Session 16

Facilitated by Ella August 26th, 2020

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We are here.

Hello, welcome!


It’s been a little bit, it’s nice to connect with you again


Well, I guess I’ll start off with asking is there anything you want to share?

We see a lot of trouble on your planet right now, in a lot of forms. We see the violence on your streets worldwide. Not just in your country but also in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, specifically China. We see it in India and various parts of Africa and South America, and Mexico and Canada to some degree. But especially we see the United States and Europe. Particularly Western Europe, we are being shown. But it also includes Poland and the Czech Republic and Austria. We understand that this is a time of huge strife for you guys on your planet. It’s a real changing point in many ways, for all of you. We realize and see how tough a year it has been for you guys, the whole planet. COVID, your virus, to riots and civil unrest, and the unease, especially in your country with regard to the election that is coming. 

Absolutely, yes it’s been chaotic.

We see the storms that are coming too, literally, hitting your coast. We see plenty more this season.

What can you tell us about that?

Florida will be effected at some point in the season, fairly strongly. But mainly Texas and Louisiana are going to get hit a lot this year. Houston will feel it again. Houston is fundamentally flawed, it is not built correctly from what we can tell. So it is going to keep happening there. But Louisiana, we see New Orleans getting affected again. Gulf Shores, Alabama we see being affected. Tallahassee, Pensacola. 

And this is still the waters rising as you spoke about before?

Yes. But it really has nothing to do with what your scientists say about global warming and how waters are rising in that way. It has nothing to do with melting Glaciers, that’s not happening. That is a giant lie. You guys are being fed lies and untruths. The reality is the pole shift. What we see is a giant magnetic flipping of situations, literally magnetic with your poles. And that’s affecting your surface. It is going to affect the whole planet. The innards of it, the subterranean cultures that live in your planet.

And this has happened before . . .

Yes. We think 6 times it has happened. We weren’t around in this universe, we hadn’t established ourselves in this universe when it first began. But it definitely happened 6 times, is what we can tell.

And where do you see the poles at now?

The Northern pole is heading through Siberia. And the other one is heading up toward Indonesia. And when they meet it will form an instant pole on the other side because two poles can’t exist in the same place. We see the polar opposite establishing itself somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and the West coast of Africa, but closer to Africa. And this time around it’ll be closer to what your former civilization in Atlantis had when it was arranged. So the Canary Islands it will be near. 

Can you see when the process will be completed? When the shift will be done?

We get the year 2030, but we don’t know if that means when it will be done or when it starts. It’s going to start in 2021. But it’ll be a gradual process to peak. What we see is 2030 is a peak year. And that’s when you’ll see upheaval that you all have never seen.

Can you give some examples of that?

Major waves of size, tidal waves of size that you have never seen or have in recorded history. Only legends and myths of yours. And it will hit your coasts and it will level cities and it will rearrange economies and everything that you possibly know about human relations will change.

Is this when you see the wave hitting the West coast of North America?

It’ll happen over time, it will happen multiple times. And it will gradually get stronger. We also see something with your sun being blacked out during this time period and something is going to happen with your moon. There is going to be a disruption. What we can see is it is intentional by someone on your planet. They are trying to block the lunar connection that is inherent with your planet and your species and everything that has do with anything on your planet. That’s going to be gradually blocked further, it is already being blocked. We see this black disc. You can’t see the outline if you’re human but we can see this giant black disc being placed between the energy beam that is connected and linked between the moon and your planet. And that will cut off the relationship and many things will suffer. So waves are going to get more torrential at times but also they are going to recede and not occur as much in some places and it will be weird for your people. It will also affect your gender.

Females you mean?


In what way?

It is going to affect your minds and your hormones, which will affect your minds because you guys are more connected to the moon, as far as we understand. We see the connection stronger.

What do you see happening with females?

Aggressive hostile behavior emerging from more females because they’re not tethered to their natural connection, the lunar connection. We see more people just angry on a daily basis. Like road rage, yelling in the streets at people. More negative behavior and negative behavior in society.

Unrest and Riots

Hmmm, (pause) well, things are going to still keep happening. Things are going to get worse for a little bit, especially following your election. But in your Northern cities it won’t be so bad because of the winters but it will still have people out in hats and coats trying to fight the police in some places. Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, Detroit and Chicago, New York, and DC, those cities will see strife in the winter. But there will be plenty of fighting in the Southern parts and California. We see the whole South on fire. And the Southwest as well. And we don’t mean a flame by a wild fire, we mean aflame with problems in your society.

What do you see as the final result of all the rioting and cities during? What is on the other side of it?

What we see right now is you guys are already in the midst of a civil war. It’s already happening, it’s just not what you guys would think is the definition of a civl war. But it is already occurring. On the other side is law and order and that is not that far away in time for you guys. We don’t see that as far away, we see that as pretty close. It is right around the corner and we believe that Trump will be re-elected and because of that you will see a new form that washes over your nation, your country. Law and order, nothing police state like, not like federal police or anything like that. More support for the police and even from the public. People that in this moment right now say “We want to defund the police”, they’re going to say very shortly “No, that’s not what we want” and they will go back on their word and support for such a concept. They will demand order and law be upheld. We do see incarceration rates going down. It’ll just be more of a focus on very serious crimes, like people who abuse women or children are going to be emphasized.

So as far as the election goes, you see that going through successfully?

There’s going to be turbulence of a severe kind that you guys are not really used to. It’s going to be worse than 2016 and the election will be contested by Biden. Trump will be declared the winner the night of the election but ultimately it won’t be accepted by the other side right away. They’ll be a lot of fighting.

More riots?

Yes. Especially California and the whole West coast.


Somewhat but not as much. New York and DC. But many places in your country are going to flip red, as you guys say. They will go Republican that have been blue for so long. One place we see is Maryland, and Baltimore. And Texas will remain conservative and red. And New Mexico. We see Minnesota going blue and Wisconsin  and Michigan. We see Arizona and Nevada going red though. And Colorado going red. We even see Connecticut and Rhode Island going red but Massachusetts will remain blue. Maine will go red and New York will go blue. We’re not sure about Pennsylvania, we think there is going to be problems with the election process there. Same with Ohio. And Michigan and Wisconsin we see contention. We’re seeing this weird wavy thing going on with the colors between red and blue. 

So it will be a battleground place?


And come to the last votes?


Status of Trafficking

He empathizes with so many people and situations and he sees both sides of the coin but ultimately he has his favorite ideas and he wants them to succeed. It’s not any different than most people. He has chosen a side but he believes that side is working with the light strongest and is delivering serious justice, especially for the weakest in your societies. The children who have been possessed by what we see as evil. Dark, very dark ones that have taken your children and done terrible things too many of them. But also women and those that are vulnerable.

Any update on the child trafficking network? What’s happening with that?

It has been seriously disrupted. There’s been MAJOR breaks in the network of transporting them. We see a lot of people freaking out online, on your internet, that are the evil ones that are perpetrating these things. And they’re very upset. They are struggling to source what they want and that they want to possess, children. They are having a really hard time. We see people frantically messaging each other and trying to figure out where they can- and we see them getting really desperate in their moves so that’s why you need to be more careful if you are a parent. This is a warning for parents or adults in general, watch for kids getting just snatched right off your streets cause they are that desperate. Their organizations have been disrupted and Trump has been huge, he’s been the biggest influence. He’s directed your authorities, your Homeland Security, Border Patrol, ICE, Immigration people.

What can you tell people about that? Because our media doesn’t share what he is doing.

There are so many task forces that are operating in secret essentially. They are operating in the dark because they can’t be known. But they’re not just task forces, there are operations going on, not just in your nation but around the world. Wherever the United States is and we see a couple of countries in Western Europe trying, but nowhere near as hard as your country. We see France trying a little bit and the UK and Norway. Not really anybody else.

I’ve heard some rumors that these task forces have even gone into other countries and eliminated bad people.

They have. Yes, they have. Definitely see Italy on that list. We also see Nepal and India and Pakistan somewhat. But you are not using your own forces there. You’re using local authorities. And Australia is in the mix, New Zealand. They are not only being cleaned up by authorities there but their authorities are helping abroad. We see Malaysia and Singapore and Thailand trying to help in that area. Japan and South Korea, in that area. Uganda is trying. We see Ethiopia trying and Nigeria. Part of South Africa and Botswana we see.

What do see for the future of the African continent?

Plenty of turbulence but also more order. Newer generations of Africans are rising to the challenge to establish order in their countries and to bring prosperity to themselves, but also their people with the market and with capitalism. They’re learning and with the internet it’s really helping them learn in many places where they would traditionally struggle. We see that in Nigeria, we see that in Malawi for sure, Tanzania, and Angola. We also see some countries that are regressing: Sudan, Algeria, Libya. Libya will struggle for years to establish stability. There’s too many foreign actors involved and they want the assets, mainly the oil. I’m talking mainly Turkey and Russia but also the UAE has a hand in this in Libya and elements of the EU are playing sides, along with your country. But your country is not as concerned about the oil, it’s more concerned about the insecurity it is bringing the region. It doesn’t want it to affect Egypt or any other parts of the Middle East or North Africa. 

And how about South Africa?

South Africa is on the list of regressing. It’s going to struggle with violence. We see a lot of internal chaos. We see the whites of South Africa being targeted by the majority population, violently and for years to come. The white population, if they want to survive in South Africa and reside there, they are going to have to seriously develop more armaments and acquire them and have cottage factories. Makeshift factories where the locals are designing anything and everything and supplying the minority population to defend themselves and their homes and property. And if not, we see a lot of perishing. They are going to be attacked, it’s going to be really bloody, just like is has been. We see machetes being used and just really brutal in your face combat. Zimbabwe same thing, just regressing and not trying. The governments are the problem, they’re not trying to take on the issues of corruption or economic stability. They don’t know what they are doing, from what we see. They’re not educated to know what they are doing. Algeria is another country on that list. We see Mali having the same problem, kind of, Chad struggling still, South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya is going to get worse in terms of violence, is what we see. So it won’t be a safe country to travel to.

We see more hope in Western Africa, like Ghana or Côte d’Ivoire Nigeria even. We see Nigeria as the next big breakthrough on that continent, economically. We still see the fighting but the fighting will decrease between Muslims and Christians because of the prosperity that is brought as their economy is opened more and more. And more of their people become acquainted with other markets worldwide and they become connected. Not just to North America but also South America. Even SE Asia and Australia. There will be new opportunities for many, many people on the African continent. Ones that the previous century did not deliver. And we don’t see the last century and its effects as a product of colonialism or imperialism, we see it as a result of warlordism and a lack of proper education in like mathematics and basic language and communication and a values for structure and order. One that can deliver prosperity.

Thank you for sharing that, anything else you want to share?

Well we see Japan being affected by some sort of tsunami again. They’ll be an earthquake and a tsunami but we think the earthquake will be closer to your continent. 

Ok, so it will be a big one.

Yes, it will hit most of the islands in the pacific with waves, it’ll spread

Last time we spoke you mentioned some sort of attack occurring in Sydney, do you see that still happening?

Yeah, but not as soon as we thought because it has to do with reopening. So once it reopens and people can go back, that’s when we see a potential problem. It really depends on whether your civilizations decide to reopen large gatherings and when that will take place.

What do you see for the United States as far as reopening?

It is going to try and remain closed for a long time, longer than you expect right now. You’re thinking it’s going to be ready next year but everybody is going to be really nervous. After months and months and months and a long winter of nothing. We see a lot of your businesses shuttering because of the lockdowns and they need to end. People are dying and not from COVID. They are killing themselves, they are overdosing on alcohol and stuff that they would have never even done. We see more suffering because of the lockdown. And this is really affecting your kids, your youth. Your youth are going insane, is what we see. Inside their heads they’ve lost a lot of hope and faith because they’re not allowed to do anything. So yeah we see a lot of them acting out in the streets and causing problems.

fearAnd you have no one to blame but those that support the lockdowns and putting masks on. That’s not going to stop this virus of yours. Tell your people to stop being so scared. This is about fear. Fear is what is poisoning your people. No one is dying from the Corona virus. They are succumbing to many others things that have been building in their lives the whole time, even the young ones. It’s not so much that they died from COVID. They sacrificed themselves, and there are many of them in some places, to show to you all and pose that challenge to you. Do you accept wearing a mask for the rest of your life and living in fear? Or are you willing to take a chance on life and know that you are your own master of your own destiny? You control your health. You control what goes into your body. From what we can see your people should be far more concerned with that. What goes into your body? What are you choosing to put into your body and in your mind? What are you consuming on your internet and your streaming devices? What are you watching? What are consciously putting on with your remotes? What are you putting on and taking the time to watch and absorb? Everybody needs to ask themselves, what is that ultimately doing to them? If you are watching all these very horrible shows with lots of torture and just, is it horror? Is that one of your genres?


Your people need to stop. They are already over-adrenalized by technology and your diets and just the pace of modern life on your planet. That’s making things way worse and it’s attracting entities to them that actually do cause havoc and problems in the household. People need to be aware that evil is tangible and it’s real. And it is coming through on your planet at all times, every day. People need to be on guard and they need to be vigilant about their spirituality and how they help prevent the entry even. We see it like you’re turning on a beacon to these entities when you put on a horror show you shouldn’t be watching and you know you shouldn’t. And if you don’t know then we suggest that you take a strong look at yourself and what you do value and if that’s not being espoused in whatever your ingesting or consuming, then don’t do it. Find something else. We see it as an addiction to many of your people. Your people are literally addicted to being over-adrenalized, not just in your country, worldwide. Your Hollywood has not helped, it’s only hindered in many ways. And that’s one of the main places where the darkness is pouring through and really, really sinking itself into that area.

Well, it has taken a hit with this lockdown.

It will never recover. It will always be different after this with your Hollywood. Mainly because of the state of California where it is, we see so many problems for that state. Pick an issue, they are going to experience it. 

Thank you so much for sharing that information, a good message for everyone right now. Last session we shared on the website and it was also discussed with Julia and Suzanne on the radio show. I just wanted to see how you felt about the reaction?

Well we were surprised by the reaction. We were surprised that it had even been done. Once we got word that it had happened we were very excited for all of you and we see that many people had a very favorable and a very great reaction ultimately.

Thank you! Ok, do you have a final message you want to share with him or with the people reading the website?

Keep coming because we are going to keep doing this. Keep coming to the website. Keep reading. Keep thinking about what we’re presenting to you. You don’t have to agree with us. You don’t have to believe us. We just want to communicate and share with you what we see, which is from a totally different perspective, from what we can tell, than what you guys see or experience. So we fully support people like you, Ella, and Suzanne to continue teaching and going further.

Much love to you until next time!

To you too!

Thank you.