever. Or even entertaining conversations about the weather because none of you even have a clue because so many of you are doing things to your ionosphere that it is warping your atmosphere. And it will be warped for a long time. It will not return to what you knew as a kid, in your lifetime.

You’re going to see some crazy, new, almost inconceivable syndromes among your peers of residing and turning inward. And not against each other but they’re literally going to succumb to fear to the point where they will build inside. They will build dome cities and they will live in cities that are essentially a mountain, connected. At this point, so many people on your planet would rather live in a tunnel network of some citadel. And thus your cities are going to continue to grow and there’s soon going to be a serious shortage of protein on your planet. And your civilization is not prepared. No one in your hemisphere is, no nation, is prepared for the amount, the cacophony of demands that are going to be placed on your leaders and your authorities in your civilizations. With regard to specific protein needs for your peoples. It won’t even be other nutrients necessarily, that are a concern. You’ll probably still be able to source those. But your protein concerns are seriously jeopardizing the entire future of your civilizations.

Phil wanted to ask if you could tell us about other souls that are part of The Collective?

There are many souls that are eager to display and show themselves to you, from this Collective. But for Phil it’s really, really hard to explain some of these, especially what they’re trying to say and how they’re trying to say it. So we’re trying to pair one that can communicate more easily with Phil right now.

Are there any souls that are close to Earth?

There’s . . . nothing in your Solar System. So, it’s difficult to answer the question in regard to the term close.Because we don’t have a fixed location in space or time as a Collective Voice or a Collective group of souls. We can’t place, necessarily, how far things are. And we don’t believe it’s useful to learn units of measurement from any planet or species or race or whatever because we understand that everything is constantly changing and expanding or contracting. But either way everything is constantly evolving so it’s frivolous for us as a Collective group, Collective Voice, and it’s frivolous for us, in our view our perspective to inundate ourselves with the specifics of the units of measurement that are placated around the universe as tools.

Ok, understood. I’m going to ask some more of his questions. Can you clarify free will on Earth as a concept?

Hmmmmm (sigh), your concept of free will is warped. You’re told in your society that you have options but you have very, very limited options. You have options that could control as much as the smallest animals on your planet you think control things. So, in other words, you are ants because that’s what we know you think of ants, the actual animals or insects on your planet. So we understand that all of you, because of what you’ve done to the surface of your Earth and because of what you think you’ve done in terms of knowledge and technology and because of who you think you have become as a species. And the arrogance that’s displayed across your planet continuously in individual egos, there’s a duplicity here of things. (sigh, long pause)

Phil was also hoping you could elaborate on time and space from an Earthly perspective?

Phil has been told that Earth is an illusion and as far as we understand it, it is nothing but a point in a matrix, ok. So if you can take a cube, ok, and take this cube in your head and it’s translucent completely but you can see the edges. They’re not super rigid but they’re there, you can see it’s a cube. But everything is open to occupation inside; the volume inside is open to occupations. So, in terms of space and time, we say we come from a different universe. The way we explain that is there are multiple layers in a vertical fashion, this is the easiest way to explain it, a vertical fashion on that y-axis, descending from 360 degrees to the zero point. And now we’re talking about a circle I guess. But using those mathematical degree points, so from that straight North point to the straight South point. I’m just helping you as an Earthling, from the 3 dimensional to the 2 dimensional, paint this in your head. So from that, we come from the seventh highest universe, ok. In our understanding there are eleven universes in the multi-verse. But we don’t know for sure. Because there are unique things happening in each multi-verse. And because of what’s happening with Earth’s situation and because of the history of Earth and even the recent history of Earth, its affected things in this universe such that it’s affected other things in other universes that are lower in frequency. And in many ways it has even set those universes back because of some of the things that predominate in this universe, for example. And this universe isn’t to blame completely. And in terms of this cube, you can understand then that from the seventh, we’re descending down to this point that is ascending between universes right now. And that’s something that you need to take into account. Your planet is ascending between universes right now. So things are extremely chaotic. Not all of the planets in your own solar system, let only your own universe, are in the same evolutionary state as your own planet. So you’re beginning to understand now why it’s not just the level that we’re on that matters. Just because you’re on or in the seventh universe, it’s not like an elevator; it’s not like on your Earth you’re not at the penthouse (laugh). And so it’s interesting because you shift the cube 90 degrees and all of the sudden the Earth as an orb is in a different place, if you look down upon the cube. It’s in a different corner. The only thing that it has done has gone, you know, and I’m explaining this poorly but I think that you get the gist of it.

Thank you so much! We were wondering if anything unique was going on in the area (central US) that we’re living in, in terms of the atmosphere and energy?

Hmmm, there’s a dome, a sphere like structure. And I assume this is a thing West of you, cause I’m seeing something that’s like you, that’s like a gold thing. I presume that’s you. And this thing is away from the cities; I don’t know which direction it is exactly. But it’s a dome and they use it for radar, for weather, they say. But it’s affecting the immediate atmosphere, like the lower rungs of your atmosphere right around your city and the neighboring city. It’s mainly, everything that’s in its path as the weather moves. So whatever direction the weather’s moving it will affect the lower rungs of the atmosphere there. And it will distort particles. So it will also distort the way that you perceive light and how much light is even taken in. And it also, we’re not sure exactly how it does this or what it does exactly, but it enforces certain chemicals that are already in the air to accumulate and bunch up almost. So you’ll see like plumes of what looks like something, but it’s not a cloud. And that’s due to that machine.


About Phil and Ella

Everybody needs to understand here and now that he comes from us, he doesn’t come from anything else. We don’t come from this universe. And we have facilitated his incarnation on Earth and because he has built up a karmic cycle we’re going to have to keep facilitating him if he can’t move onward. And so we want to help him move onward because Earth is so particularly tough and we’ve talked about that in the past and we don’t really want to be associated with Earth until it ascends further. That’s what we’ve come to the conclusion of since we’ve spoken since last.

He has a strong relationship with water and aquatic life that is a symbiotic relationship. And so you could think of it as the recycling logo that you know on your planet. The never ending movement in a circular motion sort of, that is exactly the kind of relationship that Phil has to maritime life and not just eating seafood or anything like but also being around and with and experiencing reality together with maritime life.

I’ve been told that I have a strong connection with water. Is there a connection there between the two of us?

Yes but not in like a direct past life sense. You both have similar relationships in your past lives though, to water. So you never spent time in the same place but you spent lives in your past with similar relationships to maritime settings and life. And that is why you have more than a specific relationship with maritime life. Yours is much wider because, the way we see it, part of you is at the bottom of the ocean. Part of you sunk like an anchor and is a part of the water on Earth. We don’t know how you came back into your complete, human, land form but we see that part of you is a part of the waters, mainly the oceans on your planet. It has to do with your heritages. And it has to do with your Northernmost heritage. We don’t know the name.

It’s definitely a wet, a very wet coldish climate. And we see islands in the Northernmost area of that land or off that land more specifically. And we see a big bright light and we presume that that’s you and your orb of, we don’t know what to call it, we would call it an orb of being or your realm of being.

And so that is part of me?

It’s like this sphere that surrounds you and it expands and contracts. And it contracts if you’re focused, on your planet, on low frequency thoughts. Usually on most planet the same rule applies, if it’s low frequency the orb contracts and if it’s higher frequency topics or thoughts that you’re focused or inundated with your orb has the capacity to expand to many, many times your physical size.

Ok, very interesting! Thank you! So you’d mentioned mine and Phil’s past lives, can you tell us about any lives we lived together before this one?

You both were merchants together once. But it wasn’t on or in the world that you know today. It was long ago, like in a society that is long past. The way we see you is you used to wear this long dress with long arms and it was white and it had drapes of red fabric on your legs and your arms and it was also lined with gold trim here and there. And your hear is different than anything, like the way that you styled it is different than anything that exists on the planet that Phil know today or that we know of. It was a very peaceful time on Earth. It was a very, very peaceful time. It’s so, it was such a different time it’s almost hard to explain to you what it was like.

It’s not a time that you would know about specifically and it’s not a place that you would know specifically. But you lived in like an alpine region, like lots of trees that were pines trees or fir trees. And mountains but a little bit further out surrounding your village. And your village might remind you of something out of one of your holidays in the winter. And you did deal in gold, your society or village or merchant shop or store.

And what did we sell exactly?

You guys worked with plants and herbs. And you were medicine keepers of sorts for your neighbors or your community. There was no chemicals, synthetic chemicals as you would know from the 20th century from your Earth. There was no laboratory stuff, there’s no glass beakers or anything, except for to store herbs or flowers or seeds. I mean you guys had a very, very big collection. And you were able to keep a lot of things alive that weren’t necessarily native or even of Earth.


You were able to siphon things from the cosmos or the sun and like synthesize or manifest plant into existence. Or like different flora and fauna. You in particular. It’s harder for us to see what Phil did. But you also were very adept at the commerce side and dealing in the currencies and everyday shopkeeping.

That’s really interesting! So we were a couple that had the shop?


(laugh) Ok.


Advice on reshaping your reality

We offer him advice that might seem weird to you or him initially but reflect on this. Allow him to and encourage him to write and to explore in his mind the realm of the absurd. And also to set in stone with a similar question and answer, what do you know, what don’t you know with regard to your society. Because you guys have learned a lot and you’ve studied a lot. And what you have studied most recently has illuminated yourselves to the actual structure of things. And by reworking your thought processes and patterns; by going through and asking questions and answering those questions, you can reshape your perspectives on concepts and society and societal constructs that are troubling you. Or are dominating your society or are seemingly problematic and are obstructing yourselves and dissuade you and Phil and many others in this process, if you utilize it, to become masters of your own creation. Because what you are doing right now is spinning with your wheels in the mud. You are stuck in many ways and you’re not creating novel concepts of the organic and of that paradigm that you really, really seek and ascribe to . And we offer this method as an initial step you and Phil could take to begin reshaping your thought tracks or routes or patterns on concepts that you think you know. That you take for granted your understandings and your ability to reshape your understanding but what lays beyond that.

So, what is your advice specifically in order to stop spinning our wheels in mud, so to speak?

So take a concept that you guys think you understand and break it down into individual things. So ask yourselves what do you know now about this that you didn’t know before. And got from there and keep asking yourselves questions and placing stakes in the ground, so to say, with regard to things that you do or don’t know in regard to this or that or this individual or that individual, that you seek to understand better. Because everything that you occupy your time with, whether you want to experience it or not, is of your choosing in the end. You shape your life. So you choose what you want to take in and what you want to digest and metabolize.


Ok, thank you very much for all of this information and advice. It’s really great to try this on my own and get to communicate with you!

Of course! We are really happy to come through and talk.

Alright, thank you so much, and I really look forward to talking with you again soon! I know Phil is really going to appreciate all this information!

Of course!

The End


Session 3: Part 3

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, November 2015.

Part 3: The Collective Continues

And so he is asking is the person Corey Goode, is his story accurate?

Corey Goode. This Collective doesn’t know the name Corey Goode. So if you can bring up any specific events . . .

Well, he seems to have very detailed information about working with other factions along with Earthlings being taken at a young age –

Do you mean Charles Hall?

Nope, Corey Goode.

We’re familiar with the name Charles Hall and his stories are completely accurate. And he worked with factions and components of the military but not everything.


Unfortunately we’re not familiar with Corey Goode.

Ok, so that doesn’t necessarily mean what he’s saying isn’t true, it’s just that you’re not aware of it?

No, we’re just not familiar with him.

And we’re wondering does the year 2026 have any significance that you’re aware of?

Yes. Right away we saw a nuclear weapon. But then we saw it being stopped, like midair and frozen almost in time and space. And all of your species is perplexed because they think it’s going to detonate and fall and detonate like it’s supposed to. But at that point you’ll know definitively that those aren’t to be used and humanity will begin then to destroy and reverse course on nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction.

Who do you see setting that weapon off?

The United States.

Against whom?

Well, it’s a US rocket, I don’t know if it’s the United States. It’s an ICBM, it’s definitely painted with the star and the white and the black hoods on the different modules and it definitely says USA.

And he asks about the tall whites, he wants to know if they are service to self-entities or service to others?

(pause) They are, they’ve helped humanity in some ways, they’ve given humanity a lot of technology. A lot of it has to do with the military and aircraft and rockets. And they’re the ones (pause) . . .

Is their motivation beneficial to humanity?

In the end yes, but not always. They’re not always out working for the interests of humanity. In fact, right now most of the interests that they’re working with are trying to preserve their secrecy. Cause there’s not that many of them. They have the ability to build really, really impressive machinery and technology, way beyond the size, but they use biophysical humanoid-like things. You might know them as little grays. And there’s other little grays too so don’t be confused. They use them as like little robots and that’s why you might have heard them described as A-human or fairly scary or fear instilling with humans. So what they’re doing, there’s just not that many of them, that’s the point.

OK and they’re both, it sounds like, kind of service to self and service to others?

Yup, the Tall Whites are definitely helping humanity in some respects but they are primarily interested, number one, in protecting their identity. They don’t want anyone to know that they are here.

Ok. And the last question is if the Tall Whites are service to others then are they part of The Confederation?

Hmmm, well, the Confederation is interesting because The Confederation of Earth has got so many species and so many more trying to join all the time. And the way that we see it is that they get, there’s like this giant, flat, metal-like object in space, right outside, right off your planet, closer to your moon maybe. And this metal object is flat and it has panels. And it accepts but it also rejects and I, this Collective, literally sees the individual souls or species bouncing off of the panel, when they are trying to incarnate and the Confederation doesn’t want them to. Because The Confederation has a very, very complex extenuating system, where you can come to Earth and how long you can stay, sort of thing. As longs as youre ‘behaving’.

Ok, is ok to continue with some questions or is there more you’d like to share with us? Where do you want to take it?

There’s . . .

We want you to get out everything you want to get through him today.

There’s (pause) a race that little of you realize for a part of your planet that is concerning us. And this is all man-induced. Some man-made enterprises have failed there, but we’re speaking about the Arctic Circle in the North.  Half of the Arctic Circle is dominated by primarily one country or one nation.

frakking rig

Which is who?

Russia and they don’t have the best intentions in terms of preserving the ecology. And quite frankly, neither does Denmark or Canada or Norway or The United States. And those are the countries that are in the Arctic Circle, the far North Pole area, the actual Arctic Circle. So in that there’s a lot of concern from this Collective that all these man-made enterprises are continuing up there and nobody is saying a word in the media or in your screens about how much human activity is going on to try to extract resources in that region. But at the same time it’s melting massive glaciers that are hundreds of thousands of years old, in a matter of years. And at the same time it is definitely disrupting the ecology up there. And we don’t mean necessarily the ecology that you can see on top of ice, like bears or birds. It’s what’s down below cause everything else on top is feeding on the aquatic life and ecosystems below and beneath. Humans understand the least about arctic aquatic life systems and ecology. It would be very, very, very detrimental for the Northern hemisphere to disrupt all the ice and snow that has been condensed and has been solidified in so many ways for so long. If they were to liquefy that, which is what, in essence, all their activity and explorations and their adventures are doing.

artic ice loss

They’ve stopped doing that with the South Pole because the entire world said no. The whole world hasn’t said no to the North and so the whole Northern hemisphere continues to do what they were doing before and, as far as this Collective understands, that’s the reason why the council took away their opportunity and gave it to the South to try and make sense of the maladies that face human-kind today.

So, those ones that are in control in the North doing all of that damage, are they aware that the collective has made that shift? Are they aware in a conscious awake level?

Yes. The authorities are but they don’t want to admit it because they’re allied with factions that can A, destroy them in the blink of an eye and would not hesitate to. So one of them is the Reptilians and at the same time it’s a little bit difficult to discern, this Collective is having difficulty discerning what the Tall Whites would do if humans directly disobeyed their requests. Because they’ve shared so much technology with humankind that it outstrips anything that we could have absolutely hoped for. And the worst part is, is that the two main factions that dominate your society and the authorities that control it, they’re at odds with one another such that technology could come out quicker but it’s not. And it’s not because of a profit motive, there’s some of that and the ones that actually have the red button in their hand, sort of thing, those are the ones that are saying, “Don’t do it. Not because we’re gonna make a lot more money. We’re going to prevent these projects so that we’ll prevent our exposure, we’ll prevent the evolution of humankind for the betterment of that which we speak of.”

Ok, thank you for that. Can you explain more about the Matra?

She’s the mother. She’s the source of all, she’s like the mother of all souls, like all female energy I guess, in the entire multi-verse. And the Matra is to be respected and to be, not glorified and not placed on pedestal, they are not a godlike thing. But they’re simply the cosmic source of all female energy in the multi-verse.

Phil has drawn a picture of the multi-verse, is there anything else you’d like to add to that?

Yeah, there’s something inside. So he described to you the corridors and those corridors as individual universes except for he didn’t tell you that, and he didn’t know this, cause what we’re able to see is the drawing and the multi-verse. And the actual source he describes that is a gateway. It’s a gateway to, well I mean, when you look at it you’ll see golden, white light. It’s a milky, golden, white light. And it’s not always obvious because it’s all moving so fast it looks gray to the human eye. It looks like gray or light gray to Phil. That’s why he drew it the way he did. But to us we can see what looks like a pocket, almost, or a little hole in the coloring. And we can see the actual coloring of it. And so we want you to know that that is a source or an opening, a portal, to the other side.

So how can we access it?

Ummm, well, sometimes when you die you go there. And that’s where you go, we think, to rest. Because we know that we’re familiar with white light and the white light that you help Phil utilize and we’ve helped with the capsules as well, that we’ve been sending.

So, is there a reason why he’s colorblind? Or could we go ahead and correct that for him today?

We can’t correct it. It’s part of who he is and it’s important that he’s colorblind because it allows him to see things and focus on other things that other people wouldn’t focus on because they’ve seen maybe the whole picture. They saw the whole picture, they saw the whole scenery and they were just wowed by the color. Well instead Phil’s wowed by the form or shape because he sees something as off and so he’s more inclined to notice that something is off because you’ve removed, almost, a sense, like a variable from the equation. He doesn’t have to assess color as much as everyone else does. And so it doesn’t become a distraction.

Ok, understood, thank you for that. Last time you talked about major perspective shifts resulting in transversing universes. Can you explain in more detail what you mean by major perspective shift?

Humans age over time in their vessels or bodies but they also age in their cognition over a single lifetime. A lot of times this takes the form of a conversation like “Oh honey! I realized this today!” and the spouse saying “You are different person.” When that takes place, when that first individual has come to the latter and has said their piece and has actually come to the realization of something new, and the other person then says “Oh, you must be a new person” or “You must be somebody else, I can’t believe I’m hearing these words from you.” That is perspective shift and that right there is a major perspective shift. When your fellow peers, fellow humans, that you’re around and the electrical signaling that you’re used to, it changes such that they now will turn to you and utter the words that make you think that they’re actually questioning your existence as a human now or as the same human that you were. So that’s what we mean. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is and there’s many, many perspective shifts that one can go through. When we offered Phil the image of the multi-verse an the corridors, we wanted him to understand it as each one of those as an angle itself and each one of those corridors, each one of those universes is sort of governed by two entities or two Angles. And in your universe there’s dark and there’s light. And there’s God and the antithesis of God, in your society. But it’s sometimes, it’s different than that because when you go to a new perspective you’ll see that it’s not, the dichotomy is not light and dark, it’s more esoteric subjects versus a rougher, grittier, physical life. So, you might go to one part of the planet on Earth and you might find humans living in what seems like a completely different part of the universe because it’s so peaceful. And only a thousand miles away they are fighting and there’s war and there’s bloodshed and there’s great hatred and fear mongering and it’s just the opposite way of life. And so that right there, is two societies coexisting on the same planet, for example, we imagine some sort of village in central Asia versus some village in what you guys would call the Middle East. And those two coexist, those two communities, on the same planet but in alternate universes or different universes because they’re governed by separate entities. And so when we say in this universe we really mean, with the light and dark, we mean the bloodshed one. So in terms of what Phil was used to studying, what Phil studied in college and school. When he studied the globe and politics and economics and war and warfare, military affairs, etc. That’s different and that is a world which is governed by good and evil, right and wrong. But every single time there’s a perspective shift, there’s two new, there’s a new binary. And that’s why you can go to another country not far away, like India or China, and you’ll find people who’ll explain that the entirety of existence itself is explained by this binary and these words which are far less abrasive and rigid and stark and problematic as right and wrong, light and dark.

Ok, thank you for that! That was great! Thank you. Phil is wondering what is going on with our star, the Sun, and how it is affecting Earth?

Your star is surging for some of the last times before it’s going to start to wane. There are a lot of prophecies on you planet about your star darkening out at some point. And at some point we can see that happening. It’s not gonna be for like 5 to 10 years at least, if not more, like maybe even 25.


So how does that affect things?

In terms of the surges, the way we see your star is we just saw a massive surge, like an explosion almost. And we see it flickering like you would see a light bulb that’s about to go out. So you get these surges, those are waves of energy that the star sends out. And the star is going to become less and less specific in how it directs energy waves outward. There’s been a lot of talk about the Earth quiet or the Earth facing quiet area and how Earth is being essentially saved and protected by those in the universe that want us to succeed and want us to better and to evolve into the next species or the next realm of our species. But the thing about Earth is that (sigh, long pause), the thing about Earth is (long pause) hmm (long pause) the star that you speak of, is changing rapidly. (pause) Hmmmm, this Collective is having a hard time getting this information out, we don’t know why. We can speak to you about other things but for some reason, it’s like they’re trying to tie Phil’s tongue, literally. Ummmm, Phil’s body keeps getting really, really, really hot, internally. The way we understand it is your star is going to keep surging and pulsing. It’s going to be stronger and stronger waves at times and it’s not going to become predictable all the time, like some of the Earthlings have figured out. It’s behind a lot of events on Earth at this point, earthquakes and the development of tropical storms, hurricanes and other weather systems on land. It’s going to continue to impact those and it’s definitely going to increase winds across the planet. The way we see this is bigger and bigger tropical storms and your species is going to need a new scale, a new unit of measurement or a new way to measure the size of these storms because they are going to be much bigger. Because of their dynamics but also how quickly they form and how quickly they dissipate, but also how quickly they reform again. Cause the winds on the land are going to pick up.

solar flare

So we recently, just a few days ago, had a very big windstorm over the central part of the United States. Is that in relation to any of this?

Yes, that’s part of it, it’s picking up and the other day that was when the sun was – on Earth they call it a Coronal Mass Ejection, that’s when it reached Earth. So the wind speed, the solar wind speed had gone up such to a rate that when it hit Earth it obviously preempted things with the weather systems and then it had the low-pressure systems in the center part of the United States. And it just blew up into a massive weather system spanning the entirety of the country. So as you guys witnessed that emerged from the West and then expand across the entire country and become more severe; it’s going to continue to happen, things like that.


solar wind

But it’s also going to be interesting because some of your peers are going to be able to start figuring out how to predict a lot of earthquakes. Now the big ones aren’t going to be able to be predictable and that’s a shame because those are the ones that you want to predict but this collective sees a lot more earthquakes in places that aren’t prepared at a level of infrastructure. But it’s not going to matter all that much because they’re going to be able to start changing their infrastructure, improving it and then anticipating the smaller earthquakes. But they won’t be able to predict anything higher than an 8 on your Richter scale.

And why is that exactly?

Because a lot of times those are not even influenced by one single event. It’s not just the sun, it’s also the hollow earth, it’s also sometimes some human activity, like drilling and stuff like that. Deep, deep in the ocean floors and that is main issue right now in the largest ocean of yours in the Southwest area, the Pacific. I’m sorry in the Southeast area, from your country looking southwest across that ocean. The main reason why there’s so many earthquakes over there is because they’ve decided to go to the biggest deepest part of that ocean and drill there and that is a problem. Cause that’s really close to the plates and that’s really close to the actual depth at which you can create a big enough situation, like the conditions, where a big enough earthquake can take place then.


Cause big earthquakes, they take place deep down, so.

Ok, let me go back just a little bit about the star. You said in as many as 25 years from now there’s going to be a big shift there, how does that affect life on Earth when that happens?

The way we see it is it is going to gradually start to darken out. So, there’s going to be a gradual reduction in the ability to grow crops like you did. The ability to – and we’re not sure how permanent this is going to be. Because we’ve heard of and we know of other star systems, sorry, solar systems, there we go. Solar systems in which the star has reignited itself or other species have been able to do that. So, it’s difficult to say how long it will last but it’s definitely going to be a period in which your species is going to have to adjust to more darkness. So less crops, more predators at night, bigger predators, different predators at night. In particular there’s going to be really, like, we see big cats but they’re all black and they have, they’re really similar to your now extinct saber tooth tigers. But they have like geothermal imaging, their eyes, so their eyes are completely red. They can see really well in the dark.

black cat

So, I don’t know if we’ve talked about this before in the other two sessions but Dolores liked to talk a lot about the New Earth and the increased vibration of that place and the older staying in the 3D type of realm. Do you see a shift in that regard?

Yes. We see, what we see is two Saturns right now with the exact same rings but it’s the same Saturn, ok. But they’re negatives, like one is a negative image of the other, like on your photographs. So, the way that we understand it is you won’t experience it this way but space will be literally folded in half. So if you were to take the image of Saturn cause it’s really iconic and the rings are gonna be helpful for this visual exercise. So keep that image in your mind and split it in half and put it on a piece of paper but bend that paper opposite direction of one another, the parts of Saturn. And then try and re-bend it back together, like try and match the images back up together and they’re gonna be polar opposites. Right?


So, in terms of that, there’s going to be – you guys wont experience an actual fold in space but you’ll experience, well physically you’re going to experience something. I don’t know how to describe it.

Just do your best.

Tingling and a vibration, there’ll be like a light and things will become very airy. I see humans levitating and they are surrounded by this fission of white light or yellow light around them but they’re in the air and some of them are just rising up towards the clouds and beyond. And some of them are just like in the sky and some of them are a little bit closer to Earth. And the rest of them that are on Earth, you can’t even see but they’re there and they’re living their lives and driving cars and doing everything that they were.


And so, what’s the time frame that you see this happening in?

30-36 years. 36 came to my mind.

36 what?

36 years.

And do you have any advice for Phil and Ella?

They need to minimize electronic signaling and disruptions, not just with them in general but more specifically when they are talking about something that’s a dense subject or a very detailed or difficult topic. Minimizing electronic signaling because that’s confounding communications between the two of them. At times one of them gets angry at the other for a little more reason and the other one doesn’t understand why and the other doesn’t understand why they got a little bit more angry. And it’s all to do with minor disruptions in their electromagnetic field and because the electronic signaling around them is so low frequency, in terms of the analogy low frequency we’ve been using. It’s so uninteresting compared to the higher frequency subjects that Ella and Phil are engaging at times, that the topics are literally at odds with the electronics. So their neurochemicals and their neurochemistry is literally disrupting and it’s being disrupted and vice versa. And it’s a battle almost. Well, for them, to make it easier just close the laptop screens, turn them off if they need to, and just focus on one another instead of having a third venue or a third medium in the way, that is not only a distraction potentially for the eyes but is also a major distraction for the electro-physiological components of those two.

Ok, very good, thank you very much for that. Anything else you want to talk about that we didn’t ask about today?

(Long pause) No, not at the moment.

Ok, very good, and so is it beneficial to keep doing these sessions?

Yes. Absolutely. There’s no question about that.

Ok and we can use the material from these session for a future website to help get the word out?

Oh yes!

And that’s all good?


Well, as always it is just such an honor to facilitate this session and having Ella here with us.

Yeah! We’re really happy to be back again! So thank you for having us (laughter).

Anytime! (laughter) And it was great talking to Charlie again! So thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


And I will look forward to conversing with you again very soon and perhaps even meeting up before that, in dreams and other states.

That sounds great (laughter).

Ok, very good, we’ll see you again!

Ok, we’ll see you soon.

Session 3: Part 2

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, November 2015.

Part 2: The Collective

Good, well, we really, really want to talk to you as well (laugh).

And we’re sorry if we interrupted Charlie but we really want to tell you some things.

Ok, you know what, we have questions but we want you to just go and we’ll ask questions later.

So we’ve been really concerned with you guys about this individual Phil on Earth. And we talked last time about helping him. Well we have been trying to help and we’ve been getting through to him. We’ve been trying a rather crazy approach. We talked about how last time we were maybe going to try and do an incarnation of a soul on Earth, a second one, that could maybe help communicate with Phil better. But we’re not going to do that, we decided against that. For reasons of security and stability, we just want to protect ourselves. We trust you but we want to make sure. So instead we’ve been just bombarding messages through Earth’s atmosphere to get them to Phil as much as possible and just to see if they’ll reach him. And some of them have reached him and some of him has been able to pick up on that. And it’s really random at times but that’s ok because the messages are getting through. And we know that now because Phil has got like this signal that he’s transmuting at this point and we can see it, like we can literally see this thing on the face of the Earth and if you had the right vision you’d see too. It’s like this little broadcast tower that’s pictured on the Earth and we know that antenna is him. And so for now things are really great because we’re going to be able to keep this communication going because he like grabbed our hand, so to say, in the midst of one of these sessions where we tried to come through and we tried to convey messages. And at times we spoke with one of you, at times we spoke with the other one of you we believe. And either way we’re just trying to communicate with him as quickly as possible and as much as possible.

Because there are some serious things that are changing in your atmosphere and that has to do with the fog weapons system especially. We get the sense that it’s falling apart. And every single time you think it’s a good time, that’s the opposite time that you should be thinking that you should try and communicate with those on the other side. Because that’s now when they think everybody else believes- so on the windiest, stormiest days, so to say, you should be trying to communicate. On the most confusing days, those are days where you should try and push through, sweat it out if you have to. And Phil needs to do this because we know that he’s got serious physical problems still and we feel that even. And we try not to because we don’t want to take on physical stuff from a planet. But the problem with Earth is it’s so freaking dense that it’s almost like once you start to interact with – and this why we said we really, really hope that this is Phil’s last time on Earth (laughter) and that he’s figured out whatever it is that he wants to figure out. But we’re a little bit perturbed this time and our tone can be heard probably because we’re worried that Phil is enjoying himself on Earth and he wants to, we think, maybe stay again and continue doing whatever he’s doing. And we’re not sure what that is still, so . . .

I bet he’d be up to negotiations when he is done with the current life.

We really hope so (laughter); Earth is so difficult to deal with.

Well, things are changing here though, right?

Things are changing. And your atmosphere, so with the fog weapons system, it’s changing so quickly that they’re getting desperate. And what do we mean by they. They is many, many, many people. Not the backdrop people, there’s plenty of those and they do the bidding of many people that are doing a great disservice, and also obstructing, the vast majority of humanity with their projects. Their projects are destroying their own initiatives. They’re undermining themselves at this point, they’re tying their own nooses around their own necks. And so in terms of the fog weapons system it’s a desperate attempt at this point because they can’t repair it, they don’t know how to. And things are changing at your North and South Poles.

Ok, tell us a lot about that please.

So, Phil knows that your South Pole, and the North Pole, there’s a lot of lies going around. And we’re aware that Phil’s aware that some of it is lies but some of it’s not and Phil needs to realize that it’s more complex than global warming is a lie or climate changes is a lie. Climate change is happening on Earth. The Earth is getting colder in certain areas, that’s part of the whole process. The equatorial regions of Earth are behaving differently. So we can expect the North and South Poles to develop more and more activity. Not just in terms of sustaining actual snow levels and rebuilding ice levels but ultimately it’s going to be (sigh, pause) ultimately there’s going to be volcanic activity at your South Pole. And that will confound people cause they’ll think this is conformation that climate change is still going on in the trajectory that we thought it was. That warming is still taking place. The sea levels are still rising and that’s because there’s enough glaciers that are still melting and humanity is still having enough of an impact where water levels are rising. And moreover it’s actually the land that’s starting to sink in certain areas.

So a lot of storms keep hitting your area of the Earth in the last, since we last spoke even. And what people are saying is that they need to be prepared in these areas but what they don’t realize is that that land is actually sinking into an unstable foundation, it’s just sinking into it. So some of these massive cities that have been built are being struck by tropical storms or hurricanes and what in reality is happening is yeah, there’s a lot of water and it’s building up in certain areas. But it’s not like there’s a flood from the ocean. What’s really happening is there’s these openings in the bellows of the Earth and this has to do partially with the Hollow Earth. The Hollow Earth is not happy with the surface Earth and the majority of surface Earth activities. They’re completely at odds. They may have once been together but the way we see Earth is we can very clearly see the hollow Earth humanoids or humans or Earthlings and they’re affecting seismic activity. And they’re specifically targeting certain areas so that some of these areas can stop doing what they’re doing. So they can reverse some of their activities and rethink some of their options and their behavior and their lifestyle choices. And their projects in terms of infrastructure and more buildings and more concrete. And Phil’s specifically thinking of Houston, New Orleans, and South Carolina, those areas of your country.


And what do you see about those areas?

They’re literally crumbling into themselves and it doesn’t matter how strong the concrete or the steel or the metal looks, it’s all going to fall into itself eventually. And people are going to say “Oh, what the heck? There’s no seismic activity in those areas.” They’re gonna point to the ground and it withering away and that’ll make sense in certain areas but it won’t in other areas. And other people will say, “Well, this is the Earth splitting up.” No, it’s not the Earth splitting up. It’s the Hollow Earth and it also has to do with the fact that the Earthlings, at this point, are convinced that they’ve produced the best equipment, materials, like the best concrete for example. This is what’s coming to our vision. We see your concrete falling apart. Earthlings think that concrete is very strong but it’s as capable of eroding as any other rock. And so when your foundations, your entire civilization is built upon this element it doesn’t serve your civilization any good to continue expanding upon that footprint because all it does is it creates an unstable situation for all. Especially as the future progresses and where we’ve got a great confluence of events. So proximity to the equatorial regions and the more complex areas of the Earth that weren’t built to sustain or anticipate weather events or seismic activity, or solar activity even, affecting Earth. And so we see Houston in particular. We see the sidewalks and the streets crumbling inward and lots of perplexion, lots of confusion in your society about why that city. And people are going to say it was terrorists.

Is it going to be like sinkholes in the streets?

Yeah, you’ll think of them as that, yup. But it’s literally going to tear apart cities. And Houston will be the main city in your society that’ll go first, where everybody will say “Why that one?” Cause you’ll look to the other ones and you’ll already have some presuppositions in place. And the authorities have kind of placed them there. But you’ve also seen weather events that have made you think otherwise and you might be saying to yourself “Louisiana, South Carolina.”



Ok, so what other information is important for you to get out today to us?

There’s definitely volcanic activity that’s going to take place at your South Pole and it’s going to take place on the Western side. Ice has reaffirmed itself on that continent, despite the trends. And the reality is, is that continent is more alive than ever. And (long pause) there’s definitely one species, at least one species of aliens or extraterrestrials that is working with humans on your planet to prevent the exposure of extraterrestrial life on your planet and in this universe.

So there’s ETs working to not expose the existence of extraterrestrials?

To prevent the exposure.

Ok. And why are they working with humans to prevent that?

They benefit from having bases down there. They have massive complexes down there. They don’t have the best interests out for all of humanity. They’re working with . . . and see this is a little bit confusing for us to explain because if we explain who the humans are then you’ll say to yourselves “Oh, ok.” But it’s ultimately, they have the control, this species has the control with regard to the humans they’re working with. And the humans they’re working with you would know.

Who are they?

The climate change advocates. The ones that are trying to explain to everybody that global warming is a reality and that it’s pure global warming. Key emphasis on last word, warming. The planet is misunderstanding what’s going on, the humans, the Earthlings are misunderstanding what’s going on. It’s not a simple process of warming. And especially since there is a great effort by a faction, clan, a faction in your civilization, your society in particular, that’s trying to very much continue the narrative for their own benefit. They’re making money off of this narrative, ok, but they don’t have any stake in the truth, they don’t care. These, the extraterrestrial species that I’m thinking of, they’re very tall. They’re very, very tall. They don’t have any interest in helping humanity solve short-term goals. They’re really interested in protecting they’re own assets and interests on this planet because they’re competing with other interests an assets on this planet and other species.

Ok, what do we do with that information? How do we help benefit at all with it?

There is a way to turn the other main faction of humans against these, this particular faction I already spoke of that’s trying to prevent the exposure of extraterrestrial life in this universe. And the way that you do that is you get them to focus on what they’ve always wanted which is the incentive, which is the monetary reward. And this faction is even more simple minded than the other faction. And once it’s proven to them that they can make a gain off of non-fossil fuel based mechanisms, they will embrace these machines because they make profit for them. In the meantime, they are the side that is experienced in dealing with the military assets of multiple species, multiple ET species. And so they will be aware and in essence this Collective is trying to tell you that it’s far more simple than we are explaining it. This other faction can be simply turned on their head and they’ll still walk like a duck and quack like a duck but they will fly differently. Or at times they might change their, we’ll put it this way, they’ll change their coat completely from that bright white where it’s seen visibly to a dark brown where they blend in finally. And in that terrain the opportunity to rightly expose something is going to present itself to humanity and to the better half of that faction that cannot do anything but admit truth. So your military and your intelligence and your ex-military and ex-intelligence officials, these are the ones that we speak of, they can’t do anything but speak the truth. It’s those that are higher above them in your civil administrations that are telling them otherwise and telling them to do otherwise. They only have interest in preventing loss of life and preserving security and stability. And so as long as they’re not corrupted by gains in material luxury or profit, then there’s nothing that’s going to obstruct their goal as souls on your planet. It’s just a matter of turning the ones that have the resources into tools for humanity’s betterment.

So, what’s the time frame on all of this in Earth time?

Hmmm, well, unfortunately they’ve invested heavily, so divesting from their given place or their chosen place, the place they’ve literally chosen to pursue, those routes, will have to be severed. The only way that happens is if those resources become worthless and those resources can become worthless overnight but only if there are souls on your planet that are willing to try to implement the alternatives that will bring them great profits too, once they realize they can invest in them. That is obviously more complex than we’re making it out to be but the reality is that there are so many people on your planet right now that you guys are not even aware of, that are trying to build machines, to implement them across humanity and Earth on the surface, that will change the direction of fuel resources or energy resources and the use of those and derivation of them and thus the side effects on Earth and Earthlings.

Ok, thank you for that. What else is important to share with us today?

This, what we just spoke of, is one major way in which humanity will be exposed to the fragility and the, not just the viscosity, but the potential for complete dissipation of any value whatsoever with regard to material goods or like material objects.

In the form of resources?

It’s going to help them in their psyches and in their minds think about and it’s going to revolutionize the way that the consider resources and how they are spent and used.

So I’m just curious, this event or series of events that your talking about, does that have anything that ties in with that propulsions system that Charlie was talking about earlier?

Yes, it does, it totally does.

Ok, so tie those in together for us.        

So, basically, you guys are going to be familiar hopefully with the term free energy as a concept, very soon these machines are going to be sold by these individuals that now sell you the fuels that you hate and despise and you want to see gone. Unfortunately the entire better part of humanity has been swindled by another part of humanity that has convinced them that they need to give up a lot of things that they don’t actually have to give up, in order to live a lifestyle that they don’t want to live. And it’s not going to do anything except for serve those people that told them that they were doing things the wrong way and living things the wrong way, well they mixed some truth with many lies. Fossil fuels, oil, burning energy is not the best way to attain energy or to attain propulsion systems or to attain (sigh) acceleration or movement. But in doing so they accepted one reality, which was we can’t do any better than burning energy thus we will, in the process – well, we’ll take a few steps back. A long time ago humanity realized, a part of humanity realized that burning energy wasn’t the best option so there were a great many pioneers. Many of them were very, very innocent in their intentions. Those intentions were taken and put into place and into action and into business and commerce. And now, those are self-actuating and self-sustaining enterprises. They don’t seek to actually help humanity understand humanity and Earth, they only want to do the same thing that they originally sought to destroy or sought to better upon or sought to reform. Which was the fuel, the burning of the fuel energy systems. And so in doing this, in flipping the cards- because the simpler faction that cares about burning fuels right now as an energy source for your civilization only cares about one thing, material objects. They can’t be swindled out of that possession that they have and that desire for those. But that’s fine, you can turn that against them. And you can turn, not against them but toward your advantage, your campaign or advantage, whatever vision it is that you’re seeking. So in this case, when they acquire the free energy systems, yeah they’re gonna see the profit margins and then eventually the divestment by individual humans voluntarily, which will decrease demand and thus then, ultimately, they’ll meet that and they’ll have to immediately start investing in R and D. But what matters most is when individuals come out with these machines and start marketing them and start offering them to individuals’ homes and families, that’s what will change everything. And you might think right now “This is gonna be so slow! This is gonna take forever, one by one, no way!” No, the thing about this is humans are connected, they don’t realize it, it’s this one gland, one particular gland in the center of the brain and it connects all of you. And so you can feel electrical pulses and those will tell you to feel a certain way. But the problem is there’s soooo much that’s blanketing you, all of you, even you two in this room right now. And so you guys are not capable, you’re not reaching the fullest potential because you’re also interacting with a lot of people that have no concept of this. So what we say is it’s gonna spread like wildfire and when it spreads like wildfire that’s all that matters because then you know every home is literally changing their minds, every person is literally changing their minds. It’s not this national program or transnational program or world program that claims that it’s got this many resources and it claims that it’s helping this many Earthlings. Instead you’ll have tangible proof because your friends and your neighbors will be speaking about how they do this instead of that and how you might be standing there saying “Well, I’m still burning fuels and yet my neighbor is paying a lot less. Why would I continue to do that? I’m going to invest in this.” This is where the opportunity comes because that faction that we spoke of, the second one has only cared about the material objects, well, once they see the profit in that, they will realize that they’ll make their profits and it’s going to help everybody revolutionize humanity in such a way with energy that, specifically energy systems, that it’s going to then make us rethink, as humans, money. And how commerce takes place.

And so how will they think about it after this takes place?

Well, they’re going to first think it’s a joke because they won’t believe that they were swindled by people that they thought were trying to actually help Earth and humans. And all of their words said, you know, suggested that all of their projections were interested in helping purely Earth and humans without any other extraneous motives. But when in reality when they realize both sides are part of the, they’re just two sides of the same coin, then they’ll realize finally that it’s not just your political systems, your social systems, it’s your economic system that is harnessed by the negative, the malevolent in your society. And once people realize the cords, the lengths, the routes they can take to enabling themselves with material wealth, then people will realize that it’s A, it doesn’t have as much value as everyone thought it did and B, it can be used by the people as a tool against those that are obstructing what the people want, not just those with the actual money.

So, where, if at all, does Phil fit into this picture?

Well, Phil continues to spread information. That’s his primary role on planet Earth, which is that catalyzer, we used that the first time we met, that term. And he’s really, really, that’s his main thing and what he needs to realize and just recognize and just accept eventually is that his sheer presence in a community or neighborhood area, it affects people who can’t even see him, people who can’t even see that he is in a particular building but he is affecting their thought patterns. Now he’s not doing in the same that you guys do. You guys are such a calming presence that you don’t even have to worry about the fear that is on your screens and that the backdrop people worry about everyday happening to them.

Ok, interesting, and is there other things that you want to share with us?

Well, with regard to Phil, he needs to keep speaking up and he’s doing a really great job and he needs to know this. He could benefit from the knowledge of the fact that just his presence in a room, not even looking at people in the eyes or making direct contact verbally or non-verbally. It’s just the presence of him and his body and his electrical signaling that perturbs certain individuals, but he can shake those people off without problem. And so when he stands up for himself these days, these are moments where he’s speaking up for himself finally, he’s finding that completion. It’s a complete circuiting of his body and he’s finally suturing his brain to his vessel. He’s finally becoming an Earthling in some ways and that’s really weird for him because one concept he’s having a really hard time with is fun. What is fun? And to us, we can’t answer that question, so we don’t have a good answer for him. But he keeps asking us that and that’s something that he could benefit from even studying the elementary aspects of, like look up the word even. You’re not letting go of stuff that you can’t control. And it’s not headlines anymore, he’s not letting go of everyday things that he need not worry about. His street is anchored by archons and ascended masters. And when his girlfriend, Ella, speaks about the cars and the plates and the numbers, 333, literally, the top of their street and the bottom. That should be a reassurance to him that he’s secured, at the end and at the beginning of his street. And it should be symbol to him that everything is perfectly at peace and he’s going to be able to become more of himself the more he consciously reaches out to people or people reach out to him, like Ella or his parents or other friends that do care about him moving along and bypassing his physical calamities.

Remember their fog weapons system is closing and two-way broadcasts are really hard, so they’re really good at trying to pinpoint them. Last time we talked about how they’re messing with the ionospheric systems and they keep building more and more of those and opening more and more of those. And that’s an attempt to try and mitigate for the openings or the disillusion and the erosion of their fog weapons system. So they’re trying to blanket as many areas as possible. And now with more people moving to the cities you can guess that there’s a smaller footprint that they have to cover.


And so they think that they can do that. And so they’re pushing, pushing, pushing people move to cities, you know, move to the urban areas, move to semi-urban areas. You’ll have access to better food, you’ll have access to jobs, access to all this stuff. Well, the reality is, is that you’re bombarded, you’re bathing in the EMFs, the electrical signaling that’s messing with that gland that we spoke of, that all humans have and share.



So when he had one of those experiences where they thought The Collective was coming through, it felt very much like one of these experiences where he didn’t remember anything afterwards. So is that a litmus test for him to use?

Yes. Because Phil, we know, is really, really intelligent and we know that he’s capable of deducing things. So we don’t want him to try and end up filling in the gaps, we want him to forget everything. We want him to be the vessel because we know that he can handle communications. He’s very good at communicating but he’s also really good at picking up on things. So that’s why we try to try to get out this information in a way that isn’t very interesting to him because that will modify his way of thinking and perhaps communicating and we don’t want to change that because we think that we’re getting- this is our third time now back her with both of you and we’re so happy to be back here again! I mean, we took over for Charlie basically (laughter) we just want don’t want individual egos to be influenced by something on their planet that might affect their answers.

So, from your perspective, what are we to be doing with this information?

Well, sharing it with good people, which you’re doing and that’s great. But we gotta get it to more people but we gotta get it in a safe way. So because the authorities are swamped, and we spoke of multiple factions today and this is becoming quicker and quicker and quicker, this rate at which factions are becoming new factions because their dividing. It’s cellular division almost. It’s happening at the human societal level. So in terms of sharing everything, we really want the information to get out there because we think that the quicker it gets out there, the quicker it will overwhelm and the quicker it will eradicate the source of the information. So they won’t ever be able to target Phil then. And the way they think is based on a statistical breakdown, so they don’t take the risk if the they don’t even think that there’s a reward in the gambling or in the future. If the risk is greater they have other targets, because there’s plenty of people trying to change their ways and reverse their ways.

I’m thinking from your perspective and energetically charged as well, do you have a name for what that website might be to be most beneficial to humanity?

Angles’ Perspective.

Say that again?

Angles’ Perspective.

Can you spell that?

So last time we told you that your pronunciation of angel is angle in our pronunciation or our understanding. And that corresponds to your understanding of mathematics so we think spelling it that way will make a great amount of sense to a large amount of people.

Like angle.  Angles Perspective

To be continued . . .

Session 3: Part 1

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, November 2015.

Part 1: Charlie

What is the very first thing that you notice?

Hmmm, the Commandant is beckoning me to come look at something.

Oh good! So why don’t you go see what he wants to show you.

Yes. Hmmm, it’s like, it’s on a screen but it’s as flat as paper. And he keeps flipping down his black binoculars. And it’s designs for something new.

Great, what is he explaining it as?

A new propulsion system. There’s some larger object that’s supposed to traverse between two rails that have like guide rods, like a guide rail, like a slit in the gears and the gears are housing this giant piece of metal on the two sides. And this big rectangular prism is supposed to move with the gears. This is just one component of the machine, the design

And so is this design new?

To me it is. I’m really weirded out by this design cause I don’t recognize the features

And so why is he showing it to you?

First he said “Come over here, I want you to look at something.” And I could tell by the look on his face that he was a little bit confused about making sense of this. Not in the sense of “Oh my gosh! I have not seen in this before!” But it was something that he was gonna have to wrap his mind around a little bit. And so he wanted to get another pair of eyes on it. I was immediately at the door, I was already at the door standing and I could see that he was at that particular display and he beckoned me over.

And so this propulsion system, when it’s up and running how will it change things?

Ummm (sigh), I’m not really sure.

Can you ask him what he thinks it’s gonna do?

(pause) It’s going to revolutionize our thought process.

Ok, good.

I’m not sure if he means also in the sense of telepathic communication and somehow we’re going to make that improved or better. I’m getting the sense this has to do with deflecting electrical signals somehow. The kinetic motion of this particular part of this machine that he showed me is the propulsion behind the machine, that I think will help make communications clearer and less prone to interception or to blockage or obstruction.

So when people use this system what will be different for them?

Communication will be clearer. So, even though you have telepathic communication on our planet, it’s not perfect. In terms of conveying feelings and emotions properly it’s sometimes really difficult to do that when there’s a confluence of variables and a confluence of events and different facets. So this is an improvement on our communication system as a whole, is what I understand.

And when you say planet do you mean M1?


Kylox, ok, very good. And if he would like to come through and talk directly to us, that’s perfectly fine as well.

(pause, laugh) He says he doesn’t have time (laughter). He waved his hand.

Ok, ok, very good. Is he aware that we’re talking with you?

Yes, he looked at me strangely too when I asked him if he wanted to go talk to these other beings from another planet.

Ok. Does anyone else know that you speak to us?

Ummmmm, well, I’ve told my wife on Kylox and I’ve told my kid like about this as like a story more, like as a legend being told. But my wife, she hears me but she doesn’t really understand and so she’s just trying to be loving and understanding and accepting.

How do you explain it to her? What would you say to her?

Ah, I’m talking to – I’m in communication with beings on another planet. I mean, I am talking to other life forms and other humanoids but they’re really far away and they’re on Earth. And I’ve told her a little bit about Earth and some of the features that define Earth that separate Kylox from Earth or some of the other places that we know of in our part of the universe.

So, the Commandant, let’s go back to him, can we get a little more background about who he is and why he does what he does?

He’s a very powerful person. He’s really, really intelligent. He can anticipate events up to one to two minutes before they are about to happen, if he dials in. Does that make sense?

Yeah, absolutely.

And, he can anticipate communications with people and interactions with people. So he’s very adept at anticipating things before they happen and so he’s got clarity, a vision that no one else quite has. And he’s also got the intelligence that enables him to be in charge of the M1 labs.

And where does he go to for his information?

He’s given that directly by our higher authorities on Kylox via MOS.

Ok, so he’s aware that you’re sharing information with us on Earth?

Ummmm, no.

(laugh) Are you keeping this from him Charlie?

(laughter) Ahh, I guess I don’t see the danger in sharing it with a civilization that I know can’t traverse, it doesn’t even know where we are in the universe (laughter). So I’m not too concerned.

Way to be the renegade Charlie (laughter).

You would be surprised because I think you guys don’t realize how much autonomy I have in this laboratory and the scientists that are here. There aren’t that many of us but we’re capable of doing things, we might as well have like eight appendages or hands or whatever. Because we can do so much so quickly and they entrust us with great resources and technologies that they request basically and we help to manifest.

So is there anything else about that propulsion system that’s important to share with us?

Yeah, the prism, the rectangular prism is a, it actually utilizes magnets but the genesis of that part of the machine is Kylox and our civilization. The gears are alien to our civilization. And from what I understand and what I’m recognizing them as, they remind of something that would have been seen on Earth when we left. So I’m seeing blue for the prism and that component and red for the gears on this display screen. And the red to me represents older or not part of our designs, our organic designs.

And so what is perplexing the Commandant specifically?

It’s just different. It’s a different setup than he’s used to, so it’s like a curve ball I guess, for him. Cause usually he knows what to do right away and he sets off but this one he had to take a few minutes I think and he wanted to double check. He likes to do that, he likes to double check and make sure that people are A, staying very astute and very observant but also he likes to challenge and he likes to throw out challenges and see if we will rise to them or if we will offer anything new or simply substantiate what he has to offer. Or we’ll reveal something about ourselves to him that he wanted to figure but without asking a question directly.

So is that exchange between you and he still happening?

No, he’s just off. He’s so quick in his movements, it’s like he can speed up time for him to move faster. Cause he accelerates like three to five steps ahead of what is normal walking space is, at times.

And so what did you share with about your observation of that system?

Well, right away I was very weirded out by the design, I didn’t recognize it and thought it was pretty alien looking compared to what we are used to. But then I realized it was only one part of it and I was trying to understand what the rest of the machine might look like then because this is such an oblong piece of the machine, or a machine. It will be interesting to see what the whole machine looks like when it’s fitted in place because I can’t configure a machine in my mind right now as to how this propulsion system will work. But I guess, no, I’m seeing it now; it’s simply kinetic energy. You just move that back and forth in those gears. The prism has magnets on it and the magnets keep it situated and you keep switching off the magnets so it just levitates about the gears but the prism is housed inside this like rail for the gears. It’s like if you put a (pause), I don’t know, if you put something on . . . your Maglev trains are very similar, your magnetic levitation properties. That’s what we’re utilizing in this design. And the reason why I didn’t recognize it is because of the gears, I don’t recognize the gears as something that helps with things, or help turning things. I don’t recognize it as a facet of any of our machines, really, in that sense, in these types of machines. And so with this prism it’s going to move back and forth, side-to-side, in the gears and it’s housed on this trapezoidal, it’s this big trapezoidal-like display slash generator where you can actually store the energy. And the way the prism moves back and forth, that create kinetic energy, which can be stored. But I still don’t understand the gears. Cause they are sitting, they are housing the prism. And the prism is elevated slightly but it’s still, to your eyes it looks like it’s within the gear

And so, help me understand how it will revolutionize our thought process?

(sigh, pause) It is a machine, it’s a prototype actually, for a whole set of, like a campaign of machines or a program of machines that are to be deployed if this works out, where they will reduce electrical interferences. I still don’t understand how exactly. I can’t see the display.

And where did these plans come from? How did the Commandant get them?

They get sent to him digitally on this paper-like screen. And the weird thing is it can become like paper, so you can pull it out of this hard enclosed shell that it’s in, you might think it’s an actual screen or something like that. But it can become like a piece of paper if you want it to.

Ok, now that you’ve been shown that does that change what you’ll be working on in the laboratory?

It’s not really any different than what I work on in the laboratory. I work on propulsion systems, energy systems, interweaving components of both technologies to make machines that will serve what our missions are. So in this case improving communications. I think this will also improve communications between the Metro-poles and Kylox. Cause we can’t communicate telepathically back to Kylox. Like I can’t communicate, I’m on M1 right now, I can’t communicate with my wife or my son. That’s not a possibility of ours. When we’re on Kylox then it’s a possibility.

Ok, interesting. We’re also curious, how long does your species like in Earth years?

(Big sigh) A long time. First number that comes to mind is 1,000. But I have no idea if –

The times different there I would assume.

Yeah, I mean the next number that comes to my head is 387, so something makes me think that somewhere between 387 and 1,000, 1,000 being the max. Is how many Earth years, is that the question?


Yeah, that’s it I believe.

And we are also curious, you had mentioned this before, who are you battling, what species, on the 4th terrestrial object?

They’re reptilian like but they’re a semi-aquatic species. They have webbed hands and feet and they have really tall faces. And the top of their heads, they’ve got like 3 horns, like two on the sides and one in the middle. But it’s kind of like part of this exoskeleton almost, that’s why we think of them as reptilians cause they’re kind of similar in that sense. But they have like small mouth, it’s just straight, like a little slit. And they’re got really bit jaw muscles, like they’re really protruding. And the cheeks indent pretty strongly and so they’re eyes are really intense looking and they’re surrounded by this black. They look like some of your reptilians, like your alligators, I’ve seen these animals in books cause they’ve been around a really long time on your planet so I remember the way that they’re shaped. You cans see the sphere bulging and so that’s why they look reptilian to some of us. Maybe Sam’s using that language, you know, we’re trying to come up with the best language for Sam to use and we’re using what Sam’s using so that’s what Sam is coming up with for me to picture. This is getting a little bit weird now. And there’s like an etheric presence now at this point, so, and now there’s like a . . . (long pause, sigh). I’m not sure if you want to talk to Charlie anymore but you’ll have to request him to come back.

Ok, who do we have now?

The Collective. Charlie started spiraling out and like seeing a winding spiral, like a cyclone that sort of dissipated into us.

How is that for you when that happens? Are you aware of the conversation with Charlie through Phil?

We must have been, that’s I think why we showed up. I think it has something to do with this, we really, really want to talk to you.

Good, well, we really, really want to talk to you as well (laugh).

And we’re sorry if we interrupted Charlie but we really want to tell you some things.

To be continued . . .

Session 2: Part 3

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, October 2015.

Part 3: The Collective Continues

So let me ask this, many on Earth have the belief that Earth is ascending right now and that the energies are coming in and are helping to produce such an event. So would that push back the Reptilian situation so that it’s no longer there? Or what’s going on?

It’s going to keep pushing them back. And there’s going to be individuals exposed. And one of those individuals is going to be- there’s actually a few that are going to be, that are pretty high profile. One of them is in your country right now and she will be revealed as a problematic individual in the future. Down the road there are plenty more that will be revealed.

Would this be maybe the wife of a former president?

Possibly, yes. Because this woman that I’m thinking of is very powerful in the people’s eyes. And it’s really hard to say these days who that might be in your society because there’s a lot of flux in your society right now, in terms of everybody. But one thing that you do need to know in terms of directly answering your question is there’s progress being made with exactly the way you phrased it and the ascension process of Earth itself is taking place. But what I mentioned earlier, the Reptilians are erecting antennas, EMF structures, modernism at an unprecedented rate. They’re urbanizing this planet. And that’s just another way of saying toxifying and poisoning and drowning this planet in their control, their electronic, energetic control systems. And they are very, very, very capable, like, they’re very well endowed in terms of money, resources, man-power, and labor to build more obstructions.

So those people that you mentioned, like this female and others, are they consciously aware they are doing this as that?

Some of them are! I don’t know that the individual that I spoke of is always consciously aware that she’s doing what she’s doing. Because with this fog weapon system what takes place is inside the human brain, there are acute organs that are looked over and they become desensitized over time if you don’t cultivate them. Just like a flower, if you don’t show it love beyond the water and beyond the nutrients it’s not going to flourish. And so what steadily has happened to individuals, like the one that I’ve spoken about, is they were bombarded enough and then they came to accept things as reality. And so it wasn’t a matter of they just got sucked into it. They consciously walked into, they opened that door and walked through it. And they had the capacity to stop. And I’m thinking of this woman in particular, they had the capacity to stop but they didn’t. They opened the door still and walked through. And so because that took place, they can’t turn around because the way we understand it, the Reptilians don’t let you go back or they’ll kill you off. I mean if you try to reverse things, they know that you know too much. And so that’s also why these days, not just in your society but around the world, you’re seeing divisions between groups of individuals that used to work together. That were like partners or comrades, or brothers or allies, like fellows in the same sort of pursuit of a common goal. They’re now splitting off from each other and diverging because the Reptilians basically sent like, what we understand is, they basically sent out a memo. And they were like “Ok be, seriously, like be on the watch out. We’re very concerned about this time and we need to close these gaps. We need to figure out the entire fog weapons system and deploy it”. The bathing in EMF stuff, that is a temporary fix for them to belay humans from accessing the deepest, most important actually, most important parts of their body.

What are the most important parts of the body?

The pineal gland and the third eye and that literally has rods and cones which connects to the pineal gland. And the pineal gland is so much more than the governing organ in your bodies with regard to releasing hormones that regulate growth of the height of a human. They regulate how much fat is in the brain, they regulate what kind of fats are going to be welcomed into the brain, they regulate the blood brain barrier, they regulate whether or not the brain can become quote unquote “open”, I think humans use the word leaky.

pineal gland

And in terms of the Reptilians there’s- it’s not a matter of, it’s not evil to them. They don’t think of anything they do as evil, they don’t have a concept of evil. They just don’t like being attacked themselves so they’re super selfish in that sense

So what can we do to protect pineal and the third eye?

Well, in the end minimizing contact with EMF devices and modernist devices is the best way. Now, that doesn’t apply to everybody and I already kind of touched on this. In terms of your pineal gland (sigh) it does become calcified or solidified or inoperable if you ignore it. If you ignore the warnings, if you indulge in toxins, if you indulge in poisons of the mind and psyche and emotion and then soul, then you’re definitely bound to it.

Does Phil do what he needs to do to be protected? And Ella?

So with Ella, the brilliant thing about Ella is that she’s been listening to herself and listening to her intuition. And that makes her intuition stronger, her intuition and her conscious mind, the connection between those two. So because she keeps listening to her intuition and her conscious mind is the one behind it and she’s accepting these things, then therefore she’s going to avoid physical problems in the way that Phil is going to experience for a little bit longer still. And we believe that Phil can get past this because he keeps going back to Earth and we don’t even want really to have anything to do with Earth at the point of certain things. So it’s exciting for this Collective to have a soul that is so tenacious and is really, really willing to just take on the next lesson and see if he can master it.

And what can Ella do to help Phil?

She’s doing exactly what she needs to do, in every way. She’s supporting him, she’s being patient, she’s showing love and trust for the things that Phil comes up with, says, explains, believes, acts out. And the best thing about Ella is that she is so open minded that she’s going to propel herself farther ahead than she realizes now, before, or can even right now, ahead, like into the future. She cannot possibly imagine the depth of things that she’s going to envelope herself in, in a cool way, in like an interesting, learning way, a studious way. But the challenge for her is finding her truest passions and really, not ignoring the other passions because that’s what makes her, it’s the multitude of everything that makes Ella, but she’s unfocused in her energies. And her energies are great, her capacity is great. She is still technically an energy worker and she still can do, she still has within her the power to do many things that she did in previous lifetimes on Earth. Because once you learn how to do something on Earth as we understand it, then it’s in your knowledge base. But that fog weapon system is just something in the way. So for somebody like Ella, who’s a healer and an energy worker and fits in the rose quartz group, she doesn’t have to do too much here to avoid the disruptions and then to redirect herself into the focused manner. She just needs to follow her heart in terms of, and her gut, what feels the truest. And English sucks for this (laughter). I really wish I could speak German because Real is the appropriate word here. Real meaning like the realest or the truest of the truth. And in English the word truth and real have been lost in a void of everything. And so it’s the concept of Real.

And so she’s thinking about learning how to do this work of QHHT, from your perspective what do you think of that?

I think that she should pursue that! And in full force! She should, you know, I think the saying is grab the rungs and just really hang on for the ride. Just know that that’s what you want to do, know that that’s what you are here to do. That’s like the closest thing in aggregate you’re ever going to get to with regard to like your past lives and in doing serious energy work again where you’re propelled into an opportunity or multiplicity of opportunities, because those exist. And the fact that I’m invited here to speak with you both today is a testament to that. I’m not even of this planet and here I am speaking with two humans and they’re very interested in this voice and this Collective and what our perspective is or our purview on Earth and Earth’s happenings and even the minute happenings of your lives.

And how do you perceive us? Is it just a voice or do you see an image?

I see you as individual souls, just like Phil, because we helped to incarnate that. And I see individual vessels very clearly, or we do. The way it- it becomes one, as Phil is part of us and Phil sees full figured humans, walking your streets, your ground, whatever, on the Earth. But the way we see it is actually like an overlap on his vision. So like, you’ll take a human but you see this ethereal orb of photons just migrating and oscillating in a spot. Sometimes it will like move around like wisps and whirls or spins. And that is seated like right within the center of the human. And so that is how we know you’re a human and we know you’re alive and we know you’re a soul. And then we know you’re not like a, we know that you’re not fake, like a Reptilian in disguise. Cause the Reptilians, they just simply put on human skin, it’s really creepy to you guys. To us it’s just a mask or costume.

Dolores talked about backdrop people, would this be similar?

Yes but the backdrop people serve the Reptilians unknowingly. The backdrop people have no cognizance of their actions. So the problem with backdrop people is- and that term is almost perfect in our opinion because we understand (laugh) . . . the Reptilians have even convinced the authorities on Earth to continue using the term Reptilian brain (laughter) as a description with regard to part of the human brain. And what that means to us is ok, that’s the most simplistic, banal governing construct within the human brain. Which means they’re going to try to reduce the human brain to that. And they’ve done that, in our opinion, with the back drop people. That’s exactly what the backdrop people are, they’re human vessels that can labor on behalf of the Reptilians or any human. You could convince them of pretty much anything but they’re (pause), I’m going to use this word and I hope that it’s interpreted in the correct way, they’re stupidly loyal. They throw their hand out or their card out almost instantaneously, they have now sense of guarding themselves. They have no sense of themselves, that’s a better . . .

Ok, no, I totally get that, I understand that. They were curious about why was the connection with Charlie made and not another being of The Collective?

Charlie represents a particular group or set of knowledge that Phil is not native, it’s not his vocation on Earth. So what Phil has been trying to do for, eh, 7 or 8 Earth years is to try to understand more about energy and energetic realm, the physical energetic realm, the bio-energetic realm, the properties of energy itself on Earth and how it manifests, provokes, interacts and such. The reason why Charlie is a great individual or soul to have tapped into here was because A, he was willing and that came from his heart. And we use heart, not in the sense that you might, it’s not an organ to us. It would be considered a human construct but it’s like the soul. It’s in you and it’s a part of you, if it is you. If you are a loving being, than you are open. Or if you’re open then, you know, that sort of thing. And so Charlie was already unknowingly open.

Right, ok.

And he also had that awesome set of knowledge that could help propel Phil in a more coherent direction for him.

And can you tell us about other beings that are part of The Collective?

Yes, I could tell you about a female. Ummm (pause), she has chosen, she lives on a rugged planet, a rock planet. She incarnated there and the planet, she’s like basically by herself. There’s a couple other nomad humanoids walking the planet. But the way she sees herself is like a cosmic shaman. And so she walks this planet and there’s beasts roaming the planet, everywhere. But it’s mostly desert and mountains everywhere, definitely mountainous, but it’s mostly dry and kind of like barren, the whole landscape. But these beasts are everywhere, like different kinds of beasts. And she is always dressed in, she’s always carrying a staff, its got some bones on it and some other like feathers tied to it and some other collectible items that mean something to her at an energetic level. And then she’s always wearing, she’s got dark brown hair, long hair. And she’s got darker skin, like tannish, brownish skin. But here hair is split down the middle. And she’s almost always wearing what is like a wolf’s sort of head over her, like a hat sort of and it like drapes over her shoulders. And her goal there, as we understand it, is to try and understand beasts and animals. And as a humanoid try to work with them at an energetic level. So to try and heal them, to try to communicate with them, to try to just coexist with them even. And so, it’s really interesting to us because it’s like the opposite in some ways of Phil on Earth and Charlie on Mechrisnek. It’s just, it’s seemingly impossible for us to be this diverse but at the same time we love it because that’s what enables us to do what we seek.

So all members of The Collective can split of an go to other places and do some jobs but there’s an essence of them that’s always there in The Collective or that they come back to The Collective?

There’s always an essence. We like to leave a sense of home in every soul that we help incarnate on a planet. And that is really important because without a sense of home you are absolutely capable of becoming part of the back drop people. Becoming one of those people that serves, unknowingly, humanities worst interests or the antithesis of our interests.

And so are the beings of The Collective only humanoid?

No and that’s where it gets a little bit tricky. Umm, can you help me understand what you mean by humanoid a little bit more so I can answer your question better?

Like with a physical body, with arms and legs and . . .

Ah! So just having a physical body alone and legs and arms and stuff, then yes. But! So yes to the question that there are many humanoids but they don’t walk on, they’re not bipedal, they’re not two legged anthropoids only. They are sometimes, like, there’s one soul that looks very similar to a mix between like your wolf and raccoon. But this soul walks on four legs and has a different tail. It’s like really, really hard for this voice to describe now because I was just talking about Earth and this, the wolf’s tail, this wolf-raccoon tail, is literally not physical. Not like physically real but it wisps in the wind and it moves in the wind like it is there. So there’s elements, like I would compare it to your Rorschach pattern, it changes; and that’s the double-sided pattern of the inkblot. And the way that this soul works is he’s, and it is a male essence, this wolf  raccoon like thing, soul, he’s like a chameleon. And he’s capable of convincing other beasts and beings and entities that he’s much larger than he actually physically is or he can convince people or whatever, whoever he is facing, that he’s much smaller or that he’s something else. So he’s trying to, I think we understand what he’s trying to do, we think that he’s trying to master the skills of a chameleon in a place. Cause he lives on a forest dominated planet, lots of trees, very thick. And very damp and wet and dark and cold. And so if you saw his face you’d say “Oh my gosh! What a tired looking beast!”, you know, “What a tired looking animal!”. This one is just, it’s like Phil, it’s a certain tenaciousness. And I’ll speak for this Collective and all the souls, there seems to be something about the general souls that we help incarnate. It’s a certain intensity to them and so that’s why we only send one to each planetary object as well because we think they can make a big difference as just an individual soul. We don’t think that we need to send a colony or whatever to try and come to dominate a part of a planet or something.

And what can you tell us about Phil and Ella’s new home? It feels like a special or different area.

It is in a valley, like, it’s in a metaphorical valley between the chaos of the city, like the actual city, and the chaos of the suburbs. And it is literally a, I mean, their space, their home is literally a space that is outside of time and Earthly space as they know it and others know it. Because there is great wisdom embodied in that neighborhood, and I don’t mean by the people. There’s plenty of smart people in the neighborhood that live around them, very intelligent peoples. But it’s the energy that dwells and lives and has always existed and persists in that area. And especially with the amount of trees, their voice prevails and their energy prevails. And so as a result, it’s not just the big ones and it’s not just the tall ones for them, it’s even the smallest ones or the derelict looking ones. Those are ones that are taking it, you know, taking one for the team. And the team is Ella and Phil, sort of thing (laughter).

So they were guided to the exact place that they needed to be.

Yup. Because in a way trees are guardians of both Phil and Ella.


Just going back to last time we talked about helpful chemicals, can you explain any more about those helpful chemicals?

Yes, the important thing about Mechrisnek is they’re not trying to isolate things from their natural origins. So on Earth, as this Collective understands it, isolation, dividing, constantly separating something from its source is the way of logic. And that just is simply the opposite of logic in our understanding of the definition of what is logic (laughter). Because in terms of separating something from it’s source, that is only done if- it’s never done in the organic sense. Never are we separated from source, our source in the cosmos. So why would it make sense to separate something completely from it’s original source. In terms of helpful chemicals we, as a Collective Voice, are talking about plants. And we’re talking about why is it that Earthlings think that the logic makes sense to separate specific chemicals from plants and say this is the best for this, this is the best for this. The problem is there’s a million other side effects and then your also not, there’s things unforeseen. And then you’re also adding to the problem by isolating because then you’re saying “Oh wait”. It’s like the buffet and the way that Earthlings are looking at the climate change events. They’re seeing them as individual events, not the waters are rising together as one. They’re seeing the benefits of one chemical versus another. And they say “Oh, but this chemical’s got side effects and unforeseen consequences” and “This one doesn’t and it’s sort of helpful”. The problem is that right there. So instead of trying to separate something we should go look at, we as Earthlings or we as cosmic beings in general, should go at look at the source of things and then ask ourselves “Does it make sense to separate something from this? Or to mitigate this aspect of it?” Because most of the time the Source has already provided all that is needed in every way. And that’s the best part about plants. On this Earth, Phil understands that there are many plants, plants that authorities say no and authorities say yes. And authorities have also said yes to many plants that are mistreated and I do mean the plants are mistreated. They’re sprayed with other chemicals that defeat their purpose, defeat their desire, and these plants do have a desire, that’s the thing. They have a desire to serve, to serve humanity, to serve us, to serve their end. They have an essence and they seek to fulfill that because that’s exactly, that’s what they are, so why wouldn’t they be who they are (laugh). And so in terms of, you know, many plants and herbs, the ones that the authorities have said no to, I think that humanity needs to rethink twice about most of them. And ask themselves “OK, should we re investigate this? Do we need to re investigate this for this purpose? And then reevaluate what the authorities have actually said”. And then challenge the authorities and say “Why’d you do it this way? Why? Why did you say no, we can’t have this?” And then really get the answers because then we’ll know the truth as humans. Humans will know the truth behind why and then they’ll see. They’ll see the mistake in the quote unquote “logic” behind separating something from its original source. And that is just um (pause), it is to retard something. To do something like that is to hold something back. And the authorities, by doing that, are holding back humanity itself.

You’ve done such great, great work and we’re always so grateful. I’m curious though, how, moving forward, is it best, because we were very enthralled with this information coming through. We’d love to tap in more often if it’s optimal for Phil and for The Collective. What do you see as the best-case scenario?

Best-case scenario I see an avenue opening here between this Collective Voice and this Collective Voice being able to channel via this vessel, this human vessel, other souls that are a part of this Collective. If this Collective Voice is requested upon to do so, in this context. And in terms of approaching the road ahead, my suggestion is that, or my belief is that, we as a Collective will be able to continue to serve those who seek answers for things that need answering on Earth. Or wherever in this universe. And so we’re more than happy to participate in anything that is going to help others better their way of life.

And we as a Collective have already kind of touched on this, we’re really interested in not colonizing and not having a whole huge population on every planet and stuff like that. We’re not interested in domination. We’re interested in coexisting and making things better so that they can be better for others.

Should we not mention the fog weapons system at this point, if we were to write a story?

Ummm, I think it should be mentioned. We believe it should be mentioned precisely because we talked about how the Reptilians don’t understand toroidal physics. So that’s one major flaw in their deployment. And so nothing, that we understand- cause they’re already aware that toroidal physics exists but they can’t get past their own ego, their own collective ego. Which is “We can put a sphere, an entire fog weapon system around the Earth”. And so, I don’t think they are capable of stepping down from their egotistical priority.

In terms of sharing this, it, to us it seems very pressing that the message about the bathing in EMFs versus the energy healing, love, light work as a counter balance or counterweight successfully dismantling it. It’s almost such a pressing thing to us that we want that to be shared, so it’s ok.


Because printed word on paper has so much more impact than people realize, like even on screens, people. And this voice has played down modernism but the thing is, is that that’s part of the reason so many people are so sad these days is they read so much online. And reading’s not the problem, but it’s what they’re reading about and whether it’s printed in a book or it’s printed online or it’s printed visually in images. And images, you know, modernism is great. The whole world, humanity can see each other with the videos and the films. And they can understand concepts quicker, some of them, because we people learn different ways, as we understand it on Earth. But with regard to all that, it’s really tricky, so, it’s definitely something complicated. I can expand on it but . . .

Ok, very good. Any other information you want to get through before we count up?

(pause) No.

So if we were to meet again as a group, would that be favorable?


And his meditation the other night with the eclipse with Dolores and myself, can you give us just a little insight on that?

Yeah, totally. So, Dolores is still, like barely on the other side. She’s always ready to come back here. And the way that I understand is she didn’t think that she was gonna leave so soon, like when she did. She thought she was going to be around a little bit longer. And so it’s super interesting because if you try to talk to her and if you try to communicate with her and if you try to meet up with her, you will. If you really have true intentions of extrapolating the human mind, like the human experience itself, she will definitely converse with you. And she’s really encouraging Phil to do his thing. She was really encouraging Phil and your essence was really encouraging Phil to be who he is. And to not let anyone, not just put him down for being who is but to ever even challenge. Or to just build that wall of light around him so that he encompasses others in light. And that encouragement about just bringing even positivity where there’s negativity. Just that basic dichotomy or binary is simple enough for Phil to hear Dolores and Phil to hear your essence as well. It’s very important that Phil continues to listen to Dolores when she does come to speak with him because for whatever reason she’s willing to talk to Phil. And Phil is aware of that deep down, he’s not going to admit that to you (laughter).

Well, I don’t think that would floor me too much but (laugh).

That’s funny (laughter).

Ok, well, I cannot exude enough appreciation for this session today.

Oh, of course! We’ve been more than happy to help and we’re really, really excited to be back again. We’re so excited that there is an audience that is interested in having a conversation with this multiplicity of entities or souls (laugh).

We are interested, yes (laughter)!  And it was fun today because we have Ella here so she got to witness this amazing session.

Right on.

E: Thank you for letting me be here!

We thank you for being here (laughter).

And we send great love to The Collective and to Charlie. To the shaman lady, to the half wolf-half raccoon, and to all members of The Collective. And we greatly look forward to another connection again.

Of course, we look forward to it as well.

Alright, thank you , thank you, thank you.

Session 2: Part 2

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, October 2015.

Part 2: The Collective 

Since our last visit have you or you and the council had discussions about what happened with that first visit?

In terms of Phil’s relationship with The Collective?

Or about awareness amongst or information shared between all? Because we sent out information here on Earth about this.

In terms of sending information to Earth it’s particularly difficult, and we spoke about this last time. That we’re trying to perfect ourselves, these windows of opportunity to send bursts of information. And so one thing that we are trying to actually talk about in this Collective is whether or not we’re going to allow the incarnation of another being on Earth so that we can try to coordinate with Phil better. Because right now we do only have one entity or one incarnation on Earth, right now.

And that is Phil?

And that is Phil. And the reason why we do only one usually around each planetary object, or whatever you prefer to call it, is we never know what kind of investment we’re going to have to make. And so with Earth its become a pretty major investment for us as a Collective, a cosmic Collective. Because it’s usually not this difficult. But we’re here to support Phil because he’s from us, like he’s a part of us. So if he wants to incarnate there then we have to help him incarnate. We act as that thoroughfare, that corridor through which you, you know, that depot that Charlie described us as. There’s so many other’s out there and in fact I can give you a specific number of how many spirits there are out there that we have incarnated elsewhere and it’s 355.

Say that again.


So, this is The Collective talking now.


Ok, very good. If we could just swing back just to clarify some things that happened in that first session so we understand best. Can you tell us more about the men in black?

Hmmm, they are cosmic agents. They are from the Source but they are not just from this Source, the Source of this universe, this particular one. They’re from the Source that governs, not governs but like helps manage and oversee the entire multi-verse that we all exist within and we transit through. And even you yourself have transited from this Earth to other universes. You don’t realize it and your authorities tell you otherwise and other egos tell you otherwise but you absolutely are transiting. Every single time you have a major perspective shift.

Ok, so would they be on the level of like the Elohim?

I’m not familiar with that term.

Ok, a very high-ranking angel?

That term I am familiar with but we don’t call it angel. It’s very interesting that you pronounce it ‘gel’. We say angle (pronounced on-gull).

Oh, ok. Explain that please then.

So the way I am understanding that you spell it is something like A-N-G-E-L but we understand it as A-N-G-L-E. And that’s the same word for these, what you consider to be these glowing sprites or glowing paramours.

And you pronounced it again as angle?


Angle, ok. And so those men in black are like angles?


And so they get their directives from whom?

From Source.

From Source, ok. So I think we are talking about the same thing,  just a different pronunciation (laugh).

Ok (laughter).

Ok, very good. So in that first session so much information was coming through from Charlie and from The Collective, what was most important at that time to come through? And how has it been accepted by Phil and by Ella and myself and those that know the story now? From your perspective how is going with the relay of that information?

Phil is doing his best, that’s all we can say at this moment about him. He’s dealing with a lot. In terms of you and Ella and a few others, but especially you and Ella, you guys are doing a magnificent, beautiful, like you should be seeing triple ones everywhere, zeroes and ones. Because you are amongst a vanguard in human society right now. Not many people are taking seriously what we said about the warnings regarding your most Southern continent and the dwellings along the coasts and the activity that is approaching Earth at a macro level. That message was taken seriously by the ones that have already taken it seriously. And so again, I reiterate, what we understand and what we see coming is the waters are going to wash away every major city and coastal area of Earth.

And from your perspective can you see a time frame on Earth when this occurs?

Yeah, it’s coming really soon.

Like what is that? A year, a month, 10 years, 100 years?

The problem is that nobody is going to say, like your authorities are not going to say that it’s all one event. They are going to say “Oh look, this is a tsunami or hurricane over here and here’s flooding” or “Look over here, this is weird this is an earthquake over here and here’s some damage”. But they’re not going to talk about it as one event, they’re going to keep talking about it as like separate events. It’s happening all as one. And the problem is, is that your world is split up and separate and divided still. So if all of your scientists were to get together they would say “Oh yeah, the measurements here, here, and here, they reflect that water levels are rising”. And there is no single paradigm at which your authorities look at the issue with seriousness or concern. So because there is still even a debate that it’s happening, it’s obstructing your species ability to- well, I’m sorry, it’s obstructing the individuals that haven’t listened to what we warned of and spoke of last time. And that is, that’s their own choice and that is for their reckoning.

Well, as you know we put that information out on the Web. Was that, from your point of view-

What is the Web?

Wide form of information transfer.


So people from all over the world, all over Earth could read about Phil’s session and the information that you gave. 


.Right, well ok, we enjoy it! We were excited for today’s gathering (laugh).

Well great! We’re always happy to be in the cosmos. And I know that’s a little bit tautological but that’s who we are (laugh).

Ok, well that’s great, we’re happy to be togetherI want you to be able to expand on any information that you would like to get through to us at this time. Would you just like to be able to do that right now? What would work best for you?

I’d be happy to expand on some more information, if there are any specific things that you do have questions about, with regard to Earth.

Well, we’d like to know more specifically about the fog weapons system.

Yes. So . . .

Does fog stand for anything or is it just because it is like a fog?

It’s just because it’s like a fog. There might be something to the Reptilian language and their use of the word fog. Cause we’re pretty sure that’s who came up with the word fog. We’re pretty sure the concept comes out of a place that you know as England or Europe. But it’s not the mainland part, it’s definitely from London or this concept comes out of England.


It’s a secret.So, what we’re telling you is not supposed to be shared.

Ok, I understand that.

And it’s definitely not supposed to be known to humans. But in terms of what we can tell you, it’s not a mistake that the way the British society or English society is going today and trending. You look at it and they contradict themselves, they say they’re free but then they have the most comprehensive surveillance system in the world. So that’s just a little taste of what exists, in terms of the fog weapons system. It’s really, really, really advanced and it’s very, very tricky, as I said last time. Because not even The Council that governs Earth knows when these windows open, so when they turn it off in other words. On the bluest of days, the suns out and stuff, they’ll have it deployed. But then sometimes they won’t and you won’t know when, what day.

And they are the Reptilians?

Yes. And they infiltrated our government, your government, our society, ummm, Phil’s society. This is becoming really weird for Phil to speak like this because he’s transitioning between first person language and third person for him. And some of it Phil’s experiencing so Phil speaks up in those moments and then in other moments he’s not aware of it so we take over and we speak up for him. So it sounds like we’re contradicting ourselves right now but never forget that we are all one.

Yes, I get that and we just want Phil to be able to recede back, go back, to where he can just relax and not-

We’ll send him to the depot.

Yeah, there you go, that’s great. Now he’s there. So, what were you saying again about the fog weapons system?

It’s thick and in terms of undoing it or like replacing it with something better, or destroying it completely and dismantling it, there are major advances going on right now on this planet, on Earth, wherein the fog weapons system is being dismembered. And that has to do with the energetic work that you do and that Ella does and others like yourselves.

Explain that.

Because you choose to use the words that you do, in the moments that you do, with the people that you do, at the times that you do, you are setting yourselves up for not just eternal peace and comfort and calm and tranquility in your lives but you’re surrounding yourself. So as you participate in that all in all, more and more, that realm becomes bigger and bigger. So it becomes, it encompasses those that you interact with and come into contact and communicate with. And so, you’re not doing it intentionally but you are safe as a result. You’re free from any serious energetic attacks targeting you because of your resonant frequency and your resonant vibration.

And you’re saying that . . .

It’s like rose quartz, it can’t be touched and it can’t be harmed because of the light that does swarm through the entire entity that is rose quartz. Or anything else like that that’s completely healing to you, like a tea or something.

rose quartz

And so you’re saying as well that the work that the light workers do, for example, helps to dis-empower that fog weapons system and that’s increasing? Are we gaining on it?

Yes. So, you’re actually putting holes in it, is what you’re doing. You’re literally- it was talked about the ozone layer when you were a kid being dismantled or being disrupted. That’s what you guys are doing to this fog weapons system because you’re the antithesis of it. And because your resonant frequency is, for the lack of a better word, so positive and is so, so close to the light that we’ve been talking about and working with. This white light  from Source and everything. That is not something the Reptilians have decoded, nor can they. So that saying on Earth you might be familiar with it, killing somebody with kindness.

Yeah (laughter).

That is literally something that you can do. And you’re not going to put them in a grave. You’re not gonna put them in a cemetery in this homicidal manner. You’re gonna put that Reptilian part behind them. You’re gonna help them move beyond the Reptilian brain that (laugh) basically has carved out nothing for them as humans.

Ok, that has a lot of personal understanding to it. I used to teach my kids KWK, Kill them With Kindness, directed towards their grandparents (laughter).

That’s awesome! I’m glad you teach that because the opposite of that is what you guys are up against. And I want to give you guys a fair warning, the work that you are doing is progress, it’s progressive. But with every single step that you guys take, and I’m speaking to both of you in the room now. Both of you need to become aware of the fact that with every single attempt to dismantle their system of control, they erect more machines, antennas, broadcasts they send out on purpose, like microwave radio broadcasts. And what they’re doing is they are literally trying to bathe everybody and submerge everybody in a matrix, like a never-ending matrix of energetic disruption. So that you can’t even maintain focus on your visual aspects.

Ok. And so we can strengthen ourselves doing what?

In terms of you guys because you guys are, I’m going to use this analogy from here on out, because you guys are like rose quartz you guys can’t be touched. So stuff like phones or some of this other technology, modernism, I’ll just use that word. Because of who you are, modernism cannot touch you. So you guys are safe.

Oh! Oh sweet (laughter).

And that is one of the best parts of your position. It’s unsavory to hear that your work is being met head to head.


But it should be reassuring to know that you’re literally untouchable, they can’t get ya. They’re not gonna put you in prison, they’re not gonna shred your public personality, they’re not going to make you sick, they’re not going to poison you. They literally cannot do that because you guys, (pause) Source is watching out.

Ok, so Phil worries about the phones and being in all of that, does he need to worry about that? Can he be protected as well? Cause he’s doing great work.

He can, he’s not the same as you guys, so . . .

What’s the difference?

You guys have a degree of love that you guys have tapped and your soul. And the way that I see souls is like a donut, it’s like a tube (slowly moving hand in a circle around the chest to demonstrate). And your tube is flowing, it’s like a neon bulb,. The neon flows throughout the entire bulb and it lights up the entire bulb. But with Phil, he can’t keep that going constantly. And because of the fact that he’s not tapped that part of the pie, like he’s not cut that part of the pie yet and gone to serve it up to himself, he doesn’t understand the depths and the heights that love can bring you to and toward and everything.

Is that why he’s with Ella?

Yes. Ella is (laugh), this is our understanding as The Collective that we believe cause we have own thoughts as The Collective separate from incarnated souls. We believe that Phil is going to (laugh) and we hope, that he’s going to fulfill his objectives on Earth this time and then move on because we’re really troubled by having to invest so much in a place that doesn’t seem to want to listen. There’s many people that do but also many that don’t. And so we’re very interested in places where we can actually make change without exposing ourselves. Because in this universe, as I said, we have 355 incarnated souls, one per planetary object. But this is not our home universe. We’re from a different part of the multi-verse than you are. And so we somehow we got on your show Wheel of Fortune and we spun the wheel. And we were somehow one of those spikes and we ended up in this universe. And so we take that to mean that and the way that we understand it is we have a mission, even, as a Collective. But it’s more esoteric than egotistical. Because we come from the Source too.

Ok. And so last time you spoke quite a bit about some activity going on around Antarctica?


Can give you give us more clarity and understanding about that?

There’s going to be, like I said, a really big shift to Southwest of Chile but what we understand is going to happen is somewhere along the West coast of your Western Hemisphere there’s going to be a major earthquake. And we think it’s going to be in the North. Because the way we understand your planet is the Southern Hemisphere is being given that chance as we explained last time. And so we thought that or we believe that it’s going to happen on the Western side of the Hemisphere. And it’s going to be in the Northern Hemisphere. So it’s not going to hit the Chilean area and the part where Earthlings believe the Kundalini is shifting to and the potential for that. Like I said before, Earthlings are not going to see the happenings around them, the natural disasters, as one event but it is. So the waters rising around the world right now are all rising together, they’re not rising separately like a buffet somehow and being refilled. And very soon you’re going to see a major city, not one that you expected, wiped out by water from a tsunami. From an earthquake off the coast somewhere.

Somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere?

Yes. And it’s not going to be the one that’s talked about or that’s been prophesied and talked about. It’s going to be further North. And it’s unclear to us what city it’s going to hit but we have an idea. And we don’t want to say because we don’t think it’s our place to, we don’t believe it’s our place to.


Would this be in the North American region though?

Yes. Somewhere to the West though, so it’ll be in the ocean.

And do you see a time frame of that probably occurring?

1-2 years. Probably closer to 2. We’re having a hard time with time estimates still, cause it could even be 1-3, so . . .

Ok, do you see that more, can I ask, is it mostly in the US region or up in the Canadian region?

That’s the confusing part to us, we’re not really sure if it is Vancouver or Seattle. And that right there is it. And Portland.

Ok, thank you. Can anything happen to change that?


And why is that?

Because, a lot of reasons, um, number one the plates are shifting on their own and it’s a great time of change naturally for this planetary object. So a lot of the stuff that people are attributing to man, it isn’t necessarily man’s fault. But enough of it can be attributed to man that you might as well just say man can do better or humankind can do better. In terms of what we can offer advice to prepare yourself or to prevent it or to know what’s going on, I mean, it also has to do with the mining, the deep mining and drilling.


Yes, into the Earth that humans insist on doing and even in the oceans. And it’s a grave mistake to do that, especially in the oceans. Because the closer you do it to the actual- so with your planet, we talked about this last time and you are familiar with the hollow Earth concept, that’s all going on. And the plates are literally just shifting over this plasma surface on your planet. And the craziest thing is that some humans have decided that they’re going to go to the deepest parts of the ocean and try and drill through the surface there to get to whatever they’re getting to extract, the fuels or resources, whatever. The problem with that is it is far more closer to, um (pause) ok, it’s far more closer to actually disrupting the plate itself and so you’re disrupting like the foundation. It’d be like if you were in a skyscraper, a tower, and you were trying to shake the building from the top with a bunch of people. This doesn’t work, physics (sigh).

So how is it affecting the inner Earth when they do that drilling?

See they don’t like that, they can feel that if it gets deep enough. And that was another thing I was just about to touch on, which is they kind of cause earthquakes. Like some of the inner earth because they’ve got to protect their world, their reality. So sometimes they take it as a threat cause they don’t know exactly what we’re doing on the surface. So some of the drilling and stuff, you know, why is it taking place there? Sometimes they think it’s a threat because they feel that it’s a threat. They feel that the drilling is taking place in a key area on the inner Earth or something and so that’s somehow a problem. And it’s got to eventually become more co habitable between the two but the authorities on the surface have to allow the masses to understand that there is an inner Earth.

So they’re well aware and . . . ?

Yes, oh yeah! Oh yeah, the authorities on the surface are totally and they communicate with individuals on the inner Earth. And I know that they have lines of communication already established, sort of like cell phones but a step more advance. This is a little beyond our explanation.

Just do your best.

So, basically they encrypt the call. And the way they do it is they set up another antenna on the other side but it doesn’t look like an antenna. It is like a multi-longitudinal receptor device. Do it’s one of, it’s like from Tesla’s coil, it looks like Tesla’s ball of electricity. And so, with that multi-longitudinal receptor activity it receives messages or signals. And it’s a very specific part of the electro-magnetic wave spectrum that our authorities on the surface utilize their tools to communicate with those on the inner Earth. Because on the surface you’re using primarily radio waves or sometimes microwaves to send information but you’ve got to move a little bit further down the electromagnetic spectrum to traverse something as thick as a planetary object. Or to have it go around a planetary object.

So it’s not necessarily the souls that are in the inner Earth are coming out and having meetings or ours are going in and having meetings, they can transverse via this communication system?

Yes and I think there is travel to some degree. We understand that there are invisible, there is stealth aircraft that can. But it’s a really different, it’s a different level of radiation. So we were talking about this already with the electromagnetic spectrum, like they’re using a different part of the spectrum to talk to those on the inner Earth from the surface of the Earth. You can’t send in the surface Earthlings to the inner Earth because they’re exposed to a different degree of light and then therefore a different level of radiation. And so they can become really sick, really quick, if they spend too much time in the inner Earth. There are humans that have gone there and there are humans that do go there. And the humans that do go there in these stealth craft, the way we understand it, it again goes back to the genetics. And this is something that’s been suppressed on purpose in the public realm on the surface of the Earth, is genetics. But I think that the more that the tangible questions are answered, we believe at least, that the answers to the questions regarding what we just spoke on will come to.

So, during the recent eclipse I was meditating and found myself in an experience that felt like being in the inner Earth. Can we transverse that way, through meditations?

Yes. Yes, absolutely and that’s the easiest way. Because the individuals, we’ll call them humans, the inner Earth humans, they’re really receptive to telepathic communication and telepathic visualizations. So they’re very willing to welcome you but they don’t want you to get hurt physiologically. Now let me be really clear about something, I’ve got to back up a few steps. The humans from the surface that travel into the inner Earth are not sharing the technology and are in either separate governments or even like the military versus the civilian government or the financial institutions that are composed of some of the Reptilians. So in other words the Reptilians are not going to the inner Earth and they’re not sending craft. They’re trying to deploy the fog weapon system over the North and South Poles and the entryway to the inner earth. But what they don’t realize is that there is that toroidal field that governs Earth and that they’ve set up in such a way that- cause they understand the toroidal sciences. But for some reason they don’t understand that they can’t- like they think that they’re greater than the toroidal realities of physics. And so they think that they can create a sphere around a doughnut.

toroidal field earth

So let me ask this, many on Earth have the belief that Earth is ascending right now and that the energies are coming in and are helping to produce such an event. Would that push back the Reptilian situation so that it’s no longer there or what’s going on?
To be continued . . .

Session 2: Part 1

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, October 2015.

Part 1: Charlie

I’m on the observation deck, in the glass entry. There’s windows and a door. But I’m standing on like a metal floor jutting out of the wall. And to my right is a long corridor and it leads out of the research facility. The glass is actually tinted but you wouldn’t realize that it’s tinted. For some reason my eyes can switch, they can go from the dark and they can see like what tinted glass looks like. And they can just blur out everything like you so choose if you implement tinted glass or you can see through it and see what’s inside.

Very good. Now, does this feel like the same place that you were at last time we visited?


Ok, very good. And what activity is going on in that space this time?

I’m gonna go to the door. It’s locked.

Why is it locked?

There’s people in there. I’m not sure exactly who but I know the Commandant is definitely in there cause I can hear his voice. I don’t know what he is saying but he’s talking pretty robustly, fairly loudly.

Is he upset?

Ummm, I wouldn’t call it upset, I would call it frustrated. Or there’s a pressing urgence in his tone and the way he’s speaking. But like somehow I can see through the door and I see that he’s got those things on his head again. The black . . .

The goggles?

Yeah, like night vision goggles that you’d fold down, almost. But he doesn’t have like a helmet or anything. He’s got like just this little headband thing that’s kind of on his head and that’s what’s holding the black thing. They look like binoculars.

And do you have a better understanding of why he uses those or what they are?

Yeah, he can look really, really closely at stuff that’s like even subatomic. And he can zoom out and use it as regular binoculars but he can see way beyond the bacterial level. They act as a more advanced microscope.

Ok, very good.

He can literally see to like the subatomic particle level. So he can see what’s happening when he is trying to confirm the results of an experiment or the results of an operation or some tests. He can, if we take a sample for example, of some particles, he can then himself view it in a vacuum like space. And we have these little containers that you can create like a vacuum. It’s really, really bizarre to try to explain this right now, but you do hook up something to the bottom. It’s like a crate, ok, but it’s like black inside and you literally can create a vacuum that’s absent of like other bacteria, particles, photons of light, anything that would be problematic.

And so, what reasons would you create that vacuum? What are the reasons for those experiments?

Sometimes you want to study particles or elements outside the context of other pressures or variables that you might think that are confounding the results of what you’re getting or what you’re seeing or what you’re receiving in your experiments. So you want to confirm that these particles are going to behave in a way or disprove that they are behaving in a coherent and consistent manner. And so with a vacuum like space you can observe them, in that little container you can observe the particles as they are on their own, without interference. And you can see how they naturally take to one another or don’t. And how they, at what speed do they vibrate, at what speed do they rotate around one another. At what speed does the matrix of particles and elements themselves begin to dissipate and distance themselves from one another due to temperature change. So that’s something we obviously concern ourselves with, especially on M1, it’s so freaking cold here outside the laboratory.

The atmosphere?

Yes. And because it’s a terrestrial object it doesn’t really have- from what I understand, it’s very, very similar to the surface of your moon or a couple of other rocky planets that you Earthlings have come across in your area of this universe.

Ok, very good. So is he sharing information with you as to why he’s talking in such a forceful way, do you know what’s going on specifically?

He’s talking, I know, at least to one other individual

Describe what that other individual is like.

The other individual is sitting down at this multi- like at least four or five computer screen display. It’s like a control panel, that oversees and overlooks the facility and it’s facing the power generator source. Ummm, (sigh) it seems like he’s scolding him because of something he did not do which he should have known better to do.

And do you work directly with that one that’s being scolded?

We all work with one another but we all have such degrees of autonomy, like I said last time, that the Commandant comes around and kind of checks in. But we’re blessed with the opportunity and the freedoms to experiment because we’ve been vetted. Our intelligence and our genetics has been vetted by our own society and by our MOS, Ministry of Science. So it’s really just a title that they have to establish because there has to be some degree of vertical hierarchy in a formal discipline, wherever you go. Unless there’s like, and I’ve heard about this and that’s why I am going to speak about this. I’ve heard about this in other parts of the universe from our society. And we’ve studied these other cultures but we don’t grasp them. We don’t grasp how they come to a . . . like, we communicate telepathically, ok, we communicate mind to mind, without words, a lot of the time. But we don’t have the ability to completely give up on the empirical, so we need that vertical hierarchy still. So we still have a Commandant, like that leader. That’s the way our society sees it but when you’re actually in the laboratory it really is more like you’re kind of on your own or your gonna go pull this individual or that one. (sigh) Individual is not the right word . . .


And how does he come to be the Commandant of M1 or that laboratory or which one is it?

He is the Commandant of M1, the laboratory facilities that I work in on M1. How did he become that? He, as far as I understood, he was just chosen. Something to do with his genetics being preferred a little bit more than others but he also had an experience factor that definitely goes beyond ours.

Does he come from the planet that you come from?

Yeah, but he comes from a time that was before mine. And I don’t really know how to explain that because it’s not like our- (pause, sigh) he’s one of us, he’s just an older member of our society in age. And so he has the appearance of somebody that is older to me.

You said last time that he knew the ones that had developed the technology that you were experimenting with at that time?


So he must have been around for a long, long time.

Yeah, he, I know that he was in (pause) . . . what happened on our planet Kylox was some sort of transition that is something along the lines of what I’ve been hearing about Earth. The talk about something transitioning and people are really unsure and I’m not exactly sure even what happened on our planet in great detail. But I know that it was an energetic shift and people were, the older generation was still around, a lot of them. But a lot of them died off like suddenly, out of nowhere. And it was, this is going to come off really cold, it wasn’t really sad to the ones that were younger. Like, the loss of life was great and that took a toll economically and resource-wise and overnight we lost a lot of people and places but we weren’t unable to replace them. And what they were actually doing was holding back the planet, they were holding back our society and they were holding back, I mean, they were holding back a lot of our ways. So, they literally disappeared and a lot of them, they just died, I mean, it was mass graves.

So was it a group decision? Were they aware?

Uh, no, it was totally the source or something like that zapping them. I mean, like, they literally like melted and then just disappeared.

Are you aware that they just changed form and move on to another experience? Or what is your belief system on that?

Well in terms of the footage I saw it was so gruesome and grotesque a lot of us in the younger generation didn’t believe that they were moving on to anything better. But the more and more that I’ve thought about it, you know, with my colleagues on M1, the more and more that we have come to the decision that they’re probably somewhere else. Or they’re coexisting even on Kylox right now with us but they don’t have the ability to even talk to us in our minds like telepathically. That’s how far removed their existence is from ours now. Because the way that it worked was there was like an energy band that went around and traveled as a shockwave around the entire planet of our home planet, Kylox. And in that literal band, that energy band, it was able to discern if you were going to continue or if you were not going to continue. So instantaneously we saw people, like in the middle of things, just melt and disappear. And then the other ones that were left, it was obvious to us that they were ones to talk to, they were ones to listen to, ones to learn from. That they were going to be the future of our society.

And this happened during your younger days or before you?

Definitely my younger days because I remember the footage. I remember the footage really vividly of skeletons and like melted . . .

And your close family, were they involved?

Ummmm, not my nuclear family. Like my partner and my kids. I have a young boy and I have a younger boy as well. He’s like barely alive (laugh). So, he’s working on becoming more coherent.

Ok (laugh), so they stayed or they left?

They’re still there on Kylox living very peacefully.

Ok, very good. And so that shockwave scenario, are you aware, has that happened other places in the cosmos?

Ummmm, I’ve never seen anything like this one, the way that it traveled cause it was- the energy band was like fixated. It was like anchored to our North and South Poles and it just swung around the whole planet. And everybody could see it.

What did it look like?

It was like this golden, like fence I guess. It was like photons that you could travel through or, I’m sorry, that move around you. But it was like a hologram, you know, you just move through it. But it was this entire band of energy cause that’s what it was. It had these frequencies and vibrations and sounds and lots of information to deposit if you were open and genetically capable of accepting a new perspective, a wholly new perspective. And that meant the balance that I talked about last time, that degree of balance that we’ve reached on Kylox now, where we communicate telepathically but we also have this great empathic ability between one another. So on Kylox there is, as I mentioned before, there’s not that pressure to push one another because there’s almost perfect communication because we’re able to sense how much- like if you were to look at it in a human sense.

Which you’re not exactly right?

No. I guess what I could offer up is this, Earthlings might break it down in percentages and they might say so much of this is love and so much of this is fear and so much of this is panic or concern about past events. And so, you know, if you were able to discern that then you would know then you wouldn’t need to worry about the two thirds of it and that all that matters is the love part in the context of a particular conversation. But there’s so little, I mean I’m sorry, there’s so little incidences of people getting mad at each other and just flying off the lid, is that a, is that something you say?

Yup, yeah, I get it (laugh).

Ok, like flying off that, it just doesn’t happen as I talked about last time. There’s anger for sure, there’s totally that emotion. And there’s frustration and annoyance but it’s, there’s not violence, like physical, like we’re going to brutally-


Well, we . . .

You do do war right?

Yeah, we participate in war when we have to and right now we’re dealing with a particularly tough battle on, I talked about this 4th, I believe I spoke of a 4th planet to you that we’re finally colonizing. And we’re, I said last time we’re about halfway through, well we’ve lost a lot of battles and like campaigns even. A lot of time has elapsed since I spoke last, on our planet. A lot of time elapsed or a lot of events have happened, there we go, events have happened here. And so we’ve lost a lot of the war and a lot of concern exists right now on Kylox that we’re going to have to send over reinforcements or like do something that we don’t want to do. It’s really (sigh), like I have so little time to focus on the war stuff because I’m back and forth constantly on M1.. And when I go home I see my family and that’s just for a short time cause they really, really hound me. They really want me to be on M1. So I know that people are worried, people are frustrated but all in all I think it’s, the sense I’m getting is it’s gonna be fine. And the concern is definitely not to the level it is on your planet, I can tell you that. There’s not a mass mobilization of people like marching through the streets (laugh) or something like that. I’ve seen footage (laugh) of Earth and just nonstop like marching in the streets. I don’t know what that is and maybe . . .

Seems like maybe it must be like a comedy show for you guys watching.

Well, like the goose-stepping, is that what it’s called?

Goose-stepping (laugh).

Cause we’ve seen that in books, that phrase. And we don’t know what it is but the shiny things on the ends of, I think, weapons you know marching through the streets. It’s silly to us.

Like a parade.

But also because we don’t really understand what those streets are, like we don’t understand what the grey stuff, the dark stuff is.


Yeah, we don’t, we don’t understand why you would lay that on top of what is there. Cause we understand that you can’t replace, like you can’t go back, you can’t revert back to the ground the way it was before once you’ve laid a road or whatever it is.

Huh, well, I think we do it because our vehicles move on it better.

Oh, ok. Well, the way we see it then is because it’s creating massive heat for your planet.

Oh, gotcha! Ok.

And that isn’t being taken into account when temperatures are measured on your planet. So one reason we stopped coming to your planet was some of the stuff that you guys were doing was totally, not just backward, but unfathomable to us. We thought that it was, it was a derelict process, it was not only haphazard but it wasn’t even endowed with any forethought.

What events were happening at that time that you recall?

There was great, great change across the entire planet because the entire planet was being discovered by Earth, like Earthlings. So people were creating machines and we started to get very, very confused about some of the machines that we saw. Like in particular what I’m seeing is what is described as a train. We don’t understand why the Earthlings, specifically at that time, settled for the fuel source that was emitting the smoke. Why smoke? Why emit smoke? Because that’s just going to confound your ability to breathe, like your respiratory system, your cardiovascular and then everything else beyond that. So why not take some more time to think things through and choose or at least think enough and maybe come up with like a few trials of different fuels to try before you implement them across universally in your machines. Such that then they are all emitting smoke into your air. That was just something we didn’t understand. The steam engine was just beyond us because we saw that there were quicker ways to transport physical objects but instead humans settled for burning things and incinerating them and allowing that to propel. And not only just that but then stopping right there and saying that’s good enough for us, let’s go from there. And to us the idea of saying “Lets just settle right there, let’s settle for this technology”, that’s way beyond us. That’s beyond like, that is totally silly to us. Because you have momentum in that moment, that’s the time. If you don’t keep building constantly than you’re not going to build a better succession, you’re not going to build a better succeeding entity

Ok, got it, thank you. So when you’re talking about the trains and locomotives and things like that, that can be considered not very long ago in our time, you know, maybe 150 years back. But are you talking about that time or are you talking about time ancient to us, from there? Because you said when the Earthlings first started coming to Earth or being on Earth.


When the Earthlings first started making those machines. And what I’m seeing is that arm on the steam engine that was implemented and to us that was, that was the most ugly thing that we could very see. That arm twisting and turning and then the smoke. It was not only visually and emotionally grotesque for us but it was intellectually grotesque and gross to see such a banal system dominating. And all Earthlings saying that that was progress and that was the pinnacle of humanity. And some of the audacity of individuals, the arrogance of individual egos on that planet, I’m sorry on Earth, at that time was beyond our willingness to stay anymore. Because we don’t, I’ve already spoken about my feeling toward egos and especially on councils. And as I’ve explained we’ve heard a lot about your planet Earth. And we understand that egos are allowed to pervade individually and even on the council that governs Earth and to me that’s simply inappropriate.

Ok, understood, interesting, thank you. So that was about the time, with the locomotives, that your group decided to leave the planet. Ok, and the reason why you originally choose to visit Earth was what?

We thought we could work with the population here in coordination with each other. We thought we could learn from the humans, Earthlings, whatever, and that we could teach and imbue a lot of things here. The energy band wave had already passed around our entire planet so we had already gone through our transformation by the time that we had left your planet. And in fact, that transformation on our planet was so far ago that it precedes everyone, I think everyone on this planet in general. But I’m not totally positive on that because I don’t know exactly when my species started going to meet humans. I just know that the reason was help, to try and coordinate.

And what do you call your species?

Hmmmmmm (sigh, pause), it’s really, really hard for Phil to pronounce.

Just try your best.

Something like Sisupuss.


Yeah, like S-I-S, Sisupuss, like S-I-S-U-P-U-S-S.

Ok, and say it one more time.


Ok, very good, thank you very much. Now you’re aware that you’re speaking through Phil again?


Ok and how is that for you this time?

(laugh) It’s still really weird.  have been in contact with Phil a lot and he doesn’t realize how much I’ve been in contact with him. I don’t know if it’s not that he’s paying attention (laugh) or if that he’s not receiving my messages, but I know that he has been able to respond a few times. But I know very well at this point that I’m part of something bigger than even M1 or Kylox and I’m very excited that I get to be back here.

Ok. So how do you explain what’s happening right now speaking to me on Earth?

(sigh) So Phil, as you know it, is gone right now. The Collective that we’re from, it is like a giant train station or depot, so I was able to quickly hear the call that I was, and it’s a purplish color that come through. And The Collective is definitely like a purplish aura that you enter when you get there. And I’m using your color wheel.

Ok (laugh).

I did look at a color wheel from a textbook on our planet and it’s really, really old but I think I can make sense of your colors a little bit better. So The Collective literally calls and then I was here. And now I’m looking back on this cosmic train station, it’s purple, it’s ethereal in form.

Not like the MOT?

No, absolutely not. It’s not visible to the human eye. I don’t know that it’s visible at all.

Ok, so you heard the call and knew that it was time to have another conversation?

Yeah. I don’t know if it is visible even on our telescopes at home, so . . .


It’s really curious to me actually, as a scientist, because I am not familiar with anything of this type. Like, we don’t have anything like this on Kylox or M1 or in the works even in terms of projects.

Oh, interesting, so you’re kind of forging new ground it sounds like.

Well, I, I’m experiencing something new as a being. But I think that Phil is far more, like this is far more alien to Phil than it is to me because I already traverse between different- I traverse space between Kylox and M1 and stuff, so to me it’s not a big deal. I understand that Phil doesn’t do that at all and that Earthlings, they’re mostly stuck to the ground. And that’s part of the reason, I think, that he might be feeling that.

So where does Phil go when you are speaking?

He goes back to The Collective. And, I mean, he just is reabsorbed in the purple cloud. I mean he rejoins the information complex. So it’s, you know, it’s the energies of how can we get the knowledge and information to whom, where and what time. And you know I spoke about this with the fog weapons system on Earth. I have heard that it’s pretty crazy in terms of getting through to Earthlings because there’s something in place, that system. And so trying to communicate two way is really difficult outside of Earthling realm.

I want to talk to you in detail about that in just a minute but I want to just, I still want to understand a little but more about this experience that you’re having speaking through him to me. Since our last visit have you or you and the council had discussions about what happened with that first visit?

To be continued . . .


Session 1: Part 3

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, July 2015.

Part 3 – The Collective

So this isn’t like a past life or a future life of Phil?

No, this is, um, I would describe this voice as a Collective grouping.

Ok, cool, very good (laugh).

And Phil and Charlie are part of it.

Ok, well, that’s great, I’m happy to have everybody here! (laughter)

Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

We strive to have communication like this so that we can learn and grow as well, so it’s always a joy to have big a party going on! (laugh)

Right! And everybody in the universe loves partying too, so (laugh).

Oh, great! Well, I’m happy to host (laughter).

Yeah! It’s just, as far as I understand, it’s just Earth that has a problem, here and there. And then, I mean, there are, your species is not wrong, there are some species that are extremely hostile out there. And some of them are watching your planet, but the primary one is the Reptilians. I’m sorry, this voice takes on a very serious tone most of the time, because the group that we represent has a very serious task in the cosmos. We’re spread out and not one of us is on the same planet.

So what is the task that you have in the cosmos with this group?

We’re here to instill change. And not force it on anybody but invite people into. We’re catalyzers.

What does that mean?

We help galvanize collectives into motion. A lot of times collectives don’t know what to do.

Like within the cosmos?

Yeah, they don’t know what to do because there actually is a prevailing individual ethos for each soul that has like, you would call it an ego I guess. I’ve heard about this, ego, id, and whatnot and Freud, I know the name. And I’m pretty sure all that comes from him, these words. But there are egos in the universe beyond Earth. There are even egos on the Councils sometimes. And they’re really annoying, in my opinion (laughter). It’s a very inappropriate place to have an ego because you’ve been given such a position of authority but also a position of power really. I mean, you can really, really, really influence a whole species or many species. And . . . that is a huge task.

So from your perspective give us, kind of like, what’s coming to Earth? What’s happening with all the changes please? And don’t hold back, we want to hear.

Well, there are many, many, many people on your planet. There are too many, way too many. And they’re all moving to the same places. You call them cities or urban, I think. It’s not going to work out. And part of the rising sea levels, part of it is your species fault but part of it’s not. Part of it is the cosmos correcting what you guys could not do and that was control your population. Because controlling populations can often be violent and your species is predominantly a-violent when it comes to that topic, or non-violent. There are a couple of exceptions. And they are going to experience massive demographic crises within your lifetime. And one of those is, I think you call it China (sigh). China in particular is going to experience; pretty much all of the major countries, empires, powers, if you will, because what you have on your planet right now is no longer countries, you have networks of countries that are working in coordination with one another. Phil knows this as 1984, the book by George Orwell. And (pause) that is not working out. Despite the fact that individual egos have transcended themselves to a degree on your planet. They can’t seem to get past the idea that imaginary boundaries don’t matter, they’re literally imaginary.

And they’re sacrificing not only themselves through their labor, when they don’t have to at all. There is absolutely no need for the type of work most of them are doing on the surface of the planet. It is absolutely, it has no, it serves no good, it serves no progress, it serves nothing in the end. It doesn’t promote anything in the individual, it doesn’t even promote anything in society. That bridge those people worked on, the bridge is going to fall apart before- it literally matters so much because of what they bring. The workers, for example, will build a bridge on your planet. If they are not committed to the task of that bridge staying up then that bridge will fall. And that bridge will fall before its time, before their plans estimate it will. And it’s not safe to utilize infrastructure when you don’t have the energy imbued in it. I mean the intentions, the proper intentions of balance and I don’t mean physics, I mean quite literally energy balance. Because, you know, we’ve seen what happened, Phil has seen what happened, when egos prevailed on Earth. And that is exactly the type and at this point, there are collective egos, which is a complete oxymoron to Phil. But they exist on Earth and they’re prevailing right now. And there is a massive shift in the peoples. But the problem is this, the people that do understand what is going on and what needs to be done are getting further and further and further away, not only intellectually, but physically. Quite literally, the individuals that see and know what must happen they cannot handle being around the others. It literally makes them sick, it confounds their reason, it confounds their intellectual abilities, it confounds their empathy, it confounds their goals, their abilities to get stuff done. It confounds their entire life and progress in general.

So what do you see the future of Earth being like?

Unfortunately, between those two populations, the distance is getting so far that we’re going to reach a point very soon where those two populations are not even going to understand one another when they’re even talking about the same subject, topic, or even speaking in the same language. They’re going to be at such a different energetic vibration and frequency, as you know it, that some of the lower frequency beings won’t even recognize the higher frequency beings any more. They will just literally disappear before your eyes. And they will appear, if they do at all, as light or as something that is incessantly moving.

So, is this what we call the two Earths?


Ok, so give me your understanding of that.

Nothing like this has ever been done in the universe, as far as I have ever heard. Nothing like this on Kylox, nothing on M1 has ever even been talked about. So we’re all very excited to see what is going to happen. My understanding, you know, as, well as Charlie, tapping into Charlie’s understanding. Charlie understands this: that there’s going to be, more or less, two separate populations that won’t even see each other at a point.

new earth

Will that happen in my lifetime?

No (pause), it’s going to start happening in your lifetime. Your population is going to start talking about people literally disappearing. So like, it may already be in your stories, especially about what your species calls drug abuse. We call it chemicals because everything is a chemical in this universe. There are chemicals that can hurt you, there are chemicals that can help you. And we already have recognized that there are extremely capable beings on your planet. The problem is that fog system, that weapons system deployed by the Reptilians. Even when chemicals are used, they help the individual but they don’t help the collective, yet. And we’re really hopeful that your species is going to permit that to happen so that the collective can utilize some of these chemicals to their benefit but otherwise . . . it’s very interesting (laugh) your planet altogether. Phil is ultimately very confused (sigh) and I’m not sure what I can do for Phil in terms of Earth and such because of what is in the way. It doesn’t, the weapons system, that’s outside my control, that is something that The Council that governs the area is responsible for. Phil is going to keep pushing forward and forward and forward and that’s what he knows how to do, what this Collective Voice knows how to do. It knows how to, it catalyzes individuals and collectives ultimately because it has to. There are quite literally black and white forces in this universe, we’ve reached that threshold. And you eventually have to pick a side. And so, as a catalyzer, you know, as a Collective Voice you have to pick a side coming into this universe. Otherwise there is no paradigm, there is no foundation upon which you can act and you can galvanize.

So is that part of what everybody is learning about is picking sides and choosing your paradigm?

Absolutely, yes. And it’s not something all of your species wants to do because your species thinks that it has to remain open-minded to the individuals that are going to, I mean, sooner or later disappear in the vision of the others altogether. But like I was saying, some of these individuals that have utilized chemicals, the stories as I know it, they’ve just walked off and disappeared. Well, they didn’t just walk of and disappear, they reached a resonant frequency that ultimately led them to vibrate so quickly that you can’t see them because that doesn’t allow, your Earth doesn’t allow for that to exist.

So, what chemicals cause them to do that?

Well, I think that you’re already familiar with one of them, it is sedating and stulting. Stultifying, is that a word that you guys use?

I’ve not heard it.

Stultifying, it literally stops and halts the progression of the intellect and the cognition and therefore the emotions and the entire being. And it affects the brain. Your planet is awash with, unfortunately, it’s awash with many, many chemicals that are, sedating and uplifting and energizing people. But not in the holistic sense. And that’s what we need, that’s what this Collective group needs. In order to create proper catalysts, you cannot do that without (sigh), you cannot do that without cooperation from the collective ethos. And if the collective ethos isn’t willing to open its mind and its realm to the individual ethos, then the collective ethos can never change. Unfortunately though, the complicating part about your planet, Earth itself, is the weapons system has been implemented after, the key is after, individuals took power that weren’t supposed to have taken power. And The Council knows about those individuals but they can’t take them out. That’s one of the restraints The Council has, The Council is not God. It cannot take life, like the Source can. That is the only thing in this entire multi-verse that can do that.

So then is Source concerned about that exact thing? Is it going to do anything to assist Earth with that or is really just going to let everything play out?

Well, like its been said, The Council is giving Earth another shot with the Southern Hemisphere. (pause) It really, really comes down to that most Southern continent, Antarctica, and what is done there. If humanity does not learn the lessons from Antarctica and what the people down there are doing and how they’re doing it, then the waters will rise again. And they will swallow the entire, they will swallow most of the land, the habitable human areas.

So those activities in the communities in Antarctica that you are speaking about, are those already in place right now?


And do most people know about that? Does it have anything to do with the Hollow Earth?

No, most people don’t know about it. It does have something to do with the Hollow Earth. Many of the scientists, if not all of them, in Antarctica are aware of where the ancient species are based.

hollow earth

Is that why we can’t fly over the Poles?



It is a darn shame but unfortunately because of the fog weapons system we don’t know who would take advantage of those. So I am pretty sure that The Council set up agreements with the terrestrial beings saying you know, you can stick around. The Council does have control of the energy systems, the toroidal energy field of earth. They can control frequencies if they so choose but they can’t change the people, that’s the main issue.

Free will?

Right. They really want to, but they can’t and they know they can’t. And so they are really, really, really annoy- I mean, every time they meet it’s the same discussion “Who can we pick to try to reach on the surface?”

So they infuse those thoughts into that person to help bring about the change?

Right, but there’s no guarantee. It’s like, infusion is the perfect word because there is no guarantee that that person is going to pick up on those thoughts and run and utilize those dreams visions and ideas that they have now harnessed.

Ok, oh, so fascinating, I am so happy you came through to talk with us; it just gives us such an opportunity to grow ourselves.

Of course.

Thank you very much.

More from The Collective

About Earth

So that’s, I’m really having a hard time understanding and explaining the concept of free will on Earth because of how much is in the way and then also because of what The Council is doing. Cause The Council is giving that second chance to Earth, the Southern Hemisphere and Antarctica in particular. But the Northern Hemisphere still has so much power and influence. It has the ability to change the direction of what the Southern Hemisphere is seeking right now and in particular with Antarctica. It’s going to be a strange, extremely weird division between the two peoples.

We don’t really know how Phil can do what he does on Earth because Earth is so difficult. The weapons system, The Council not doing much, you know, the individual egos conflating, you know, collective progress. The fact that The Council, is really, really, really unforgiving and has been in the past with this planet but now it has become more tolerant because it understands what is going on a little bit more.

Phil and Charlie

Phil’s really familiar with the sun and he is very familiar with its powers and it’s potential to help him. But he senses something weird, which is what he’s feeling in this Collective voice. So as I spoke about Charlie, he’s attuned to a planet where darkness is often an issue on Kylox and the species has become attuned, even the skin, you know, has become almost translucent because of how much time they spend in darkness. Because of the sun, they have to keep that skin, in certain ways, stable. So it’s not perfect and it’s certainly not the opposite of what Phil experiences but it’s different.

Breaking Through the Fog

If he can visualize light breaking through the clouds or through the atmosphere irrespective of what he sees above him. If he sees blue skies and clouds and he thinks to himself “Oh, what a great day!” then that’s going to be a problem because he won’t receive any information that day, that is deceptive. And the Reptilians have implemented that on purpose. They have implemented days where- this is the confusing thing, there are really nice days and there are really stormy days. And wherever Phil is on Earth, the fog-weapons system, it works with the weather systems but also those who, the Reptilians in power on Earth, who mess with the weather and mess with timing of when the defenses, like the blockade is up. And so it has taken awhile for this Collective Voice to figure out when the Reptilians lift that blockade. Because they can’t keep it all along, like constantly, they have to lift it every once and awhile to add back to it. They have to rebuild their weapons system because if they didn’t it would disperse eventually.

So, you’re suggesting to him then that he could picture the white light breaking through the clouds and . . . ?

And entering his solar plexus.

Speaking about EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies)

Because of the body, the human body, it’s not prepared to handle electromagnetic frequencies, in any way, shape, or form. There’s very, very, very few EMFs on the spectrum that the human body is actually capable of surviving happily through. Something that your species is going to come to realize very soon. Because people are going to start dropping dead. Something weird is going to start happening and you’ve seen it in your movies and TV. The skin and the bone and the muscles more are literally going to, uh, it has to do with the DNA cell damage and RNA cell damage from exposure and what we call ‘bathing’, at this point, in EMFs.

So those EMFs, are they primarily through the cell phones and the computers or what?

Yeah, I mean, there are a million inventions at this point that are being implemented in, especially the cities and urban areas. Where it’s to compliment the culture of convenience, that’s all it is. People are not aware and the people that do want them are not aware of the damage that it’s doing to them even. They haven’t thought about it, they don’t care to think about it a lot of times. They don’t care to actually make changes and so we’re not seeing the collective change because of that.

Free Will

OK and he says sometimes when he’s watching movies that he’s watched before, or even maybe read books, that he feels that the content seemingly is changing. What’s going on there?

Well, in some moments he is correct, the content literally has changed. And we do that for him because it’s important that he picks up on things in certain moments. People often think that they are going out and picking up on things but the reality is- here’s a better way to explain free will, it’s when you’re on a search for something, you have a value, dream, or vision and you align with that actual vision or dream or idea even. And then it becomes you.

It becomes your reality.

So it looks as if from the outside that individuals not acting with free will but what they’re really doing is they’re serving their soul as they should be and that’s what they’re here to do.

So he asks, do we actually have free will on Earth?

Not in the sense that Earthlings think.

Oh! Ok, so tell us about that.

So, just as I explained, if you have a dream or a vision or an idea and it’s strong enough, you can link up with that dream, vision, concept, idea um (pause) on the other side, if you will. You must commit yourselves even! The saying on Earth goes you must commit your sweat, blood, and, tears to something. Well, in this case it really comes down to the cellular level and even your thoughts and the words that you use. The words that you use and the words that you want to use, even if it doesn’t come out. It’s very important that people align themselves completely with a vision or dream. So lets take the idea of equality, a concrete example, lets ground ourselves for a second. If somebody truly believes in the idea of equality and a particular type of equality then they must read, they must observe and study and evaluate and analyze all of the facets and aspects of those that they believe evoke those characteristics and then also those that seemingly do. So that they can understand the difference, and Phil can too. In order to truly make the decision for themselves so that they can meet up with that vision or idea that’s being shared. It’s out there in the cosmos it’s just waiting for you to grab it (laughter). That’s all you gotta do is reach out and grab it and commit. And Phil has committed himself to helping others on Earth. That is not a difficult thing for him to do.

Phil’s Purpose

So is that his purpose in this life?

He is here on this planet, Earth, to do a lot of things but his primary purpose is to facilitate others and to catalyze others really; to turn others into catalysts, to galvanize others. He’s not the managerial, you know, spokesman, he’s not the caretaker of society. He’s a coach, he’s a trainer, he’s an arbitrator. He’s an arbitrator between the cosmos and the individual. And he’s here to help others make sense of their terrestrial routes. He’s here to, with this Collective Voice, we are able to impact others just by infusing ideas and concepts. So his presence alone . . .

So he is able to be that arbitrator between the cosmos or you the collective voice, by listening and picking up on the cues and then assisting the individuals to understand their greatness, is that . . .

Definitely, and with Phil in particular, because it’s the one way radio system and the fog weapons system that obfuscates a lot of Earthlings abilities to contact beyond our atmosphere. So we think it’s just safer to go the route of the one-way radio, even though it’s unfortunate for him. He will continue to receive messages throughout his life and he’s (sigh, pause) um, this is difficult question to answer. He’s semi-aware of a Collective grouping that he’s from and right now he’s trying to go around on the Earth and find people that he has met and he’s trying to claim or at least fit them into the puzzle somehow. What he needs to do instead is, he just needs to live his life and there will be people that will come to him and they will cross paths and it will be obvious to him then that they are from the same soul group, the same collective.


So to have this type of experience, where he’s in hypnosis and you can come through him, what is that like for you?

It’s extremely discomforting (laugh) because I speak for a collective and right now I’m trying to speak for an individual on Earth (laughter), so it’s really confusing. And at moments Phil seems to want to break through almost because he has come to a point now where he’s understanding what’s going on, on Earth. So he’s trying unorthodox ways to communicate with the cosmos and some of it is getting through.

Ok, can I ask, do you have a message for me or any suggestions?

Ummm, (whispers to self) do I have a message for you? Ummm, I mean, definitely keep doing what you are doing. You are bringing light, no matter what you are doing. Literally, no matter what you are doing. If you are cooking food for your own daughter you are bringing light. And it’s particularly interesting you’re geographically location because you’re emanating outwards in a 360-degree, multi-longitudinal direction. I mean, in all directions, up, down, straight, sideways, North, South, East, West. I mean, it’s beautiful, what you’re doing, so please keep pushing forward. Never get dismayed! Never, ever, ever think badly about yourself. Never, ever, ever question yourself! For this is the vessel that knows best and quite literally,. You are apart of the Source, we all are. We could not be here if we weren’t a part of the source. And we don’t get to be because, as I said, the source decides what live and what dies, when and where.

About The Collective

And tell him again, very clearly, who you speak as.

We speak as a Collective Voice that transmutes information, at least to the Earthlings because we don’t have the ability to communicate two way exactly, as we do other places. And so, we are a democratic Collective Voice that represents multiple, actual individuals across the cosmos. And with Phil, it is the collective harbinger (laugh) of his existence of his soul, I mean, we are the seat of his vessel and we helped facilitate his incarnation on Earth. Without that he wouldn’t have made it here because you can’t just incarnate on Earth, you have to have something to help you.

We don’t have a name; we don’t need a name. That’s the important part of us because we are A-personal. We don’t care about the advancement of individual egos. We care about the advancement of collective egos.


Just curious, does Dolores Cannon have a message for him or us?

Hmmm, Dolores encourages us all to continue with what we are doing. And to continue trying to be who we are and trying to dig deeper. Every moment, every chance we get to dig deeper and see if there is more. Ask more questions! Ask them in a different way, come back and ask them again! Don’t stop asking questions! Don’t stop moving! Don’t stop your mind! When you do that, that’s when you stall. That’s when you start listening to your ego and your ego starts to take over and it starts to dominate the drivers seat (laugh). And ultimately the separation is going to take place organically on this planet between the 3rd dimensional Earth and the 5th dimensional Earth. And that is a reality. And everybody who can remain calm will remain calm and everybody that can’t should try to, because this is going to take awhile. It’s not going to be as quick as everybody’s thinking. It’s really not. And I’m sorry to disappoint many of you, but it’s not going to happen as quick as I predicted and as many of you took my predictions. But it is going to take place in a weeeeiiiirrrrrddddd way. (laughter) Veeerrrrryyyy confusing. You’re going to see things and Phil is going to see things, you know, people on this Earth are going to see things that they’ve never seen with the human body.

Give us an idea of what those weird ways are going to be!

(quick sigh) They’re gonna be scary in some respects because the first victims are going to be more or less the guinea pigs for the public. When they see what all this modernism has brought the Earth they will then realize that it’s not all progress. And we will all then begin to be able to finally have that discussion that we needed to have, eh, 30-40 years ago. So, I mean, there will be physical manifestations of chaos and trouble. And that divergence between the 5D and 3D people are certainly going to become more unpredictable in an everyday sense.

And so, our focus on Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere will be important?

Yes. It sure will.

(laugh) You look like the cat that ate the canary!

(Laughter) I tell you the truth.

The End

Ok, all right, well, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all of this information that you’ve brought forth today. It is such an honor to do this work.

Of course. I’m really honored that I could be here.

And all of the English came out perfect.

Thank you (laughter) I suppose being a collective entity, you know, and having that, you can pick up on languages more easily. It doesn’t really matter where or what.

It’s kind of vibrational isn’t it?

Yes, absolutely!

Well, you rocked it (laugh).

That’s great!


Session 1: Part 2

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, July 2015.

Part 2: The Conversation Continues

Tell us, what have you heard?

I’ve heard that one person after a disaster that has nothing to do with any of your doings, can suddenly try and tell the peoples that- I’m sorry, I am having a very hard time communicating in your language because (laughter) your language is extremely dense, like, it’s, I mean . . .

(laugh) Right, I have heard this before.

It doesn’t roll of the tongue, it’s ummm . . .

You’re doing a great job, by the way.

(laugh) Really, cause I feel like I’m failing you, I feel like I’m not describing things in your language even properly.

So, this one person did what, that you were sharing with me. There was a natural disaster or something?

Oh yes, so, in your country I believe or at least in the area where you live, there’s a lot of times a disaster and someone will rise up, especially, its in the South of your nation isn’t it, like the Southeast. The people will rise up, an old man say, and he’ll proclaim that it was the cosmos and that they all have to do something in the name of the cosmos but it never lines up exactly with what needs to be done on your actual planet in order for things to become more stable and for things to become more balanced.

What else have you heard about what’s happening on Earth?

(laughter) I mean, the stuff about the Northern Hemisphere is pretty funny, we make jokes about it here, um, because we’ve never heard about a planet that has been given so many chances and has just screwed up royally (laugh) multiple times. And you guys have been whitewashed, I mean literally your waters have risen to take over lands just because the council just was so fed up in your area, as I understand. I remember some stories of people, friends that I have, that tell me about your planet and how the Northern Hemisphere had everything and they kept telling the rest of the world that they belonged to the North. Which A, doesn’t make any sense to us because as we understand it, the North is completely different from the South and there’s, I mean, great distances and stuff like that. As far as we understand, your species has not transcended space and time like we have, so the rat race for the land is extremely silly to us. You guys have plenty of it (laugh). And obviously we see the fighting, we saw the atomic weapons used and . . .

What did you guys think of that?

Ummm, we’ve seen it before. We knew what was going to happen, especially me and my friends because of our –

Energy background?

Well, yeah, I mean, our intellectual capacities. We know what has happened to other planets that (laughter) have done such things and  its rather chaotic for Earthlings because from your point of view or from, well, at least your point of view we understand that you guys don’t seem to be in connection or communication even with your council. Everyone else is, mostly, in communication with their councils and is pretty aware of what the heck their council wants them to do and what also not to do. To remain balanced and stray away from things that they know . . .

So why is it that Earth is so isolated from their council?

Hmmmm, there is one troubling species in the corner of your universe. We’ll call it that because you can actually travel between universes, there’s not one. It’s not one, they do bounce against, literally, one another. It’s an infinite multiverse and to you its frivolous because as you understand it, I believe you guys on Earth cannot comprehend beyond our single universe because you have not mapped that yet. So it’s kind of weird to imagine that there would be another one but there is and you guys are right on track. In terms of your corner of this particular universe, as I understand it, there is a species that you guys are aware of already that has caused trouble in the past and are still causing trouble on your surface.

And what species would you be referring to?

The Reptilians. They’re a, I mean, we use the word lizard and that is, as far as I know, actually from our planet because I think we are one of the first ones to interact with these guys.


On Kylox?

Yeah, some of these Reptilians. They are, I mean they’re fiercely loyal to their own kind but they don’t care about causing chaos. And they are really, really advanced in what we call fog weapons systems. You guys are not familiar with this yet but you will be.

What is fog weapons systems?

So, actually you can saturate an atmosphere with particles or with energy itself, depending on who is in charge and what they want to do with the surface and who is on the surface. And the Reptilians are particularly adept at tuning their weapons systems. This I know because I studied weapons systems, on Kylox actually. That’s where my formal training actually came in. As far as I know, I was being prepped before a potential invasion by the Reptilians of our home planet, but it was a sub-branch of the Reptilians, I don’t know their name. They are more gray though, than green, as you would know it. They’re basically the cousins of the larger race. There is a green one and I can keep using the colors, that . . . I am familiar with some English and I am not really sure how much of that is what is being channeled through Phil or if it is something that I’ve picked up as well. So we will just say it’s a little bit of both.

It sounds very English, you’re doing very well.


Matter of fact, do you think you could demonstrate a little bit of your own language through him?

Hmmm, ummm, (long pause) it’s very hard to pronounce for him. He is really trying his best.

If it’s too much its no problem.

Umm, the problem with our language is it’s a lot of consonants together, so for him, he wants to enunciate for you and (laugh) our language, umm, we’ve been told already (laugh) we should try and easen up on our language (laughter).

(laugh) Ok.

We need to make it a little easier for outsiders who meet us because they cannot . . . so I, ah, I actually have studied English to a degree but not as much to converse.

He has a great study of the Earth languages.



Yes and I think that’s because he is, it’s hard to say, to be honest. I don’t feel like I know Phil. Umm, so I’m really sorry I can’t answer more questions about him right now. I might be able to if you ask me some more questions umm, but I don’t, I don’t know too much about him right now.

Ok, well, that’s ok. We want to get to know you a little bit better. You had mentioned, was it the Ministry of Science?


Ok, tell us about the Ministry of Science.

So that’s just an aggregate term. I am sure that in your society it would be considered rather silly to call it that but, we just use it as an all-encompassing term. It includes everything from mathematics to I mean, the study of kinetics in all of its forms. Whether it is a military application or whether it is a civilian application. And we don’t take the time to first set out on a project that we distinguish as military or civilian, we just set out on a project and when we see its applications we hand it over immediately and we give a written report as to our suggestions, which are taken very, very seriously by our government because of the tests we passed to get to where we are today.

What were those tests like for you?

Oh, they were grueling! Very grueling, I mean, I had to survive, like, I mean in a suit, on the surface for 3 days. Much like some of your military personal do strenuous tests here on this planet. It’s not unlike that, it’s you know, try and survive, make a shelter, make sense of the storms, try to predict storms. That’s something we try to do to help our home planet better make sense of our weather systems and the problem with weather systems is that they are ever evolving. We also made the mistake of messing with our weather systems and, unfortunately, they are tainted to a degree but they’re still in shape. And they’re still revolving around our planet but they are not what they once were. We have a much thinner atmosphere and we’ve had to, well, we didn’t have to but we did, we chose to. We chose to fill our atmosphere with certain particles; it was actually gold, as far as I know. And that helps keep away some of the deadly radiation that we don’t want. It helps, cause, I mean, the Sun in our area, in our solar system, is very bright. It is, I mean it is a white star. It’s huge.

So it is a different Sun than it is in the Earth solar system?

Yeah, it’s bigger. And we’re not as close, I guess you could say, as you are to yours. But we’re by no means cold. It’s a very temperate climate for the most part on our planet.

An are you talking about the – ?

The Kylox.

Kylox, OK.

The M1, the research planet, where the laboratory is, the winds get so volatile and that’s because we blew away the atmosphere trying to create that energy system. We were trying to create an entire energy system out of a terrestrial object, not unlike your moon. And we thought it would be a perfect way to, you know, to (sigh) decrease the dependency on energy systems we had to keep getting on our home planet, on Kylox. And so we were very interested in zero-point energy systems, especially to the point where our atmosphere on Kylox started to, more or less, disintegrate.

Wow, so that was a big deal.

Yeah, I mean, for a long time people were coming up with designs for like gas-mask suits and talking about how we were going to have to live that way but it’s not the case, we were able to make sense of things. There are skyscrapers and cities and, I mean, most of the time people love being outdoors. They love being around the trees, they’re tropical, you might mistake them for palm trees. And they, especially in the capital city, umm (long pause) yeah Mechrisnek, uh, Mechrisnek is, is a big city (laugh) and it’s –

Can you spell that?

Umm, M-E-C-H, Oh my gosh, your language is tough, R-I and then it goes S-N-E-K.

Ok, thank you, Mechrisnek.

And the tower, our tallest building in Mechrisnek, is not unlike your, the new tower that was built in, umm, the big deserts where all the wars are happening.


Yes, yup.


In Dubai, ok, interesting. Ok, so M1 is research planet where you are experimenting with different energy systems and experimentations?

Yeah, there’s no experimentation on living things. It’s all, as I said Nikola Tesla, that name you’ll be familiar with, it’s all in relation to him. So he is not originally from Earth. He came to impart knowledge, not only in the center part, I believe you call it Europe, but also when he moved across the water. He was there to impart knowledge on your Northern Hemisphere and your Northern Hemisphere refused his knowledge. And unfortunately the people in control reserved the –

Ok, cause I was going to say there are a lot of people that are really wanting that.

Absolutely, yeah, it’s the people that are in control. See the thing is about our planet, we have democracy just like you guys but there is more of a sense of what needs to be done in the collective priority sense. It’s really hard to come up with a term in English to describe what we do. Because first it’s dispersed unconsciously at a collective level amongst all of our peoples, these ideas and these values. And it’s not as you might think, it’s not dictatorial, it’s not brainwashing. Our planet above all seeks balance, as I had mentioned before, and that is the precursor to success and progress. So without the fundamentals of balance in place, and without your emotions in check, you’re liable to experience destruction and chaos of a type that, it is irreconcilable at a certain point. And your society is going to come to that realization very soon.

So what is going to cause that realization, do you see?

Again I see Antarctica playing a very big role in the future and it has to do with the fact that the water, as I know it, is rising so the cities where a lot of your people dwell now aren’t going to be around soon. And, like I said, that’s sad and I know many of you would want to cry, but it’s unfortunately your mistake.

So is that something you see happening in a quick time frame or is it a gradual thing?

Unfortunately it’s going to be a very gradual, but it’s going to be very constant. And I’m really, really sorry to report this to you and your species if you weren’t aware of this. But in terms of what needs to be done to make sure your species does carry on and that Earth does carry on, the council decided instead of letting the waters take over all the lands again, they’re going to give the Southern Hemisphere a shot. And the reason why, I think, they’ve done this is because you guys have the ability now to traverse your planet. So you can actually get some of the minds that do matter and are thinking, you know, at a collective Earthly level as to what can be done and what should be done and how to do it properly and ethically. They can get to the others that are being given, the individuals and the chances and the intellectual capacities really, even though they are poorer, lacking in natural resources, they are ravaged by, you know, conflict and even war in some places. We are genuinely confused on our planet why your species is fighting over desert (laugh) because we have encountered deserts too and as far as we know there is not much there for us. I mean nobody lives in our deserts.

I think it is more for the fossil fuels because we haven’t evolved enough to use something beyond fossil fuels, would that make sense?

Hmmm, OK, absolutely.

Kind of stupid (laughter).

It’s understandable but in the scheme of things it is understandable what happened. That fog weapons system is totally obfuscating the average persons ability even, to – you call them days and I’m really confused by this term because we don’t have this term on our planet, we don’t have the concept of a day on our planet. We have ummm –

Do you keep time?

We do keep track of time, yup, but we don’t like, it’s not like a rigid like, umm, gosh, time is, well we experience time differently than you guys. It takes longer for the sun to actually go around our planet, so, at times we are experiencing more sunlight and at times we are experiencing like pitch black. So cities have definitely flourished for a reason on our, on Kylox, but our species overall is, as far as I understand, it’s you know, of white, almost translucent skin because of our need to adapt to the extreme darkness. Because we have such a long rotational period.

Tell me more about what you know about the councils?

(laugh) They are extremely equipped. So what I mean by that is they can influence your planet at an energetic level. But when a fog weapons system is utilized or deployed, like it is on your planet, there is almost nothing that they can do except for continue to try to bombard the surface with their thoughts and beliefs. So they do that in an intense way and this is one of the only places, as far as I ever heard, where the council does it this way in the universe that we reside in. They will choose individuals to either be born or, I mean, worse for the individuals that are not born this way, they just receive a bunch of information. And a lot of times they don’t know what to do with it. A lot of times they don’t even do anything with it. But that’s the council trying to break the first phase of that fog weapons system deployed by the Reptilians. The Reptilians did that on purpose to, I mean, to obliterate, you know, critical thought but also the ability to recognize that there is a council that does oversee your planet and that area of the solar system. Because there’s councils that are close to you, as far as I can tell. But they don’t, I mean there is an Earth specific one because of how much is going on in your area.

And, you know, we’re interested in your planet. We have books on your planet. But I think it has been about 200 years in your time since we visited or anybody’s picked up any more knowledge and like written it, I don’t know, written it down or published it. Because it’s talked about but it takes a while for some reason, for us to, oh, it’s because we don’t, we don’t cut trees down. We don’t like to do that, so to make like writing possible, it actually is a form of energy and that was another part of the M1 laboratories. It’s a pretty big complex that I’m talking about on this terrestrial object. These facilities are designed to help Kylox in a lot of ways. And so it’s very important that we do that, boy (sigh) because, gosh, English is so difficult (sigh). It’s important that we publish our information because obviously we want to share that but we had to actually – in opposite of your species, we actually did the, as far as I know, we did the reverse. Your species believes that it wrote down things first and then it’s capable of transmitting communications from brain to brain. We do that automatically, so that’s our default, uh (pause) I don’t know, primary mode of communication. And we easily disseminate. And it’s not an annoying thing. It’s not like “oh, ding!” you know, “you got a new message from the government” in your head. It’s not like that. It’s imbued in our electro-signaling.


So, kind of like an internal email system?

Ehm, it’s more of a feeling that we all get. So everybody is very empathetic towards one another, so people are capable of understanding one another and where they’re coming from pretty quickly. So in terms of like, collective dreams, visions, uh, values, it’s really easy to share those with one another because it’s really easy to feel where someone else is coming from. But that was part of our training, especially for M1 (laugh). We had to control our emotions because there’s no way they were going to let us near this equipment and, I mean, like to experiment (laughter) with this stuff if we had emotions because we would just get frustrated.

So, then, because you can feel and understand what people are wanting to do, does that mean you can create a lot faster and easier?

We can create some things much faster it seems, but, like, our logistics originally were very poor. And our value system did get in the way, but because of the demand, you know, for communication and the lack of devices, we had to create something. And so there was always a lot of talking between peoples and lots of feeling. Feeling of, like, one another’s, not physically feeling but like, you’re sitting in the room paying attention to one another. And that is of the utmost importance in our society. It’s better to stand there for 30 minutes, in our society, even if somebody’s not done talking because you don’t want to disrupt the communications. So in that time, it looks like we’re not doing anything but we’re actually processing a lot of stuff and we’re actually thinking about a lot of things. And we’re actually just doing other things because that’s how we get to communicate. We get to receive really awesome information instantaneously through that collective membrane.

So you’re aware that you’re communicating with me through Phil?


Ok, so, for you, how did this initiation of this communication begin? How are you aware that this was starting to take place, this conversation?

Um, uh, Phil more or less, this is extremely weird to explain (laughter). Phil more or less traveled to M1 and took the body of me, Charlie, and he still technically occupies my body at the same time as me. Which, I don’t, I don’t know how to reconcile that with, I don’t know how to explain that.

Is that for just this experience or has he had more experience in the body of you, Charlie, other than this time?

It’s, it’s within the body. He hasn’t even met Charlie, as far as, yeah, he hasn’t ever met Charlie. So they don’t even know each other, I am pretty sure –

To be continued . . .


Session 1: Part 1

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, July 2015.

Part 1: A Conversation with an Alien Scientist

Suzanne: What’s the very first thing that you notice?

Phil: There is an 8-sided . . . opening. And it’s metal. And there’s a ball suspended or an orb suspended in the middle . . . without, like, any propulsion . . . or any gravity or anything holding it. It is just suspended via energy in the middle of this metal thing. And with frequency changes it can dribble in the air.

Ok and what causes the frequency changes do you think?

Um, individuals. They can either manipulate it with a machine. This particular thing I am looking at is a machine in a laboratory.

And as you look around the laboratory what else do you notice about it?

I see a deck with glass where there are some gentleman and looks like an older man. Now I am in the lab. He has white hair. They are wearing the traditional lab coats but they are wearing, in particular the older of the three, the two others have black hair and black glasses on. But the other one actually is wearing regular bifocals but has this, like night vision goggles almost, where you flip them down over your head. It’s nothing I’ve ever seen.

Ok, do you know what he uses those for?

No, I mean, looking at something more clearly but, it seems, it’s definitely something from a different planet or from the future.

Ok, good, you are doing great. Now I want you to bring your focus onto yourself in that place. I want you to look down and see if you can see your feet.


And anything on your feet?

Yes, I am wearing black dress shoes. And I am wearing black dress pants and I am also wearing a black overcoat, or I’m sorry a white over coat, like one of the gentleman up in the deck. I have an ID card pinned to my pen opening on my shirt.

What does that ID card say, can you read it?

Ummm, Charlie.

Ok. And do you have anything in your hands?

No, not at the moment. It seems like maybe there is a tool in my left hand, either some glasses. Yeah, it’s glasses.

OK, like glasses that you’d look out of?

Yeah, yeah.

Very good, and any jewelry or ornamentation on the body besides the name tag?

Um, yeah, I’m also wearing a silver ring on my left hand.

And as you look at that, does it have any significance or design to it?

It’s just round, it looks very similar to wedding rings that people would wear today.

Ok, very good. Anything that you are wearing on your head?


So the body feels male or female?

I feel like a male, umm, definitely male. I have hair but I cannot see at all what color it is, it feels dark. Um (pause) . . . just picking up noise in the laboratory. I heard some people speaking for a second but I could not make out what they were saying. There’s a lot of noise in this place (laughter). There’s a giant generator to my left and it’s spinning. I mean, it’s clearly their power source; the propulsion system for experiments in the laboratory. But they’re of a, the atmosphere’s definitely of an energy-like type experiments. Like experimenting on energy systems; energy systems that don’t exist on earth as you would understand it. It is definitely along the lines of the individual you would know as Nikola Tesla.

Nikola tesla

OK, very good. And so what do you do? How do you spend your day?

I am testing energy systems to better understand how objects interact with one another in relation to physical constraints and physical realities. Such as drag and gravity and other physical considerations that we would take into account with regard to moving objects through space and measuring it with time.

Ok, now I want you to focus on those three older men for a moment. Is there anything about any of them that stands out to you?

Yes. The individual, the gentleman with the white hair is very commandeering and has a very authoritarian presence. He is the Commandant of the laboratory. And he has been here for a while. And he is actually the individual that has the most knowledge and has known people that actually created the theories behind what we are testing. He is here to see to it that we implement them in the laboratory correctly. And we answer to him, in particular the two that are his deckhands. I have more autonomy as an individual working in the lab below, and on the equipment monitoring them and being around them. It is not any difficulty for me to be around the equipment because I have not only passed tests that demonstrate I can handle the experiments and the radiation that’s being put out, but also, you know, the turbulence that we are experiencing, in the experiments themselves; the failed ones and the good ones, the ones that we consider results driven or based. I ultimately am allowed to be down there because I have a genetic predisposition to these realities, these constraints, these conditions. It’s not unlike Earth but it’s certainly different than Earth. It’s a different level of gravity, it’s a different level in terms of the density of the atmosphere, in terms of what molecules are primarily present and predominantly present, as compared to Earth. Even though you would completely mistake us for humans on Earth. And we are completely, you know, white skinned, you would consider us Caucasians. And all of the individuals I work with are Caucasian. But the two gentlemen that are answering to the Commandant right now are dark haired, very dark haired, I would say jet black. And, again, I will reiterate they’re wearing black sunglasses, which not only shield them from some of the experiments we are conducting here but it also is a sign of, it’s a type of insignia if you will. The Matrix film you might be familiar with, they are, these individuals with the black glasses are of that type. They are of an authority type. They are here to learn from the Commandant but they are also here to inspect the facility on behalf of . . . on behalf of something else.

And do you know where they come from or what or whom they are inspecting it on behalf of?

They are inspecting it on behalf of the powers that be, it is unclear to me right now because this is not a transparent society. These individuals have been sent by the director of, I mean, we could say science. And they do these routine checks. They show up and the Commandant routinely has to bring in these individuals and explain to them our progress, explain to them our failures, explain to them where we are headed with the experiments. Because we do have a degree of autonomy over what we do want to experiment on exactly. Umm . . . I was just handed some papers actually, umm . . .

What are those papers?

There’s actually a lot of them, so . . . they look like new orders and there’s also plans for a new energy system itself, to be built in our facility or a new one.

And what do you think about that new energy system as you look over the new plans?

It’s peculiar because it’s very rigid, it does not match up with any of our beliefs here in this laboratory about how energy works and how we can manipulate time and space. It reminds Phil of a T or an I-beam from the skyscrapers that were built in New York in the 20s and 30s of the 20th century.

Ok. Where did those plans come from?

They were just handed to me. Quite honestly there was just a hand that came up through this little hole in the ground, in the floor, it just opened and they were there and I grabbed them (laughter).

(laughter) That’s pretty efficient, isn’t it? Here’s a new energy system, take a look at this!

Yeah, but no word or anything from the individual, just a hand and here you go (laugh).

Ok, and the Commandant, is he aware of what just got handed to you?

He is aware but he doesn’t seem to be very concerned at the moment except with addressing the two individuals that he is talking with on the deck. He looked down and noticed right away, instantaneously, that I was looking at something and I could sense his eyes on me. He seems to be able to use those black fold over, described as night vision goggles, as actual goggles of a certain type but he can zoom in incredibly. He can see what is on the pages of the paper even though he is like 2 or 3 stories above me.

Ok and so what is your role or capacity in overseeing others or are there others overseeing you in that laboratory? Do you have a special role or are you one of a group that tries to work together?

I am definitely part of a group. We are here to implement what we believe is- and as individuals we have a great degree of freedom in the laboratory itself. This society believes that specialists in their field do have the capacity to make good decisions that are ethical. But at the same time make inventions and make energy systems that do provide a lasting source of energy that doesn’t require a constant source of fuel. We’re using zero point energy systems in this laboratory. The giant generator that is helping with the energy system, the Equitron is what we call it, with the ball suspended in the air. And then you can dribble given the different frequency allocations and changes. It’s all powered by zero-point energy systems. Thus we don’t need but a short bit of fuel to get the system going initially. But this laboratory has never been shut down and we face no external threats. We are simply, at this point, separated from the energy grid. But there is not an energy grid as you would know in your country or your civilization. It is absolutely of the type of energy that you call magic or many would call magic today.

What happens to the energy systems that you test that work?

Ultimately they are used for the civilian population.

On Earth or other places?

This is actually not Earth. Uh, we are a separate entity.

Are you like a planet or a ship?

We are on a planet. It is a terrestrial object but it was, it has been in your world man-made, in those words. In many ways it has been man-made. It’s been changed and altered. It is a very, very, very old terrestrial object. It’s not, it’s nowhere near the size of Earth. This is an area where we are testing energy systems and experimenting with energy systems. And there is actually a teleportation grounds or facility that’s separate and it’s run by MOT, you know, the Ministry of Transportation.

The who?

The Ministry of Transportation, MOT. We call it MOT. But that can bring you back to the home planet. This is where our civilization has ultimately determined is the best testing grounds for energy systems but also it is an extreme environment. So the extremes of high and low allow for some pretty awesome results and also some pretty awesome or interesting and sometimes, at times confounding, conditions, or ah . . .

What are some of those?

Oh, I mean, the weather is apt to change within a single moment. We can have gusts of what you would consider hundreds of miles per hour winds; it would be similar to your Antarctica. But the ground itself, as we understand it, it appears red or orange. And the facility is actually an elevated facility. It’s not appropriate to build these facilities on this planet, or this terrestrial object, on the ground or into the ground because the ground is corrosive. So we actually have to install specific types of platforms, foundations, in order to make sure it does not eat away at the physical building itself. So this terrestrial object is very intense. It takes a number of physical tests that are very difficult to pass in our civilization to get to this position. It is not an intellectual thing only. It’s a matter of intellectual commitment and, you know, vision and dreams but all in all you have to have a genetic predisposition and a physical toughness as well to yourself.

A genetic predisposition to survive the elements?

Yes. There are certain people that at a cellular level can actually- their electro-signaling is governed by something else besides the brain or heart. You might understand it as something in the brain, but we understand it as something that is separate from the brain, it’s just near the brain or the area where our governing facilities, or whatever, are made. And ultimately, that is what determines someone’s ability to do something or handle something or to be able to contribute this or there. Some of the words I am coming up with in my head, it’s starting to overlap with English, um, and so it almost wants to take over for English.

Is it like you are a physical being?

Absolutely, you would think of me as a humanoid. But I am much taller, even than your average humans today. I am roughly 7ft tall.

And other than that you look very human-like?

Yes, I have longer limbs and I am a taller entity. I am just a bigger entity overall than anything that walks this planet here, Earth.

And so, when you are there is that a place you live all of your life or do you go back and forth through the MOT back to the home planet?

We do, it is pretty strenuous. We don’t have much of a family life here as laboratorians. We signed up for this gig because we have the intellectual abilities but also the dream and the vision to see this become reality or to see our dreams and visions become realities. And we ultimately know that we could come back to our planet, which is known as Kylox, K-Y-L-O-X. It is extremely far from Earth.

And you get there through the Ministry of Transportation?

Well, at least to the terrestrial object where we do the experiments, that’s separate from Kylox. Kylox is where the civilian population resides for the most part. We have colonized 3 or 4, we are in the process of a 4th one at the moment, process of colonizing a 4th terrestrial object. And the reason why I keep using this term terrestrial object is because your civilization is familiar with the term planet as a word to describe any sort of large, round, piece of material. Mass, energy, that is congregated and aggregated in a dense, very, very dense, extremely dense sense. And so what we are talking about with this terrestrial object that I work on as part of this laboratory, part of the Ministry of Science, is absolutely part stardust, if you will (laughter). But it has also been experimented with, so there’s lots of metalloid objects. There is nothing that exists in this area except for the moon. Your moon is inhabited internally, just as your earth is internally inhabited. You might know it as the hollow-planet theory. And that is true of every single planet or terrestrial object. You can enter through the north and south, as long as the properties of the planet allow for that. Now if there is something that is pure rock and it has no atmosphere, well than more often than not you are just going to be able to land on the surface and you’re not going to be able to grow much, you’re not going to be able to do much without a vacuum like facility built on it’s surface. And a lot times it is going to corrode through your initial investments, your initial infrastructure. That was the price that we paid with this particular terrestrial object that I do experiments on and that’s why our civilization has allowed for this because we would not allow for experimentation on other planets or terrestrial objects. And we distinguish between the terms terrestrial object and planet so that we can humanize and we can better manage the stability and our impact moreover, our impact on the terrestrial object.

So if I understand it, a planet in your consideration is more dense compared to a terrestrial object which can be more . . .

It can be manipulated by man such that, there is so much . . . like for this particular object that I am standing on in the laboratory, there is so much metal inside of the terrestrial object itself that you would consider it hollowed out completely, almost.

Ok, and so what activity goes on inside of the hollow area of the terrestrial object you’re on?

It’s very interesting you ask that! Because, our civilization years ago, at least over 1000 years in your time, probably closer to 2000 years in your time, it tried to turn the entire planet, which it was back then, into an energy system. And so it was split North and South, much like your equator there’s North and South Hemispheres. And so there were interchangeable parts of metal that would shift much like one of your clocks might or some of your newer television or movies gives you the impression of shifting, you know, metal, but in an amorphous way. And so what it’s doing is, it is an interchangeable system of locks and mechanisms that allows for the North to turn, the Northern Hemisphere of the terrestrial object to turn internally counterclockwise to the Southern Hemisphere. And the idea behind this was we were trying to create a torroidal landscape for the entire terrestrial object, such that we could allow for an atmosphere to become present. So we could potentially grow food or we could have permanent residence on that object.

Ok, very good, thank you very much for that. And so what is your understanding about what goes on in the hollow part of the Earth?


(pause, sigh) It is governed by a particular civilization that you guys are familiar with, an ancient species. They are absolutely committed to peace on your earth but they are quintessentially opposed to the American sense of progress and freedom. So where people in your society believe that people should have the freedom to gain luxuries as they so choose, at their convenience, the ancient species believes that balance of everything is priority uno. It cannot get any more paramount than that because without balance, without . . . they have a stronger sense and understanding of what balance means than our civilization even does. We’re not even that balanced, in my words. I am increasingly impressed by their ability to remain undetected by your species. They have a huge center and I do know this much, that your governments and many, many of your scientists that are well known, know of the ancient species and where their facilities are, both underwater and on land and it has to do with Antarctica. And Chile, Chile makes sense, the Kundalini; some people are talking about this phrase on your planet these days. That’s just another term for the collective unconscious, like, identity of the planet itself. The species is shifting down toward that area. So basically your planet (laughter), the Northern Hemisphere, it had its chance and as we understand your planet the Northern Hemisphere messed up and the Southern Hemisphere is getting a chance now, a whack at the constraints that are holding your species back. And so they have chosen to relocate altogether.

Ok (laughter) all right, understood, thank you. And is there a name to your terrestrial object that you are on?

We just call it M1, um, I am not really sure why actually. No, I’m sure, it was actually, we use this term Metro-pole to describe new colonies at this point. So it’s like a hub and spoke system, as you would understand in 2D. We have our larger Kylox and then we have, like I said, colonized formally 3 terrestrial objects or planets. Like I said the planet term applies still because we have not, we have not invoked our technology to a point where it has consumed the entire terrestrial object. But overall, you can think of our system as a metro-pole because of our ability to travel so quickly between our objects that we do live on and work on. For example the place that I do work on, M1, and then where I travel home to, Kylox, for extended stays, but there are more resting phases. And the other colonizations have been military conquests of certain types. Only in one, I would say one and a half instances have we fought for the reclamation of or the claim of those objects. We’re not particularly interested in warring with others but we are not opposed to it if we have to. Our society itself is extremely understanding of one another. And people are more likely to try to actually ask and understand what the heck you are talking about (laughter) and how you’re feeling before they react emotionally in terms of anger or, I don’t know, depression. It’s not as instant as it is on your planet with many of your species, especially these days. Your species doesn’t have a sense of boundaries at all, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. Which it claims to in its values, freedom and individual liberty, as I understand it. But it contradicts itself on the Northern side all the time and so that’s, from what I understand, why the Southern Hemisphere has been given a chance now. And it literally was given a chance, the Northern Hemisphere as well but it failed to capitalize on those opportunities and as I understand it, the council that governs your area wasn’t satisfied.

So what is the hope that the Southern Hemisphere will do better at?

Well, it is hopefully going to bring people together in a sense that, especially with Antarctica. That continent is going to become the most important continent, despite the fact that you’re entire species discounts it as a continent, more or less right now. I understand you guys don’t see it as a living place or a place that can support life. In due time, it will become very relevant to the future of your civilization altogether. And not in a scientific or mathematics sense, but literally in an ethical, intercultural sense. You are going to see all sorts of races, all sorts of peoples come together over the common issues they face on that continent. And that will serve as a template.


I know your planet is warming and water levels are going to take out most of your major cities. You will not, you will not be able to escape that. And it is unfortunate there is going to be great loss of life. But the rest of your species will make sense of it and they won’t over dramatize things. (laugh) I have heard things about your planet.

Tell us, what have you heard?

To be continued . . .