Session 1: Part 3

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, July 2015.

Part 3 – The Collective

So this isn’t like a past life or a future life of Phil?

No, this is, um, I would describe this voice as a Collective grouping.

Ok, cool, very good (laugh).

And Phil and Charlie are part of it.

Ok, well, that’s great, I’m happy to have everybody here! (laughter)

Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

We strive to have communication like this so that we can learn and grow as well, so it’s always a joy to have big a party going on! (laugh)

Right! And everybody in the universe loves partying too, so (laugh).

Oh, great! Well, I’m happy to host (laughter).

Yeah! It’s just, as far as I understand, it’s just Earth that has a problem, here and there. And then, I mean, there are, your species is not wrong, there are some species that are extremely hostile out there. And some of them are watching your planet, but the primary one is the Reptilians. I’m sorry, this voice takes on a very serious tone most of the time, because the group that we represent has a very serious task in the cosmos. We’re spread out and not one of us is on the same planet.

So what is the task that you have in the cosmos with this group?

We’re here to instill change. And not force it on anybody but invite people into. We’re catalyzers.

What does that mean?

We help galvanize collectives into motion. A lot of times collectives don’t know what to do.

Like within the cosmos?

Yeah, they don’t know what to do because there actually is a prevailing individual ethos for each soul that has like, you would call it an ego I guess. I’ve heard about this, ego, id, and whatnot and Freud, I know the name. And I’m pretty sure all that comes from him, these words. But there are egos in the universe beyond Earth. There are even egos on the Councils sometimes. And they’re really annoying, in my opinion (laughter). It’s a very inappropriate place to have an ego because you’ve been given such a position of authority but also a position of power really. I mean, you can really, really, really influence a whole species or many species. And . . . that is a huge task.

So from your perspective give us, kind of like, what’s coming to Earth? What’s happening with all the changes please? And don’t hold back, we want to hear.

Well, there are many, many, many people on your planet. There are too many, way too many. And they’re all moving to the same places. You call them cities or urban, I think. It’s not going to work out. And part of the rising sea levels, part of it is your species fault but part of it’s not. Part of it is the cosmos correcting what you guys could not do and that was control your population. Because controlling populations can often be violent and your species is predominantly a-violent when it comes to that topic, or non-violent. There are a couple of exceptions. And they are going to experience massive demographic crises within your lifetime. And one of those is, I think you call it China (sigh). China in particular is going to experience; pretty much all of the major countries, empires, powers, if you will, because what you have on your planet right now is no longer countries, you have networks of countries that are working in coordination with one another. Phil knows this as 1984, the book by George Orwell. And (pause) that is not working out. Despite the fact that individual egos have transcended themselves to a degree on your planet. They can’t seem to get past the idea that imaginary boundaries don’t matter, they’re literally imaginary.

And they’re sacrificing not only themselves through their labor, when they don’t have to at all. There is absolutely no need for the type of work most of them are doing on the surface of the planet. It is absolutely, it has no, it serves no good, it serves no progress, it serves nothing in the end. It doesn’t promote anything in the individual, it doesn’t even promote anything in society. That bridge those people worked on, the bridge is going to fall apart before- it literally matters so much because of what they bring. The workers, for example, will build a bridge on your planet. If they are not committed to the task of that bridge staying up then that bridge will fall. And that bridge will fall before its time, before their plans estimate it will. And it’s not safe to utilize infrastructure when you don’t have the energy imbued in it. I mean the intentions, the proper intentions of balance and I don’t mean physics, I mean quite literally energy balance. Because, you know, we’ve seen what happened, Phil has seen what happened, when egos prevailed on Earth. And that is exactly the type and at this point, there are collective egos, which is a complete oxymoron to Phil. But they exist on Earth and they’re prevailing right now. And there is a massive shift in the peoples. But the problem is this, the people that do understand what is going on and what needs to be done are getting further and further and further away, not only intellectually, but physically. Quite literally, the individuals that see and know what must happen they cannot handle being around the others. It literally makes them sick, it confounds their reason, it confounds their intellectual abilities, it confounds their empathy, it confounds their goals, their abilities to get stuff done. It confounds their entire life and progress in general.

So what do you see the future of Earth being like?

Unfortunately, between those two populations, the distance is getting so far that we’re going to reach a point very soon where those two populations are not even going to understand one another when they’re even talking about the same subject, topic, or even speaking in the same language. They’re going to be at such a different energetic vibration and frequency, as you know it, that some of the lower frequency beings won’t even recognize the higher frequency beings any more. They will just literally disappear before your eyes. And they will appear, if they do at all, as light or as something that is incessantly moving.

So, is this what we call the two Earths?


Ok, so give me your understanding of that.

Nothing like this has ever been done in the universe, as far as I have ever heard. Nothing like this on Kylox, nothing on M1 has ever even been talked about. So we’re all very excited to see what is going to happen. My understanding, you know, as, well as Charlie, tapping into Charlie’s understanding. Charlie understands this: that there’s going to be, more or less, two separate populations that won’t even see each other at a point.

new earth

Will that happen in my lifetime?

No (pause), it’s going to start happening in your lifetime. Your population is going to start talking about people literally disappearing. So like, it may already be in your stories, especially about what your species calls drug abuse. We call it chemicals because everything is a chemical in this universe. There are chemicals that can hurt you, there are chemicals that can help you. And we already have recognized that there are extremely capable beings on your planet. The problem is that fog system, that weapons system deployed by the Reptilians. Even when chemicals are used, they help the individual but they don’t help the collective, yet. And we’re really hopeful that your species is going to permit that to happen so that the collective can utilize some of these chemicals to their benefit but otherwise . . . it’s very interesting (laugh) your planet altogether. Phil is ultimately very confused (sigh) and I’m not sure what I can do for Phil in terms of Earth and such because of what is in the way. It doesn’t, the weapons system, that’s outside my control, that is something that The Council that governs the area is responsible for. Phil is going to keep pushing forward and forward and forward and that’s what he knows how to do, what this Collective Voice knows how to do. It knows how to, it catalyzes individuals and collectives ultimately because it has to. There are quite literally black and white forces in this universe, we’ve reached that threshold. And you eventually have to pick a side. And so, as a catalyzer, you know, as a Collective Voice you have to pick a side coming into this universe. Otherwise there is no paradigm, there is no foundation upon which you can act and you can galvanize.

So is that part of what everybody is learning about is picking sides and choosing your paradigm?

Absolutely, yes. And it’s not something all of your species wants to do because your species thinks that it has to remain open-minded to the individuals that are going to, I mean, sooner or later disappear in the vision of the others altogether. But like I was saying, some of these individuals that have utilized chemicals, the stories as I know it, they’ve just walked off and disappeared. Well, they didn’t just walk of and disappear, they reached a resonant frequency that ultimately led them to vibrate so quickly that you can’t see them because that doesn’t allow, your Earth doesn’t allow for that to exist.

So, what chemicals cause them to do that?

Well, I think that you’re already familiar with one of them, it is sedating and stulting. Stultifying, is that a word that you guys use?

I’ve not heard it.

Stultifying, it literally stops and halts the progression of the intellect and the cognition and therefore the emotions and the entire being. And it affects the brain. Your planet is awash with, unfortunately, it’s awash with many, many chemicals that are, sedating and uplifting and energizing people. But not in the holistic sense. And that’s what we need, that’s what this Collective group needs. In order to create proper catalysts, you cannot do that without (sigh), you cannot do that without cooperation from the collective ethos. And if the collective ethos isn’t willing to open its mind and its realm to the individual ethos, then the collective ethos can never change. Unfortunately though, the complicating part about your planet, Earth itself, is the weapons system has been implemented after, the key is after, individuals took power that weren’t supposed to have taken power. And The Council knows about those individuals but they can’t take them out. That’s one of the restraints The Council has, The Council is not God. It cannot take life, like the Source can. That is the only thing in this entire multi-verse that can do that.

So then is Source concerned about that exact thing? Is it going to do anything to assist Earth with that or is really just going to let everything play out?

Well, like its been said, The Council is giving Earth another shot with the Southern Hemisphere. (pause) It really, really comes down to that most Southern continent, Antarctica, and what is done there. If humanity does not learn the lessons from Antarctica and what the people down there are doing and how they’re doing it, then the waters will rise again. And they will swallow the entire, they will swallow most of the land, the habitable human areas.

So those activities in the communities in Antarctica that you are speaking about, are those already in place right now?


And do most people know about that? Does it have anything to do with the Hollow Earth?

No, most people don’t know about it. It does have something to do with the Hollow Earth. Many of the scientists, if not all of them, in Antarctica are aware of where the ancient species are based.

hollow earth

Is that why we can’t fly over the Poles?



It is a darn shame but unfortunately because of the fog weapons system we don’t know who would take advantage of those. So I am pretty sure that The Council set up agreements with the terrestrial beings saying you know, you can stick around. The Council does have control of the energy systems, the toroidal energy field of earth. They can control frequencies if they so choose but they can’t change the people, that’s the main issue.

Free will?

Right. They really want to, but they can’t and they know they can’t. And so they are really, really, really annoy- I mean, every time they meet it’s the same discussion “Who can we pick to try to reach on the surface?”

So they infuse those thoughts into that person to help bring about the change?

Right, but there’s no guarantee. It’s like, infusion is the perfect word because there is no guarantee that that person is going to pick up on those thoughts and run and utilize those dreams visions and ideas that they have now harnessed.

Ok, oh, so fascinating, I am so happy you came through to talk with us; it just gives us such an opportunity to grow ourselves.

Of course.

Thank you very much.

More from The Collective

About Earth

So that’s, I’m really having a hard time understanding and explaining the concept of free will on Earth because of how much is in the way and then also because of what The Council is doing. Cause The Council is giving that second chance to Earth, the Southern Hemisphere and Antarctica in particular. But the Northern Hemisphere still has so much power and influence. It has the ability to change the direction of what the Southern Hemisphere is seeking right now and in particular with Antarctica. It’s going to be a strange, extremely weird division between the two peoples.

We don’t really know how Phil can do what he does on Earth because Earth is so difficult. The weapons system, The Council not doing much, you know, the individual egos conflating, you know, collective progress. The fact that The Council, is really, really, really unforgiving and has been in the past with this planet but now it has become more tolerant because it understands what is going on a little bit more.

Phil and Charlie

Phil’s really familiar with the sun and he is very familiar with its powers and it’s potential to help him. But he senses something weird, which is what he’s feeling in this Collective voice. So as I spoke about Charlie, he’s attuned to a planet where darkness is often an issue on Kylox and the species has become attuned, even the skin, you know, has become almost translucent because of how much time they spend in darkness. Because of the sun, they have to keep that skin, in certain ways, stable. So it’s not perfect and it’s certainly not the opposite of what Phil experiences but it’s different.

Breaking Through the Fog

If he can visualize light breaking through the clouds or through the atmosphere irrespective of what he sees above him. If he sees blue skies and clouds and he thinks to himself “Oh, what a great day!” then that’s going to be a problem because he won’t receive any information that day, that is deceptive. And the Reptilians have implemented that on purpose. They have implemented days where- this is the confusing thing, there are really nice days and there are really stormy days. And wherever Phil is on Earth, the fog-weapons system, it works with the weather systems but also those who, the Reptilians in power on Earth, who mess with the weather and mess with timing of when the defenses, like the blockade is up. And so it has taken awhile for this Collective Voice to figure out when the Reptilians lift that blockade. Because they can’t keep it all along, like constantly, they have to lift it every once and awhile to add back to it. They have to rebuild their weapons system because if they didn’t it would disperse eventually.

So, you’re suggesting to him then that he could picture the white light breaking through the clouds and . . . ?

And entering his solar plexus.

Speaking about EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies)

Because of the body, the human body, it’s not prepared to handle electromagnetic frequencies, in any way, shape, or form. There’s very, very, very few EMFs on the spectrum that the human body is actually capable of surviving happily through. Something that your species is going to come to realize very soon. Because people are going to start dropping dead. Something weird is going to start happening and you’ve seen it in your movies and TV. The skin and the bone and the muscles more are literally going to, uh, it has to do with the DNA cell damage and RNA cell damage from exposure and what we call ‘bathing’, at this point, in EMFs.

So those EMFs, are they primarily through the cell phones and the computers or what?

Yeah, I mean, there are a million inventions at this point that are being implemented in, especially the cities and urban areas. Where it’s to compliment the culture of convenience, that’s all it is. People are not aware and the people that do want them are not aware of the damage that it’s doing to them even. They haven’t thought about it, they don’t care to think about it a lot of times. They don’t care to actually make changes and so we’re not seeing the collective change because of that.

Free Will

OK and he says sometimes when he’s watching movies that he’s watched before, or even maybe read books, that he feels that the content seemingly is changing. What’s going on there?

Well, in some moments he is correct, the content literally has changed. And we do that for him because it’s important that he picks up on things in certain moments. People often think that they are going out and picking up on things but the reality is- here’s a better way to explain free will, it’s when you’re on a search for something, you have a value, dream, or vision and you align with that actual vision or dream or idea even. And then it becomes you.

It becomes your reality.

So it looks as if from the outside that individuals not acting with free will but what they’re really doing is they’re serving their soul as they should be and that’s what they’re here to do.

So he asks, do we actually have free will on Earth?

Not in the sense that Earthlings think.

Oh! Ok, so tell us about that.

So, just as I explained, if you have a dream or a vision or an idea and it’s strong enough, you can link up with that dream, vision, concept, idea um (pause) on the other side, if you will. You must commit yourselves even! The saying on Earth goes you must commit your sweat, blood, and, tears to something. Well, in this case it really comes down to the cellular level and even your thoughts and the words that you use. The words that you use and the words that you want to use, even if it doesn’t come out. It’s very important that people align themselves completely with a vision or dream. So lets take the idea of equality, a concrete example, lets ground ourselves for a second. If somebody truly believes in the idea of equality and a particular type of equality then they must read, they must observe and study and evaluate and analyze all of the facets and aspects of those that they believe evoke those characteristics and then also those that seemingly do. So that they can understand the difference, and Phil can too. In order to truly make the decision for themselves so that they can meet up with that vision or idea that’s being shared. It’s out there in the cosmos it’s just waiting for you to grab it (laughter). That’s all you gotta do is reach out and grab it and commit. And Phil has committed himself to helping others on Earth. That is not a difficult thing for him to do.

Phil’s Purpose

So is that his purpose in this life?

He is here on this planet, Earth, to do a lot of things but his primary purpose is to facilitate others and to catalyze others really; to turn others into catalysts, to galvanize others. He’s not the managerial, you know, spokesman, he’s not the caretaker of society. He’s a coach, he’s a trainer, he’s an arbitrator. He’s an arbitrator between the cosmos and the individual. And he’s here to help others make sense of their terrestrial routes. He’s here to, with this Collective Voice, we are able to impact others just by infusing ideas and concepts. So his presence alone . . .

So he is able to be that arbitrator between the cosmos or you the collective voice, by listening and picking up on the cues and then assisting the individuals to understand their greatness, is that . . .

Definitely, and with Phil in particular, because it’s the one way radio system and the fog weapons system that obfuscates a lot of Earthlings abilities to contact beyond our atmosphere. So we think it’s just safer to go the route of the one-way radio, even though it’s unfortunate for him. He will continue to receive messages throughout his life and he’s (sigh, pause) um, this is difficult question to answer. He’s semi-aware of a Collective grouping that he’s from and right now he’s trying to go around on the Earth and find people that he has met and he’s trying to claim or at least fit them into the puzzle somehow. What he needs to do instead is, he just needs to live his life and there will be people that will come to him and they will cross paths and it will be obvious to him then that they are from the same soul group, the same collective.


So to have this type of experience, where he’s in hypnosis and you can come through him, what is that like for you?

It’s extremely discomforting (laugh) because I speak for a collective and right now I’m trying to speak for an individual on Earth (laughter), so it’s really confusing. And at moments Phil seems to want to break through almost because he has come to a point now where he’s understanding what’s going on, on Earth. So he’s trying unorthodox ways to communicate with the cosmos and some of it is getting through.

Ok, can I ask, do you have a message for me or any suggestions?

Ummm, (whispers to self) do I have a message for you? Ummm, I mean, definitely keep doing what you are doing. You are bringing light, no matter what you are doing. Literally, no matter what you are doing. If you are cooking food for your own daughter you are bringing light. And it’s particularly interesting you’re geographically location because you’re emanating outwards in a 360-degree, multi-longitudinal direction. I mean, in all directions, up, down, straight, sideways, North, South, East, West. I mean, it’s beautiful, what you’re doing, so please keep pushing forward. Never get dismayed! Never, ever, ever think badly about yourself. Never, ever, ever question yourself! For this is the vessel that knows best and quite literally,. You are apart of the Source, we all are. We could not be here if we weren’t a part of the source. And we don’t get to be because, as I said, the source decides what live and what dies, when and where.

About The Collective

And tell him again, very clearly, who you speak as.

We speak as a Collective Voice that transmutes information, at least to the Earthlings because we don’t have the ability to communicate two way exactly, as we do other places. And so, we are a democratic Collective Voice that represents multiple, actual individuals across the cosmos. And with Phil, it is the collective harbinger (laugh) of his existence of his soul, I mean, we are the seat of his vessel and we helped facilitate his incarnation on Earth. Without that he wouldn’t have made it here because you can’t just incarnate on Earth, you have to have something to help you.

We don’t have a name; we don’t need a name. That’s the important part of us because we are A-personal. We don’t care about the advancement of individual egos. We care about the advancement of collective egos.


Just curious, does Dolores Cannon have a message for him or us?

Hmmm, Dolores encourages us all to continue with what we are doing. And to continue trying to be who we are and trying to dig deeper. Every moment, every chance we get to dig deeper and see if there is more. Ask more questions! Ask them in a different way, come back and ask them again! Don’t stop asking questions! Don’t stop moving! Don’t stop your mind! When you do that, that’s when you stall. That’s when you start listening to your ego and your ego starts to take over and it starts to dominate the drivers seat (laugh). And ultimately the separation is going to take place organically on this planet between the 3rd dimensional Earth and the 5th dimensional Earth. And that is a reality. And everybody who can remain calm will remain calm and everybody that can’t should try to, because this is going to take awhile. It’s not going to be as quick as everybody’s thinking. It’s really not. And I’m sorry to disappoint many of you, but it’s not going to happen as quick as I predicted and as many of you took my predictions. But it is going to take place in a weeeeiiiirrrrrddddd way. (laughter) Veeerrrrryyyy confusing. You’re going to see things and Phil is going to see things, you know, people on this Earth are going to see things that they’ve never seen with the human body.

Give us an idea of what those weird ways are going to be!

(quick sigh) They’re gonna be scary in some respects because the first victims are going to be more or less the guinea pigs for the public. When they see what all this modernism has brought the Earth they will then realize that it’s not all progress. And we will all then begin to be able to finally have that discussion that we needed to have, eh, 30-40 years ago. So, I mean, there will be physical manifestations of chaos and trouble. And that divergence between the 5D and 3D people are certainly going to become more unpredictable in an everyday sense.

And so, our focus on Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere will be important?

Yes. It sure will.

(laugh) You look like the cat that ate the canary!

(Laughter) I tell you the truth.

The End

Ok, all right, well, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all of this information that you’ve brought forth today. It is such an honor to do this work.

Of course. I’m really honored that I could be here.

And all of the English came out perfect.

Thank you (laughter) I suppose being a collective entity, you know, and having that, you can pick up on languages more easily. It doesn’t really matter where or what.

It’s kind of vibrational isn’t it?

Yes, absolutely!

Well, you rocked it (laugh).

That’s great!


Session 1: Part 1

Facilitated by Suzanne Spooner, July 2015.

Part 1: A Conversation with an Alien Scientist

Suzanne: What’s the very first thing that you notice?

Phil: There is an 8-sided . . . opening. And it’s metal. And there’s a ball suspended or an orb suspended in the middle . . . without, like, any propulsion . . . or any gravity or anything holding it. It is just suspended via energy in the middle of this metal thing. And with frequency changes it can dribble in the air.

Ok and what causes the frequency changes do you think?

Um, individuals. They can either manipulate it with a machine. This particular thing I am looking at is a machine in a laboratory.

And as you look around the laboratory what else do you notice about it?

I see a deck with glass where there are some gentleman and looks like an older man. Now I am in the lab. He has white hair. They are wearing the traditional lab coats but they are wearing, in particular the older of the three, the two others have black hair and black glasses on. But the other one actually is wearing regular bifocals but has this, like night vision goggles almost, where you flip them down over your head. It’s nothing I’ve ever seen.

Ok, do you know what he uses those for?

No, I mean, looking at something more clearly but, it seems, it’s definitely something from a different planet or from the future.

Ok, good, you are doing great. Now I want you to bring your focus onto yourself in that place. I want you to look down and see if you can see your feet.


And anything on your feet?

Yes, I am wearing black dress shoes. And I am wearing black dress pants and I am also wearing a black overcoat, or I’m sorry a white over coat, like one of the gentleman up in the deck. I have an ID card pinned to my pen opening on my shirt.

What does that ID card say, can you read it?

Ummm, Charlie.

Ok. And do you have anything in your hands?

No, not at the moment. It seems like maybe there is a tool in my left hand, either some glasses. Yeah, it’s glasses.

OK, like glasses that you’d look out of?

Yeah, yeah.

Very good, and any jewelry or ornamentation on the body besides the name tag?

Um, yeah, I’m also wearing a silver ring on my left hand.

And as you look at that, does it have any significance or design to it?

It’s just round, it looks very similar to wedding rings that people would wear today.

Ok, very good. Anything that you are wearing on your head?


So the body feels male or female?

I feel like a male, umm, definitely male. I have hair but I cannot see at all what color it is, it feels dark. Um (pause) . . . just picking up noise in the laboratory. I heard some people speaking for a second but I could not make out what they were saying. There’s a lot of noise in this place (laughter). There’s a giant generator to my left and it’s spinning. I mean, it’s clearly their power source; the propulsion system for experiments in the laboratory. But they’re of a, the atmosphere’s definitely of an energy-like type experiments. Like experimenting on energy systems; energy systems that don’t exist on earth as you would understand it. It is definitely along the lines of the individual you would know as Nikola Tesla.

Nikola tesla

OK, very good. And so what do you do? How do you spend your day?

I am testing energy systems to better understand how objects interact with one another in relation to physical constraints and physical realities. Such as drag and gravity and other physical considerations that we would take into account with regard to moving objects through space and measuring it with time.

Ok, now I want you to focus on those three older men for a moment. Is there anything about any of them that stands out to you?

Yes. The individual, the gentleman with the white hair is very commandeering and has a very authoritarian presence. He is the Commandant of the laboratory. And he has been here for a while. And he is actually the individual that has the most knowledge and has known people that actually created the theories behind what we are testing. He is here to see to it that we implement them in the laboratory correctly. And we answer to him, in particular the two that are his deckhands. I have more autonomy as an individual working in the lab below, and on the equipment monitoring them and being around them. It is not any difficulty for me to be around the equipment because I have not only passed tests that demonstrate I can handle the experiments and the radiation that’s being put out, but also, you know, the turbulence that we are experiencing, in the experiments themselves; the failed ones and the good ones, the ones that we consider results driven or based. I ultimately am allowed to be down there because I have a genetic predisposition to these realities, these constraints, these conditions. It’s not unlike Earth but it’s certainly different than Earth. It’s a different level of gravity, it’s a different level in terms of the density of the atmosphere, in terms of what molecules are primarily present and predominantly present, as compared to Earth. Even though you would completely mistake us for humans on Earth. And we are completely, you know, white skinned, you would consider us Caucasians. And all of the individuals I work with are Caucasian. But the two gentlemen that are answering to the Commandant right now are dark haired, very dark haired, I would say jet black. And, again, I will reiterate they’re wearing black sunglasses, which not only shield them from some of the experiments we are conducting here but it also is a sign of, it’s a type of insignia if you will. The Matrix film you might be familiar with, they are, these individuals with the black glasses are of that type. They are of an authority type. They are here to learn from the Commandant but they are also here to inspect the facility on behalf of . . . on behalf of something else.

And do you know where they come from or what or whom they are inspecting it on behalf of?

They are inspecting it on behalf of the powers that be, it is unclear to me right now because this is not a transparent society. These individuals have been sent by the director of, I mean, we could say science. And they do these routine checks. They show up and the Commandant routinely has to bring in these individuals and explain to them our progress, explain to them our failures, explain to them where we are headed with the experiments. Because we do have a degree of autonomy over what we do want to experiment on exactly. Umm . . . I was just handed some papers actually, umm . . .

What are those papers?

There’s actually a lot of them, so . . . they look like new orders and there’s also plans for a new energy system itself, to be built in our facility or a new one.

And what do you think about that new energy system as you look over the new plans?

It’s peculiar because it’s very rigid, it does not match up with any of our beliefs here in this laboratory about how energy works and how we can manipulate time and space. It reminds Phil of a T or an I-beam from the skyscrapers that were built in New York in the 20s and 30s of the 20th century.

Ok. Where did those plans come from?

They were just handed to me. Quite honestly there was just a hand that came up through this little hole in the ground, in the floor, it just opened and they were there and I grabbed them (laughter).

(laughter) That’s pretty efficient, isn’t it? Here’s a new energy system, take a look at this!

Yeah, but no word or anything from the individual, just a hand and here you go (laugh).

Ok, and the Commandant, is he aware of what just got handed to you?

He is aware but he doesn’t seem to be very concerned at the moment except with addressing the two individuals that he is talking with on the deck. He looked down and noticed right away, instantaneously, that I was looking at something and I could sense his eyes on me. He seems to be able to use those black fold over, described as night vision goggles, as actual goggles of a certain type but he can zoom in incredibly. He can see what is on the pages of the paper even though he is like 2 or 3 stories above me.

Ok and so what is your role or capacity in overseeing others or are there others overseeing you in that laboratory? Do you have a special role or are you one of a group that tries to work together?

I am definitely part of a group. We are here to implement what we believe is- and as individuals we have a great degree of freedom in the laboratory itself. This society believes that specialists in their field do have the capacity to make good decisions that are ethical. But at the same time make inventions and make energy systems that do provide a lasting source of energy that doesn’t require a constant source of fuel. We’re using zero point energy systems in this laboratory. The giant generator that is helping with the energy system, the Equitron is what we call it, with the ball suspended in the air. And then you can dribble given the different frequency allocations and changes. It’s all powered by zero-point energy systems. Thus we don’t need but a short bit of fuel to get the system going initially. But this laboratory has never been shut down and we face no external threats. We are simply, at this point, separated from the energy grid. But there is not an energy grid as you would know in your country or your civilization. It is absolutely of the type of energy that you call magic or many would call magic today.

What happens to the energy systems that you test that work?

Ultimately they are used for the civilian population.

On Earth or other places?

This is actually not Earth. Uh, we are a separate entity.

Are you like a planet or a ship?

We are on a planet. It is a terrestrial object but it was, it has been in your world man-made, in those words. In many ways it has been man-made. It’s been changed and altered. It is a very, very, very old terrestrial object. It’s not, it’s nowhere near the size of Earth. This is an area where we are testing energy systems and experimenting with energy systems. And there is actually a teleportation grounds or facility that’s separate and it’s run by MOT, you know, the Ministry of Transportation.

The who?

The Ministry of Transportation, MOT. We call it MOT. But that can bring you back to the home planet. This is where our civilization has ultimately determined is the best testing grounds for energy systems but also it is an extreme environment. So the extremes of high and low allow for some pretty awesome results and also some pretty awesome or interesting and sometimes, at times confounding, conditions, or ah . . .

What are some of those?

Oh, I mean, the weather is apt to change within a single moment. We can have gusts of what you would consider hundreds of miles per hour winds; it would be similar to your Antarctica. But the ground itself, as we understand it, it appears red or orange. And the facility is actually an elevated facility. It’s not appropriate to build these facilities on this planet, or this terrestrial object, on the ground or into the ground because the ground is corrosive. So we actually have to install specific types of platforms, foundations, in order to make sure it does not eat away at the physical building itself. So this terrestrial object is very intense. It takes a number of physical tests that are very difficult to pass in our civilization to get to this position. It is not an intellectual thing only. It’s a matter of intellectual commitment and, you know, vision and dreams but all in all you have to have a genetic predisposition and a physical toughness as well to yourself.

A genetic predisposition to survive the elements?

Yes. There are certain people that at a cellular level can actually- their electro-signaling is governed by something else besides the brain or heart. You might understand it as something in the brain, but we understand it as something that is separate from the brain, it’s just near the brain or the area where our governing facilities, or whatever, are made. And ultimately, that is what determines someone’s ability to do something or handle something or to be able to contribute this or there. Some of the words I am coming up with in my head, it’s starting to overlap with English, um, and so it almost wants to take over for English.

Is it like you are a physical being?

Absolutely, you would think of me as a humanoid. But I am much taller, even than your average humans today. I am roughly 7ft tall.

And other than that you look very human-like?

Yes, I have longer limbs and I am a taller entity. I am just a bigger entity overall than anything that walks this planet here, Earth.

And so, when you are there is that a place you live all of your life or do you go back and forth through the MOT back to the home planet?

We do, it is pretty strenuous. We don’t have much of a family life here as laboratorians. We signed up for this gig because we have the intellectual abilities but also the dream and the vision to see this become reality or to see our dreams and visions become realities. And we ultimately know that we could come back to our planet, which is known as Kylox, K-Y-L-O-X. It is extremely far from Earth.

And you get there through the Ministry of Transportation?

Well, at least to the terrestrial object where we do the experiments, that’s separate from Kylox. Kylox is where the civilian population resides for the most part. We have colonized 3 or 4, we are in the process of a 4th one at the moment, process of colonizing a 4th terrestrial object. And the reason why I keep using this term terrestrial object is because your civilization is familiar with the term planet as a word to describe any sort of large, round, piece of material. Mass, energy, that is congregated and aggregated in a dense, very, very dense, extremely dense sense. And so what we are talking about with this terrestrial object that I work on as part of this laboratory, part of the Ministry of Science, is absolutely part stardust, if you will (laughter). But it has also been experimented with, so there’s lots of metalloid objects. There is nothing that exists in this area except for the moon. Your moon is inhabited internally, just as your earth is internally inhabited. You might know it as the hollow-planet theory. And that is true of every single planet or terrestrial object. You can enter through the north and south, as long as the properties of the planet allow for that. Now if there is something that is pure rock and it has no atmosphere, well than more often than not you are just going to be able to land on the surface and you’re not going to be able to grow much, you’re not going to be able to do much without a vacuum like facility built on it’s surface. And a lot times it is going to corrode through your initial investments, your initial infrastructure. That was the price that we paid with this particular terrestrial object that I do experiments on and that’s why our civilization has allowed for this because we would not allow for experimentation on other planets or terrestrial objects. And we distinguish between the terms terrestrial object and planet so that we can humanize and we can better manage the stability and our impact moreover, our impact on the terrestrial object.

So if I understand it, a planet in your consideration is more dense compared to a terrestrial object which can be more . . .

It can be manipulated by man such that, there is so much . . . like for this particular object that I am standing on in the laboratory, there is so much metal inside of the terrestrial object itself that you would consider it hollowed out completely, almost.

Ok, and so what activity goes on inside of the hollow area of the terrestrial object you’re on?

It’s very interesting you ask that! Because, our civilization years ago, at least over 1000 years in your time, probably closer to 2000 years in your time, it tried to turn the entire planet, which it was back then, into an energy system. And so it was split North and South, much like your equator there’s North and South Hemispheres. And so there were interchangeable parts of metal that would shift much like one of your clocks might or some of your newer television or movies gives you the impression of shifting, you know, metal, but in an amorphous way. And so what it’s doing is, it is an interchangeable system of locks and mechanisms that allows for the North to turn, the Northern Hemisphere of the terrestrial object to turn internally counterclockwise to the Southern Hemisphere. And the idea behind this was we were trying to create a torroidal landscape for the entire terrestrial object, such that we could allow for an atmosphere to become present. So we could potentially grow food or we could have permanent residence on that object.

Ok, very good, thank you very much for that. And so what is your understanding about what goes on in the hollow part of the Earth?


(pause, sigh) It is governed by a particular civilization that you guys are familiar with, an ancient species. They are absolutely committed to peace on your earth but they are quintessentially opposed to the American sense of progress and freedom. So where people in your society believe that people should have the freedom to gain luxuries as they so choose, at their convenience, the ancient species believes that balance of everything is priority uno. It cannot get any more paramount than that because without balance, without . . . they have a stronger sense and understanding of what balance means than our civilization even does. We’re not even that balanced, in my words. I am increasingly impressed by their ability to remain undetected by your species. They have a huge center and I do know this much, that your governments and many, many of your scientists that are well known, know of the ancient species and where their facilities are, both underwater and on land and it has to do with Antarctica. And Chile, Chile makes sense, the Kundalini; some people are talking about this phrase on your planet these days. That’s just another term for the collective unconscious, like, identity of the planet itself. The species is shifting down toward that area. So basically your planet (laughter), the Northern Hemisphere, it had its chance and as we understand your planet the Northern Hemisphere messed up and the Southern Hemisphere is getting a chance now, a whack at the constraints that are holding your species back. And so they have chosen to relocate altogether.

Ok (laughter) all right, understood, thank you. And is there a name to your terrestrial object that you are on?

We just call it M1, um, I am not really sure why actually. No, I’m sure, it was actually, we use this term Metro-pole to describe new colonies at this point. So it’s like a hub and spoke system, as you would understand in 2D. We have our larger Kylox and then we have, like I said, colonized formally 3 terrestrial objects or planets. Like I said the planet term applies still because we have not, we have not invoked our technology to a point where it has consumed the entire terrestrial object. But overall, you can think of our system as a metro-pole because of our ability to travel so quickly between our objects that we do live on and work on. For example the place that I do work on, M1, and then where I travel home to, Kylox, for extended stays, but there are more resting phases. And the other colonizations have been military conquests of certain types. Only in one, I would say one and a half instances have we fought for the reclamation of or the claim of those objects. We’re not particularly interested in warring with others but we are not opposed to it if we have to. Our society itself is extremely understanding of one another. And people are more likely to try to actually ask and understand what the heck you are talking about (laughter) and how you’re feeling before they react emotionally in terms of anger or, I don’t know, depression. It’s not as instant as it is on your planet with many of your species, especially these days. Your species doesn’t have a sense of boundaries at all, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. Which it claims to in its values, freedom and individual liberty, as I understand it. But it contradicts itself on the Northern side all the time and so that’s, from what I understand, why the Southern Hemisphere has been given a chance now. And it literally was given a chance, the Northern Hemisphere as well but it failed to capitalize on those opportunities and as I understand it, the council that governs your area wasn’t satisfied.

So what is the hope that the Southern Hemisphere will do better at?

Well, it is hopefully going to bring people together in a sense that, especially with Antarctica. That continent is going to become the most important continent, despite the fact that you’re entire species discounts it as a continent, more or less right now. I understand you guys don’t see it as a living place or a place that can support life. In due time, it will become very relevant to the future of your civilization altogether. And not in a scientific or mathematics sense, but literally in an ethical, intercultural sense. You are going to see all sorts of races, all sorts of peoples come together over the common issues they face on that continent. And that will serve as a template.


I know your planet is warming and water levels are going to take out most of your major cities. You will not, you will not be able to escape that. And it is unfortunate there is going to be great loss of life. But the rest of your species will make sense of it and they won’t over dramatize things. (laugh) I have heard things about your planet.

Tell us, what have you heard?

To be continued . . .