Session 10: Part 1

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner October 21st, 2017

Part 1: An Introduction to Charlie the Scientist

Ok, so we are connecting to our friend that is worlds away, to Charlie the scientist. Do we have Charlie here?


Ok, so Charlie, because we are video taping this today, although we’ve met several times before, you are familiar with me correct?


Ok, can you give a us a little background of who you are and how you connect with the client Phil today?

I am an individual, considered an alien to earthlings and I am considered to live on an alien planet. Much father than one could measure or have a concept of, thus we don’t think it is important to provide a number in terms of distance from earth. My relation to Phil is actually via our incarnation state or origin place. And that being The Collective, which is a sentient cloud if you prefer to visualize, it’s purplish and it’s often composed of lightening bolts or electrical surges, plasma rings, accentuations of energy. Within this universe The Collective is our home, we don’t originally come from this universe. So The Collective wasn’t formed in your universe, it was formed in a higher universe and it descended into this universe in order to try to explore it and navigate it and understand it and study it. And to incorporate what it can learn from this particular universe, it’s frequencies, it’s habits, it’s behaviors, epiphenomenon that can also be observed and broken down subsequently.

Ok, and as we’ve discussed before in our previous sessions, because we’ve had a few visits, correct? Your connection to him is you are not a past or future life of his, right? Which is kind of unique.

No, I am my own life. Yeah, that’s absolutely the case. He is his own individual and I am my own individual. And I am the individual that The Collective has helped incarnate on my home planet of Kylox. And I am but one of the 355 souls that have been incarnated by The Collective throughout this universe.

Ok, and in that very first session we happened on to you and you described yourself as a scientist on a terrestrial object that was doing work with free energy experiments.

Different types of energy systems but yeah definitely free energy or perpetual energy machines.

Ok, that terrestrial object you referred to as M1?

Yeah, that would be my workplace or place of work.

Ok, and then your home planet again is called what?


Kylox, ok. And so today are you at M1 or are you at Kylox?

I am actually getting ready to go back to M1. You actually caught me literally in the midst of going to the, umm, it’s a giant cylindrical room that you enter or we enter rather, on Kylox in Mechrisnek in order to transfer ourselves physically to the T.O. of M1.

And what have you been doing while you are back home on Kylox?

Visiting my family and I also participate in a program as most of the adults do that aren’t extremely high up in our society, with the Glasnoks and helping with the youth and helping provide different perspectives in terms of youth that are trying to figure out where they’re headed.

And you said Glasnoks? What is that?

That’s what is utilized in the educational realm for the youth. There are these areas that are most often out in the forest and there are clearings. And, first of all, the classes are always headed by a single individual that is the primary caretaker of educational knowledge and dispersal of that knowledge. These Glasnoks though, you can think of them as two logs or two trees the have been cut or two trees that are just standing and the branches are trimmed. And then in between the two tree logs standing, and they look more like a log, like a long log that was maybe traversed down your rivers if you’re familiar at all with your lumbering. They’re standing in the ground and they’re naturally found. And then we as a society rely upon the educational instructors, you would call them, to locate these places. So they serve the role that a shaman would on your planet. And at the same time, they serve as a like a ranger. Do you still use that word?


Like a trailblazer. So they have to go out, they’re responsibility prior to starting classes and beginning their teachings is to go find their classroom. So they have to go out and if they find one then we consider that individual blessed in a way. And they’re able to then utilize what’s available between the two posts which is unlike really anything on Earth. It would be like if you had water, like how you throw a pebble into your water system like a lake or something and the then the radial rings sift outwards in 360 degree direction. These are not unlike water and stuff like that but they are standing if you want to say it that way, in between the two posts and they are upright vertically. So they serve as almost like a screen at times for the kids to utilize. And these screens are archives of all the collected and amassed knowledge that is kind of from the generations that have inhabited that particular part of Kylox. So the closer you get to the city you have more knowledge and more experience with industry and working with metalloids, for example. Whereas some of these clearings are very focused on herbs and medicine and how to synthesize plants on our planet for use in space for our soldiers, the home guard, and at the same time for preserving our immune systems depending on the given state. For example one thing that we understand you species doesn’t generally have a wide concept of it the notion of specific plants one would take if they were traveling to and from space on a regular basis. So utilizing particular chemicals that will preserve and protect and potentially strengthen ones immune system and metabolic systems and everything in the body, physiological systems, even if they were traveling to and from our planet whether to M1 or some other terrestrial object or if they’re going into deep exploration.

Ok, well thank you! Thank you so much for that. Now, just to give a little background, in relation to earth time are you in the current time, the past, the future, how would you describe that from where you’re at to where I’m at?

There’s something that makes this really difficult in your language so the best word I could come up with right now is stilted. There’s something about time and the way that it is experienced but moreover the way that it (sigh), how it lives how it practices itself. The facets of time as an entity if you can think of it that way for a moment. So we sense that, or I sense that you’re confused by my explanation. If you’re taking something from your Einstein, for example, that things are relative in space. Constants, time, whatever it may be that’s been said amongst humanity, time itself in your – the best way I can explain it is in your area of the universe is stilted compared to my time. So my time is actually a little bit ahead of your time. So I’m in the slight future, if you want to call it that, but to us and to me in particular it seems rather meaningless.

And for you, what is it like when we contact you? How is that?

Ummm, it feels like a mental telephone call. It feels like I have to just go do something else for few moments. So far I’ve talked to my own employer, my own colleagues and my boss, The Commandant specifically, about this. And I’ve talked to my family, like my wife about it. And I’ve kind of talked to them about how it happens and everyone’s so open minded already about telepathy on Kylox and in Mechrisnek that this has been well accepted, so far as I’ve explained myself, by my peers.

So you tell them you’re speaking to an Earthling?

Yes. And they ask! They wonder, you know, cause they’ve heard, some of them have heard stories, some of them remember more strongly about our explorations. And so they remember Earth to a degree and some of them ask questions about how have they been doing? You know, how have they progressed? Where are they at now? How did the planet turn out? Sort of thing. So I get a kick out of having these conversations. It adds to my life (laughter).

Ok, very good, thank you for that. And so if you could explain to us more about when you travel back to M1, what is it the you’re working on there, even currently?

Well, we are always working on many things, and I don’t get assigned to projects but I’m never the sole proprietor over any one project so, I have many hands and there’s a revolving door of people in and out. But we come and go as out schedules permit and we basically are able to do whatever work is needed at the time. So I was going to speak to you real quick about one of the main things that I was most recently working on and I’ll be working on when I get back to M1, after our conversation I assume, is specific to high frequency, high density particles of energy and transporting them from A to B, C to D. But with the variables of light and also the variables of that which your planet still called black holes. So we could be talking about strong gravitational pulls, we could be talking about particle waves and solar wind potentially. We’re just trying to perfect the ability to maintain a connection of energy so you could be transmitting information, you could be communicating, it could a simple hookup between machines that are communicating with each other regarding different machinations of one machine and what’s relayed to the second machine. So the importance being that we’ve got these situational realities in the cosmos that we’re trying to build systems for and yet maintain the integrity of the strength of the signal, if that is clear to you. So try to imagine two nodules and like four beams of energy that are coming out of each but they’re hooked up to one another via those beams of energy but there’s a swirl in the beam of energy. And you could draw like an S in between them but the point is the bends are us trying to maintain the integrity as I stated about the strength of the energy beam, that connection. So what we’re really doing is we’re perfecting and enhancing the strength of communicating with ourselves and out creations.

Ok, and that’s used primarily in your universe or other places?

On our planet but it mostly is going to be used on the T.O., the Terrestrial Objects and probes and then deeper space explorations. So right now I can let you know that we’re not out in space right now with some mother ship exploring right now. We’re really concerned still with the ongoing strife and attacks that are affecting the outer T.O.s and the continued species that we’ve been confronting. But other than that we keep sending out probes and what that means is that you’ve got typically two, at most three individuals together and so they’re far more dependent upon their machine to be that much more capable and then they have robots or little drones. So they have tract vehicles and then flying devices, these are small devices for assessing weather, you know if you end up on a planet that you’ve been able to enter into via the atmosphere. You can check the weather with one of the drones on board the probes. So the probes aren’t really, we’re getting the sense that the probes that you guys might be used to on Earth are much smaller, but these are ships. We call them probes because we’re not deeply exploring or trying to settle. We’re trying to study.

Ok, and if you would, explain to us how it is, what the process is like as you travel between Kylox and M1?

Hmmmm (pause) it’s pretty peculiar to even us still, the feeling, at times. It’s a ticklish feeling. The best way I can explain it to an Earthling is you literally start to disintegrate upwards in what might look like fire, its not fire in reality. It’s just a lot of energy, so what you’re doing is you’re dematerializing from that particular place in space and time and you’re re-materializing. So you watch your, the particles of yourself, your body pixelate into little tiny squares. And then float upward in a stream, like a river of pull and gravity upward. And then it starts from your feet and goes upward towards your torso and then finally your head. And you become brighter as you’re doing that and as it’s going up your body that ticklish feeling.

What causes the body to start disintegrating like that?

There’s a centrifuge that’s around that base of the platform that we stand upon. So the platform is like a whitish or off-white color and then there’s a distinct, almost black, rim to the edge of it and there is like a step down and in-between the platform and the ground, it’s like half a foot in height upward, there are these big panels of where this whitish light again, not so bright and not too intense to look at, starts to appear. And the more that it becomes white instead of see- through, that means that the machine is on and it’s about to start working. Now there’s a particular spot, it’s a lot like your Sci-Fi films, that’s the impression that I’m getting via The Collective and Phil. But in terms of your Sci-Fi films I’m getting the images of another platform that you step up on and then it’s unclear what’s above, but it’s bright. And for us there is this, you would think of it as like looking at the bottom like if you were holding a flashlight and you’re looking up at that, that panel. So you turn it on, there’s a bulb in there, you can see the bulb and then there’s a screen for where the light terminates. 

And do you have a particular sensation, you said that tickling sensation, as you’re traveling from one space to another? Or are you aware of it?

It’s these sensations that you start to feel then of floating headfirst but you’re weightless. And your body starts to become this grayish color like your old steam engines, them spitting out smoke, that color. And then you start to have these electrical-like sensations going through you. Similar to your static electricity moments with others on Earth, where you might briefly shock. It’s not a strong shock but it’s lightly shocks that are going through your body and they appear as red and white. And they’re like little red and white (pause) like (sigh), little red and white droplets that are coursing all of the the body really quickly and in different areas at different times. But you can see yourself and imagine yourself pretty easily in all of the filters, if you want to call it that way, like you can see your skeletal structure, but then you just see this swirling cylinder type warp of like, you know, you’re not sure where you are. You’re seemingly just traveling through energy and space. And then you start to re-materialize from the top down and your feelings of discomfort can vary, depending on actually where your thought processes are in the midst of travel. So if you are worried about where you’re headed and what’s on the other end and what’s in store for you. For me it’s my workplace so if I am worried about am I going to get fired or something like that, something an Earthling would worry about for sure. We would, any one of us from my planet, would experience this discomfort after you’ve rematerialized. Again there’s that tickling feeling and then you re-materialize. But it’s like you put on clothes or some shoes or something like that, or boots for the first time that don’t totally fit. And so, everything is just trying to work out its kinks, or something along those lines. You get used to the process. It’s really not that uncomfortable. It’s not like you come back and, the name Picasso is coming to my mind, it’s not like that at all. We’ve never had any mishaps.

Ok, you acclimate back pretty easily.

We might have had mishaps when the technology was first created amongst my civilization but not since I’ve been around or anytime near. 

Ok, very good, thank you. And do you have any updates you want to share?

Oh and real quick, just wanted to talk about that centrifuge. That centrifuge requires (pause) a mixture, a combination, that’s the word you guys would use, of two chemicals. And it’s actually liquid version of that metalloid that I spoke of not too long ago to you guys. I spoke of a liquid metalloid that wasn’t present in your realm and/or on your planet, so you’re not even familiar with the name. But we had sourced it and we had utilized it and it’s involved in this cube-like structure. And the metalloid itself is spun, well it’s first combined with another liquid metalloid, specifically mercury. And then it’s spun counter-rotationally at really high speeds. And then that is able to create, as far as I know, a strong enough magnetic field where you are able to then more easily manipulate particles and gravity. So you can make particles in that space, it’s basically creating a magnetic field of it’s own and it’s a strong one so you can make the particles in that area go really close together or you can make them go really far apart. It was also a part of our attempt to formalize our training systems for the weightless situations that our deep explorers were concerned about and wanted- it was part of the training program for that. There’s just a lot to say, so.

(laugh) Ok well you describe it very well, it’s a bit above my head I’m afraid (laughter).

(laugh) Sorry about that.

(laugh) That’s alright, it’s fascinating to listen to. I’m trying to follow you as you describe all of it.

I’m sure that, I think that we’ve talked before about Phil’s artistic qualities. If we haven’t then I know about them somehow via The Collective. I would suggest that maybe he try and put it to paper.

Ok, good, yeah, he’s very good at that isn’t he.

The way that, one thing that I can share with you that you may not know as a species about this universe that we both reside in right now. The same universe. Is that in terms of (pause, sigh), in terms of grasping knowledge or finding the source of it, just know it’s right there. It really is not a matter of, it’s not always a matter of you have to set up this exploration and it’s funding and it’s logistics and it’s the right minds and the right moment and the right society, you know, voluntarily or by force going and successfully exploring and finding something that houses knowledge that’s sought. And a lot of times the knowledge that people are seeking actually pertains to their own lineage, so it’s, you know for me and for Phil the reality is it’s right there in The Collective. Like The Collective is ready there to offer it to us.

And that’s how you access them and that information comes to you through him.

Yeah, a lot of times I think that’s the best way I could make sense of it, as someone who’s studied in multiple realms of the sciences and I don’t want to get ahead of myself but seems like my society might be further off than yours is at the moment.

Sure, I think so (laugh).

So in regards to certain subjects that we’ve been talking.

Ok, very good, thank you so much for that! So before we bring The Collective forward is there any other information you want to share with us today?

(sigh, pause) We are aware, at least I’m aware, that your planet is making actually a lot of strides in terms of its understanding of deeper space and what might be going on in certain places. But the one thing that we’re going to, and this is coming from other people that I’ve spoken to about Earth, the encouragement of keep going. You know, the one thing that is coming to my mind the recent explorations of your, is it you Kepplar telescope that’s in deep space and seems to have found multiple types of planets and your scientists and your planet has seemingly been in happiness that there’s news about other types of planets out there. And what I want I guess to bring forth to the table to you guys and for humanity to realize is that there are going to be many anomalies out there that won’t match up with your current models of how planets can form and exist. Rocky solids, for example, can have somewhat less that solids surfaces, can have completely solid cores. One planet that we have found has a fairly, I think as humans you might find this fairly humorous, the surface is like an avocado and/or pudding. That’s the best that I can come up with for you regarding examples. But the core of the planet is actually ice. So it’s really solid. And we’re actually really baffled by this planet, we’re not sure how to navigate and/or if there is civilizations living inside this substance. But there is nothing except for this pudding-like substance the goes all the way down to the core.

Interesting, so are your scientists exploring that planet currently?

They’re studying it, they’re actually preparing to send a probe to it but we don’t think we’re going to be able to land, we think we’re only going to be able to do a stronger analysis by first circling it and I think we’re going to plan to circle it two or three times. And it’s not like your planet, it’s not watery. It’s not blue and as far as we know it does no have any continents like Earth has, for example. But it’s not like your moon, we’ll say that. It’s not this rocky outside and there’s no crust to it. So we’ve been able to take a strong X-ray image, that’s something we’re able to do with one of our machines. But we’re not able to get much more than that. So I can tell what the composition of the stuff looks like to me and I’ve seen. We have a tendency to lay things out on blueprints in images even after we’ve printed them so that’s where I’ve seen it.

Ok, understood. Alright, well thank you so much for that! Ok, so with that we ask that we’ll ask that we have Charlie step back now and we’ll ask The Collective to come forward.